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Best Stardew Valley Egg Hunt Map Route 2023

Best Stardew Valley Egg Hunt Map Route 2023

Tired of Abigail’s winning streak in Stardew Valley’s Egg Hunt? Us too. It’s time to beat the purple-haired champ at her own game. This isn’t just about harvesting crops – it’s about snatching the crown in the most egg-citing event of the year.

After extensive gameplay and countless hours of trial-and-error, we’ve crafted the ultimate Egg Hunt route (and map). So, farmer, lace up your virtual boots and get ready. We’ve cracked the egg conundrum, and we’re about to embark on a step-by-step adventure.

When Is The Egg Hunt?

The Stardew Valley Egg Festival is a joyous event, held annually on the 13th of Spring at the heart of the town square. The festivities begin promptly at 9am and continue until 2pm, so make sure to set your alarm and arrive early.

Remember, you only get one shot at the Egg Hunt each year, so it’s crucial to make the most of your opportunity!

What’s at Stake for Winning the Egg Hunt?

If the thrill of the hunt isn’t enough motivation, the prizes certainly will be. Winning the Egg Hunt earns you not only bragging rights but also a delightful straw hat, the perfect accessory for any budding farmer.

Have you already won once? That means for every additional year you win, you’ll get 1000g. Put it towards your farm, or splurge at the festival pop-up shop and purchase some of the Easter-themed goodies!

Tips and Tricks Before Starting

Before we start on the route, here are some tips to streamline your hunt and find the 9 eggs in less than 50 seconds:

1. Avoid the Coffee Temptation

Many players drink coffee for that extra speed, but during the egg hunt, this strategy falls flat. The game deliberately neutralizes the coffee-induced speed boost to make the hunt more challenging.

2. Disregard the Northern Eggs

While it may seem appealing to venture up to Harvey’s clinic or around George and Evelyn’s house, this detour wastes valuable time. The route becomes complex and confusing when you stray to collect these eggs.

3. Watch Out for Fences!

Time is of the essence in this competition. Even a few seconds stuck behind a fence could mean the difference between victory and Abigail snatching the crown. We’ve intentionally avoided the three eggs around Mayor Lewis’s house to avoid this risk.

4. Memorise the Egg Placement Beforehand

Some eggs are incredibly hard to spot. We’ve provided a step-by-step guide with images of all egg locations on the route. Keep a note of these locations to save precious game time during the hunt.

Best Stardew Valley Egg Hunt Route Map 2023

Best Stardew Valley Easter Egg Hunt Route Map 2023

While there are Easter eggs hidden further up, we’ve found that targeting the middle and bottom of the map is a more efficient approach. This strategy saves time, reduces unnecessary running, and capitalizes on the close proximity of eggs in these areas.

To overthrow Abigail, you need to secure at least nine eggs by clicking on each one – a challenging feat considering the strict 50-second timeframe. But with this efficient route and strategic tips, we’re confident you can win the day.

Think you have a good idea of the overall route? Let’s break it down step by step so you can see the eggs for yourself.

Eggs One And Two

Location of Eggs One And Two in the Stardew Valley Egg Hunt Best Route

Ready for the challenge? Let’s get cracking. Starting in the town square, sprint to the left as soon as Mayor Lewis flags off the race. You should end up behind 1 Willow Lane, the residence of Sam, Jodi, and Vincent.

The first egg is sneakily hidden behind a fence post as you enter their backyard. This one is particularly hard to spot, but with careful observation, you should see a little obstructed orange dot behind the left entrance post- that’s where you click.

After securing the first egg, venture further into the backyard. The second egg awaits in the left corner amid the grass.

Egg Three

Location of Egg Three in the Stardew Valley Egg Hunt Best Route

After grabbing the second egg, make a dash down to the front of 1 Willow Lane and out onto the path. Turn left and near the map’s end, just before entering Cindersap Forest, you’ll spot an egg by the river bank.

The beauty of this route lies in its efficiency and similarity to Abigail’s path, but with an edge. So if you spot Abigail along the way, you’re definitely on the right track!

Egg Four

Location of Egg Four in the Stardew Valley Egg Hunt Best Route

Next, move slightly northeast from the river bank to the front of 2 Willow Lane, Emily and Haley’s abode. 

Nestled next to the trash can, you’ll find a festive egg basket decoration. But beware, this is just a decoration. The real prize, the fourth egg, lies hidden right behind it. Mind the fence post as you manoeuvre around – it’s an easy trap to fall into.

Eggs Five And Six

Location of Eggs Five and Six in the Stardew Valley Egg Hunt Best Route

Now, journey south, following the river bank, and make your way into the fenced-off sewer area. Grab the egg tucked in the bottom right.

Once you’ve snagged that egg, venture outside of the sewer gate. Take a few steps to the right, and you should spot another egg resting on the river bank, adjacent to a tree.

Eggs Seven And Eight

Location of Eggs Seven and Eight in the Stardew Valley Egg Hunt Best Route

For your next eggs, head northeast to enter the cemetery. Exercise caution – the area is surrounded by hedges that are easy to get entangled in! Behind the middle grave at the back, you’ll discover the seventh egg.

Upon securing this, move towards the tree at the cemetery entrance. Between the bush and the tree, a pastel egg nestles, discreetly hidden behind the leaves.

Egg Nine

Location of Egg Nine in the Stardew Valley Egg Hunt Best Route

You’re almost there! Continue the journey by heading south towards the beach upon exiting the cemetery. Cross the bridge and behold the decorative banner. Your final egg, and potentially the key to victory, awaits!

Missed A Step?

All Egg Locations Map in the Stardew Valley Easter Egg Hunt

If you’ve missed a step, fear not! Above is the location of all the eggs on the map. We’ve found two alternate routes to bag a couple of extra eggs. From the bridge, you have two options:

  1. Turn right to find two eggs. One is located next to the eastern bridge, and the other is nestled behind a bush.
  1. Alternatively, go straight and to the left, retracing your steps back to the town centre. There, you’ll find an egg above the cemetery bushes and another hidden in the left bush next to the bench.

Playing Multiplayer?

With more friends, the egg requirement decreases, making victory even easier. 

If you’re playing with one friend, one of you needs to secure 6 eggs. With two friends, the count drops to 5 eggs. And, in a game with three friends, victory only requires 4 eggs. Adjust the route to meet your specific needs and outwit Abigail!

And there you have it. A foolproof plan to snatch the Egg Hunt crown and win the sought-after straw hat prize. Happy hunting!

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