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20 Strongest Hunter x Hunter Characters Ranked

20 Strongest Hunter x Hunter Characters Ranked

Hunter x Hunter is easily one of the best long-running anime out there, comparable to even the most popular shounen anime series.

Undoubtedly, the series deserves all the hype as it effortlessly does justice to the shounen genre with its unique plot and execution.

Hunter x Hunter has a long list of characters gradually introduced throughout the anime.

Each character is different, possessing various skills and showcasing immense strength. However, some of them are exceptionally powerful, capable of even beating the main cast.

This article will list the 20 strongest Hunter x Hunter characters in the anime. So, without further ado, let’s get right into it.

20. Uvogin

ZodiacTaurus (Estimated)
Age29 years
Height258 cm
Nen TypeEnhancement
Nen AbilityBig Bang Impact

Uvogin is a member of the Phantom Troupe and a minor Antagonist in the Hunter x Hunter anime series. He first makes his appearance in Yorknew City during the Underground Auction, which Chrollo plans to infiltrate.

Uvogin stands as the strongest in the group of thieves when it comes to physical abilities. His Nen abilities focus on Enhancement powers, allowing him to increase his strength at monstrous levels considerably.

Moreover, with Ken, his body becomes incredibly durable such that even a sniper bullet does not affect him.

As an Enhancer, Uvogin could enhance everything about him, from his healing capabilities to his voice, which is loud enough to kill a person at close range. Kurapika had great difficulty putting an end to Uvogin during the Yorknew City Arc.

19. Morel Mackernasey

Morel Mackernasey
ZodiacCapricorn (Estimated)
Height172 cm (Estimated)
Nen TypeManipulation
Nen AbilityDeep Purple and Smoky Jail

Morel Mackernasey is a powerful Single-Star Hunter who uses some fascinating tools to deal with his opponents.

He is first introduced during the Chimera Ant Arc and is a member of the team responsible for Exterminating them.

The Single-Star Hunter is phenomenal at using his pipe for both melee and Nen abilities.

Morel is well-known as a Manipulator, capable of creating smoke puppets and manipulating them to his will. He can even make a notably strong jail out of the smoke, which is impregnable for a few minutes.

Additionally, Morel is also skilled in Enhancement Nen, allowing him to increase his defensive abilities significantly.

The Hunter is definitely a problematic opponent, not the type that goes down quickly, considering his offense and defence are exceptional.

18. Kurapika Kurta

Kurapika Kurta
BirthdayApril 4
Age17 years
Height171 cm
Nen TypeConjuration, Specialization (Scarlet eyes)
Nen AbilityHoly Chain, Steal Chain, Chain Jail, Dowsing Chain, Judgment Chain, Emperor Time, Stealth Dolphin

Kurapika Kurta is an exceptional Hunter and part of the anime’s main cast, possessing rare abilities.

The young Hunter first appears on a ship with Gon and Leorio, where the three of them are the only ones unaffected by the terrible storm.

As the last member of the Kurta Clan, Kurapika is incredibly strong and uses two different nen types, making him a Conjurer and a Specialist.

Typically, Kurapika is a Conjuer, capable of creating strong chains used for both offensive and defensive reasons.

Additionally, when his eyes change to a scarlet color, Kurapika becomes a specialist, considerably increasing his “Accuracy” and “Force” by 100%.

Kurapika’s scarlet eyes give him an edge over most of his opponents as he can utilize the various types of Nen during this time.

The young Hunter has a good grasp of his abilities, making him a formidable opponent.

17. Mizaistom Nana

Mizaistom Nana
ZodiacAquarius (Estimated)
Height175 cm (Estimated)
Nen TypeN/A
Nen AbilityCross Game

Next is a member of the Zodiac and a Double-Star Hunter, Mizaistom. In a Zodiac meeting, the brilliant Hunter makes his first appearance after Netero’s death to select the next Hunter Association Chairman.

Mizaistom is one of the best Hunters in the anime, second only to the Chairman, Netero. His Nen abilities revolve around using cards allowing him to restrain his target easily.

Little is known about his abilities in the anime, but some demonstration is visible in the manga.

Additionally, Mizaistom is incredibly strong and exceptionally smart, using his outstanding deductive skills to solve cases.

In fact, he has proved his intelligence time and time again and is also capable of giving some of the most accurate predictions.

16. Feitan Portor

Feitan Portor
ZodiacCapricorn (Estimated)
Age28 years
Height155 cm
Nen TypeTransmutation
Nen AbilityPain Packer, Rising Sun

At the 16th spot is number #2 of the Phantom Troupe, Feitan Portor. The Phantom Troupe member is ruthless, making his first appearance alongside the other members for the Underground Auction in Yorknew City.

