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How to Find All 130 Golden Walnuts in Stardew Valley

How to Find All 130 Golden Walnuts in Stardew Valley

In this definitive guide, we’ll uncover every nook and cranny of Stardew Valley’s Ginger Island, from the winding trails of the Eastern jungles to the mysterious heart of the Northern Volcano. With detailed dig locations, step-by-step guides to quests, and pro tips, we’ll illuminate the path to collecting all 130 Golden Walnuts.

Table of Contents

What is a Golden Walnut?

Character with Golden Walnut Stardew Valley
Character with Golden Walnut

In Stardew Valley, the golden walnut is more than just a shiny collectible; it’s a currency unique to Ginger Island, an extension of the game world teeming with mysteries and new content. These radiant nuts are scattered throughout the island, sometimes in plain sight, other times hidden behind puzzles, challenges, or natural barriers.

Collecting them is essential for players for several reasons. Firstly, golden walnuts are used to unlock various areas and features on Ginger Island, expanding gameplay possibilities. Secondly, they serve as a medium of exchange with the local parrots, who offer both information and infrastructure improvements in return for a certain number of walnuts.

In essence, these walnuts are the key to fully experiencing and enhancing all that Ginger Island has to offer, making them a sought-after commodity for any player.

The Parrot’s Hints

Character interacting with Parrot Stardew Valley
Character Interacting with Leo’s Parrot

The first place that’s accessible in Stardew Valley’s Ginger Island is Leo’s hut, home to a remarkably insightful parrot. This avian companion, far from being a mere decorative addition, becomes an invaluable asset for players searching for the elusive golden walnuts.

When interacted with, the parrot squawks cryptic hints, guiding players toward walnut locations. What’s unique about this feathered hint-giver is its adaptive nature: the hints change as the player advances, updating to point out only those walnuts that remain unfound while omitting clues for walnuts already located.

The parrot’s hints are fairly easy to figure out but don’t pinpoint exact locations. For example, it will tell you that there are walnuts “buried in the south” but won’t tell you where exactly. While this may be exciting for players who want to explore the island, those who are in a rush to collect as many walnuts as possible should read on.

The Three Different Ways to Get Golden Walnuts

Golden Walnut Locations Map Stardew Valley

There are five categories where Walnuts are Located: General, East, West, North and South. Each Area has a different balance of ways to acquire walnuts, the three ways are as follows:

1. Exploration

Exploration is the easiest and most common way to get Golden Walnuts. While most walnut spots are in accessible areas, some require knowledge about secret passages or are in more secluded areas. The two ways to get walnuts through exploration are digging at exact sites or shaking walnut plants. Our guide includes images of each dig site and plant, with the harder spots featuring directions so you’ll know exactly where to go.

2. Actions

Actions are another relatively easy way to get Walnuts and can include anything from fishing to Slaying monsters. While action-based walnuts may require a little more effort, they’re a good option for those in a rush as they don’t require as much precision compared to exploration walnuts.

3. Quests and Puzzles

Completing Quests and Puzzles are the most time-consuming ways to get Walnuts. They often require concentration and patience and are extremely varied. While one puzzle might take a few in-game minutes to complete, others can require days or even seasons. However, the payoff is that completing quests often awards the players with bundles of walnuts rather than a singular one.

Total General Golden Walnut Count: 6

Within the diverse terrains of Ginger Island, not all Golden Walnuts are anchored to specific locales. Some are designed to be discovered in a more serendipitous manner.

You Can Gain 6 Walnuts from General Actions

5 Walnuts from Fishing

Character fishing in Stardew Valley
Fishing on the Docks

Fishing on Ginger Island offers more surprises than just the catch of the day. While casting lines into the island’s various water sources, players have the opportunity to discover the radiant Golden Walnuts. Although they appear sporadically, up to five of these special nuts can be found throughout your fishing adventures, each being reeled in individually. The best place for beginners to fish is on the dock when you first arrive at Ginger Island.

