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When Does Kakashi Become Hokage in Naruto?

When Does Kakashi Become Hokage in Naruto?

Kakashi Hatake, a fan-favorite character from the renowned manga and anime series “Naruto,” has long been admired for his exceptional skill, strategic acumen, and enigmatic demeanor.

With his iconic silver hair, masked face, and distinctive sharingan eye, Kakashi is a striking figure whose journey unfolds throughout the series.

As the sensei to the series’ main protagonists, he guides and mentors the young ninjas while navigating his own personal trials and tribulations.

His growth and evolution as a character are central to the overarching storyline, and fans have eagerly followed his progression as he ascends through the ranks of the Hidden Leaf Village.

One of the most significant milestones in Kakashi’s journey is his appointment to the esteemed position of Hokage, the leader of the village. This event marks a pivotal moment in his story, as it acknowledges his dedication, strength, and wisdom, and highlights his key role within the community.

This article will delve into the circumstances surrounding Kakashi’s rise to the role of Hokage, and the implications it has for both the character and the broader narrative.

When Does Kakashi Become the Hokage?

Kakashi Hatake becomes the 6th Hokage in Episode #479, titled “Naruto Uzumaki!!” of Naruto: Shippuden anime. He becomes the Hokage after the 4th Ninja war when Tsunade Senju steps down from her position, and Kakashi is seen sitting in her place.

Kakashi almost became the Hokage in Episodes #163 and #164, when Tsunade fell into a coma. This was immediately after the battle with Pain, and the Hidden Lead village was left with no Hokage. Everyone decided to make Kakashi Tsunade’s successor, but she woke up before the actual ceremony.

Therefore, Kakashi officially becomes the Hokage later on and fulfilled his duties as the 6th Hokage.

Why is Kakashi the 6th Hokage?

Kakashi became the 6th Hokage because Tsunade passed the responsibilities onto him. He almost became the Hokage due to Tsunade’s poor health conditions.

At that time, Kakashi’s exceptional abilities as a Shinobi made him the perfect nomination for Hokage. He would’ve become the 5th Hokage, but Tsunade was considered the more appropriate choice at the time. Tsunade was a part of Legendary Sanin and had enough experience and knowledge to lead the Hidden Leaf Village.

kakashi taking over tsunade's position

Despite being an incredibly talented Shinobi, Kakashi still lacked a bit compared to a legendary Sanin like Tsunade. Furthermore, Kakashi also became the 6th Hokage to fulfill his dying friend, Obito’s wish.

Was Kakashi a good Hokage?

Yes, Kakashi was an incredible Hokage who helped in the growth of the Hidden Leaf Village in several ways. Kakashi became the Hokage after the 4th Ninja war, playing a critical role in dealing with the post-war effects.

Kakashi performed all of his duties as the Leader of Konoha well. He also made many changes in the Konoha Village, bringing growth and prosperity. What’s more, he even pardoned the crimes of Sasuke.

Despite not being enthusiastic about becoming a Hokage, Kakashi never slacked in his duties and did much more compared to the previous Hokage. Furthermore, he lead the Village till Naruto was mature enough to take over.

It was because of Kakashi that Naruto was able to mature properly before taking on the difficult responsibilities of Hokage. What’s more, Kakashi dealt with the more troubling situations after the war. He made leading the Leaf Village much easier for Naruto Uzumaki.

Overall, Kakashi was a great Hokage, and his reign of 13 years was quite successful.

What did Kakashi do as the Hokage?

As the Hokage, Kakashi brought peace and prosperity back to the land. Kakashi helped rebuild the village from scratch and modernized it as well. He also laid the foundation for the scientific revolution of the Hidden Leaf Village.

The war left the entire world of Naruto in shambles, everything was completely destroyed and annihilated. Kakashi had a lot of burden on his shoulders as the Hokage due to the rehabilitation of the Konoha village. The Copy Ninja Brilliantly performed all his duties and rebuilt the village in a very short time.

hidden leaf village destroyed from war

The infrastructure of the Hidden Leafe Village is looking much better than ever before. Furthermore, Kakashi was the Hokage that focused on the technological advancement of the Hidden Leaf Village. He played a critical role in modernizing Konoha.

Additionally, Kakashi’s efforts were not just limited to the infrastructure of the Hidden Leaf Village. He also kept peace and good relations with the five great Nations. Kakashi did exceptionally well in dealing with international affairs.

Most believe that Kakashi got rid of Danzo’s Root Foundation, which was responsible for a lot of problems in the Village. Unlike the previous Hokages, Kakashi also handled the situation quite well, cleansing the system of Konoha completely.

How long was Kakashi Hokage?

Kakashi was Hokage for at least 13 years after the 4th Ninja war. His period of reign is much longer than Tsunade, who was Hokage for only three years. Afterward, Naruto took over and became the 7th Hokage at just the age of 31.

How many times does Kakashi become Hokage?

Kakashi only becomes the Hokage once and is the 6th Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village. The Village elders were considering him for the spot of the 5th Hokage, but due to the existence of the Legendary Sanin, he didn’t become one.

Furthermore, Kakashi was considered for the position of Hokage again during Tsunade’s coma, but she woke up before the ceremony took place. Kakashi finally became the Hokage after the war and then eventually passed the duties to Naruto once he was old enough.

Is Kakashi Hokage in Boruto?

No, Kakashi stepped down as Hokage when Boruto was 10. The series Boruto begins when Boruto Uzumaki turns 12. During the Boruto series, Naruto is the 7th Hokage, and Kakashi has stepped down from his position.

Why did Kakashi step down as Hokage?

Kakashi stepped down as Hokage because he had no intention of being one in the first place, and he wanted to help Naruto out. Kakashi did not consider himself suited for a job as serious as that of a Hokage.

Once Kakashi was sure that Naruto could handle the position well, he passed on his responsibilities to Naruto.


Kakashi’s skillset and experience check all the requirements for becoming a Hokage of the Leaf Village. After the war ended, Kakashi takes the position of Hokage due to being the best candidate.

Additionally, Kakashi became the Hokage to help Naruto out as well. Naruto was too young and inexperienced to become a Hokage at that moment. Therefore, Kakashi gave him enough time to mature, so that he can take on the responsibilities well.

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