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Sebastian from Stardew Valley: Schedule, Gifts, Heart Events and FAQs

Sebastian from Stardew Valley: Schedule, Gifts, Heart Events and FAQs

Out of all the bachelors in Stardew Valley, there’s a certain enigmatic individual that captures many players’ attention: Sebastian. With raven-black hair and an ever-present aura of mystery, he is the town’s tech-savvy loner who often finds solace in the dim light of his basement computer or the roar of his cherished motorcycle.

Our guide delves deep into the intricacies of Sebastian’s life, detailing his relationships with the townsfolk, unraveling his backstory, and providing insights into the passions and hobbies that drive him. So, whether you’re considering a friendship, romance or simply curious about this dark-haired enigma, prepare to uncover the layers of Sebastian that lie beneath his brooding exterior.

Basic Information

Sebastian Stardew Valley

Wondering if Sebastian is worth getting to know? Before you commit to befriending or dating him, here’s a few facts:

Birthday: Winter 10

Occupation: Programmer/Freelancer

Dream: To move to the city and work at a big tech company

Residence: Lives with his mother, Robin, and half-sibling Maru, in the carpenter’s shop at the Mountain.

Relationship Status: Available for romance and marriage by the player, regardless of gender.

Background: Sebastian is a tech enthusiast with a passion for role-playing games and working on his motorcycle. Behind his sometimes reserved exterior, he has a complex inner world and struggles with feelings of not fitting in. As players get to know him better, they’ll discover more about his dreams, aspirations, and the challenges he faces in Stardew Valley.

An Overview of Befriending, Dating or Marrying Sebastian

In Stardew Valley, players can befriend Sebastian up to 8 hearts. After reaching this level, there’s an option to date him, deepening the connection. Upon achieving a 10-heart relationship, players can choose to marry Sebastian, unlocking unique dynamics and interactions.

Befriending Sebastian

When you befriend Sebastian, you’ll get to know him a little better, and he’ll occasionally send gifts in the mail. It’s a simple dynamic, allowing you to appreciate his gestures of friendship without delving deeply into his personal life.

Dating Sebastian

Choosing to date Sebastian brings you closer to him, unlocking more intimate heart events and unique scenes. It provides an opportunity for players to explore a romantic facet of the relationship, paving the way for deeper connections.

Marrying Sebastian

Marrying Sebastian takes the relationship to its fullest potential. He moves in, and together, you can start a family. Living under the same roof means shared responsibilities on the farm. However, it’s a commitment – divorcing costs 50k, and the choice can bring about lingering resentment in the community.

Locating Sebastian

Arriving at Robin's Carpenter Shop:Sebastian's House Stardew Valley
Outside Sebastian’s Home

Sebastian in Stardew Valley can often be found in the basement room of his house (the Carpenter Shop), north of Pelican Town. On rainy days, he visits the bridge on the east side of The Beach. Players should check these spots in order to chat with him and gift items to him.

How to Get to Sebastian’s House

Sebastian lives in the Carpenter Shop in the Mountains. He lives with his mother Robin, Stepfather Demetrius and Stepsister Maru. For those new to the game, reaching his house is simple.

Step One:

Step One to Robin's Carpenter Store Stardew Valley

Starting from your Farmhouse, head West and continue upwards towards the edge of your farm.

Step Two:

Step two to Robin's Carpenter Store Stardew valley

You’ll see a small path towards the North of your farm. Take this path and follow the trail.

Step Three:

Step three to Robin's Carpenter Store Stardew Valley

Continue Northeast along the trail.

Step Four:

Step Four to Robin's Carpenter Store Stardew Valley

Soon, you’ll cross over into the Northern part of the Mountains. Follow the steps down and you’ll arrive at Sebastian’s home.