Feitan is the interrogator of the group, specializing in torture and getting information out of his victims. He is skilled in several Nen types but is exceptionally proficient as a Transmuter.

His Rising Sun ability is compelling, capable of killing multiple Phantom Troupe members as well.

What’s more, Feitan is skilled in Conjuration and Emission, demonstrating great competence and a versatile skill set.

His immense agility, swordsmanship, and unique techniques, like Shu and Ko, make him a daunting opponent.

15. Illumi Zoldyck

Illumi Zoldyck
ZodiacCapricorn (Estimated)
Age24 years
Height185 cm
Nen TypeManipulation
Nen AbilityNeedle People, Pin and Needle Manipulation

The eldest son of the Zoldyck family and also a frequent antagonist in the HxH anime is Illumi Zoldyck. He makes his first appearance in his Gittarackur disguise during the Hunter exam and reveals his true identity later on.

Illumi is an exceptional assassin, having a high tolerance, and is also good at impersonating and hiding his strength.

The eldest Zoldyck son is a master Manipulator, allowing him to change his appearance and control both the living and the dead.

As a Manipulator, Illumi is unimaginably terrifying, having great mind and body control over his victims.

Additionally, Illumi’s Sinister Aura is so powerful that it can cripple a person quickly. Illumi’s Aura reserves are impressive, making it easy for him to control multiple targets simultaneously.

14. Biscuit Krueger

Biscuit Krueger
ZodiacCapricorn (Estimated)
Age57 years
Height155 cm, 220 cm (True form)
Nen TypeTransmutation
Nen AbilityMagical Esthetician/Magical Spa Services, Piano Massage

Biscuit Krueger, also known as Bisky, is a Double-Star Stone Hunter who plays a critical role in Gon and Killua’s training.

Biscuit is introduced in Battera’s Greed Island challenge, where she meets Gon and Killua for the first time. As she trains the young Hunters, she demonstrates her proficiency over all the Nen types through Nen exercises.

Although Biscuit is predominately a Transmuter, she has excellent mastery over Nen types like Manipulation, which are extremely difficult for Transmuters. Moreover, Biscuit holds mastery over the advanced Nen technique like Zetsu, Gyo, Ko, and Ren.

Underestimating her is the biggest mistake anyone can make, as she can quickly shift from a doll-like appearance to a bulked-up woman.

13. Razor

ZodiacSagittarius (Estimated)
Height180 cm (Estimated)
Nen TypeEmission
Nen Ability14 Devils, Aura Ball

Next is a Game Master of the Greed Island, Razor. He’s one of the most intimidating characters in the HxH universe, possessing a unique card that allows him to eliminate players that enter illegally into the Greed Island.

As an Emitter-type Nen user, Razor is in charge of all the emissive systems in the game. Furthermore, he is incredibly proficient in the art of Manipulation, capable of controlling eight Nen beasts.

His impressive Aura reserves set him apart from most characters, as he can fight for a long time without even showing any signs of fatigue.

Razor’s Nen techniques are at a whole another level, and his Ren scared off many players.

The guy may look ordinary at first, but the sheer power through which he throws balls is phenomenal.

12. Kite

ZodiacCapricorn (Estimated)
Age25 years
Height183 cm
Nen TypeConjuration
Nen Ability14 Devils, Aura Ball

On the 12th spot is Kite, a remarkable Hunter and a student of Ging Freecss.

Kite first appears in a Flashback when he’s on a journey to look for his teacher on Whale Island and comes across Gon instead. He is the one who tells Gon that Ging is actually alive and has become a hunter.

Kite is trained by one of the best Nen users in the HxH universe, making him incredibly proficient in using Nen abilities. He’s naturally a Conjurer and his Nen Technique, En, is long-range and can be masked easily.

Additionally, Kite uses his Conjuration Nen to create a very sharp Scythe, which is extremely dangerous.

On the surface, Kite appears Stoic and calm and not that powerful. However, the man is not only a skilled Nen user but also exceptional at hand-to-hand combat and specializes in using weapons as well.

11. Silva Zoldyck

Silva Zoldyck
ZodiacGemini (Estimated)
Age46 years
Height198 cm
Nen TypeTransmutation
Nen AbilityExplosive Orbs

The head of the Zoldyck family, Silva Zoldyck, is one of the strongest assassins in his family. He appears first in the Zoldyck family arc, where he’s having a pleasant conversation with Killua.

