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Stardew Valley Mountain Lake Location (with Maps) and Fishing Guide

Stardew Valley Mountain Lake Location (with Maps) and Fishing Guide

The Mountain Lake is one of the unique and vibrant locations in Stardew Valley, filled with various fish species and unique resources. It offers players an enriching fishing experience along with breathtaking views. The picturesque surroundings and the promise of a good catch make it a must-visit for any aspiring angler in the game.

How to Get to the Mountain Lake

Tucked away in Stardew Valley’s northern territory, you’ll find the scenic Mountain Lake. It’s cozied up right next to the Carpenter’s Shop to the west and shares its borders with the ever-mysterious Mines. The lake’s charm is enhanced by a solitary island at its southern end, contrasting nicely with the encircling cliffs and trees.

As you advance in your Stardew Valley journey, you’ll unlock the Railroad area to the north, adding an extra layer of interest to this location.

Having trouble finding it? Here’s a detailed step-by-step guide on how to reach the Mountain Lake:

Mountain Lake Location From the Farm

Mountain Lake Location From the Farm in Stardew Valley: Map with Directions
Farm Directions to the Mountain Lake
  1. Step One: Exit your farm from the northern edge. This can typically be done by moving your character upwards from your farmhouse towards the top of the screen.
  2. Step Two: Once you’ve left your farm, you’ll find yourself on a path that continues northwards. Keep following this path north.
  3. Step Three: You’ll pass by the Carpenter’s Shop, which is on your right-hand side. Keep going straight (north) on the path. There you have it, the Mountain Lake in all it’s glory.

Mountain Lake Location From the Town

Mountain Lake Location From the Town in Stardew Valley: Map with Directions
Town Directions to the Mountain Lake
  1. Step One: Start by exiting Pierre’s General Store. Once you’re outside, head directly north.
  2. Step Two: Continue north until you reach the Community Center. You’ll notice it’s a large, dilapidated building on your left.
  3. Step Three: Go past the Community Center, staying on the path heading north. You’ll walk for a little while until you reach the Carpenter’s Shop. Turn right and you’ll be at the Mountain Lake.

Key Locations in Mountain Lake

Mountain Lake in Stardew Valley is a diverse and exciting area with several key locations of interest. Here are a few of them:

1. The Mines

The Mines Location in Mountain Lake Stardew Valley

The Mines are the beating heart of Stardew Valley’s resource gathering. With layers of rich, mineral-filled strata, adventurers can spend days uncovering precious ores, mystical gems, and hidden geodes. But remember, the Mines aren’t for the faint-hearted; expect to cross paths with all sorts of subterranean creatures guarding their glittering hoard.

2. The Adventurer’s Guild

The Adventurer's Guild in Stardew Valley

Just a short stroll east of the Mines, the Adventurer’s Guild stands as the bastion for all brave spelunkers. After proving your mettle by eliminating ten slimes, you gain entry to this exclusive club. Stock up on weapons, sturdy boots, and handy rings to aid in your dangerous delves into the Mines. Plus, the Guild celebrates your monster-defeating feats with fantastic rewards!

3. The Carpenter’s Shop

The Carpenter's Shop Location in Stardew Valley

Overseeing the western edge of the Mountain Lake, Robin’s Carpenter’s Shop is your one-stop-shop for all farm expansions. Dreaming of a larger house or a new barn for your livestock? Robin’s skilled craftsmanship brings your vision to life. You can also trade surplus wood and stone here for some extra gold.

4. The Spa

The Spa Location in Stardew Valley

Nestled in the Railroad area, the Spa is the Valley’s best-kept secret for rejuvenation. After a long day tilling fields or mining, slipping into the Spa’s restorative waters breathes life back into your weary bones. Soak in the tranquility and watch as your energy bar fills up, readying you for more farming adventures. You can only gain access to the spa after the Stardew Valley Earthquake, which takes place on the third day of Summer, year 1.

5. Linus’s Tent

Linus's Tent Location in Stardew Valley

North of your farm and slightly east of the Carpenter’s Shop, you’ll find Linus’ Tent. Home to Stardew Valley’s sage of the wild, Linus generously shares his knowledge on foraging and simple living. Foster a friendship with Linus, and you might find yourself gifted with his favorite recipe – Sashimi, a versatile dish that replenishes energy and health.