Sebastian’s Schedule

In Stardew Valley, Sebastian can frequently be found working on his computer or outside near the train station. However, like all Pelican Town residents, his precise schedule varies seasonally, making it essential to track his movements throughout the year for timely interactions.


spring Stardew Valley
9:00am In his bed.
10:30amGets out of bed and moves to his computer.
3:00pmLeaves his computer and goes to the kitchen.
3:30pmLeaves the kitchen to go back to his room.
4:10pmOn his computer.
6:30pmLeaves home and walks to the lake next to his house to smoke.
7:30pmSmoking by the lake next to his house.
9:30pmGoes back to his house.
Sebastian Spring Schedule


Summer Stardew Valley
9:00am In his bed.
10:30amGets out of bed and moves to his computer.
3:00pmLeaves his computer and goes to the kitchen.
3:30pmLeaves the kitchen to go back to his room.
4:10pmOn his computer.
6:30pmLeaves home and walks to the lake next to his house to smoke.
7:30pmSmoking by the lake next to his house.
9:30pmGoes back to his house.
Sebastian Summer Schedule


fall Stardew valley
9:00 am In his bed.
10:30 amGets out of bed and moves to his computer.
12:00 pmLeaves home and walks to the lake next to his house.
2:00 pmGoes to the part of the lake outside the mines entrance.
3:00 pmLeaves the mine entrance and heads to the other side of the lake.
3:30 pmSmoking at the edge of the lake close to the bridge.
4:00 pmReturns home to his kitchen.
5:30 pmLeaves his kitchen.
6:00 pm On his computer.
9:30 pm Leaves his computer and goes to bed.
Sebastian Fall Schedule


winter Stardew Valley
9:00 am In his bed.
10:30 amGets out of bed and moves to his computer.
3:00 pmLeaves his computer and goes to the kitchen.
3:30 pmLeaves the kitchen to go back to his room.
4:10 pmOn his computer.
6:30 pmLeaves home and walks to the lake next to his house to smoke.
7:30 pmSmoking by the lake next to his house.
9:30 pmGoes back to his house.
Sebastian Winter Schedule

Schedule Exceptions

Saturdays: on most Saturdays, Sebastian appears to be on a more laid-back schedule. He starts the day by leaving his home around 9:00 AM to visit Sam. By 11:30 AM, you can find him hanging out in front of Haley and Emily’s house, and shortly after, he trails Sam to his room, where they spend a few hours. By evening, around 6:00 PM, the duo can be found by the river, likely enjoying some downtime. By 9:40 PM, Sebastian makes his way back home, concluding his relatively relaxed day.

Thursdays: on Thursdays, Sebastian sometimes changes his routine routine, but only after you’ve unlocked the railroad. Post-unlocking, Sebastian will venture out to the train station. After spending his morning hours on his computer, he leaves his home by 2:00 PM for a smoke by the station. Later in the evening, you can find him lingering near the tunnel, switching positions a few times before finally heading home around 9:30 PM.

Rainy days: on Rainy Days, Sebastian follows one of two possible schedules. The first sees him leaving home around 10:30 AM after a late start, heading straight to the beach, where he spends a considerable chunk of his day by the pier. By 7:40 PM, he returns home. Alternatively, Sebastian might opt for some screen time on his computer post-10:30 AM. Later in the afternoon, around 3:00 PM, he ventures to the Saloon, where he’ll stay until about 9:10 PM.

Fridays: on most Fridays, Sebastian has a leisurely approach. After working on his computer in the morning, he heads over to the Saloon by 3:00 PM, where you can find him engrossed in a game of pool with Sam. This fun engagement stretches well into the evening, with Sebastian heading home only around 9:10 PM.

What to Gift Sebastian

Gifting Sebastian a frozen tear Stardew Valley
Gifting Sebastian a Frozen Tear

Sebastian in Stardew Valley loves gifts like Sashimi, Frozen Tear, and Obsidian. Avoid giving him Artisan goods or flowers. Presenting favored items can strengthen your bond and further your relationship in-game.