Although Silva appears to be quite supportive of Killua’s choice of path in life, he’s only doing so as it’s crucial for Killua’s growth.

Silva is quite fierce as an assassin and is a Transmuter, further giving him frightening levels of power. His fight with Cheetu showed that Silva also excels in Enhancement type Nen.

Furthermore, like his son Illumi, Silva has high tolerance and durability. His superhuman control over his body and incredible hand-to-hand combat skills make him even more challenging.

10. Hisoka Morow

Hisoka Morow
BirthdayJune 6
Age28 years
Height187 cm
Nen TypeTransmutation
Nen AbilityBungee Gum, Texture Surprise

On the 10th spot is an eccentric character, Hisoka Morow, who frequently appears as an Antagonist in the anime. He is first introduced during the Hunter exam, where he demonstrates a small portion of his powers.

Hisoka usually appears quite strange but highly intimidating due to his powerful aura and skills. He even gives himself 100 points in terms of strength when compared to Illumi.

Hisoka is one of the best Transmuters in the anime, effectively using his nen to shape his aura. He uses the Conjugation type Nen ability to create his infamous bungee gum technique.

Apart from this, Hisoka is highly experienced in Stealth and strategy. His physical strength is numbered at the 3rd spot in the Phantom Troupes.

9. Zeno Zoldyck

Zeno Zoldyck
ZodiacSagittarius (Estimated)
Age67 years
Height161 cm
Nen TypeTransmutation
Nen AbilityAura Blast, Dragon Head, Dragon Lance, Dragon Dive

Next is the father of Silva Zoldyck, Zeno, who is arguably the strongest Zoldyck in the family.

Zeno appears early in the anime during the Zoldyck family arc and is quick to demonstrate his witty nature when communicating with Milluki. The old man’s fight against Chrollo shows how terrifyingly powerful he is.

Zeno is one of the most skilled Nen users in the anime and is a master Transmuter, and can use both Emission and Transmutation for his powerful ability, Dragon Dive. His Dragon Dive can be fatal for Hunters and ordinary people who are not skilled users of the Nen ability.

As an assassin, Zeno is the scariest out of all the Zoldyck members, pushing a man as powerful as Chrollo to use his Nen abilities to defend against him.

8. Chrollo Lucilfer

Chrollo Lucilfer
Age26 years
Height177 cm
Nen TypeSpecialization
Nen AbilitySkill Hunter, Double Face

A powerful antagonist of the anime, Chrollo Lucilfer, is also the leader and founder of the notorious group Phantom Troupe.

In Yorknew City arc, Chrollo appears alongside the other spiders to form a plan for stealing the valuable items at the Underground Auction.

As the leader, Chrollo is astonishingly charismatic and calm, holding enough power to keep the entire group together despite their varying powers and personalities.

Additionally, he is ranked so high on the list due to his prodigious tendencies in the mastery of Nen.

Chrollo’s Nen abilities are especially notable, with his Zetsu being near perfect, according to Silva. As a Specialist, Chrollo can actually steal the abilities of others and perfectly use them.

Moreover, his strength is unmatched even though he’s weaker in the Enhancement Nen type.

7. Ging Freecss

Ging Freecss
ZodiacGemini (Estimated)
Age31 years
Height160 cm
Nen TypeN/A
Nen AbilityRemote Punch, Ultrasound, Phasing Bullets

Up next is one of the most important characters in the HxH universe, the father of Gon, Ging Freecss. The man is an unimaginably powerful Double-Star Ruins Hunter and a former Zodiac member as well.

Ging appears throughout the anime in flashbacks but is first actually seen much later in the Yorknew City arc, where he’s riding a dragon-like creature. His mastery and grasp over Nen abilities are incredible and is praised by none other than Netero himself.

Ging’s mastery of what Nen type is still unknown; however, he shows several demonstrations of his prowess in Manipulation, Emission, Transmutation, and Enhancement. Also, his speed and intellect far surpass other Hunters.

His mysterious aura just adds to his strength, making him the kind of opponent you don’t want to mess with.

6. Shaiapouf

ZodiacScorpio (Estimated)
Age69 days
Height213 cm
Nen TypeManipulation
Nen AbilityCocoon, Spiritual Message, Beelzebub, Body Reconstruction

At 6th spot is none other than one of the three Guards of Meruem, Shaiapouf. The guy appears along with the other Royal guards and Meruem in the Chimera Ant arc.

Undoubtedly, of the three, Pouf is the evilest and most loyal to the king, Meruem.

Pouf is one of the few Chimera Ants who obtained the ability to use Nen abilities. Even his aura output is otherworldly, surpassing even the strongest Hunter, Issac Netero.

