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Solo Leveling Anime Release Date Speculation, Trailer and Latest News

Solo Leveling Anime Release Date Speculation, Trailer and Latest News

With a captivating storyline like Solo Leveling’s, it is high time it finally gets an anime TV adaptation.

Chugong wrote the extremely popular web novel Solo Leveling. The manhwa was extremely popular and had fans all over the world. It had a total of 170 chapters and the manhwa continued from 2016 till the end of 2021, a good 5-year run.

The announcement for Solo Leveling finally getting an anime adaptation took place at the Anime Expo by Crunchyroll in July 2022 and fans could not have been more excited!

Solo Leveling Release Date Speculation

The Solo Leveling anime is set to be released in 2023, but there is no specific release date. After Crunchyroll announced the series in July of 2022, fans began speculating about the exact date, and the consensus seems to be a spring or summer 2023 release.

The exact release date, however, will depend on several factors. These range from how many seasons the producers want, to how closely they want to follow the storyline from the original web novels.

Solo Leveling Anime Coming 2023 to Crunchyroll
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It is also possible that the studio might want to take its time with the anime because one of its major selling points is its art.

The top comment on a subreddit summed it up as:

“Yeah, best part of solo leveling was its 10/10 art. Unless the budget for this is insane people are gonna drop like flies after the first couple of episodes.”


Solo Leveling Plot Speculation

A lot of information regarding the show is still under wraps, and it is unclear how closely the anime will follow the original series.

However, there are rumors that the nationality of the main character, Sung Jin-woo might be changed to Japanese from Korean.

In the brief trailer that Crunchyroll showed at the Anime Expo, Sung Jin-Woo’s name was changed to Shun Mizushino.

Secondly, based on rumors, A-1 Pictures will not be following the original manhwa and will instead, go with the recently released Japanese Solo Leveling novel.

If so, presumably the story will remain the same for the most part, except for a few minor changes. Namely, the animation style and the main character’s name.

Solo Leveling Cast

A-1 Pictures has not yet revealed the voice cast, however, we do know that Shunsuke Nakashige will be the director for the anime while Noboru Kimura will be the head writer.

Along with them, Tomoku Sudo will work on character design and Hiroyuki Sawano will work on the show’s music.

Hiroyuki Sawano is a popular figure in the anime community for his work on Attack On Titan, Blue Exorcist, and The Seven Deadly Sins.

As the show approaches its release date, we will find out more about the voice cast.

Interestingly, a common desire among the fans of the series seems to be that the voice actor for the main character has a deep voice.

Where Will Solo Leveling Be Available To Watch?

The Solo Leveling anime will be available on Crunchyroll upon its release in 2023. We can expect streaming services popular in the United States and the UK like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video to pick up the series soon after.

As for the dubs, since Funimation has merged recently with Crunchyroll, we can expect the dubs to follow shortly after the airing of the anime.

How Many Episodes Will Solo Leveling Have

The exact number of episodes for Solo Leveling has not yet been released, however, the common consensus seems to be that there will be a total of 24 episodes spread across 2 seasons.

As far as the original web series is concerned, it has a total of 4 volumes with over 270 chapters.

Cours is a part of the Japanese lingo where it means “quarter”. The word usually refers to a “season” or more specifically, a 3 month broadcasting period.

What Does The Author Think About The Anime Adaptation

The author of the original web novel Chugong said;

 “About six years ago when I was writing the very beginning of Solo Leveling if someone had said to me, ‘The novel you wrote will become a comic,’ I bet I’d have told them to stop pulling my leg. But now, it’ll be an anime?! Seriously, stop pulling my leg!”

“But these days, I’m feeling excited and thrilled. I’ll keep working diligently while looking forward to that day.”

It’s safe to say that Chugong is extremely excited about the anime adaptation.

How Successful Is Solo Leveling Manga

Solo Leveling is an extremely popular series. In fact, it is so popular that Netmarble is developing it into a game, while A_1 Pictures is releasing its anime TV adaptation.

See the gameplay below;

The Solo Leveling manga has a 4.8 rating out of 5 on Amazon.

One of the reviewers commented, “I was recommend this series from a friend and it did not disappoint.”

Another said “The book is perfect!”

Since 2016, the novel has managed to gain over 2.5 million readers.

Solo Leveling Leaked Before Announcement

Back at the start of 2022, a Twitter user with the name “SPY” claimed that Solo Leveling was in the process of becoming an anime.

It was not that big of a surprise though as at the time the popular web series began being adapted as a game and a live-action TV drama.

It was only a matter of time before the fans finally got an anime adaptation as well.