Overview of All Gifts

LoveFrozen Tear, Obsidian, Pumpkin Soup, Sashimi, Void Egg and All Universal Loves.
LikeFlounder, Quartz and Most Universal Likes (except Flowers, Complete Breakfast, Farmer’s Lunch, Omelet and Most Artisan Goods)
Neutral All Universal Neutrals, All Fruit (except Fruit Tree Fruit and Salmonberry), All Fish (except Carp and Snail) and All Milk.
Dislike Chanterelle, Common Mushroom, Daffodil, Dandelion, Ginger, Hazelnut, Holly, Leek, Magma Cap, Morel, Purple Mushroom, Salmonberry, Snow Yam, Wild Horseradish, Winter Root, All Universal Dislikes (except Clay, Fish, Obsidian, & Void Egg) All Flowers (except Poppy).
HateAll Universal Hates, All Artisan Goods (except Coffee, Green Tea, & Oil), All Eggs (except Void Egg), Clay, Complete Breakfast, Farmer’s Lunch, and Piña Colada.
Overview of Sebastian’s Reaction to Gifts

Loved Gifts

Sebastian happily reacting to a gift Stardew Valley
Sebastian Happily Reacting to a Loved Gift

In Stardew Valley, forming a bond with Sebastian becomes an enriching journey once you know his most treasured items. Offering loved items will elevate your friendship by 80 points. You’re allowed to gift him twice a week, and it’s possible to converse with him daily. Remember to surprise him with one of these gifts on his birthday for a significant surge in friendship points.

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How to Get a Frozen Tear

Frozen_Tear Stardew Valley

There are a multitude of ways to get Frozen Tears in Stardew Valley, the most popular are:

1. Foraging in The Mines:

  • Between floors 40 and 79 in the Mines, you can find Frozen Tears simply by foraging. These levels are distinguished by their icy environment, and the mineral can often be found lying around.

2. Dust Sprites:

  • While exploring the Mines, especially between levels 40 and 79, you’ll come across Dust Sprites. These are the little shadowy creatures that bounce around. Slaying them offers a 2% chance they’ll drop a Frozen Tear.

3. Geodes:

  • Frozen Geodes have a 6.25% chance of containing a Frozen Tear when broken open at Clint’s Blacksmith shop. The more varied Omni Geodes carry a slightly lower chance at 2.0833%.

4. Ice Pip Fish Pond:

  • When an Ice Pip Fish Pond reaches a population of nine, it can produce up to 5 Frozen Tears as one of its rewards.

5. Mail from the Wizard:

  • The enigmatic Wizard can sometimes send Frozen Tears through the mail. This can occur at any friendship level greater than zero points with him.

6. Statue Of Endless Fortune:

  • If you own the Statue Of Endless Fortune, it will produce a Frozen Tear on Winter 10 in honor of Sebastian’s birthday.

How to Get Obsidian

Obsidian Stardew Valley

Obsidian is a dark, glass-like mineral in Stardew Valley. While it’s not as common as some other minerals, it’s definitely attainable for the diligent farmer. Here’s where to find it:

1. Geodes (Magma and Omni):

  • Magma Geodes are reddish-brown and primarily found in the Mines between levels 81 to 120. Mining rocks in these deeper levels increases your chance of finding Magma Geodes.
  • Omni Geodes, on the other hand, are a diverse type of geode that can contain any mineral, Obsidian included. These can be located in various locations, such as the Mines, Skull Cavern, from certain enemies, or even in fishing treasure chests.
  • To reveal the potential Obsidian inside either type of geode, take them to Clint at the Blacksmith’s shop. For a small fee, he’ll crack them open for you.

How to Get Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkin_Soup Stardew Valley

Pumpkin Soup is a warm and hearty dish, perfect for those chilly days in Stardew Valley. Not only is it delicious, but it also provides some valuable boosts to your farmer.

Recipe Source

The recipe for Pumpkin Soup is gifted to you by Robin once you’ve achieved a friendship level of 7 hearts with her. She will send it to you in the mail.


  • 1 Pumpkin
  • 1 Milk

This dish can be prepared using:

  • The kitchen inside an upgraded farmhouse.
  • A Cookout Kit.

