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What Happens to Grogu After the Mandalorian?

What Happens to Grogu After the Mandalorian?

The Mandalorian introduced one of Star Wars’ most popular characters ever – ‘Baby Yoda’, otherwise known as Grogu.

But what exactly happens to everyone’s favorite little green alien?

Grogu’s fate is a mystery. There is no appearance or mention of him in the Star Wars sequel trilogy, set 25 years after the events of The Mandalorian.

This is, of course, because The Mandalorian was not conceived of until the sequel films were mostly finished.

Grogu’s absence is nonetheless a major Star Wars storyline gap.

We don’t know what happens to Grogu, but there are many theories about his possible fate.

He could die sometime before the sequel films, killed by the First Order or other enemies.

Grogu could be busy in Mandalore or off in the unknown regions fighting new threats – or simply keeping a low profile during Palpatine’s return.

Here are some of the most common questions, theories, and explanations around what happens to Grogu after the events of The Mandalorian

Does Grogu die?

The simplest explanation for Grogu’s absence in the sequels is also the most devastating – our little green friend is dead.

This explains why Snoke and Kylo Ren sense Rey in The Force Awakens, but not Grogu.

It also makes Luke’s bitterness in The Last Jedi more understandable.

While it’s highly unlikely Disney will kill off its most popular new character, here are some common theories for how Grogu could die.

Does Grogu die in the Jedi temple?

Luke's Jedi school
The Jedi temple burning (left), and Luke’s students – thankfully not including Grogu (right). From The Rise of Kylo Ren.

Star Wars fans cheered at Grogu’s adoption by Luke Skywalker in the Mandalorian – only to realize this could be his death sentence.

We learn in The Last Jedi that Luke’s temple school was destroyed, and most of his students were killed.

If Grogu was amongst them, there’s no record of him surviving.

Thankfully, there’s no sign or mention of Grogu in the graphic novel The Rise of Kylo Ren, which flashes back to the temple’s destruction. 

Even more reassuring, the finale of The Book of Boba Fett sees Grogu leaving Luke to return to Din Djarin.

Star Wars fans everywhere drew a sigh of relief at this – not only was everyone’s favorite couple reunited, but Grogu will escape the future carnage at Luke’s temple.

Did Kylo Ren kill Grogu?

It’s unlikely Grogu died at the Jedi temple, as he was no longer Luke’s student. However, it’s possible Kylo Ren killed him later.

In The Book of Boba Fett, we see Grogu leave his Jedi training to return to Din Djarin. But decades later, the First Oder may have hunted Grogu down and killed him.

Luke’s Jedi temple was destroyed by Ben Solo in an accident. It was the trigger for Ben – long groomed by Snoke and Palpatine – to turn to the dark side and become Kylo Ren.

If Kylo Ren knew of Grogu’s existence, we can be sure the Knights of Ren would have searched for him.

Any light-side Force users posed a threat to Snoke and the First Order. Grogu, still a child, would have been vulnerable and likely killed.

Thankfully, this is all speculation. There is no evidence in any Star Wars media that Kylo Ren and the First Order ever knew about Grogu.

Does Grogu become a Jedi?

Does Grogu stay with Luke
Grogu’s choice between the Mandalorian armor or Yoda’s lightsaber

It’s not clear if Grogu becomes a Jedi but we can certainly assume his Force powers continue to grow.

The biggest evidence he did not become a Jedi is Luke’s reference to himself, and then Rey, as the last of the Jedi.

Does Grogu complete his training?

Grogu in the beskar armor
Grogu wearing the beskar chainmail

In the finale of the Book of Boba Fett, we see Grogu’s decision to leave Luke Skywalker’s training and return to the Mandalorian Din Djarin’s side.

It’s possible he always intended to return to Jedi training after Din’s death, but by then Luke’s Jedi school was destroyed.

With Luke’s teaching services unavailable, Grogu might receive Jedi training from Ahsoka Tano (although she initially declined to do so).

There is also a litany of Force Ghosts – including fellow little green warrior Yoda – who might be able to train Grogu as a Jedi.

Does Grogu become a Mandalorian?

Grogu chooses the beskar armor and returns to Din Djarin.

He seems likely to become a Mandalorian himself, like his father figure before him. Mandalorian, after all, is a creed and not a specific race. 

Season three of The Mandalorian is expected to focus on Mandalore, the decimated planet destroyed by the Empire before the original Star Wars trilogy.

Din has inherited the dark saber, making him the rightful ruler of the planet. We can expect Grogu to be along for the ride.

Mandalorians and Jedi were traditional enemies. Through his relationship with Luke, Grogu can also help heal this ancient rift.

Where is Grogu during the sequels?

Grogu during sequels
Imagine if Grogu had teamed up with Rey and Ben Solo against Palpatine.

If Grogu is still alive, where was he during the events of Star Wars episodes VII, VIII and IX?

Why wasn’t our nimble green warrior fighting beside Rey and Ben Solo against Palpatine?

Here are some possible explanations for his absence.

1. The First Order is a rising power

Unlike the well-established Empire, the First Order was a rapidly rising fascist group.

