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What Episode Does Naruto Fight Pain? The Epic Duel Explained

What Episode Does Naruto Fight Pain? The Epic Duel Explained

The battle between Naruto and Pain is one of the most epic and emotional fights in the Naruto Shippuden series.

This showdown was a turning point for Naruto, as it marked his growth as a ninja and his determination to protect the ones he loves.

Fans of the series have been captivated by this intense battle, wondering what episode they can watch to relive the excitement.

In this article, we will answer that question and provide a brief overview of the events leading up to this iconic fight.

From the devastation of the Hidden Leaf Village to Naruto’s journey to mastering Sage Mode, we will explore the key moments that set the stage for this epic showdown.

What Episode Does Naruto Fight Pain?

Naruto and Pain’s fight began in episode 163, titled “Explosion! sage mode”, and ended in episode 169, titled “The Two Students.”

This battle, which lasted six episodes, was one of the best in the entire Naruto franchise, where we witnessed the power of the Perfect Toad Sage Mode.

Naruto vs Pain Episode 163

Naruto fairly earned his victory against Pain thanks in part to the frogs, the newly learnt sage mode, the power of the nine-tail fox and his wits. Naruto defeated all six paths of Pain and went to find Nagato (the real Pain).

This fight isn’t just between two powerful characters but between two ideologies. Overall, the fight is not the most crucial part of this arc; instead, it is how Nagato manages to come to terms with Naruto and revive everyone, even at the cost of sacrificing his own life.

Besides, let’s face it, if he didn’t do this, there wouldn’t be any point to Naruto’s victory due to the mass casualties. This act earned Naruto the respect of everyone in the village, and it ultimately played a crucial role in his ultimate goal of becoming the Hokage.

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What Chapter Does Naruto Fight Pain?

Naruto faced Pain in chapter 430, titled “Naruto Returns”, and ended in chapter 450, titled “The joyous village!!!”

These chapters correspond to episodes 163 to 169 of Naruto Shippuden and feature the whole battle between Naruto and Pain.

What Episode Does Naruto Master Sage Mode?

Naruto's Sage Mode

Naruto began training to Master sage mode in episode 154 titled “Decryption” and didn’t perfect it until episode 156 titled “Surpassing the master”.  

After Jiraiya’s death, Naruto left Konoha for Mount Myoboku to train in the art of Senjutsu, where he learns about Nature Energy and the hazards of taking too much in.

Naruto finally perfects sage mode after finding the appropriate balance of Nature Energy. However, his training doesn’t end there.

His training continues with Frog Kumite, a Senjutsu technique that allows him to land taijutsu hits from a greater distance. After finishing his training in episode 157, Naruto makes one of the most epic entrances ever in episode 162 as he faces off against the Six Paths of Pain.

What Episode Does Naruto Fight Pain as Nine Tails?

Naruto fights with Pain in his tail mode from Episode 166 titled “Confession” to Episode 168 titled “The Fourth Hokage.”

Pain vs Naruto Nine Tail Mode

Naruto goes berserk while feeling helpless as he watches Hinata suffer and his hometown (Konoha) and the people he loves to be destroyed.

Naruto’s battle with Pain made him unleash the power of the Nine-tailed Fox. Upon reaching the ninth tail, he didn’t die or turn into the Kyuubi; instead, he was controlled and forced to break the seal.

Fortunately, Minato had sealed his remaining chakra inside Naruto as a newborn just in case.

For manga lovers, this event was covered in the manga from chapters #437 to #442.

What Episode Did Naruto Meet Nagato?

Naruto meets with Nagato in episode 169 titled “The two students” and continues in 172 till episode 174 titled “Tale of Naruto Uzumaki.”

Naruto meets nagato

Shortly after breaking free from the nine tails control, Naruto tracks and pinpoints the location of the real pain (Nagato). He then set out to the location, not to kill him, but to simply talk. He discovers their hideout within a massive tree and meets Nagato for the first time.

They both shared their stories, and Naruto used his Talk-no-Jutsu to persuade Nagato to place his faith in him in the hopes of achieving true peace.

Nagato then decided to use the rest of his chakra to resurrect everyone who was killed during the war using his Outer Path — Technique of Heavenly Life Samsara.

What Episode Does Kakashi Fight Pain?

Kakashi and Pain battle took place in episode 159 of Naruto Shippuden with the title “Pain vs Kakashi”. Adapting Naruto Manga chapters #421-425 and #427.

This episode contains one of Naruto’s most epic battles. Kakashi was up against the Hidden Leaf’s biggest threat yet. Kakashi was already at a disadvantage in terms of numbers, but he wasn’t about to give up without a fight.

Kakashi vs Pain

It was sheer joy to see Kakashi go up against someone stronger than himself. Many feel that if Kakashi had known about Pain’s talent, the result of the battle would have been different. Regardless, he was killed in the battle but later revived by Pain’s heavenly life technique.

Overall, we hope this guide has helped you better comprehend The Pain’s Assault arc. Do leave your comment in the section below. Sayonara till next time.