Where to Get Pumpkin Soup:

If you’re not in the mood for cooking or don’t have the necessary ingredients, you can also acquire Pumpkin Soup through various means:

  1. Festival of Ice: The Traveling Merchant sets up a booth during the Festival of Ice where Pumpkin Soup can be purchased for 250g.
  2. Krobus’ Shop: There’s a chance to find Pumpkin Soup in Krobus’ shop, but it’s a bit of a gamble as it only might appear on Saturdays.
  3. Stardrop Saloon: The saloon occasionally rotates its stock, and Pumpkin Soup could be on the menu for the day.

How to Get a Void Egg

Void_Egg Stardew Valley

The Void Egg, a mysterious and darkly hued item, is one of Stardew Valley’s intriguing commodities. While it originates from the enigmatic Void Chicken, there are several ways to acquire this rare egg:

  1. From The Witch:
    • If you’ve invested in either a Big Coop or a Deluxe Coop and it’s not currently brimming with chickens, you’re in for a chance at some nighttime magic.
    • Event: On certain nights, a witch might pay a fleeting visit to your coop. Come morning, if she has indeed visited, you’ll discover a Void Egg nestled amongst your regular eggs. It’s as mysterious as it sounds!
  2. From Krobus,
    • Deep in Stardew Valley’s sewers, Krobus, a shadowy figure, offers a range of rare items.
    • Deal: For those who’d rather not leave it to chance with the witch, Krobus is willing to part with a Void Egg for 5,000g. It might sound steep, but for the rarity and potential of the item, many deem it worth the gold.

Universal Loves

Magic_Rock_Candy Stardew valley
Magic Rock Candy

In Stardew Valley, Universal Loves are items that are adored by almost every villager in the game, making them ideal gifts when building relationships. These are treasures that, with a few specific exceptions, will always bring joy when presented. Fortunately, Sebastian loves all of them.

Item How to Obtain
Golden Pumpkin (+80 friendship points) Obtain it during the Spirit’s Eve festival by completing the maze.
Magic Rock Candy (+80 friendship points) Acquire it in the Desert Trader’s shop in exchange for 3 Prismatic Shards.
Pearl (+80 friendship points)You can find a Pearl at the Mermaid’s Show during the Winter Night Markets
Prismatic Shard (+80 friendship points)Mined from Omni Geodes, Iridium Nodes, or certain monsters like the Serpent in Skull Cavern.
Rabbit’s Foot (+80 friendship points)Harvested occasionally from rabbits raised in a coop, or sometimes found in Skull Cavern.
Table of Universal Loves

Good Gifts for Beginners

Gifting Sebastian Sashimi Stardew Valley
Gifting Sebastian Sashimi

For those new to Stardew Valley, forging a bond with Sebastian can initially seem daunting. While some of Sebastian’s cherished gifts can be challenging to procure, there’s a silver lining. One of his loved gifts is Sashimi, which is fortunately quite accessible. So, even if you’re just starting out, you have a handy option to grow closer to Sebastian without undue stress.

How to Make Sashimi

Sashimi Stardew Valley

Recipe Acquisition: The first step towards making your own Sashimi is obtaining the recipe. This can be done by building a friendship with Linus. Once you achieve a bond of 3 hearts with him, he’ll generously share the Sashimi recipe with you. And given Linus’s amiable nature, reaching this friendship milestone is quite achievable.

How to Prepare Sashimi:

  1. Catch a Fish: The primary ingredient for Sashimi is any fish. Just catch one, and you’re halfway there!
  2. Use the Kitchen: With an upgraded farmhouse, you’ll have access to a kitchen. This is where you can transform your caught fish into Sashimi.

How to Catch a Flounder

Flounder Stardew Valley

While the Flounder only garners 40 points as a ‘liked’ option (rather than the higher ‘loved’ status), it’s still a solid choice. Especially for players just starting out who haven’t yet secured the Sashimi recipe, gifting Flounder can be a simple and effective way to build rapport with Sebastian.

How to Catch a Flounder: The Flounder is a fish primarily found in the ocean. Here’s where and when to cast your line:

  1. Location: The primary spot to catch Flounder is at The Beach, but if you’re working on the Beach Farm, you can also find them there.
  2. Season & Time: The Flounder is a seasonal fish, making its appearance during Spring and Summer. The best time to catch it is between 6am and 8pm.