Although technically advanced, at the time of the sequels they didn’t have sufficient ships and armed forces to control the whole galaxy. 

In other words, Grogu may have never heard of The First Order, and they may have never heard of him.

2. The Galaxy is big

The Star Wars galaxy is a big, big place, with much of it completely unknown.

Star Wars Galaxy map
A map of the Star Wars Galaxy, from The Rise of Skywalker visual dictionary.

While the characters hop from one planet to another with relative ease, this is only achievable via hyperspace.

This in turn only works when the region is well known and mapped. Otherwise, spaceships traveling at lightspeed would constantly be crashing or simply lost.

Grogu could well be off in a part of the Galaxy that is inaccessible and cut off from all news – even Palpatine’s broadcast.

Ahch-To and Exegol are examples of unknown regional planets that were difficult to find. Grogu may be somewhere similar. 

3. The Rise of Skywalker takes place over a mere couple of days

So much happens in Star Wars Episode IX it’s easy to forget the action begins and ends within a week.

Grogu may simply not have had time to learn of Palpatine’s return or travel to Exegol to join in the fight.

Of course, there’s no confirmation Grogu didn’t join the fight.

Lando Calrissian arrives with thousands of fellow civilians to save the day at the end of the movie.

There’s no evidence Grogu and an aging Din Djarin weren’t amongst them.

4. Grogu stayed hidden – at Luke’s request

Luke's Jedi school destroyed.
Luke Skywalker watches his Jedi temple burn.

Following the destruction of his temple, Luke would have been desperate to ensure no more vulnerable Force users fell into Snoke’s hands. 

Grogu may have been the only young Force-sensitive Luke was aware of, given most were recruited to his ill-fated Jedi school.

Grogu, although almost 70 in human years, was still a child by his species’ terms. 

One of Luke’s final actions before leaving for Ahch-To may have been to send a single message, via the Force, to Grogu: stay hidden.

5. Grogu is with Ahsoka, Ezra and Thrawn

In the finale of the animated series Star Wars Rebels, two of the main characters disappear into unknown regions.

Jedi Padawan Ezra Bridger and Grand Admiral Thrawn are in the middle of a duel when their ship jumps to lightspeed.

Thrawn and Ezra may have encountered the Grysks, a mysterious warmongering species from the unknown region.

Grogu with Ezra and Thrawn in the unknown regions.
Could Grogu be in the unknown regions with (left to right) Thrawn, Ahsoka Tano, Ezra Bridger and Sabine Wren?

The Grysks could potentially be a new danger to the galaxy.

Ahsoka Tano’s mission, seen in both Rebels and The Mandalorian, is to find Ezra and Thrawn.

Sabine Wren, another Mandalorian, is likely to join her in the upcoming Ahsoka series.

Grogu already has a bond with Ahsoka, and is likely to have allied with Sabine during her lifetime as another Mandalorian. 

Grogu may be absent from the sequel trilogy story because he has joined Ahsoka and Sabine in their quest to find Ezra and Thrawn.

He may also be caught up in a war against the Grysks.

6. Grogu is in Mandalore with Din Djarin

Grogu’s bond with Din Djarin was strong enough for him to leave Luke Skywalker’s training.

He chose the beskar chainmail over Yoda’s lightsaber on realizing Din would die of old age by the time he became a Jedi.

At the time of the sequel trilogy, Din would at least be in his 70s, if still alive.

Grogu may simply have pledged to stay beside his beloved father-figure for the rest of his life.

Will Rey meet Grogu?

Will Rey meet Grogu?
Will Rey and Grogu team-up in future Star Wars stories?

It’s highly possible Rey Skywalker and Grogu will meet in post sequel-trilogy content.

Here are three theories for Grogu’s role in Star Wars stories set beyond Episode IX.

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Rey joins Grogu and Ezra against the Grysks

As mentioned above, Grogu may have spent the sequel trilogy fighting Grysks with Ahsoka, Ezra, and maybe even Thrawn.

With the First Order’s demise leaving a power vacuum, what if Grysks advance into the inner rim?

In this instance, Grogu will recruit Rey (and hopefully her Padawan Finn) to help fight against the invaders

Rey and Grogu restart the Jedi Order

With the First Order defeated, Rey can now turn her attention to training other Force-sensitives (beginning with Finn).

What better role for Grogu than to become Yoda to Rey’s Mace Windu? 

This is particularly fitting if Yoda’s species, as some have theorized, are pure embodiments of the light side of the Force.

Of course, Grogu would still be a child by his species terms. He wouldn’t be quite ready to step into Yoda’s shoes yet, not for at least another 300 years.

Grogu saves Rey from the Dark Side

At the end of The Rise of Skywalker, Ben Solo dies. He and Rey were a Dyad in the Force – a literal power couple with amplified Force abilities.

It’s possible Ben’s death will lead to Rey becoming unbalanced and vulnerable to the dark side of the Force.

Will Grogu fight Rey?
Could we see Grogu vs Dark Rey?

In this instance, it will be up to Force users such as Grogu to stop Rey from turning to the dark side.

Or. if it’s too late, protect the galaxy from Empress Palpatine…