1 Walnut from Breaking Open Golden Coconut

Golden Coconut Stardew Valley
Character with Golden Coconut

Distinct from the usual coconuts, these glittering treasures are occasionally found on the island’s shores or within its mines. Their true value becomes apparent when players take them to Clint. Upon cracking open a Golden Coconut for the first time, one is rewarded with a Golden Walnut.

Total Eastern Golden Walnut Count: 11

Character in the East Stardew Valley
Eastern Jungle

While the Walnuts are located everywhere around the island, the easiest to find tend to be around Leo’s hut on the East Side as this is the most accessible area to those new to the island.

You Can Find 2 Walnuts From Exploring In The East

1. Outside Leo’s Hut

Walnut Outside Leo's Hut Stardew Valley

The easiest Walnut to find is practically given to you. When you first arrive on the island, you will see Leo scurry off into the jungle. After you follow him, the game will prompt you to pick one up right outside his house.

2. In a Bush Near the Bird Shrine

hidden bird shrine walnut Stardew Valley

You will see a path leading further East after exiting Leo’s treehouse. Follow it through some bushes and you will find the ‘Hidden Bird Shrine.’ At the bottom of the Shrine, a walnut hides in the leaves.

You Can Gain 9 Walnuts From Eastern Quests and Puzzles

3 Golden Walnuts From the Gorilla Shrine

Character with Banana interacting with the Gorilla in Ginger Island Stardew Valley
Gorilla Receiving a Banana

Besides Leo’s house, you will see a little shrine with Banana symbols on it. Grab a banana and place it on the shrine by interacting with it. A gorilla will then come out and trade the banana for three walnuts.

Six Golden Walnuts from the Gem Bird Shrine

Adding Gems to the Bird Shrine in the Bird shrine puzzle stardew valley
Completing the Bird Shrine

You can get the five remaining walnuts by completing the ‘Bird Shrine Puzzle.’ Each pedestal at this location features an image corresponding to a region of the island. When interacting with the shrine, it reads:

“When dark clouds cry, begin your quest to seek the fabled gem-birds four. Each day, one north, south, east, or west. Arrange their gifts upon my door.”

To put the quote simply: On rainy days, a Gem Bird appears in a random region (north, south, east, or west) of the island. When approached, the Gem Bird flies away, dropping a gemstone. Collect it and place it on the matching bird statue at the shrine.

While players are welcome to try to spot the birds, they are often in inaccessible areas. The best way is to travel back to Stardew Valley and simply grab the gems from the mines. You’ll need Aquamarine, topaz, emerald, and amethyst.

After gathering these four gems and placing them on the shrine, players will receive the final five walnuts located in the East part of the island.

Total Western Golden Walnut Count: 52

Character in the west Stardew Valley
Western Farm

The western expanse of Ginger Island harbors the most Golden Walnuts, but accessing this treasure trove requires some investment. To unlock this dense and intriguing region, players must present a total of 10 Golden Walnuts. Once inside, the area offers a multi-faceted approach to walnut hunting.

You Can Find 17 Golden Walnuts From Exploring In The West

There are two ways to search for Golden Walnuts in the Western landscape. Nine are hidden, meaning they’re buried underground or in hard-to-find locations. Eight are on Walnut Bushes. They’re a little easier to find and Players only need to shake the bush for a Walnut to fall out.

1. Secret Shipwreck Room

Shipwreck walnut room Stardew Valley

If a player goes south from the Western Farm, they’ll arrive on the beach where a shipwreck lays, waiting to be explored. By walking around the left side of the shipwreck and interacting with it, you will find a secret door leading them into a cubby with a golden walnut.

2. Beach South of the Farm House

Palm tree concealing Walnut in Staradew Valley

Journey to the beach just south of the farmhouse. In its southeast section, an intriguingly curved palm tree is seen overhanging the cliff’s edge. Just beneath it, in the upper-right corner, explorers should dig to uncover a Golden Walnut concealed beneath the sand.

3. Spot Under Mysterious Patch of Grass

Mysterious Mahogony tree site Stardew Valley

Nearby, a peculiar square of grass contrasts sharply with its surroundings, situated just behind a towering Mahogany Tree. Carefully digging at the very heart of this square reveals another hidden Golden Walnut.