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6. Mountain Lake Fishing

Mountain Lake Fishing in Stardew Valley

Think you’re acquainted with the area? Let’s delve into the main attraction of the Mountain Lake – fishing.

From the common yet ever-reliable carp to the elusive legendary fish, Mountain Lake’s waters team with a captivating array of catches waiting to be discovered. Fishing here promises not only an enjoyable pastime and a serene way to connect with the game’s natural environment but also a profitable venture for those who master the craft.

Seasonal Fish At The Mountain Lake

As the seasons shift, so do the inhabitants of the Lake, ensuring a constant cycle of excitement and anticipation for what might bite next. So grab your fishing rod, pack some bait, and prepare for an immersive angling experience at the heart of Stardew Valley.

Year-Round Fish

Carp Fish in Stardew Valley
Carp Fish

No matter the season, certain fish always make Mountain Lake their home.

  • Carp: Carp is a very common fish, and you can find it at any time of the day. Carp doesn’t bring in much profit but is great for making into Sashimi or for the Carpenter’s Bundle in the Community Center.
  • Bullhead: Bullhead is another all-year fish available throughout the day. It’s part of the Lake Fish Bundle in the Community Center.
  • Chub: The Chub is an all-day fish you can find in several spots including the Mountain Lake. It’s used in a few recipes and can be requested in special orders.
  • Largemouth Bass: Found from 6 AM to 7 PM, the Largemouth Bass is an excellent source of income in the early game and is also part of the Lake Fish Bundle.
Fish TypeStandard – Silver Price Gold – Iridium Price
Carp30g – 37g45g – 60g
Bullhead75g – 93g112g – 150g
Chub50g – 62g75g – 100g
Largemouth100g – 125g150g – 200g
Price Table For Year-Round Fish

Winter Fish

Sturgeon Fish in Stardew Valley
Sturgeon Fish

Winter’s chill brings with it two unique fish:

  • Sturgeon: The Sturgeon is a big winter and summer catch available from 6 AM to 7 PM. Not only is it part of the Lake Fish Bundle, but it’s also used in making Caviar (see our detailed step-by-step guide).
  • Lingcod: Available all day, Lingcod is another winter fish you can find. It’s a high-energy food source and can be used in a few recipes.
Fish TypeStandard – Silver PriceGold – Iridium Price
Sturgeon200g – 250g 300g – 400g
Lingcod120g – 150g180g – 240g
Price Table For Winter Fish

Summer Fish

Rainbow Trout Fish in Stardew Valley
Rainbow Trout

In addition to the Sturgeon, the warm waters of summer draw:

  • Rainbow Trout: Available from 6 AM to 7 PM, the Rainbow Trout is a summer and spring fish and a good source of income during these seasons.
Fish TypeStandard – Silver PriceGold – Iridium Price
Rainbow Trout65g – 81g 97g – 130g
Price Table For Summer Fish

Autumn Fish

Walleye Fish in Stardew Valley
Walleye Fish

During the crisp autumn season, you’ll find:

Walleye: This fish is found in the lake during Fall when it’s raining, between 12 PM and 2 AM. It’s used in the Night Fishing Bundle in the Community Center

Fish Type Standard – Silver PriceGold – Iridium Price
Walleye105g – 131g157g – 210g
Price Table For Autumn Fish

Spring/Legend Fish

The Legend Fish in Stardew Valley
The Legend Fish

With Spring comes the most valuable fish in the game: The Legend Fish.

What Are Legendary Fish?

In the vast, vibrant world of Stardew Valley, a group of exceptional creatures lurks beneath the water’s surface. Known as the “legendary fish”, these rare aquatic behemoths push the boundaries of angling to new heights.

These elusive species number just five in total, with each one tied to a specific season or unique location. Catching a legendary fish requires a high level of skill, the right equipment, and a dash of patience.

However, the adrenaline-filled pursuit and the satisfaction of reeling in one of these magnificent specimens make them the crowning jewels of any angler’s collection. Indeed, legendary fish are not just about the substantial monetary reward they bring but also about the achievement they represent in the challenging and rewarding world of Stardew Valley fishing.

How To Catch The Legend Fish

The Legend is Stardew Valley’s rarest legendary fish and can only be found in the Mountain Lake. It’s a true test for dedicated anglers, only appearing in the Spring during rainy weather and requiring a level 10 Fishing skill to lure it out. An Iridium Rod equipped with a Trap Bobber is recommended for the tough battle ahead.

