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Ron Weasley Zodiac Sign & Birth Chart Meaning

Ron Weasley Zodiac Sign & Birth Chart Meaning

Harry’s best friend Ron Weasley was born on 1 March 1980, making him a few months older than Harry, and also a Pisces. Like many people born under this sign, Ron is happy to define himself by his relationships with his friends and family, and he doesn’t need to establish himself as the hero of the story.

On the occasions that he does desire recognition, this seems to be his Moon sign talking.

While the Ron we meet in the movies often comes across as comic relief, the Ron created by J.K. Rowling in the book is a much more nuanced character, and maybe the most realistically human and fallible.

Let’s see how well Ron’s character aligns with his astrological chart.

Ron Weasley’s Sun Sign – Pisces

Pisces Zodiac Sign Symbol with Dates

Your sun sign reflects your principal traits that form the basis of your personality. Pisces are often considered the best friends on the zodiac, which makes this the perfect sign for Ron.

People born under Pisces are sensitive, extremely caring towards their loved ones, and courageous when needed. But they are so connected with the people around them that they can find it difficult to establish their sense of self. We see this with Ron, who can’t escape the roles of brother, best friend, and so on.

People born under Pisces also tend not to be very practical and can find it difficult to stay on task and manage their time. This is a character trait that we see again and again in Ron, much to Hermione’s displeasure.

Pisces is much more likely to adopt the mindset of the many than think independently. This is what Ron does when he assumes that Harry entered himself in the Triwizard cup without telling him.

But eventually, their moral compass will always overcome everything else, as it does when Ron returns to Harry and Hermione in The Deathly Hallows.

Fun fact – Rupert Grint, the actor that plays Rin in the films, is an articulate and organized Virgo.

Ron Weasley’s Moon Sign – Virgo

J.K. Rowling never tells us Ron’s exact time of birth, so it is difficult to determine other elements of his natal chart, such as his moon sign and his ascendant sign.

However, since Ron belongs to a sunny family or redheads, let’s assume that he was born when the sun was at its highest point in the sky, making his Moon sign Virgo.

Your moon sign reflects how you think, your inner world, and your emotional tendencies. It has a stronger influence on personalities when the person was born at night, but its influence is much more limited for day babies like Ron.

The Moon in Virgo, however, can explain Ron’s constant self-criticism and lack of self-belief. People born with the Moon in Virgo tend to never be satisfied with their achievements, no matter how good.

This may also be why Ron is always quick to criticize others. The only time when Moon Virgos can turn this off is when they are looking out for others, which is why this is when they are at their best.

Ron Weasley’s Ascendant Sign – Cancer

Your ascendant sign reveals how you relate to other people and where you view your place in the world. According to our calculations, Ron is an ascendant in Cancer.

Cancer Ascendant can reflect an emphasis on family, friendship, and community. These are fundamental elements of Ron’s character.

People with this natal trait also tend to be closed off with strangers but very open and honest with friends and family. This explains Ron’s normally friendly hostility towards new people, such as Viktor Krum.

People with Cancer Ascendant also tend to be attracted to authority figures when it comes to love and relationships, or at least someone more intelligent and mature than themselves. This could certainly explain Ron’s feelings for Hermione.

Ron Weasley’s Personal Planets

The placement of Mercury, Venus, and Mars reveals further insights into their personality, which is why they are called personal plants.

The placement of the more distant planets are considered generational, as the long time that they take to transit the signs means that they affect entire generations.

Mercury in Pisces

The position of Mercury reflects logic and communication. With Mercury in Pisces, Ron always thinks with his heart and lacks a logical mind.

This placement suggests that the person expresses themselves freely, but not always with care, which is why they often find themselves with their foot in their mouths.

Venus in Aries

Venus reflects your approach to love and romance. The presence of Venus in Aries suggests a volatile approach to love.

It means that Ron probably finds conflict in relationships compelling. This can be seen in his tumultuous relationship with Lavender Brown, and even in his interactions with Hermione, who is often correcting him.

Mars in Virgo

Mars represents how we manage conflict. Placement in Virgo suggests someone who holds a grudge and doesn’t often let things go.

It also manifests as criticism of others, which is often a way of deflecting feelings of unworthiness. We often see Ron using careless words against others to bolster his self-esteem when it is low.


What does Ron’s natal chart mean for his relationships with many of the other characters that appear in the books, in particular his best friend Harry and his eventual love interest Hermione?

Harry Potter is a Leo, which explains his natural charisma and leadership. This, combined with Harry’s clearly good nature, meant that he would always be an attractive friend to Ron.

Pisces are pack people and like to surround themselves with people that they would like to emulate.

Hermione Granger is a Virgo, a logical and analytical mind that sits in stark opposition to Ron’s emotions first and scattered brain.

But Pisces is often attracted to intelligent and controlling individuals who can provide the structure that they lack in life. Hermione’s attraction to Ron is more difficult to explain, but opposites often attract.

Ron’s Horoscope

What do you think of Ron’s horoscope, does it accurately reflect his character? Do you think that J.K. Rowling had it in mind when she was creating the perfect best friend for Harry, or do you think that the stars simply aligned?

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