Gifts to Avoid

Complete_Breakfast Stardew Valley
Complete Breakfast

Sebastian’s particular tastes make gifting a tad more challenging, as there are numerous items — including many universal options — that he’s not fond of. Presenting him with a dislike item results in a deduction of 20 friendship points, putting a damper on your budding relationship. Even more precarious are the items he hates. Handing over one of these could cost you a significant 40 friendship points.

Item Points Subtracted
All Flowers (except Poppies, which he hates)-20
All Mushrooms-20
Seasonal Foraged Items: Ginger, Hazelnut, Holly, Leek, Salmonberry, Snow Yam, Wild Horseradish and Winter Roots. -20
All Universal Dislikes (except Clay, Fish, Obsidian and Void Egg) -20
All Artisan Goods (except Coffee, Green Tea and Oil) -40
Complete Breakfast, Farmer’s Lunch and Omelets-40
Pinda Colada -40
All Eggs (except Void Eggs which he loves)-40
All Universal Hates -40
Table of Sebastian’s Disliked and Hated Items

Sebastian’s Heart Events

heart bar Stardew Valley
Heart Bar

Within the enchanting confines of Stardew Valley, heart events serve as poignant moments, shedding light on the deeper layers of Pelican Town’s inhabitants. For Sebastian, these heart events provide players with an intimate glimpse into his world, dreams, and personal struggles.

These heart events can be activated by achieving specific heart levels on Sebastian’s friendship gauge and visiting the appropriate place at the precise moment. While Sebastian’s events include dialogue options, none of the choices affect his feelings towards you.

Sebastian’s Two Heart Event

Sebastian's two heart cut scene programmer chat Stardew valley
Two Heart Event: Talking to Seb about Programming

To experience Sebastian’s two heart event, players should enter Sebastian’s room when he’s present. Upon entering the room, players find Sebastian engrossed in work on his computer. He requests a moment, asking players to wait as he wraps up an essential task. Shortly after, he reveals that he’s engaged in freelance programming, showcasing a more professional side of his typically reserved persona.

As he continues his work, a digital notification pops up – it’s a message from Sam inviting Sebastian to hang out. Sebastian declines, focusing on work. This moment of solitude is quickly interrupted when Robin, his mother, enters the room. She informs him that Abigail is inquiring about him and might drop by later even though he’s busy. Sebastian candidly expresses his frustration, revealing a deeper sentiment – he feels that his family and friends often don’t take his job or passion for programming seriously.

This event offers players a closer look into Sebastian’s world, emphasizing the challenges he faces in balancing his professional pursuits with the expectations of those around him.

Sebastian’s Four Heart Event

Sebastian's four heart cut scene working on his bike Stardew Valley
Four Heart Event: Seb Working on his Motorcycle

To unveil Sebastian’s four heart event, players should venture to The Mountain between the hours of 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. The scene unfolds in the garage at Sebastian’s home, where players find him engrossed in working on a motorcycle. He reveals that this isn’t just any motorcycle but his very own.

He shares that he often takes long, solitary rides on it, venturing far beyond the boundaries of Stardew Valley. It’s a glimpse into Sebastian’s desire for freedom and escape, a counterpoint to the often enclosed, routine-driven life of the valley.

Sebastian then turns the conversation to the player, suggesting a tantalizing possibility: Perhaps one day, they could accompany him on one of these rides. It’s an offer that speaks to the growing bond between the player and Sebastian and hints at many more adventures to come.

Sebastian’s Six Heart Event

Sebastian six heart cut scene playing a game with Sam, stardew valley
Six Heart Event: Playing a Game with Sam and Seb

To experience Sebastian’s six heart event, players need to make their way into Sebastian’s room during a time when he’s present. Upon entering, players are welcomed by Sebastian, who, in a bid to bond further, invites them to partake in a gaming session of “Solarion Chronicles” alongside him and Sam.