4. Spot Behind Birdie’s Shack

South of Birdie's house Stardew valley

To find Birdie’s Shack, travel further West from the Farm. The sand behind Birdie’s cozy shack holds a two-fold secret. Digging here rewards adventurers with a coveted Golden Walnut and equips them with a handy Quality Bobber.

5. Stone Diamond East of Parrot Express

Diamond shaped stones parrot express Stardew Valley

Positioned east of the Parrot Express station, a diamond formation of stones beckons. In its midst, buried below the surface, awaits a gleaming Golden Walnut for those willing to uncover it.

6. Starfish Triangle Near the Farm House

Indents near tide pool Stardew Valley

On the beach, close to the farmhouse, a triangle formed by blue starfish becomes evident, interspersed between piles of weathered wood. At its center, a quick excavation will yield yet another Golden Walnut.

7. Starfish Diamond by the Tide Pools

Starfish Diamond near tide pools Stardew Valley

Venturing closer to the tide pools on the beach, one comes across a distinctive diamond pattern, crafted from a mix of blue and yellow starfish. Digging at the epicenter of this formation will reveal a concealed Golden Walnut.

8. The ‘X’ Mark Near the Tide Pools

X marked in sand in tide pools Stardew Valley

Not far from the tide pools, an unmistakable X is etched into the sand, practically inviting the curious to discover its secrets. A quick dig at this spot will gratify the searcher with a Golden Walnut.

9. Indents Southwest of the Tide Pools

Diamond Indents Stardew Valley

Venturing slightly to the southwest of the tide pools, the keen-eyed will notice subtle indentations in the sand, brushing right against the water’s edge. Delving into the heart of these marks brings to light another hidden Golden Walnut.

10. Qi’s Walnut Room Entrance

Bush outside Qi's Walnut Room Stardew Valley

Head far Northwest from the farm to find Qi’s walnut room, there’s more than the ambience of the area that catches the eye. There stands a bush, seemingly unassuming, but a gentle shake reveals its secret – a Golden Walnut nestled within.

11. The Path Beyond Qi’s Room

Hidden Cliffside Path beyond Qi's Walnut Room Stardew Valley

As you wander past Qi’s Walnut Room, a semi-concealed path, hugging the cliff by the water, beckons the adventurous. Journeying to its end rewards with a solitary Walnut bush, waiting to release its treasure with a mere shake.

12. Behind a Mahogany Tree

Walnut behind mahogany Tree Stardew Valley

Hidden behind the robust trunk of a Mahogany Tree in the Tiger Slime Grove lies another Walnut bush, blending seamlessly with its surroundings, yet holding within it a Golden Walnut.

13. Behind a Palm Tree

Walnut Bush hidden under Palm Tree Stardew Valley

Towards the west of the farmhouse, a bush stands inconspicuously, possibly overshadowed by a taller palm tree. But appearances can be deceiving, for this bush harbors a Golden Walnut.

14. Near the Bridge West of the Parrot Express

Walnut west of Parrot Express Bridge Stardew Valley

Crossing the bridge located to the west of the Parrot Express reveals a dense copse of trees to the south. Within this green thicket, a Walnut bush lies hidden, guarding its golden prize.

15. Along Riverside Ledge Path

West Riverside Bridge Hidden Walnut Stardew Valley
Map Along the Riverside Ledge Path

Positioned on a ledge to the east of the river and just a stone’s throw south from the aforementioned bridge, a Walnut bush nestles subtly into the pathway, awaiting discovery.

16. Through a Hidden Path Under the Canopies

Hidden Walnut under Canopies East of Parrot Express Stardew Valley
Map to Walnut Hidden in the Dark

A little beyond the stone diamond near the Parrot Express station, a hidden trail snakes through a canopy of trees. The end of this tranquil path is marked by a Walnut bush, standing sentinel and holding its golden secret.

