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Stardew Valley Secret Note 14 Meaning

Stardew Valley Secret Note 14 Meaning

Secret Note 14 is one of the notes that includes only text rather than an image. It’s relatively straightforward, stating ‘I hid something behind the community center.’, although there’s no indication of who the “I” from the note actually is.

Screenshot of Stardew Valley. Secret Note 14 is open in front of the player's house. It reads: I hid something behind the community center.
Screenshot by the author.

Some fans speculate that it’s Mr. Qi, the arbiter of many mysterious quests in the game, though there’s no proof to support this.

Secret Note 14 Walkthrough

Secret Note 14 requires the player to go behind the community center at the top of the Pelican Town map as shown by the red circle below.

Screenshot of Stardew Valley. The player stands beside the completed community center. There is a red circle drawn around the upper righthand corner of the community center roof.
Screenshot by the author.

If the player uses a pickaxe or hoe against the part of the righthand wooden fence hidden by the roof, they can collect a Stone Junimo statue. This statue can be placed around the farm as a decoration.

Stone Junimo statue
Via Concerned Ape

The statue is a reference to the Junimos, a small, helpful race of creatures that live in Stardew Valley.

Junimo in Stardew Valley
Via Concerned Ape

Secret Note #14 provides a clue to the Stone Junimo statue’s location, but it is not required to find the statue. The statue can be placed anywhere in Stardew Valley, indoors or outdoors.

The Stone Junimo will respawn every spring 2 if it is destroyed, as long as the player has not purchased a JojaMart membership and the space behind the Community Center is not occupied.

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