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Travers Character Analysis: Death Eater

Travers Character Analysis: Death Eater

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Travers was a Dark Wizard who sided with Lord Voldemort during the First Wizarding War.

After, he was sent to Azkaban for the murder of Marlene McKinnon and her family.

He escaped from the prison with several other Death Eaters in 1995 and rejoined his master.

About Travers

Blood StatusPure Blood
OccupationDeath Eater
HouseSlytherin (assumed)
Zodiac SignSagittarius (speculative)

Travers Biography

Travers was a British wizard born into the pure-blood Travers family sometime before 1980.

He may have been related to Torquil Travers, who was Minister for Magic when Grindelwald was on the rise.

He probably attended Hogwarts and was likely in Slytherin house, where he was recruited as a Death Eater.

According to Igor Karkaroff, he soon became one of Voldemort’s most important followers.

He was imprisoned at the end of the First Wizarding War for the murder of Marlene McKinnon and her family. He spent 15 years there until the Dark Lord returned.

Travers Escapes from Azkaban Three Times

Travers was one of the Death Eaters that escaped from Azkaban in early 1996 and immediately re-joined their master.

It was not long before he was rearrested. While inside again, he may have played a role in recruiting Stan Shunpike, who had been falsely arrested and imprisoned by the Ministry for Magic.

Both escaped in another mass breakout in 1997.

He participated in the Battle of the Seven Potters, pursuing Hermione Granger disguised as Harry Potter and Kingsley Shacklebolt.

He was hooded, but his identity was revealed when Shacklebolt cursed him.

This is when the Auror expressed the belief that the Death Eater should be in Azkaban and that there must have been another breakout.

He was arrested yet again in August 1997 but was quickly released when Lord Voldemort and his Death Eaters took over the Ministry at about the same time.

Travers at the Ministry

Travers started working in the Ministry in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement and was also involved with the Muggle-born Registration Commission.

He mocked muggle-borns who appealed to him for help in proving that they were legitimate.

Travers was one of the two Death Eaters dispatched to the Lovegood House when Xenophilius Lovegood alerted them that he had Harry Potter, hoping to exchange him for the release of his daughter Luna.

This was not the first time that Lovegood had called the Death Eaters to negotiate for his daughter, and he suspected that it was a waste of time.

He was very surprised to catch a glimpse of Harry Potter before he disapparated away and the house blew up.

Travers and the Final Stages of the War

Travers also ran into Hermione Granger while impersonating Bellatrix Lestrange to gain access to Gringotts bank.

He expressed surprise that she had been released from Malfoy Manor after losing Harry Potter, but Hermione seemed to convince him of her identity.

He insisted on accompanying Bellatrix to the bank, which forced Harry, who was under his invisibility cloak, to put him under the Imperius Curse.

Once they were inside the vault caves, Harry used this control to tell Travers to hide to get him out of the way.

Travers also participated in the Battle of Hogwarts and was seen fighting Parvati Patil and Dean Thomas alongside Dolohov.

It is not clear what happened to him after the battle, but if he survived, he probably found himself back in Azkaban once more.

Travers Personality Type & Traits

Travers seems to have been a ruthless wizard with no sympathy for the enemies of the Dark Lord, whether they be muggle-born witches or Xenophilius Lovegood.

He seems to have enjoyed the power to intimidate and his rank within the Death Eaters.

However, he also appears to have been careless and reckless, explaining why he was arrested and sent to Azkaban so many times.

Travers Zodiac Sign & Birthday

We know very little about Travers’ birth, but his personality suggests that his zodiac sign could be Sagittarius.

People born under this sign tend to like excitement and power, so the adventure of being a Death Eater might appeal.

But they tend to act without thinking, which could lead to problems such as multiple arrests.