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Trevor Character Analysis: Troublesome Toad

Trevor Character Analysis: Troublesome Toad

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Trevor the toad belonged to Neville Longbottom and accompanied him to Hogwarts from his first year at the school.

The toad had a habit of wandering off and eventually never returned.

Trevor Biography

When Neville Longbottom was a young boy, his family worried that he was a squib.

The boy actually showed magical abilities shortly after birth, magically adjusting his blankets. But this was not witnessed by his grandmother, who raised Neville.

When Neville finally revealed his magical abilities and was admitted to Hogwarts, his Great Uncle Algie gave him Trevor the Toad to mark the occasion.

Trevor seems to have had a penchant for wandering. He would often hop off, leaving a worried Neville to search for the toad.

The first time Neville went to Hogwarts, he lost Trevor on the Hogwarts Express. Hermione Granger helped him look for the toad.

This was how she walked in on Ron Weasley trying to show Harry Potter a spell on the train.

Trevor only turned up once Neville reached the school. Hagrid found him on the boats that transport the first-year students.

Trevor accompanied Neville to his classes. Professor Flitwick once made him fly around to demonstrate a levitation charm.

In a less fun lesson, Professor Snape made Neville feed his underwhelming shrinking solution to Trevor to test whether it was poisonous.

Trevor did turn into a tadpole, but only because Hermione had helped Neville to save the potion.

Trevor continued his escaping antics over the following years.

Neville had to grip Trevor tightly on the train in his fifth year and then pass the toad to Harry to grip when he wanted to show off his Mimbulus Mimbletonia.

Trevor eventually made good on his escape and joined an amphibian colony living around Hogwarts’ Great Lake.

In the end, this new arrangement was a relief to both Trevor and Neville.