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What Are Nargles in Harry Potter? What Do They Look Like?

What Are Nargles in Harry Potter? What Do They Look Like?

Nargles are fascinating, albeit cryptic, entities in the Harry Potter universe. First introduced by the character Luna Lovegood in “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix”, these elusive creatures quickly captured the imagination of fans.

Known to inhabit mistletoe and reputed for their mischief, Nargles contribute to the aura of mystery and magic that pervades the world of Hogwarts and beyond. This article delves into the enigma of Nargles, their presence in the series, and their intriguing role in J.K. Rowling’s extraordinary magical realm.

Appearance of Nargles in the Series

Nargles are primarily mentioned in the fifth book of the series, “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.” Luna Lovegood, known for her belief in various mythical creatures, introduces them to the readers. Luna, often seen wearing her Spectrespecs to spot these elusive creatures, talks about Nargles when Harry finds her in the Hogwarts Express, suggesting that they are mischievous creatures who tend to steal things.


She later brings up Nargles again at the Christmas party in the Room of Requirement, warning others about their presence in mistletoe. Nargles don’t feature heavily in the narrative, but they are a notable part of Luna’s quirky character.

Cho Chang: “Mistletoe.

Harry Potter: “Yeah, it’s probably full of Nargles though.

Cho Chang: “What are Nargles?

Harry Potter: “No idea, you’d have to ask Loony. Luna, I mean.

Cho and Harry discussing the Nargles

Nargles are mentioned in the Daily Prophet, albeit in a whimsical context. The newspaper featured a small note stating,

“Fairy Nargles spotted on pensioner’s wig.”

The Daily Prophet Newspaper

This suggests that within the broader wizarding community, Nargles are acknowledged, at least to some degree, though possibly with a sense of humor or skepticism given the whimsical context of the news. This occurrence furthers the idea that Nargles, in some form, could be real within the Harry Potter universe.

Lastly, Narglecide is a rumored potion that can be used to kill Nargles. The unconventional British wizard, Philbert Chivers, held a firm belief that Nargles were responsible for shop thefts in Diagon Alley, so he purchased some Narglecide from Slug & Jiggers Apothecary in Diagon Alley. He received some re-labeled poor quality mixtures instead.

What Do Nargles Look Like?

The illustration provided below is purely speculative and unofficial, presenting a potential interpretation of how Nargles might appear in the Harry Potter series.

Interpretation of what Nargles might look like in Harry Potter
Interpretation of how Nargles might look in Harry Potter

As the Harry Potter series does not provide a specific description of Nargles, we have to rely on Luna Lovegood’s character and her beliefs to form an idea. Given Luna’s fascination with rare, unique, and often unseen magical creatures, Nargles could be imagined as small, elusive, and perhaps ethereal beings. Their nature of causing mischief, such as hiding or stealing objects, might suggest they possess a playful or mischievous character.

Luna’s Spectrespecs, which she uses to see Nargles, suggests they may be invisible or semi-transparent to the naked eye. They may share characteristics with other “unseen” creatures in the magical world, such as Pixies or Boggarts when undisguised.

Significance of Nargles

Nargles in the Harry Potter series may not be central to the main plot, but they play a significant role in character development and the exploration of themes. Here’s how:

1. Luna Lovegood’s Character

Nargles are largely associated with Luna Lovegood, a character known for her unique perspectives and belief in unseen, misunderstood entities. Luna’s belief in Nargles illustrates her individuality, her willingness to believe in the unseen, and her acceptance of the unknown. This aspect of her character provides a contrast to other characters in the series who often depend on solid, tangible evidence before believing in something.

2. Exploration of Belief and Skepticism

The idea of Nargles serves as a conduit to explore themes of belief, skepticism, and the fine line between knowledge and faith. While many characters in the series dismiss Nargles as a figment of Luna’s imagination, Luna’s belief never wavers. This introduces the idea of subjective realities, and how personal beliefs can often differ from the commonly accepted truths.

3. Symbolism of Unseen Threats

Nargles, often blamed for mischief and disappearances, can be seen as a symbol of unseen threats or problems. In this sense, they might metaphorically represent the unseen fears or anxieties characters struggle with in the series.

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