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Romilda Vane Character Analysis: Love Potion Witch

Romilda Vane Character Analysis: Love Potion Witch

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Romilda Vane was a British witch who attended Hogwarts as a member of Gryffindor starting in 1993. In 1996 she developed a crush on Harry Potter. She would often ask about him, and eventually gifted him some chocolates laced with Love Potion.

She joined the rebellion against the Carrows when they arrived at the school and fought in the Battle of Hogwarts.

About Romilda Vane

Blood StatusPure Blood or Half Blood
Zodiac SignLeo (speculative)

Young Romilda Vane

Romilda Vane was a British witch born into a wizarding family in 1981/2. She went on to attend Hogwarts, where she was sorted into Gryffindor.

She developed a crush on Harry Potter following the Battle of the Department of Mysteries where he earned a reputation for being the “chosen one”. On the way to school the following year, she and her friends wanted to invite Harry to sit with them, and Romilda was the only one brave enough to speak to him.

She made a fatal error, however, when she told Harry that he did not have to sit with Luna Lovegood and Neville Longbottom, implying that they weren’t cool enough to be his friends. Harry responded that they were his friends and stayed where he was, surprising Romilda who departed with her own friends.

Once at school, she tried out for the Gryffindor Quidditch team because Harry was captain and wanted to get his attention. When she could not fly due to giggling, she and her friends were asked to leave the pitch. However, they remained to heckle the other players.

Romilda and the Love Potion

When Professor Slughorn organized a Christmas party and invited Harry, Romilda was determined to be Harry’s date. She plotted with her friends in a bathroom to give him a Love Potion from Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes. Fortunately, Hermione Granger overheard her and warned Harry.

Initially, Romilda tried to give Harry a drink of gillywater, but he refused to drink it. Instead, she gifted him a box of Chocolate Cauldrons laced with the potion and made hints about the party. Harry did not eat the chocolates but stored them in his trunk.

In March the chocolates accidentally got mixed up with Ron’s birthday presents and he ate some of the chocolates and became obsessed with Romilda. Harry took Ron to Professor Slughorn for an antidote. The effect was strong because they had been left for so long.

Romilda was disappointed near the end of the year when Harry publicly kissed Ginny Weasley following a Quidditch victory. While initially angry, she gave up pursuing Harry, though she did ask Ginny questions, such as whether he really had a tattoo of a Hippogriff on his chest.

Romilda and the Battle of Hogwarts

Romilda was forced to return to Hogwarts in her fifth year when the school fell under Death Eater control as all witches and wizards of school age were required to attend.

She joined the reformed Dumbledore’s Army, now led by Neville Longbottom, to oppose the new Death Eater teachers Alecto and Amycus Carrow, as well as Headmaster Severus Snape.

When the Battle of Hogwarts broke out, Romilda stayed to fight alongside her fellow DA member, despite being underage. She survived the battle, but it is unclear what she did in later life.

Romilda Vane Personality Type & Traits

Romilda is described as having large, dark eyes, long, curly black hair, and a prominent chin. She was extremely bold and often spoke loudly and dramatically.

Her crush on Harry suggests that she was attracted to attention and danger, and her use of love potion suggests that she was headstrong in going after what she wanted. But she was clearly brave and good-hearted, risking her life to defend the school and her friends.

Romilda Vane Zodiac Sign & Birthday

Romilda was born in 1981/2, but we do not know her birth date. Her bold personality suggests that her zodiac sign could be Leo. People born under this sign are confident and go after what they want, even with underhanded means. But they have big hearts and protect the people they love.