As the game progresses, players will find themselves navigating through various challenges and scenarios within “Solarion Chronicles.” Upon completing a section of the game, they are graded on their performance, with scores ranging from A to D.

How to Get the Best Score at Solarion Chronicles

A Rating for Seb's Game Stardew Valley
Scoring the Best Rating at Solarion Chronicles

When engaging in “Solarion Chronicles: The Game” with Sebastian and Sam, players will encounter a branching storyline based on their choices. While the outcome of the game doesn’t influence your friendship level with Sebastian, performing well can lead to some proud remarks from him, while lesser performances might elicit some light-hearted teasing.

To achieve the best score in the game, players are first prompted to choose an archetype: Warrior, Healer, or Wizard. Each class has its unique gameplay, but all can achieve the best outcome. Here’s a step-by-step guide for each:

  1. Choice of Archetype:
    • Warrior, Healer, or Wizard
  2. In-game Decisions:
    • Opt to go through the front door.
    • Engage in a battle with the skeleton and opt to raise your shield.
    • Proceed to the left hallway that is bathed in a green light.
    • Take action to destroy the capsules.
  3. Final Battle Tactics:
    • Warrior: Choose to defend your allies while the enemy wizard chants. This will give you an opening to challenge and defeat the boss.
    • Healer: Prioritize healing Sebastian’s wizard character. A grateful Sebastian then steps up to vanquish the boss.
    • Wizard: Cast the “Shield Charm” when the enemy wizard begins chanting. This results in the enemy’s magic beam being reflected back at them, defeating the adversary.

Sebastian’s Eight Heart Event

Sebastian's eight heart cutscene talking in the rain Stardew Valley
Eight Heart Event: Sharing an Umbrella with Seb

To experience this heartwarming event with Sebastian, simply head to the beach on a rainy day. Ensure your visit is between noon and 11 p.m. Upon reaching the beach, you’ll find Sebastian pensively standing on the boardwalk, gazing out at the rainy horizon. He’s surprised when he spots you braving the rain just like him. Sharing a moment of vulnerability, Sebastian confesses his unease around most people before mentioning that he feels differently about you.

In a touching gesture, he takes out an umbrella and, with a gentle beckoning, invites you to share its shelter with him. Standing close under the protection of the umbrella, you both enjoy the rhythmic patter of the raindrops and the shared warmth of the moment.

Dating Sebastian

Gifting a Bouquet to Sebastian Stardew valley
Gifting a Bouquet to Sebastian

If you’re looking to form a solid friendship with this elusive programmer, remember that eight hearts is the maximum friendship level you can reach without diving into the romantic side of things. To ensure a strong platonic bond with Sebastian, engage in regular chats and continue gifting him items he loves. Regular interaction halts the slow decay of friendship points, preserving the strength of your connection.

If, however, you’re thinking of exploring a deeper, more romantic relationship with Sebastian, you’ll want to present him with a bouquet. This simple gesture signals your romantic intent in Stardew Valley. To get your hands on a bouquet, just head to Pierre’s General Store, where it’s available for 200g.

When you offer the bouquet to Sebastian, he’ll understand your feelings and respond in kind. With the bouquet exchanged, the two of you are now officially dating, opening the door for more intimate heart events and, perhaps in time, marriage. Tread carefully, though—embarking on a romantic journey brings its own set of challenges and rewards, so decide on your future with Sebastian thoughtfully!

Sebastian’s Ten Heart Event

Sebastian's ten heart cutscene kissing on the cliff Stardew Valley
Ten Heart Event: Kissing Sebastian

To witness this intimate moment with Sebastian, venture to The Mountain at night. Ensure you arrive between 8 pm and midnight. Upon reaching The Mountain, you’ll find Sebastian near his house, ready to head out on his motorcycle. He invites you along, taking you to a spot overlooking the city – a place he often visits to think.

If your character is female, he’ll acknowledge the rarity of the moment, revealing he doesn’t usually bring women to this spot. On the other hand, if your character is male, Sebastian subtly hints at the depth of his connection with you, suggesting his feelings are unique to your relationship.