Reeling in the Legend is a monumental achievement, given its wild, unpredictable movements. The reward? It’s the most valuable fish in the game, selling for a hefty sum and delivering a sense of satisfaction like no other.

So, when spring rain falls, grab your rod and rise to the challenge – the Legend awaits! Below is the price table, but be aware there’s only one Legend Fish, so most players decide to display it in a tank rather than sell it.

Fish Type Standard – Silver PriceGold – Iridium Price
Legend Fish5,000g – 6,250g 7,500g – 10,000g
Price Table For Legend Fish

More Legendary Fish

Want to collect all of the Legendary Fish? Here’s a list of the ones you can find in other areas.

  1. Crimsonfish: This summer legendary fish can be found on the east pier of the Beach. You can only reel this one in during the Summer, and it’s available all day.
  2. Angler: This fish is the legendary catch for the Fall season. It can be found in the River, on the far north end of the map, north of Joja Mart and the Blacksmith. You can try catching the Angler during any time of the day in Fall.
  3. Glacierfish: This Winter legendary fish resides at the southern tip of Arrowhead Island in Cindersap Forest, near the Wizard’s Tower. You can cast your line for the Glacierfish at any time during the Winter day.
  4. Mutant Carp: This is the only legendary fish that can be caught in any season. You can find the Mutant Carp in the Sewers. You can fish for it any time, in any season, once you’ve obtained the Rusty Key to open the Sewer.

Conditional Fish

Midnight Carp Fish in Stardew Valley
Midnight Carp Fish

Lastly, some fish in Mountain Lake have unique conditions for their appearance:

  • Midnight Carp: Despite its name, the Midnight Carp is found from 10 PM to 2 AM during the summer and winter months. It’s part of the Night Fishing Bundle.
  • Ghostfish: This is a unique fish that’s found in the Mines rather than the lake, but it’s worth mentioning because the Mines are located in the Mountain area. You can find Ghostfish on levels 20, 60, and 100 of the Mines, or you can receive it as a gift from the Spirits during the Spirit’s Eve festival.
Fish TypeStandard – Silver PriceGold – Iridium Price
Midnight Carp150g – 187g 225g – 300g
Ghostfish45g – 56g67g – 90g
Price Table For Conditional Fish

Crab Pot Species

Crayfish in Stardew Valley

The mountain lake has a variety of other aquatic species that aren’t fish. Keep in mind that the Crab Pot needs bait to catch these creatures, and they’ll provide a catch every day after being placed along the bank of the lake. They’re a good way to gather resources for crafting or cooking, and a few of these catches, like the Crayfish, are also used in the Community Center’s Crab Pot Bundle.

  1. Crayfish: These freshwater crustaceans can be caught in a Crab Pot placed in the Mountain Lake.
  2. Snail: Despite their slow reputation, snails are quick to get trapped in Crab Pots.
  3. Periwinkle: These small aquatic snails can be found in both the freshwater of the Mountain Lake and in saltwater.
Fish TypePrice
Price Table For Crab Pot Species

Lake Fish Bundle

A lot of the time, players decide to fish at Mountain Lake to complete the Lake Fish Bundle as part of the Community Center revitalization project. This bundle specifically focuses on the fish that inhabit the tranquil Mountain Lake.

To complete the Lake Fish Bundle, you’ll need to catch and contribute four different fish:

  1. Largemouth Bass: Found in the lake from 6 AM to 7 PM, all year round.
  2. Carp: A very common fish, can be caught at any time of the day throughout the year.
  3. Bullhead: Another all-year fish available throughout the day.
  4. Sturgeon: A seasonal fish available in winter and summer from 6 AM to 7 PM.

Each fish has unique habits and preferred conditions, which are detailed in the above seasonal sections.

Upon completion of the bundle, the Junimos, the mystical forest sprites that take care of the Community Center, will reward you with a Dressed Spinner. This fishing tackle increases the bite rate when fishing, making your future angling adventures more fruitful. Completing the Lake Fish Bundle is a major step towards fully restoring the Community Center, a key goal in your Stardew Valley experience.

We hope this guide will serve as a trusty companion on your fishing journey. Here’s to clear skies, calm waters, and a line that’s always tugging – happy fishing!

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