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Sir Cadogan Character Analysis: Portrait Knight

Sir Cadogan Character Analysis: Portrait Knight

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Sir Cadogan was a wizard and sworn knight of the Arthurian Round Table, but he is only included in wizarding versions of the story.

Sometime after his death, a portrait of him was placed at Hogwarts, where he often showed his bravery and insanity.

About Sir Cadogan

BornMiddle Ages
Blood StatusPure Blood or Half Blood
WandBlackthorn with troll whisker core
Zodiac SignSagittarius (speculative)

Sir Cadogan Biography

Sir Cadogan was a British wizard born in the Middle Ages. Like most wizards, he attended Hogwarts for his wizarding education.

He was a member of Gryffindor. It is possible that he was taught by Godric Gryffindor, the founder of the house himself.

At some point in his life, he struck up a friendship with Merlin, and this led to him joining the Knights of the Round Table.

He is said to have married (and divorced) three times and to have fathered seventeen children.

As a Knight, he was tasked with defeating the Wyvern of Wye when it was terrorizing the West Country.

The first time he faced it, he lost his horse and his original wand. But he refused to give up, at the very least wanting a noble death.

He returned on a fat pony and brandished his broken wand. He was eaten by the Wyvern, but his broken wand pierced its tongue and caused the fumes from his stomach to ignite and the beast exploded.

Sir Cadogan and his horse survived.

Wizards developed the saying “I’ll take Cadogan’s pony” meaning that they will salvage what they can from a bad situation.

Sir Cadogan Afterlife

It is not known how Sir Cadogan died, but sometime after his death, a portrait of him was placed in his Alma Mater, Hogwarts, in the corridor leading to the Divination Tower.

The Knight would always help students passing his portrait, or challenge them to a duel.

When he first met Harry Potter he challenged him to a fight, before realizing that he just needed directions to the Divinity classroom.

He took on the quest and led Harry and Ron to the classroom through various portraits.

That same year, when Sirius Black attacked the Fat Lady portrait and she refused to continue her duties as Gatekeeper to Gryffindor Tower, Sir Cadogan was the only other portrait who agreed to take the job.

The students found him frustrating as he constantly changed the passwords and regularly challenged students to duels.

At Christmas that year, he was seen to be celebrating with people from a number of other Hogwarts portraits including a couple of monks, several previous headmasters, and his pony.

This suggests that he was popular among the portraits.

He was relieved of his duties after he let Sirius Black pass with passwords stolen for him by Crookshanks from Neville Longbottom.

A few years later Sir Cadogan saw Harry walking the corridors and wanted to speak to him but was rebuffed.

He followed him through several paintings until an angry-looking wolfhound would not let him pass.

During the Battle of Hogwarts, Sir Cadogan shouted encouragement to Harry and the other combatants defending the school.

He called the Death Eaters dogs, scoundrels, braggarts, and rogues.

Sir Cadogan Personality Type & Traits

Sir Cadogan does not lack bravery, but he lacks the strategic mind of a true Knight.

His approach is generally to meet a problem with force and gumption, rather than a plan. But he was a true Gryffindor in the stoutness of his heart.

Sir Cadogan Zodiac Sign & Birthday

We know very little about Sir Cadogan’s birthdate, but his personality suggests that he could be a Sagittarius.

They tend to be very brave but act without thinking. Someone born under this sign might pursue fame and glory without considering the consequences.