As the two of you absorb the city’s distant glow, Sebastian lights up a cigarette, leading to a brief discussion about habits and life choices. He opens up more directly about his feelings and slowly pulls the player into an embrace.

Proposing to Sebastian

Proposing to Sebastian Stardew Valley
Proposing to Sebastian with a Mermaid Pendant

If you’ve grown attached to Sebastian and want to take the next step, it’s fairly simple. To marry him, you must propose with a Mermaid Pendant, and he will happily agree and organise your wedding.

How to Get a Mermaid Pendant

Speaking to the Old Mariner Stardew Valley
Visiting the Old Mariner
  1. Rainy Weather: Firstly, it must be raining in-game. The Old Mariner who sells the pendant won’t appear unless it’s a rainy day.
  2. Fully Upgraded House: Before you can buy the Mermaid’s Pendant, you need to upgrade your farmhouse; this ensures you have the space to accommodate a spouse. You can do this by visiting Robin.
  3. Reach 10 Hearts with a Villager: In order to propose, you must have reached 10 hearts in a romantic relationship with one of the eligible bachelors or bachelorettes.
  4. Go to the Beach: On the day it’s raining, head to the beach on the eastern side of the map. Remember, the Mariner won’t show up on festival days, even if it’s raining.
  5. Find the Old Mariner: You will see a bridge on the far east side of the beach that is broken at first. You’ll need to fix this bridge by using 300 pieces of wood. Once repaired, you can cross the bridge to the tidal pools area. The Old Mariner will be standing there by the northern edge.
  6. Buy the Pendant: Approach the Old Mariner, and he will offer to sell you the Mermaid’s Pendant for 5,000 gold. If you meet all the requirements, you can buy it.
  7. Propose: Once you have the pendant, give it to the villager you’ve reached 10 hearts with to propose.

Married Life With Sebastian

After proposing, in just three days, the ceremony will commence, marking your union together. After the joyous occasion, Sebastian will move into the player’s farmhouse, signifying the start of your shared life on the farm. He’ll add his own room to the right of the bedroom and set up an area for his motorcycle outside.

Marrying Sebastian Stardew Valley
Marrying Sebastian

Benefits of Marrying Sebastian

Coffee Stardew Valley

Choosing Sebastian as your husband in Stardew Valley is not just about emotional companionship; it also offers tangible, practical benefits that enhance your farming experience. One of the most valuable parts of having Sebastian as a husband in his unique gifts.

  1. Dedicated Farm Maintenance:
    • Crops: Every farmer knows the importance of regularly watered crops. Sebastian ensures that no plant goes thirsty by diligently watering crops during the spring, summer, and fall. This can be a significant time-saver, especially if you have a vast expanse of farmland.
    • Animal Care: Livestock need consistent care, and Sebastian helps out by feeding them. This consistent attention ensures that your animals remain happy and productive.
    • Pet Care: A little gesture, but by ensuring your pet’s bowl is always filled, Sebastian reflects his overall thoughtfulness.
    • Fence Repairs: The wear and tear of farm life can break down fences. Sebastian’s willingness to fix them means you won’t wake up to find your livestock roaming freely and your crops exposed to potential harm.
  2. Thoughtful Gestures and Gifts:
    • Morning Coffee: On certain days, especially when he stays inside, Sebastian might hand you a freshly brewed Coffee. This is one of the most useful spouse gifts due to it’s speed boost.
    • Rainy Day Treasures: Sebastian’s adventures in the caves lead him to discover various items. On rainy days, he might gift you with treasures like Obsidian, which is handy for crafting, or Void Essence, which can be traded or used in specific recipes. Other possible gifts include Bat Wings, vital for crafting certain items; Frozen Tears and Amethysts, which are both liked or loved by several villagers, making them good gifting options; and the Cave Carrot, a foraging item useful in some cooking recipes.
    • New Year’s Celebration: To mark the end of a year and the anticipation of a new one, Sebastian hands over a Beer on Winter 28. It’s a shared moment of celebration and reflection on the year gone by and the one that lies ahead.

