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Theseus Scamander Character Analysis: Auror Fiancé

Theseus Scamander Character Analysis: Auror Fiancé

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Theseus Scamander is the older brother of Newt Scamander who was an Auror for the British Ministry for Magic. He was recognized as a war hero during the First Wizarding War and was promoted to Head Auror during the conflict with Gellert Grindelwald. Theseus was briefly engaged to Leta Lestrange before she died.

About Theseus Scamander

Blood StatusPure Blood or Half Blodd
Zodiac SignLeo (speculative)

Theseus Scamander Biography

Theseus Scamander was the oldest child of the Scamander family and had a younger brother Newt Scamander.

When Theseus started attending Hogwarts he was sorted into Hufflepuff and did well enough at school to gain access to the Auror program upon graduating. He seems always to have been relatively serious and had big aspirations for a Ministry career.

In 1914, when World War I broke out among the Muggles, Theseus participated in the wizarding war effort and served with distinction. He was considered a war hero in the aftermath of the conflict.

He returned to his work as an Auror after the war, and when Gellert Grindelwald became a threat in Europe, Theseus was sent to Europe to help track him down.

While he had not seen his brother for some time at this point, he had a great deal of affection for Newt. He sent his brother a letter with the news and wished him well in whatever he was undertaking.

By 1927, Theseus was appointed the Head of the Auror Office and was full-time on the Gellert Grindelwald case.

The year before Theseus also became engaged to Leta Lestrange, a childhood friend of his brother Newt. The two encountered Newt again in 1927 when he returned to England for the launch of his book Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

Theseus Scamander and Brotherly Affection.

After the events in New York, it was decided that Theseus should lead a small team to Paris, where Grindelwald was thought to be in pursuit of the Obscurial Credence Barebone.

Theseus thought that it would be useful to have his brother Newt along since he had faced Grindelwald and met Credence in New York. But Newt was currently banned from traveling because of the magical creatures that he had let loose in that city.

Theseus appealed to the Ministry to lift Newt’s travel ban if he joined the team as an Auror to help kill Barebone. Newt refused and was enraged as he believed that Credence should be helped and not killed.

Theseus understood his brother and embraced him as he left, using the opportunity to inform him that the Ministry was watching him.

Nevertheless, Newt did go to Paris without his brother not long after at the behest of Albus Dumbledore and to track down Tina Goldstein. When the Ministry learned that Newt was in Paris, Theseus was on the team that went to Hogwarts to question Albus Dumbledore about the matter.

This ended in a conflict with the Minister of Magic cuffing Dumbledore with Admonitors and forbidding him from ever teaching Defence Against the Dark Arts again, since he refused to fight Gellert Grindelwald.

The Minister sent Theseus to Paris to track Newt, Grindelwald, and Barebone.

Theseus Scamander in Paris

Theseus’ first stop in Paris was the French Ministry for Magic where he learned that Grindelwald was planning a rally. He also learned the rumor that Credence was Leta’s lost half-brother Corvus Lestrange.

Leta informed him that this could not be true, and he believed her, but he still advised her to check her family records to help unravel the mystery.

Theseus was ordered by the Minister to arrest everyone at Grindelwald’s protest. He tried to protest, considering this excessive and likely to increase Grindelwald’s support, but the Minister did not want to hear it.

Upon leaving the Ministry, he ran into Newt, who had entered the Ministry by Polyjuice Potion to assume Theseus’ identity. Theseus tried to stop him, to prevent him from getting into further trouble, but Tina Goldstein blasted him into a wall, and they tied him up.

Once he was free, Theseus led his Aurors to Grindelwald’s rally and ordered them to break it up. But he did go against the Minister and informed his men not to arrest anyone who was just listening.

Theseus and the Death of Leta Lestrange

But when Grindelwald saw the Aurors, he used this as an opportunity to present them as violent, and describe how Aurors had imprisoned and tortured him in New York.

This provoked one witch in the audience to attack one of the Aurors, who killed her in self-defense. This gave Grindelwald the justification he needed to send away his supporters and tell them to spread the word to fight.

This forced Theseus to authorize his Aurors to fight. In response, Grindelwald conjured a magical circle of flames that only his loyal followers could cross, and which would kill anyone else who came into contact with them.

Everyone in the room made their decision, leaving Theseus and a small band including Newt, Leta, and Tina facing Grindelwald.

As Grindelwald targeted Theseus and Newt, Leta stepped in to make a distraction. She destroyed Grindelwald’s enchanted skull hookah and was then burned up by the flames. In her final moment, she looked over at the Scamander brothers and said, “I love you”.

As Theseus watched her die, he refused to leave her side and kept trying to save her. Newt had to grab his arm and forcibly Disapparate him away.

Grindelwald also Disapparated away, but left his flames to tear through Paris. The remaining Aurors regrouped and were joined by Nicolas Flamel. He led them in a communal General Counter Spell that had the power to stop Grindelwald’s flames.

After the danger was averted, Theseus was in shock at the death of his fiancé. His younger brother Newt could only hug him in comfort.

Theseus Join Dumbledore

Following these events, Theseus went with Newt back to Hogwarts to talk to Dumbledore. Theseus also prevented the Minister for Magic from interfering in Newt’s conversation with Dumbledore, and removed the professor’s Admonitors.

While the effort against Grindelwald continued for a few years, Theseus would next encounter Dumbledore when he traveled to the Hog’s Head Inn with Newt in 1932. Dumbledore showed them the blood pact pendant and why he could not attack Grindelwald. Instead, he had a plan, and Theseus would have to trust him.

Dumbledore sent Theseus along with Newt and some other trusted witches and wizards, to Berlin. There they went to an event of the International Confederation of Wizards at the German Ministry for Magic.

Theseus saw some of Grindelwald’s acolytes in the crowd and threatened to arrest them. But he was alone and quickly stunned and captured. He was taken to Erkstag prison, from where Newt would later free him with the help of some of his magical creatures, but Theseus would get stung by a Manticore in the process.

The pair returned to Hogwarts where Theseus could be saved and regroup with Dumbledore. From there they want to the Qilin Ceremony in Bhutan to stop Grindelwald from being fraudulently sworn in as the new Supreme Mugwump.

Grindelwald was exposed, and Theseus and the other Aurors tried to catch him, but were unsuccessful. But Grindelwald was later defeated by Dumbledore and imprisoned for the rest of his life.

Theseus Scamander Later Life

Theseus attended the wedding of Jacob Kowalski and Queenie in New York, and presumably later the wedding of Newt and Tina Goldstein. But it is unknown what Theseus did with the rest of his life or whether he found love again.

Theseus Scamander Personality Type & Traits

Theseus is often described as being powerful and commanding with natural charisma and leadership presence. He knew how to walk the line between following orders and doing what was right, making him the ideal person to head the Auror office.

His natural instinct was to protect others, which is why he became a war hero but never became egotistical. He also fiercely loved his brother Newt, even though he did not always approve of him, and also Leta Lestrange.

Theseus Scamander Zodiac Sign & Birthday

Theseus was born in 1888, but we do not know his birth date. His personality suggests that his zodiac sign could be Leo. People born under this sign are brave, commanding, and natural leaders and have the protective instincts of a lion. They love vehemently, and while they can be arrogant, they make sacrifices for the people that they care about.