17. On the Path Alongside the Cliff’s Ledge

Palm lined pathway to Hidden Walnut Stardew Valley
Map Across the Cliffside Path

To the east of Tiger Slime Grove, a slender path skirts around the upper cliff, punctuated by gracefully curved palm trees. Traversing its full length leads to an unexpected reward: a Golden Walnut bush, concluding the scenic journey.

You Can Gain 11 Walnuts from Western Actions

1 From Defeating a Tiger Slime

Tiger Slimes Stardew Valley

Amidst the dense foliage of the Tiger Slime Grove, a challenge lurks. Taking on and defeating the resident Slimes not only tests one’s mettle but also carries the potential reward of a Golden Walnut. However, it’s worth noting that this fruitful outcome is a one-time occurrence, making the victory all the more special.

5 From Harvesting Crops

Harvesting Crops on Ginger Island Stardew Valley

As you tend to and harvest crops on the island, nature might have a pleasant surprise in store. On occasion, nestled among the produce, a gleaming Golden Walnut might appear. This delightful discovery can happen up to five times, making every harvest a potential treasure trove.

5 From Mining Mussels

Musselfarming Stardew Valley

To the south of the Ginger Island farm, rugged rocks, blanketed with mussels, challenge miners with their hard exterior. But persistence pays off. Delving into these formations has a 10% chance of releasing a Golden Walnut, seemingly trapped within. Up to five such treasures can be unearthed this way, with each walnut emerging at random, adding an element of suspense to each mining endeavor.

You Can Gain 24 Walnuts From Western Quests and Puzzles

5 Golden Walnuts From the Pirate’s Wife Quest

Giving birdie the pirate's locket in Stardew Valley
Completing the Pirate’s Wife Quest

The Pirate’s wife’s quest can be triggered by speaking to Birdie who lives in a hut West of the farm. Bound by memories and hope, Birdie is on a poignant quest to locate a cherished locket that her husband once wore, she will give you a war memento which you must then trade around Stardew Valley to receive the locket.

  • Give the War Memento to Kent who will give you Tomato Salt
  • Give the Tomato Salt to Gus who will give you a Rose.
  • Give Sandy the Rose, she will then give you an Advanced TV Remote
  • Give George the Advanced TV Remote and he will give you an Arctic Shard
  • Give the Arctic Shard to the Wizard who will give you a Wriggling Worm
  • Give the Worm to Willy who will finally give you the Pirate’s Locket which you can return to Birdie.

After you return the locket Birdie, grateful as ever, will give you five walnuts.

This is a brief outline of the Pirate’s quest but for a more in-depth guide including character locations and another unique reward: click here.

15 Golden Walnuts from the Gourmand Frog

Character with Gourmand frog Stardew Valley
Character with Gourmand Frog

Giving crops to the Gourmand Frog is one of the most lucrative ways to get Golden Walnuts, but this is because it requires a long waiting process. Upon successful repair of the farmhouse on Ginger Island (which costs 20 walnuts), players will encounter a rather unique inhabitant: the Gourmand Frog. This discerning amphibian has a penchant for crops, but not just any will suffice. He sets forth a specific order of produce he wishes to behold: a Melon, followed by Wheat, and finally, a Garlic.

Growing a Melon
Melon Stardeew Valley

Melon seeds can be procured from Pierre’s General Store during the Summer season, each priced at a modest 80g. Once planted, these seeds blossom into full-fledged melons after a span of 12 days. Once the melon is grown, resist the temptation to harvest it immediately. Instead, approach the Gourmand Frog and show him the grown Melon, only then will he present you with the walnuts and you’ll be free to harvest it.

Growing Wheat

During the Summer and Fall seasons, Pierre’s General Store stocks up on wheat seeds, each available for a mere 10g. Wheat stands out for its swift growth cycle, reaching maturity in just 4 days. Once the wheat is grown, resist the temptation to harvest it immediately. Instead, approach the Gourmand Frog and show him the grown wheat, only then will he present you with the walnuts and you’ll be free to harvest it.

Growing Garlic
Garlic stardew valley

Come Spring, Pierre’s General Store becomes the go-to spot for garlic seeds, priced at 40g apiece. Garlic seeds are notable for their brief 4-day growth duration. Remember, as with the other crops, the garlic is grown, resist the temptation to harvest it immediately. Instead, approach the Gourmand Frog and show him the crop, only then will he present you with your final five walnuts.

