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When Does Naruto Fall in Love with Hinata

When Does Naruto Fall in Love with Hinata

Naruto and Hinata were one of the couples in Naruto whose relationship never felt rushed. Their bond slowly became stronger throughout the series, culminating in Naruto: The Last Movie.

The two could have been a couple sooner, but Naruto was not mature enough to understand love.

Naruto was more focused on Sakura until he reached the age of 16. Hinata was the first one to develop feelings.

It took a long time (500 episodes) for the two to emotionally reach the point where they accept how much they like each other and start dating.

Naruto realizes he has fallen in love with Hinata later on in the movie; The Last: Naruto, when the two go on a mission together. They even share a kiss at the end of the movie and officially start dating each other. The two eventually get married in the novel Konoha Hiden: The Perfect Day for a Wedding.

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Do Naruto and Hinata Break Up?

Since they fell for each other in the movie “The Last”, Naruto and Hinata have not broken up. They have always stuck together despite the odds, the fights, and the fact that they have different personalities.

What Episode Did Naruto Confess to Hinata?

Unfortunately, we didn’t see much of Naruto and Hinata’s relationship develop in Shippuden and the Boruto series.

Naruto doesn’t confess his love or ask her out in any of the episodes during the series. He has been utterly oblivious to Hinata’s feelings throughout the anime.

Hinata confesses her feelings for Naruto in Shippuden during Pain’s assault on Konohagakure, but that doesn’t change the narrative much. During the battle, he gets angry and transforms into the Kyuubi.

When Naruto returns to his normal form after defeating Pain, he is unable to recall some of the events, including the part where Hinata confessed her love for him.

He, however, realizes that Hinata has feelings for him and loved him even when the entire village turned against him in the movie “The Last”.

All this happens at the very end of the movie. Naruto manages to say the three words, and the two share a kiss and begin dating. Later on, they get married in the novel Konoha Hiden and have kids together.

5 Times Naruto Showed His Love for Hinata

Hinata’s feelings for Naruto were obvious to everyone except Naruto himself, but there were several times in the anime where Naruto showed love.

Let’s review these subtle moments of affection;

1. Back When They Were Kids, Naruto Saves Her from Bullies

The Naruto manga and anime series starts with the characters already in ninja training and familiarity with all of the supporting characters. The movies, on the other hand, have expanded on the past of the characters.

Naruto and Hinata meet for the first time in the Movie; The Last: Naruto. Hinata becomes the focus of a gang of bullies in the midst of a wintry street.

Because of her Byakugan eyes, the boys call her a monster and make her cry. Naruto intervenes and stands up for her despite having no former training.

He may have defended her because she was alone and defenseless, but this still shows that he cares about her!

2. He Got into a Fight with Neji to Impress Her

Naruto gets into a fight with Neji Hyuga, which is basically centered around what he did to Hinata.

Naruto decides to avenge her defeat by winning the battle. After defeating Neji, the first thing on his mind is whether or not Hinata watched their fight.

3. He Transforms into a Kyuubi When He Thinks He Has Lost Her in A Fight with Pain

When Naruto and Pain engage in a battle in Konoha, Hinata steps in to protect the love of her life. The battle continues from episodes 144 to 151 in Naruto: Shippūden.

Pain severely injuries Hinata. Naruto mistakenly believes Hinata has died. This sparks his rage, and he transforms into Kyuubi.

His reaction was everything the audience needed to know about what he feels for Hinata. It was like losing a very dear one. No wonder he was willing to do anything to avenge her!

4. Naruto Was the First One to Have Faith in Hinata

For most of her childhood, everyone told Hinata she wasn’t strong enough to be a ninja.

She spent a lot of time internalizing other people’s opinions. This allowed their opinions to influence how she acted in a battle, and as a result, she lost every fight.

Naruto was the first one to believe in her skills. When Hinata was chosen to compete in the chunin exams against Neji, none of the other ninjas in training thought she had what is required to defeat him. Naruto’s faith in her abilities kept her going!

5. He Got Jealous When He Saw Her with Toneri

In the movie “The Last”, the rescue squad regains their memories while on the moon to save Hinata’s kidnapped sister, Hanabi. Naruto realizes how much he cares for Hinata and that he loved her as much as she loved him.

She leaves the gang behind and decides to tag along with Toneri. Naruto goes looking for her and gets a bit jealous upon spotting her with Toneri.

He says he will not leave Hinata’s sight again as he fears for her safety. We all know what he meant! Naruto finally realizes his own feelings for Hinata.

Naruto and Hinata may not have been a popular couple throughout the Naruto franchise, but they were the most loved by fans worldwide, no doubt.

It takes a long time for Naruto to understand his feelings for Hinata, but when he finally does, he seizes the moment!

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