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What Does the Stardew Valley Earthquake Do?

What Does the Stardew Valley Earthquake Do?

On what seems like a random morning in the world of Stardew Valley, the player character will awaken with this ominous message: “There was an earthquake during the night”.

While this might seem like something terrible has happened, there is no reason to worry.

The Stardew Valley earthquake is a random event that occurs once, during the night in the 3rd summer of year 1. The earthquake breaks down the boulder in the mountains, opening up the railroad area. This leads to a train platform, spa, and a host of new secrets to explore. The earthquake event has no bad consequences.

Stardew Valley Railroad Area Map
Railroad Area (Top of the Map)

Everyone who plays through Stardew Valley will experience the earthquake event on the same calendar day — during the night of the third day of summer, year 1.

The actual earthquake happens while the player is sleeping, so there is not an extra cut scene, unlike the random events such as the witch or the crop fairy.

In this guide, we’ll provide comprehensive details on the Stardew Valley earthquake and its outcomes, empowering you to maximize your gameplay experience and fully embrace your role as Pelican Town’s latest resident!

What Does the Stardew Valley Earthquake Do?

Stardew Valley Boulder Blocking Path Before Earthquake Event
Boulder Blocking the Railroad Area Staircase, Before The Earthquake Event

Fortunately, the Stardew Valley earthquake does not cause any damage to the player’s crops, animals, or buildings.

Instead, the earthquake breaks down the boulder in the mountains that had been obstructing a staircase. This leads to an entirely new railroad area containing a train platform, spa, an entirely new quest line and hints of the summit area.

1. Opens Access to the Stardew Valley Spa

Stardew Valley Spa

Being able to go into the spa after a long day of farming, mining, and fishing will be a huge game-changer since the pool inside will actually recuperate the player’s stamina.

By using the spa, you will be able to do a lot more work around the map without having to go through your stores of precious Fiddlehead Risotto!

After the earthquake event, you can find the spa to the immediate left upon entering the new railroad location.

From there, just enter the front door, find the changing room for your character, and then continue on to soak in the pool. You will see from your character’s relaxed facial expression that the water feels great.

The character will automatically change into their swimsuit, so there is no need to carry an extra item and lose that backpack space. 

2. Allows Player to Gather Loot From the Train

Stardew Valley Trainstation

Once the earthquake event has occurred, you will randomly and periodically see a message on the top of your screen that says, “A train is passing through Stardew Valley”. If you hurry up there, you can see the train on the railroad passing through the station!

Acquirable items that might fall off include Leprechaun Shoes, Stone, Coal, Iron Ore, Wood, and Geodes.

The loot will stay there until the player retires for the night, so you don’t need to be there when the train actually passes through. 

Everything will disappear overnight, so just make it to the railroad sometime before bedtime (or passing out on the deck at 2 am). 

Learn more about the Train event in Stardew Valley.

Also find a map of locations at the Railroad where forageable items can spawn.

Railroad Forage Locations

3. Starts an Important Quest Line with the Wizard

Stardew Valley Beginning of Wizard Quest

There are a few cutscenes and questlines that occur in the area, one of which is with the Wizard.

This quest line is one of the major beats of the storyline and will trigger at some point when the player walks up into the spa/train area.

The player will enter a cutscene with the Wizard, who is standing in front of the strange statue in the right corner.

The Wizard proceeds to explain what lies behind the statue and then instructs the player on how to unlock the area behind the statue. 

4. Hints at the Summit Area

Stardew Valley Boulder Blocking Path to the Summit

In the left top corner of the area, there is a staircase that is blocked by a boulder. Instead of another earthquake, this boulder is removed after achieving 100% completion of the game with a character.

Come back here when you have seen and done it all for bonus endgame content!

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