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List of Stardew Valley Villagers (Characters) and Marriage Candidates

List of Stardew Valley Villagers (Characters) and Marriage Candidates

In the heart of Stardew Valley lies the bustling Pelican Town, home to a diverse array of villagers. These characters, or NPCs, breathe life into the game, each weaving their unique stories and personalities into the broader narrative.

As players navigate the town, they’ll discover that each villager has a distinct daily routine, providing dynamic interactions based on time and location. Beyond just sharing tales and local lore, these villagers offer quests, opportunities for deep friendships, romances, and even the chance at marriage.

By offering gifts, keeping in mind their unique preferences, players can forge meaningful bonds. Whether aiming for a lifelong partnership or a casual chat, every interaction deepens the player’s immersion into the enchanting world of Stardew Valley.

Marriage Candidates

Marriage candidates are a select group of villagers with whom players can build romantic relationships, leading to marriage and even starting a family. These individuals add depth to the storyline, giving players the opportunity to experience the joys and challenges of a life partnership.


Bachelors are the male marriage candidates in Stardew Valley. Each with their own unique backstories, interests, and personalities, pursuing a romantic relationship with them requires understanding their likes and dislikes, as well as participating in heart events that offer a glimpse into their lives.

Elliott Villager Stardew Valley


Harvey Villager Stardew Valley


Sam Villager Stardew Valley


Shane Villager Stardew Valley



Bachelorettes represent the female marriage candidates in the game. From the intellectual and introspective to the adventurous and outgoing, each bachelorette offers a unique romantic journey, allowing players to form deep connections through shared experiences and heartwarming moments. Building a relationship with them involves understanding their preferences and engaging in heart events to deepen connections.

Abigail Villager Stardew Valley


Emily Villager Stardew Valley


Leah Villager Stardew Valley


Maru Villager Stardew Valley


Penny Villager Stardew Valley


Non-marriage candidates

While not all villagers are available for marriage, non-marriage candidates are essential to the fabric of Stardew Valley. These characters enrich the game by offering quests, selling goods, providing services, or simply sharing their life stories, creating a dynamic and diverse community.

Caroline Villager Stardew Valley


Clint Villager Stardew Valley


Demetrius Villager Stardew Valley


Dwarf Villager Stardew Valley


Evelyn Villager Stardew Valley


George Villager Stardew Valley


Gus Villager Stardew Valley


Jas Villager Stardew Valley


Jodi Villager Stardew Valley


Kent Villager Stardew Valley


Krobus Villager Stardew Valley


Leo Villager Stardew Valley


Lewis Villager Stardew Valley


Linus Villager Stardew Valley


Marnie Villager Stardew Valley


Pam Villager Stardew Valley


Pierre Villager Stardew Valley


Robin Villager Stardew Valley


Sandy Villager Stardew Valley


Vincent Villager Stardew Valley


Willy Villager Stardew Valley


Wizard Villager Stardew Valley


Non-giftable NPCs

Certain NPCs in Stardew Valley are non-giftable, meaning players cannot give them items to influence their relationship. These characters, although not deeply integrated into the gift-giving mechanics, still contribute to the ambiance and lore of the game, giving players additional layers of context and depth to explore.

Birdie Villager Stardew Valley


Bouncer Villager Stardew Valley


Gil Villager Stardew Valley


Governor Villager Stardew Valley


Grandpa Villager Stardew Valley


Gunther Villager Stardew Valley


Henchman Villager Stardew Valley


Marlon Villager Stardew Valley


Morris Villager Stardew Valley


Mr. Qi Villager Stardew Valley

Mr. Qi

Professor Snail Villager Stardew Valley

Professor Snail

Stardew Valley Villager FAQs

Who Are The Villains in Stardew Valley?

Joja Corporation is the primary antagonist in Stardew Valley, representing corporate greed and industrialization. They challenge Pierre’s local shop and offer an alternative, often considered the “evil” route, to developing the valley. Additionally, monsters in the mines serve as minor adversaries because they can damage a player’s health.

Do Friendship Hearts Decay in Stardew Valley?

Friendship hearts with villagers can decay if you don’t interact with them. If you don’t talk to a villager, their friendship points will slowly decrease, but daily gifting and regular interaction can prevent this.

What do the Grey Hearts Mean in Stardew Valley?

In Stardew Valley, the grey hearts represent the potential friendship or romance points that you haven’t yet unlocked with a villager. Once you befriend them, these grey hearts will slowly turn red.

Who Should I Befriend in Stardew Valley?

In Stardew Valley, it’s beneficial to befriend all villagers for various rewards. Prioritize Linus for bait, Robin and Marnie for recipes, Shane for Pepper Poppers, Pam for battery packs, and the Wizard for character customization. Also, romance options if you’re pursuing marriage.

Who is the Best Person to Fall in Love with in Stardew Valley?

In Stardew Valley, the best romantic partner depends on personal preference. Popular choices include Abigail for her adventurous spirit, Sebastian for introverts, and Leah for her artistic nature. Choose based on your gameplay experience and character interactions.

How do you have a Baby in Stardew Valley?

In Stardew Valley, after marrying a character, there’s a chance your spouse will ask if you’d like to have a baby. Ensure you have an upgraded farmhouse with a nursery. If both conditions are met, sleep, and you might be prompted about having a baby. In a few days, the baby will appear in the crib.

Do Kids Grow Up in Stardew Valley?

In Stardew Valley, kids do not grow up beyond the child stage. They’ll go through a couple of growth stages, transitioning from infant to crawling and then to toddler, but they won’t become teens or adults.

Can Your Partner Get Jealous in Stardew Valley?

In Stardew Valley, your spouse can exhibit jealousy if you gift another potential marriage partner of the same gender as your spouse, especially if you already have eight hearts with that candidate.