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What is the Maximum Build Limit in Minecraft 1.20 (2024)

What is the Maximum Build Limit in Minecraft 1.20 (2024)

Minecraft is widely respected for being one of the very few games that enables you to let your creativity run wild. With countless building options and hundreds of blocks to choose from, the sky really is the limit – quite literally!

Although the game rewards creativity – even Minecraft has its limitations. Even though you’ll rarely encounter it in an average survival playthrough, the game places barriers at specific points beyond which building becomes impossible – which is precisely what we’ll cover today!

What Are the Build Limits in Minecraft?

The build limits in Minecraft 1.20 are Y -64 and Y 320, respectively. Players cannot place blocks beyond these two minimum and maximum heights by default. The teleportation limits for blocks come into effect at approximately 30,000,000 and -30,000,000, beyond which players cannot teleport. 

Now, there are multiple factors to consider when we talk about a ‘build limit’ – the main ones being how we define this limit and which edition of the game we discuss. 

As hinted above, the answer’s pretty straightforward if we talk about build limits in terms of the minimum and maximum height the game allows you to place blocks on. At the minimum, you can place blocks as far as Y – 64. This is the layer where you’ll encounter tons of Bedrock and can’t naturally surpass without dying! 

Conversely, you can go as far as Y 320 for maximum height. This limit has constantly been increased with newer updates to the game, with the max height of 320 currently being implemented in Minecraft 1.20. 

This limit, however, is only valid for the Overworld. If you move to The End or the Netherworld, you’ll notice that the max build height here is capped at Y 256 instead of the Y 320 applicable in the Overworld. For reasons unknown, Minecraft doesn’t let you place blocks beyond Y 256 in both the Nether and The End, effectively making this level your maximum build height!

The table below conveniently summarizes all the important limits we’ll cover ahead and their descriptions!

Y-Level Description
4,503,599,627,370,496 (4.5 Quadrillion)Maximum flying height (Java Edition)
2,147,483,647 (2.1 Billion)Minecraft crashes (Bedrock Edition)
30,000,000 (30 Million)Max height for Teleportation
2,032Max build limit in a Custom world 
320Max build limit for an ordinary Overworld
256Max generation limit for natural terrain & Max build limit for the Nether/The End
-64Minimum build limit for an ordinary Overworld
-2,032Minimum build limit in a Custom world 
-16,777,216 (16.7 Million)Minimum flying height (Java Edition)
30,000,000 (30 Million)Minimum height for teleportation

Natural Terrain Limits

Two naturally generated max-height mountains seen in the distance

If we move on to the generation limits for natural terrain – things start to change again. Without amplifying heights or making custom adjustments, the terrain will generate as high as Y 256 in a naturally created Overworld. Beyond this point, the spawn mechanic for natural terrain becomes capped, and you’ll mostly notice huge mountain ranges go up to this level. 

Towards the Underworld, you can find structures such as Ancient Cities spawn down to Y -51, where the floor of these cities is commonly seen. Partial layers of Bedrock start spawning as you move further down towards Y -59, encapsulating the entire environment by Y -64.

Custom World Limits

You’ll again notice significant changes to your build limits if you’re playing in a ‘Custom’ world. In doing so, if you generate a custom world with the maximum build height, you can place blocks as high as Y 2,032. 

Similarly, the minimum level at which you can place a block in max-height ‘Custom’ generated worlds can go to as low as Y -2,032. Beyond these two points, Minecraft won’t allow you to place blocks in either case! 

Misc Limits

Certain restrictions disallow you from performing tasks like teleportation or flying beyond a certain height. Let’s go over some of these!

Firstly, although this height cannot be reached without external resources, the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft crashes if you go beyond Y 2,147,483,647 (2.1 Billion). If you try moving beyond this, the game will overload and crash. 

For the Java Edition, on the other hand, the maximum height you can fly goes all the way up to Y 4,503,599,627,370,496 (4.5 Quadrillion). Reaching this height is only possible with external help, and even then, the game starts to perform extremely poorly when reaching such heights!

This same flying limit for the bottom level extends downwards till Y -16,777,216 (-16.7 Million). The limit gets capped here, and you won’t be able to fly any lower!

Lastly, there are also restrictions on the limit for teleportation! According to these, you can teleport up to Y 30,000,000 (30 Million) at the maximum. At the minimum level, the game will allow you to teleport down till Y -30,000,000 but not beyond. 

Horizontal Limits

Now, this is where things usually start to get complicated. While it’s pretty much impossible for you to hit the horizontal limits of the game under a normal playthrough, these still exist. The complex part here is that there isn’t exactly a set ‘boundary’ defined for these limits.

Technically, if you go far enough in the X and Z coordinates, you’ll eventually reach a point in the ‘Farlands’ where the game stops generating blocks. At this point, you’ll not only be unable to place blocks but will fall to your death since the ground stops generating! 

The logic behind this isn’t that there’s a limit or boundary to the area you can traverse. Instead, it relies on the game being overworked to the point that it can’t generate more resources!

We’ve now covered all the different types of minimum and maximum build restrictions you can expect to encounter in Minecraft 1.20. Let us know in the comments below if you discover any unusual findings for these limits that we haven’t covered!