3 Walnuts from the Simon Says Puzzle

Simon Says game Stardew Valley
Character playing Simon Says Puzzle
How to Access the Puzzle
Directions to Simon Says Cave Stardew Valley
Map to the Western Hidden Cave

The Simon Says Puzzle takes place in a hidden cave. To get there go to the Tiger Slime Grove and head Northeast. There, you’ll find a bridge. Cross it, and immediately head up. There you’ll find a cave hidden behind a tree.

How to Play the Game

Once inside, you’ll see different colored crystals with a lion statue. By interacting with this stone creature, players can engage in a captivating game of “Simon Says.” As the game unfolds, the crystals light up in a series of patterns player must memorize and replicate.

With each successful round, the tempo increases, challenging the player’s memory and reflexes over a total of five escalating rounds. Those who master all five rounds are rewarded with three precious Golden Walnuts. However, any misstep or error will reset the game back to the first round.

To assist players who face difficulties, the game graciously slows down after every failed attempt, providing a gentle nudge towards success. This puzzle offers a blend of memory challenge and quick reflexes, promising rewards for those persistent enough to see it through.

1 Walnut from the ‘Whack A Mole’ Puzzle

Character Playing Whack a mole Stardew Valley
Character Playing Whack-a-Mole

On the sandy shores south of Birdie’s hut on Ginger Island, players will discover an engaging “whack-a-mole” challenge. A cheeky mole plays peek-a-boo, popping its head from one of four holes in the southeast section of the beach. To successfully corner the critter and claim a golden walnut, players can employ a strategic approach.

By placing objects over three of the holes, the mole’s escape routes are effectively blocked, confining it to a single spot. Once trapped, players can give the mole a gentle “whack” using their Axe, Pickaxe, or Watering Can, securing their shiny reward. After the triumphant capture, the placed objects can be easily retrieved. For those equipped with an upgraded Watering Can, there’s an even swifter method: simply use the can to whack the mole directly, bypassing the need to obstruct the other holes.

Total Northern Golden Walnut Count: 49

Character North Stardew Valley
Character at Northern Mine Entrance

Similarly to the Western side, there are multiple ways to find Golden Walnuts in the North. They can be found hidden in the landscape, or through doing actions and quests. One notable distinction about the North side of Ginger Island is that the North Contains the Volcano Dungeon which is a little more dangerous that the Western Coast.

You Can Find 19 Golden Walnuts From Exploring In The North

There are two ways to search for Golden Walnuts in the Western landscape. Nine are hidden, meaning they’re buried underground or in hard-to-find locations. Eight are on Walnut Bushes. They’re a little easier to find and Players only need to shake the bush for a Walnut to fall out.

1. In the Large Stone Circle

Walnut buried in Stone Circle Stardew Valley

Upon reaching the northern entrance of Ginger Island, ascend the stairs. To the west, a distinct circle of stones catches the eye. Digging at the circle’s center with a hoe reveals a Golden Walnut.

2. In the Flower Circle

North Walnut hidden in flower circle Stardew Valley

Climbing the stairs at the Island’s North entrance, veer northeast towards a verdant patch. In the heart of the floral circle, dig to uncover a Golden Walnut

3. In the Small Stone Circle

North Hidden walnut circle 2.0 in Stardew Valley

After climbing the stairs at the Island’s North entrance, proceed northeast to a grassy section with a palm tree at the center. Here, you’ll find another smaller circle of stones where you can dig to uncover a walnut.

4. Buried in the Textured Sand

North hidden walnut in Sand Stardew Valley

To the southeast of the Island Field Office, locate a uniquely textured patch of sand. Dig there to discover a hidden golden walnut.

5. At the Dig Site

North hidden walnut at dig site Stardew Valley

Climb the northern steps of the dig site where you will find yet another stone circle with a hidden Walnut.