Sebastian’s Fourteen Heart Event

Sebastian's fourteen heart cutscene with new pet frog Stardew Valley
Fourteen Heart Event: Seb and his Frog

To trigger Sebastian’s final event, visit The Mountain on a rainy day between 6 am and 7 pm. There, you’ll find Sebastian standing contemplatively near the lake. His expression of concern changes to one of relief as he sees you. Without wasting a moment, he shares his worry about an injured frog he’s found hidden in the bushes nearby. Eager to help, you approach a bush on Sebastian’s left, and with a gentle shake, the injured amphibian scuttles out, heading straight towards Sebastian.

Skilled in his movements, Sebastian deftly catches the frog and immediately notices its injured leg. It’s evident that the little creature will find it challenging to survive in the wild with such an injury.

However, the story doesn’t end there. The next day, when you enter your farmhouse between 6:20am and 7pm, you’re in for a surprise. Sebastian’s signature Solarion Chronicles table is no longer there. In its place, there’s a newly constructed terrarium. Sebastian explains that he designed this habitat especially for the injured frog, which, due to its injury, can no longer fend for itself in the wild. The frog seems to be recuperating well in its new home. Still, Sebastian contemplates whether it might feel lonely in the enclosure.

From this point forward, whenever you visit Sebastian’s room, you’ll notice the terrarium, a symbol of his compassionate nature and the unique shared experiences that deepen your bond with him.

Having Children with Sebastian

child in Stardew Valley
A Child in his Crib

Once you’ve sealed the deal with Sebastian and invested in two Farmhouse upgrades, the pitter-patter of little feet could be on the horizon. Each evening, there’s a 5% chance that, as you settle down, Sebastian might broach the topic of having or adopting a child.

For couples of opposite genders, nature takes its course, leading to biological children, while same-gender couples embark on the heartwarming journey of adoption. The gender of your first child is left to fate, but Stardew Valley ensures that your second child will be of the opposite gender.

Remember, children in Stardew Valley retain their toddler-like innocence forever, never growing past this stage. As a bonus, once these toddlers are up and about, they’ll occasionally join Sebastian during town events, offering delightful family moments.

Sebastian from Stardew Valley FAQs

How Old is Sebastian in Stardew Valley?

Sebastian’s exact age is not explicitly stated in “Stardew Valley.” However, it is generally believed that Sebastian, along with the other eligible bachelors and bachelorettes, is in his early to mid-20s at the start of the game. This estimation is based on dialogue, character interactions, and the general setting of the game.

Does Sebastian Smoke in Stardew Valley?

Yes, Sebastian smokes in “Stardew Valley.” It is shown in some of his events and is mentioned in various dialogues that he has a habit of smoking cigarettes.

Is Sebastian Worth Marrying in Stardew Valey?

Sebastian is a popular choice for many players to marry in “Stardew Valley.” When married, he provides valuable gifts like Coffee and Void Essence, both of which are highly useful in gameplay. Moreover, his fondness for Sashimi, an easily accessible dish, makes befriending him relatively straightforward. Ultimately, whether he’s “worth” marrying depends on individual player preferences, but he certainly offers some appealing benefits.

Does Sebastian Have a Crush on Abigail in Stardew Valley?

There are subtle hints that Sebastian may have had an initial crush on Abigail. Maru suggests that he should ask Abigail out, and he even considers her as the drummer for his band. However, during one of his heart events, Sebastian expresses frustration over Abigail not respecting his work, indicating potential tensions between them. While these moments suggest a fleeting crush, it’s evident that any romantic feelings he might have had for Abigail quickly dissipate as the player builds a closer relationship with him.

Is Sebastian Adopted in Stardew Valley?

No, Sebastian is not adopted. He is the biological son of Robin, the town carpenter. However, he does have a half-sister named Maru, whose father is Demetrius. This blended family structure sometimes causes Sebastian to feel like an outsider, especially since he spends a lot of time in his basement room, but he is not adopted.

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