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Stardew Valley Purple Star Quality and How to Achieve It

Stardew Valley Purple Star Quality and How to Achieve It

In the world of Stardew Valley, there are plenty of different slice-of-life aspects to enhance and immerse you in your gameplay. In this game, one of the most important is the quality of items.

Iridium quality items, otherwise known as purple star items, are extremely beneficial to the player. It means an increased selling price, better efficiency, or higher relationship points when gifting to NPCs. Purple stars hold great value.

Purple Iridium Star Quality Items

You can get purple stars anywhere. Your tools, your crops, animal products, artisan items, and forage items can all be “iridium quality” or “purple star” items. These are identifiable by the titular purple star accompanying them in your UI, as shown in the image above.

Iridium Quality Tools

A Stardew Valley farmer holding up what is implied to be a purple star parsnip
A purple star parsnip, aided by sprinklers, fertilizer, and a scarecrow.

Tools are vital items to the player in Stardew Valley, and they’ll need to be upgraded to progress through the game. Once you begin using your pickaxe tool and get yourself some ore, Pelican Town’s local blacksmith, Clint, will arrive at your house and introduce blueprints for a furnace to you.

This allows you to craft your own, and through this furnace, you can create ore bars. You make these by inputting five ore and one coal piece to melt a bar of that specific ore.

Once you have five of these bars, you can use them and a varying sum of money to upgrade your tools to these different qualities or materials. However, you cannot just jump to iridium quality tools.

The way the game works, it doesn’t allow for that. Instead, you must start by upgrading to different ranks. Starting with copper tools for 2000g each, then iron for 5000g, gold for 10000g, and finally iridium, also known as purple star quality, for 20000g.

Iridium Quality Grown Crops

Farming is a core part of Stardew Valley, so understandably, you need more effort and time put into getting purple star crops. While not entirely needed, regular quality or especially good quality fertilizers are good ways to boost the star rating of your crops.

You either make fertilizer yourself with sap and fish or get them at Pierre’s shop. Fertilizers must be placed prior to the seeds themselves, or the fertilizer will not be applied to that single crop and subsequent harvest from that plant.

However, the more vital piece of farming you need to focus on is the farming skill itself. With ten ascending levels, you can unlock different helpful farming items. These items can be useful self-sufficient items such as sprinklers, scarecrows, speed grow, and fertilizers.

As your farming skill grows, so will the rating of your crops. After that, the more likely you’ll reach purple star quality just from experience alone.

CropStarting PriceIridium Price
Ancient Fruit550g1100g
Fairy Rose290g580g
A few examples of crops compared to the lowest rank prices vs. iridium star prices.

Iridium Quality Forage Items

Foraging is another vital skill in getting Stardew Valley’s purple star items, but no doubt the easiest to work on and rank up. All it takes is searching through the town and outside land for various items of value on the ground. Berries, though, are on bushes as well.

Over time, as your proficiency grows through leveling up, items you forage will inevitably grow in rank. Much like crops, quality varies on how much time and grinding you’ve put into the skillset.

This is no doubt the easiest way to achieve the purple star quality of items. Depending on your skill tree choices, you may even get more than one purple star item with each forage.

Forage ItemStarting PriceIridium Price
Red Mushroom75g150g
Purple Mushroom250g500g
Crystal Fruit150g300g
Rainbow Shell300g600g
Magma Cap400g800g
Starting prices of forage items vs. their iridium quality prices.

Iridium Quality Artisan Items

A Stardew Valley farmer holding an egg that is implied to be purple star or iridium quality
An egg that is implied to be purple star or iridium quality

Artisan purple star items are a little trickier to achieve. These items are goods that are transformed into other products through artisanal equipment on the farm. Items such as wines, beers, cheese, and various pickled items. However, only some have quality levels to them.

Wine, cheese, beer, pale ale, mead, and, controversially, mayonnaise are all ranked in no-star to purple star quality (or iridium quality). You can make these through varying craft-able equipment that may take a higher farming level. For example, casks come with upgrading the farmhouse to the point of gaining a basement full of them.

Artisan GoodStarting PriceIridium Price
WineFruit Price x3(Fruit Price x3)2
Pale Ale300g600g
Goat Cheese400g800g
Starting prices vs. iridium prices of Stardew Valley artisan goods.

Iridium Quality Animal Products

Iridium quality animal products in Stardew Valley are simple. You can get your own coops and barns with enough wood, stone, and money and help from Robin’s store. Animals you have on the farm consist of chickens, ducks, cows, rabbits, dinosaurs, goats, pigs, and sheep. These provide you with a variety of potential purple star quality items.

Items such as eggs, milk, wool, feathers, truffles, and, oddly enough, rabbit feet. However, rabbits will not actively lose their feet, so there is no need to fret.

Much like the crops, farming skill comes heavily into play with Stardew Valley‘s purple star rankings. Although, much like real animals, these virtual creatures require attention. With regular petting and providing the animals with food, the products will increase in rank over time along with improving the crops and doubling the selling price.

Animal ProductStarting PriceIridium Price
Large Egg95g190g
Large Milk190g380g
Starting prices of animal products vs. their iridium quality prices.

Iridium Quality Fish

A Stardew Valley farmer fishing
A Stardew Valley farmer fishing…

Fishing is a fun game feature that also results in merchandise for you to sell, use, or gift: fish. Purple stars are also obtainable through skill. However, other factors come into play. Your fishing rod, bait, and lure all come with different buffs and abilities that affect your fishing and subsequent fish.

Though, one thing that makes fishing unique is its minigame. It requires genuine attention and skill to play a fun but challenging fishing minigame, where you keep a colored bar within range of the fish, which moves at a myriad of different speeds depending on the fish. The less you are out of range, the higher chance for a purple star (iridium quality) fish.

FishStarting PriceIridium Price
Void Salmon150g300g
Scorpion Carp150g300g
Starting price vs. iridium price of Stardew Valley fish.

Iridium Quality Fruit

A Stardew Valley farmer waiting for a fruit tree to produce purple star fruit
waiting for a fruit tree to produce purple star fruit…

Fruit is similar to artisan products in that you must wait. Iridium Quality of the fruit increases over the seasons, which takes at least a year, if not longer, to achieve the purple star ranking.

However, there is a cheat to this, where choosing the fruit bat cave from Demetrius at the beginning of the game, you could instead rely on your foraging skill to pull through and gain your purple star fruit. Often times picking up some fruit on the floor of the cave will result in higher quality fruit.

FruitStarting PriceIridium Price
Starving vs. Iridium Prices of Stardew Valley fruit.

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