6. Buried at the Volcano Entrance

North volcano entrance walnut Stardew Valley

To the east of the Volcano Dungeon entrance, in a patch of sand framed by two bushes and a crescent of stones, you’ll find another Walnut.

7. Buried Near the Palm Tree’s Trunk

North palm volcano entrance walnut Stardew Valley

Just southwest of the Volcano Dungeon entrance, a curved palm tree emerges from the cliff’s edge. Within the tree’s loop, there’s a visible tile. Dig there to reveal its secret.

8. Buried on the Northwest Cliff

North Walnut on northwest cliff Stardew Valley

A circle of stones lies at the far northwest corner of the map, where Leo occasionally lingers. Dig at its heart to uncover the final North-buried Walnut.

9. In the Hidden Grove

North Hidden grove walnut bush Stardew Valley
Map to the Hidden Grove

Climbing the stairs at the Island’s North entrance, head west into a concealed passage that leads to a secluded grove. Here, a walnut bush awaits discovery.

10. Above the Dig Site

North walnut dig site plant Stardew Valley
Map to the Dig Site Bridge

Ascend the northern steps of the dig site, then head west across the bridge to find a walnut plant awaiting discovery.

11 & 12. Across Secret Cliff Passage

Two walnut plants near hidden path over dig Site in Stardew Valley
Map to the Secret Cliffside Passage

After climbing the northern steps of the dig site, venture east through a concealed cliff passage. This route leads to a bridge heading east, with two walnut plants awaiting just beyond it.

13. Walnut Plant Behind Tree

North walnut plant behind a tree Stardew Valley

Just southeast of the Volcano Dungeon entrance, seek out a walnut plant discreetly obscured by a nearby tree.

14. Walnut out of Reach in a Tree

North-Walnut-Plant-out of Reach above Parrots in Stardew Valley

To the northeast of the Volcano Dungeon entrance stands a distinct curved tree jutting prominently from the volcano’s side. A concealed walnut nestles within its branches. You can be dislodge it with a slingshot.

15. Hidden Walnut Path Near Volcano

Hidden passage for walnut plant near volcano Stardew Valley
Map of Hidden Route to Secluded Walnut

At the map’s far northwest corner, west of the volcano, trace the wall westward. Then, take a slight northward turn into a concealed passage leading west. Within this sheltered alcove, a walnut awaits in a hidden bush.

16 & 17. Two Hidden Plants South of River Trail

Two walnut plants south of Volcano Stardew Valley

Head west while standing by the lava river at the Volcano Dungeon entrance. Continue the trail south until reaching a landing close to the river’s termination. Exit the volcano to the south, and an open space with two bushes will unfold before you.

18 & 19. Two Plants Near the Forge

Two hidden plants near the forge in Stardew Valley

Make your way to the Forge area within the volcano. As you navigate, you’ll find a walnut plant poised both at the entrance and the exit of the forge.

You Can Gain 17 Walnuts from Northern Actions

Character in Volcano Mines Stardew Valley
Character in Volcano Mines

All Action-based Golden Walnuts in the North are found in the Volcano Mines offers players a challenging environment filled with formidable enemies, precious resources, and intriguing secrets. Within its fiery depths, players can also find the coveted Golden Walnuts.

These nuts are not just sprinkled randomly but are cleverly tucked away, accessible only from certain actions. Whether it’s from mining, defeating enemies, or opening chests, adventurers who thoroughly explore the Volcano Dungeon will be rewarded with these treasured walnuts.

Various Actions to Get Walnuts in the Mines

  • Up to 5 Golden Walnuts can be obtained by killing enemies.
  • Up to 5 Golden Walnuts can be obtained by breaking metal crates.
  • Up to 5 Golden Walnuts can be obtained by breaking rocks.
  • Up to 1 Golden Walnut can be obtained by opening a common chest.
  • Up to 1 Golden Walnut can be obtained by opening a rare chest.

You Can Gain 13 Walnuts From Northern Quests and Puzzles

Character outside Quest Site Stardew Valley
Outside the Island Field Office

Unlike the island’s Western side, the quests in the North aren’t spread out. All quests in the North are accessed through the Island Field Office. While this makes things a little more Straightforward, there is one catch. The Island Field Office is empty and without quests until players free Professor Snail.

