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Secret Note 20 Walkthrough and Solution in Stardew Valley

Secret Note 20 Walkthrough and Solution in Stardew Valley

The Secret Notes in Stardew Valley hold a variety of mysteries and puzzles that can lead the player to some beneficial items and scenes.

Secret Note 20 offers the player a chance to up their daily luck stat permanently by 0.025.

Follow our comprehensive guide to discover how to complete the puzzle, the best methods to get the Rabbit’s Foot, and the significance of increased daily luck.

What is Secret Note 20 in Stardew Valley?

Secret Note 20 is one of the notes that can be found during the A Winter Mystery quest that the player activates in Winter of Year One.

Via the Stardew Valley Wiki.

This note depicts the town square in Pelican Town, as well as a set of directions.

As with Secret Note 19 and many others, Secret Note 20 depicts the instructions for a particular root that the player must take in order to gain a Special Item.

Secret Note 20 Walkthrough

In this guide, we’ve meticulously detailed each step as presented in the game’s instructions, aiming to assist players who might find themselves perplexed by a particular direction. However, for those adventurers seeking a more streamlined path, there’s a pro-tip: you can often bypass the intricacies by following the direction of the ‘last arrow’ indicated in each step below.

If you’d like to try attempt the route yourself before seeing the walkthrough, follow the note’s directions by moving as far as you can in a straight line; when you hit a barrier, such as an object or map edge, move on to the next direction.

Step One

Step 1 Walkthrough for Secret Note 20 Solution in Stardew Valley

Begin at the designated green starting point situated in the heart of Pelican Town’s town square. Turn left and walk in a straight line.

Step Two

Step 2 Walkthrough for Secret Note 20 Solution in Stardew Valley

Upon reaching the dog kennel, the instructions hint at moving in a ‘U’ shape: down, left, and then up until returning to the kennel. For simplicity, you can skip the ‘U’ path and just walk to the left.

Step Three

Step 3 Walkthrough for Secret Note 20 Solution in Stardew Valley

From the kennel, turn right and proceed until you encounter a small dog toy. Head north until you’re in front of 1 River Road. From there, make a right and walk as far as you can, leading you directly to Pam’s trailer.

Step 4 Walkthrough for Secret Note 20 Solution in Stardew Valley

The following steps could lead you in a circle. While the directions point toward walking up to the river bank, descending behind Pam’s trailer, moving up to a stone, proceeding left to the nearest tree, and then heading north, a quicker route is evident. Simply go north upon reaching Pam’s trailer.

Step Five

Step 5 Walkthrough for Secret Note 20 Solution in Stardew Valley

Keep heading north until you come upon a bridge. Turn left onto the bridge, and once you’re across, continue in the same direction until Jojamart comes into view. If you’ve completed the community center, you’ll see the movie theater instead.

Step Six

Step 6 Walkthrough for Secret Note 20 Solution in Stardew Valley

Walk to the far end of the Jojamart packing station. From there, loop upwards and then turn left, leading you straight to a truck. Interacting with this truck will unveil the subsequent part of the quest – find a rabbit’s foot .

Getting A Rabbit’s Foot

Dialogue of Jojamart driver asking for Rabbit's Foot in Stardew Valley

There are three methods in which you can get a Rabbit’s Foot.

Raising Rabbits

To begin raising these fluffy creatures, first ensure you’ve upgraded your barn to the Big Barn. Once upgraded, you can purchase rabbits from Marnie’s Ranch for 8,000g each.

After acquiring your rabbits, it’s essential to tend to their needs to ensure they’re happy and productive. Regularly feed them with hay or fresh grass, and make a routine of petting them daily to boost their happiness.

The happier your rabbit, the higher chance you have of getting a rabbit’s foot. If your rabbit has full hearts and you have maximum luck, there’s a 40% chance of it dropping one.

The Traveling Cart

The Traveling Cart in Stardew Valley is situated in the Cindersap Forest, available to players on Fridays and Sundays between 6 am and 8 pm. Additionally, during the Night Market event, which runs from winter 15th to 17th, the cart is open every day.

The range of products the cart offers varies each time it appears. Among the diverse items, the Rabbit’s Foot can occasionally be found for purchase, but its appearance is unpredictable. Players seeking this item from the cart will need some luck, as its stock and prices change with each visit. One rabbit foot can range anywhere from 1,695g to 2,825g.


The last and most unlikely method of obtaining a Rabbit’s Foot is by receiving it as a drop from hunting Serpents in the Mines (0.8% chance). Unless you are an avid fan of mining, we suggest you either pursue raising rabbits which is the most certain way, or perusing the traveling cart which requires very little resources.

The Special Charm Prize

Pop up message of Special Charm award in Stardew Valley

If the player brings the truck driver a rabbit’s foot, they will receive the Special Charm, which permanently boosts the player’s daily luck stat in the game by 0.025. As soon as the charm is obtained it will increase the luck stat that day.

The Special Charm cannot be sold and can be found in the wallet in the Player’s Menu (skills tab).

Special Charm in Stardew Valley Increasing Luck by 0.025
Special Charm via Concerned Ape

What is Daily Luck in Stardew Valley?

Daily luck in Stardew Valley is a stat that can affect the outcome of certain events. The starting point for daily luck fluctuates between -0.1 (representing an unlucky day) and 0.1 (signifying a lucky day).

The Special Charm is a unique item that permanently increases your daily luck by 0.025. This may seem like a small amount, but it can have a significant impact on your gameplay, so completing Secret Note 20 is very worthwhile. For example, having the Special Charm can increase your chances of finding rare items.

The impact of daily luck varies depending on the specific activity you’re engaged in. You can find out your daily luck by interacting with the Television and choosing the “Fortune Teller” option.

Where to Find Secret Note 20

Secret Notes need to firstly be unlocked. To unlock them, walk to the Bus Stop from The Farm during Winter between 6am and 4pm and you will see a cutscene in which a “Shadow Guy” (this could be Krobus) startles and runs away. The quest “A Winter Mystery” will be added to your journal.

Secret notes appear randomly, in no set order. They can be found in:

ActivityChance of Finding a Secret Note
Loot drops from monsters3.3%
Chopping down trees0.5% per axe hit
Fishing8% (replaces trash)
Artifact spot11% (after artifacts and winter foraging)
Collecting stone0.75%
Resource clump5%
Giant crops100%
Different Methods of Finding Secret Notes

The probability of success is a linear function of the number of notes found, where there’s an 80% chance of success if no notes have been found, and a 12% chance of success if all but one have been found.

Stardew Valley Wiki

It is important to note that these are just the base chances of finding a secret note. The actual chance of finding a secret note will be affected by your luck stat. If you have a high luck stat, you will be more likely to find a secret note.

So, completing Note 20 in Stardew Valley stands out as a particularly rewarding accomplishment. Not only does it signify a milestone in your in-game journey, but the luck bonus it offers becomes invaluable in locating other notes throughout the valley. As you continue to explore and uncover the myriad secrets Stardew has to offer, this boost in fortune can make all the difference.

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