Naturally, Pouf has an aptitude for the Manipulation type Nen, which allows him to create several mini creatures of himself.

Additionally, he is extraordinarily strong regarding indirect strategies and support, making more than half of Meruem’s military strength with his powers.

5. Menthuthuyoupi

ZodiacLibra (Estimated)
Age46 days
Height240 cm (Estimated)
Nen TypeEnhancement
Nen AbilityMetamorphosis, Rage Blast, Rage Incarnate

The second strongest amongst the Royal Guards of Meruem is Menthuthuyoupi. After his birth, he’s named by the Queen herself and appears in the Chimera Ant arc.

Youpi is easily the strongest of the three Royal Guards regarding sheer strength. He’s the most fearsome opponent out of all, giving an extremely tough time to the Extermination team.

As an Enhancer, Youpi can further enhance his strength, boosting his physical powers to a new level. Moreover, he discovers his Emission-type Nen during his fight with the Extermination team.

At that time, his body swelled up so much, containing an unbelievable amount of destructive power over a wide range.

4. Neferpitou

ZodiacVirgo (Estimated)
Age71 days
Height175 cm (Estimated)
Nen TypeSpecialization
Nen AbilityTerpsichora, Doctor Blythe, Puppeteering

Next is Neferpitou, the firstborn of the three Royal Guards of Meruem.

Pitou is introduced in the Chimera Ant arc when they are firstborn. He is also the strongest out of all the Royal Guards and gives Netero a tough time as well.

They are naturally a Specialist Nen user but also specialize in using other types like Manipulation and Emission.

Furthermore, Pitou’s body possesses immense durability and agility, which played a critical role in their fight against Netero. Their abilities are quite versatile, capable of offering first aid support while also having monstrous level damage.

Pitou’s aura is unimaginably terrifying, far exceeding Hisoka and Illumi’s, easily scaring Kite, Killua, and Gon when they first meet them.

3. Isaac Netero

Isaac Netero
ZodiacLeo (Estimated)
Age110+ years
Height160 cm (Estimated)
Nen TypeEnhancement
Nen Ability100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva

At the third spot is the Chairman of the Hunter Association, Isaac Netero. The old man is one of the strongest Hunters to live in the HxH universe and shows several demonstrations of his strength during the fight with Meruem.

Netero first appears in the Hunter exam and plays a game with Gon and Killua, easily defeating them without even breaking a sweat.

He is an Enhancer but relies more on his other Nen types like Emission, Conjuration and Manipulation for his most powerful abilities.

What makes Netero truly frightening is his ability to hide his immense aura and display it in ways that someone several miles away could sense the danger.

Netero far surpasses all the Hunters when it comes to physical and Nen proficiency despite being incredibly old.

2. Adult Gon

Adult Gon
BirthdayMay 5
Age11 years
Height195 cm (Adult Gon), 154 cm (Normal Gon)
Nen TypeEnhancement
Nen AbilityJanjanken

Next is the series’ main character, Gon Freecss, but more specifically, his adult form.

As a Hunter in his normal form, Gon is incredibly powerful for his age, having great strength and Nen abilities. However, his adult form is at a whole other level, possessing abilities that would require Gon to train hard for at least a decade, according to Killua.

Gon transforms into his adult form for the first time during the Chimera Ant Arc after witnessing Pitou kill Kite. In his emotional distress, Gon summoned all the power he could ever have and grew to an age where he could defeat Pitou.

Gon is an Enhancer type, improving his healing abilities and giving him great strength.

He is trained in Transmutation and Emission with the help of Bisky. Therefore, combining all his powers, specifically Enhancement, Gon was able to defeat Pitou with his frightening strength.

1. Meruem

BirthdayApril 3
Age40 days
Height169 cm
Nen TypeSpecialization
Nen AbilityAura Synthesis, Metamorphosis, Rage Blast, Photon

Last but not least, the strongest character in the list is the main Villain of the Chimera Ant Arc, King Meruem.

Immediately after being born, Meruem was far stronger than anyone in the anime, having amazing learning abilities.

He naturally possesses the Specialist type Nen but is highly proficient in other types.

What’s truly frightening about Meruem is his immense aura reserves which further increase when he consumes Youpi and Pouf.

Additionally, even the abilities he uses the first time have such vast range and power with no requirement of refinement.

Meruem’s physical and Nen abilities, combined with his unfathomable intelligence, set him at a higher standard, much different from the humans.

Moreover, he is the most terrifying foe in the anime, and the only reason he dies is that Netero sacrifices himself.

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