How to Free Professor Snail

Professor Snail Stuck Stardew Valley
Professor Snail Trapped

Professor Snail is ensnared in a cave on the Dig Site’s northeastern flank. To access this site, players must appease the parrots with 10 Golden Walnuts, facilitating the repair of a bridge close to the field office. After mending the bridge, Professor Snail can be liberated using any explosive means – whether that’s a bomb or Explosive Ammo. Using a slingshot is also effective, but demands precision in aiming.

Once liberated, Professor Snail divulges that he’s spent a year studying the island’s diverse plant and animal species. He then relocates to his tent on Ginger Island. There, he welcomes donations, offering Golden Walnuts in return. These are similar to the quests on the Western Side, but a lot more direct.

2 Walnuts From Professor Snail’s Surveys

Island Survey Stardew Valley

After you rescue Professor Snail, he will set up a survey that queries the player about either the exact count of purple flowers or the quantity of purple starfish scattered across the island.

Each day, players can provide just one response to the survey, be it right or wrong. However, they are granted a fresh chance to answer again the following day. They get one walnut for each survey answered correctly, so two in total. While players are welcome to try count the amount themselves, for those who are in a hurry to get walnuts, we’ve provided the answers below.

There are 22 purple Flowers, and 18 Purple Starfish.

2 Walnuts From Mummified Donations

Donating mummified bat Stardew Valley
Donating a Mummified Bat

Donating artifacts to Professor Snail awards the players with a golden walnut and works very similar to Gunther’s Library back in the main town of Stardew Valley. You will get one walnut per artefact and there are a total of two artefacts to find

The Mummified Frog is a collectible secured by slashing jungle weeds on Ginger Island or in the perilous mines once the “Danger In The Deep” quest is concluded. In the mines, these frogs can exclusively be discovered when cutting the jungle-themed weeds, distinguished by their dark green hue. Once you find one, donate it to the Island Field Office.

The Mummified Bat is an artifact that players can acquire by shattering rocks in the Volcano Dungeon, with a 1/200 probability of finding it in each rock. It’s rare, but if a player finds one they can donate it to the Island Field Office for a walnut.

9 Walnuts From Animal Collections

Donating Rib cage Stardew Valley
Donating Ribcage for the Large Animal Collection

Professor Snail wants the players to provide him with fossil collections in return for golden walnuts. There are two main fossil collections which require multiple bone fragments found around the island. The first collection of ‘Large Animal’ Fossils, rewards the player with 6 Walnuts while the ‘Snake’ Fossil rewards the player with 3 Walnuts.

The Large Animal Fossil Collection
Items NeededWhere to Find
2 x Fossilized Legs Breaking Bone Nodes at the Dig Site (10%)
1 x Fossilized RibDigging Artifact Spots at the Southern Part of Ginger Island (25%)
1 x Fossilized Skull Cracking open a Golden Coconut (14%, only after cracking at least one Golden Coconut)
1 x Fossilized Spine Fishing in the Dig Site river (10%)
1 x Fossilized TailPanning in the Dig Site river (20%)
Checklist for the Large Animal Fossil Collection
The Snake Fossil Collection
Items NeededWhere to Find
1 x Snake SkullDigging Artifact Spots at the west side of Ginger Island (10%)
Digging Artifact Spots at the Dig Site (10%)
Fishing at the west side of Ginger Island (10%)
2 x Snake Vertebrae Digging Artifact Spots at the west side of Ginger Island (22.5%)
Checklist for the Snake Fossil Collection

Total Southern Golden Walnut Count: 12

Character standing Southern in Stardew Valley
Character at the Southern Beach

You Can Find 3 Golden Walnuts From Exploring In The South

1. Hidden Under Southern Bush

South walnut hidden passage Stardew Valley

Climb the stairs leading to Island North and quickly turn east. Then, navigate southward, taking a concealed path behind a tree. This will lead you to a walnut bush perched on the upper cliff of Island South.

