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What Episode Does Naruto Become Friends with Kurama?

What Episode Does Naruto Become Friends with Kurama?

Naruto and Kurama’s relationship has changed considerably over the years. The young Jinchuriki had to suffer throughout his childhood due to the presence of a tailed beast inside of him.

The suffering he faced, combined with Kurama’s sour attitude lead him to have a poor relationship with the beast.

Their relationship gradually developed over the years, as Nine-Tails slowly saw Naruto’s pure Intentions.

What’s more, Naruto also realized that Kurama isn’t just a mindless beast, and understood his anger as well.

When Did Naruto Become Friends with Kurama?

Naruto and Kurama end up becoming friends in Episode #329, titled “Two-Man team” in the Naruto: Shippuden anime.

While the two have always been at odds, Naruto manages to tame the Nine-Tails fox with his strong determination and pure intentions in the war. Now, the two are as close as ever, and incredibly powerful together as well.

The two sealed their friendship during the fourth ninja war. What’s more, Kurama willingly offers his Chakra now.

How Did Naruto and Kurama Become Friends?

Naruto and Kurama officially became friends during the fourth Ninja war. Their friendship slowly developed with time, making their hatred for each other fade away.

The beginning of their friendship started when Naruto was training to control Kurama’s Chakra. In order to achieve his goal, Naruto had to gain Kurama’s trust and get rid of the hatred in his heart. The young shinobi managed to do so with the help of his mother, who suppressed Kurama’s immense chakra.

Afterward, their bond developed even more to the point that Naruto managed to completely win over Kurama.

During the fourth Ninja war, all the tailed beasts except for Kurama were under the control of Obito. Naruto expressed his determination for wanting to befriend Kurama and free the tailed-beasts.

The young shinobi’s determination softened Kurama’s heart, allowing him to trust Naruto completely with his powers. Since then, Kurama allowed Naruto to use the chakra of his own free will.

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What Did Kurama Realize From His Conversation With Naruto?

Kurama realized after his conversation with Naruto that he is much different from the previous Jinchurikis. He understood that Naruto can be trusted and that he won’t misuse the Nine-tails’ powers.

Throughout the years, Kurama has always been used as a tool of power. Being the nine-tailed beast, Kurama had the most chakra out of all the tailed beasts. Therefore, he was often put under genjutsu to spread destruction.

However, Naruto always treated him differently, especially at the time they had the conversation during the war. Naruto treated him like a friend and not just some powerful beast that is capable of causing destruction.

What’s more, the young shinobi also showed concern for the other tailed beasts, which shocked Kurama. Naruto wanted to save all the tailed beasts that were under the control of Obito. 

The Nine-Tails could tell how sincere Naruto was and realized that he deserves to wield his power.

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Why Did Naruto and Kurama Do a Fist Bump?

Naruto and Kurama doing a fist bump

Naruto and Kurama did a fist bump to seal their friendship. The two had a conversation during the fourth ninja war that made Kurama realize that he can trust Naruto. Therefore, he did a fist bump with the young shinobi as a sign of trust and a newfound friendship.

Is Kurama Naruto’s Best Friend?

Yes, Kurama is Naruto’s best friend. He isn’t the only close Friend the young shinobi has but is definitely the only one who has witnessed all of Naruto’s sufferings. The two weren’t always close and bore deep animosity towards each other.

Why Befriending Kurama Was a Huge Feat for Naruto?

Angry Kurama

Befriending Kurama was a massive accomplishment for Naruto due to how difficult the Nine-Tails Fox can be. Kurama is the strongest tailed beast and the most problematic and aggressive one as well.

Naruto is not the first shinobi who managed to become friends with a tailed beast. However, he definitely is the first one to befriend Kurama.

The previous Jinchurikis of Kurama always treated him like an object of power. Naruto, on the other hand, treated him with respect and convinced him to trust him.

Is Naruto Weak Without Kurama?

Sage mode Naruto

No, Naruto is not weak without Kurama at all. The young shinobi hasn’t always depended on Kurama for help during some of the most frightening battles in his life.

Naruto developed a massive set of skills and abilities before he actively started using Kurama. Kurama’s chakra multiplies his power considerably. However, he still can do a lot of damage with just his own skills.

Naruto also learned to use the Toad Sage Mode, Six Paths Sage Mode, Rasengan, and Rasenshuriken. These are some of the most powerful abilities of the Naruto Universe.

What’s more, Naruto is also an Uzumaki with large reserves of chakra, making him a formidable foe without using Kurama’s chakra.

Does Naruto Like Kurama?

Yes, Naruto shares deep love and respect for Kurama. The young shinobi didn’t always like Nine-Tails, but growing up, he slowly understood the beast more and more. Naruto began to see him as a best friend during the war. Kurama also became more of a Father figure in his life.

Their bond continues to deepen over the years and the duo understand each other quite well now.

What Episode Does Naruto Fight Kurama?

Naruto fighting Kurama

Naruto fights Kurama in Episode #245, titled “The Next Challenge! Naruto vs. The Nine-Tails!!” of the anime Naruto: Shippuden. In the episode, Naruto takes Killer Bee’s help to control Kurama, but it goes south, and they end up fighting each other.

Naruto usually comes face to face with Kurama due to the hostility in his heart. However, this time he mentally contacts Kurama and releases his seal with the help of the key he got from Gerotora. Kurama, upon realizing that Killer Bee is using eight tails to control him, gets extremely furious and attacks Naruto.

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