2. Starfish on Southeast Island

Hidden Walnut in Southerin Starfish Diamond Stardew Valley

Head to Island Southeast, which becomes accessible once the beach resort is constructed. Once there, look for a formation of yellow starfish arranged in a diamond shape and dig at its center.

3. Hidden Amongst Barrels

Sotuh Barrels with Hidden Walnut Stardew Valley

Visit the Pirate Cove, which you can access after constructing the beach resort. To the east of the water, amidst the barrels, there’s a noticeable patch of bare sand. Dig there to uncover a golden walnut.

You Can Gain 1 Walnut from Southern Actions

1 Walnut From Fishing in the Tide Pool

Character fishing in tide pool Stardew Valley

Head over to the Southeast Island, which becomes accessible once the beach resort is constructed. The initial time you fish in the tide pool shaped like a starfish, you’ll be rewarded with a golden walnut.

You Can Gain 8 Walnuts From Southern Quests and Puzzles

5 Walnuts from the Mermaid Puzzle

Mermaid Stardew Valley

On days when rain graces the island, a mystical Mermaid graces the expansive rock by the coast. Engaging with her involves setting up Flute Blocks and tuning them in order to play her song. As a token of her appreciation, she bestows 5 Golden Walnuts upon the player.

To start the tuning experience, position a Flute Block above or below each cluster of shoreline stones. Calibrate each block according to the stone count: After the calibration of all five blocks, the final step is a simple run from the far left block to the rightmost one, playing her song. Below is the correct amount of clicks to tune each stone:

Block ImageBlock NumberAmount of Clicks
Block 1 Stone Stardew Valley11
Block 2 Stone Stardew Valley210
Block 3 Stone Stardew Valley38
Block 4 Stone Stardew Valley 44
Block 5 Stone Stardew Valley56
Table of Clicks Needed to Tune Each Stone

3 Walnuts from Darts at Pirate Cove

Pirates Cove Stardew Valley
Pirate Cove

You can find the Pirate Cove on the eastern side of Island Southeast, right past a hidden entrance near the star-shaped pool. Not only can you fish in the cove’s southeastern pool and the smaller pools at its entrance, but there’s also an opportunity for a challenge.

Visit the Pirate Cove on clear nights after 8 PM on even-numbered days, once the beach resort is open. Show off your skills in a game of darts, and you can win a golden walnut up to three times.

Upgrades that the Golden Walnuts Unlock

Aside from unlocking different Areas on the island, walnuts can be used to repair and upgrade different structures.

Ginger Island Farmhouse

Ginger Island Farmhouse Stardew Valley

For those seeking solace or a place to rest, 20 Golden Walnuts will grant you the keys to the farmhouse on the west side. This abode lets travelers pass the day in comfort without having to depart the island.

Feel disconnected? For 5 Golden Walnuts, players can secure a mailbox at the Ginger Island Farmhouse, ensuring they remain in touch without leaving the island’s shores.

Farm Obelisk

Farm Obelisk Stardew Valley

The convenience of teleportation beckons. The Farm Obelisk, situated at the Ginger Island Farmhouse, will transport players back to their farm. All it takes is 20 Golden Walnuts, and it operates similarly to a warp totem.

Island Trader

Island_Trader Stardew Valley

Another wonder in Ginger Island North is the Island Trader shop. Unlock this marketplace for 10 Golden Walnuts and explore its unique wares.

Island Resort

Resort Stardew Valley

Dreaming of luxury? Offer up 20 Golden Walnuts to unlock a lavish beach resort on Ginger Island South. Not only will town NPCs occasionally pay a visit, but this upgrade also grants entry to Island Southeast and the enigmatic Pirate Cove.

Parrot Express

Parrot Express Stardew Valley

Navigating Ginger Island can be expedited with the Parrot Express. A fast travel system awaits those who part with 10 Golden Walnuts, ensuring swift journeys across the island.

Qi’s Walnut Room

Qi's_Walnut_Room Stardew Valley

After securing all other upgrades, travelers can exchange any lingering Walnuts for Qi Gems in Qi’s Walnut Room.

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