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Analysis: When The Boruto Time Skip May Happen and What To Expect

Analysis: When The Boruto Time Skip May Happen and What To Expect

Boruto: Naruto next generation kicked off the series with a brief prologue showing Konoha in ruins, the great stones face in shambles, and Boruto fighting Kawaki.

This has solidified that Boruto will receive a time skip sometime in the future. The only question is when?

When Will the Boruto Time Skip Happen?

December 2020, Ikemoto Mikio stated that the time skip is approaching and will take place soon.

This has kept fans waiting until this point (August 2022), yet we’ve got nothing.

Judging by the pace at which the Boruto manga and anime are progressing as of August 2022, it doesn’t seem like the time skip will happen soon. We anticipate the time skip happening in a year or possibly two.

As with any time skip, a certain amount of buildup is necessary for the series to pull it off, which Boruto currently lacks.

We can’t tell with certainty as these are mere speculations. We can only wait for the writers to provide clarity on the subject.

There are still some gaps to be filled with Amado being kidnapped and Code in the air with his limiters removed.

Before we can think of getting a time skip, Amado might need to be rescued from Code since he is a valuable asset to Konoha thanks to his technological advancement and the information he carries.

This leads to a rescue arc; after that, we can expect a fight to defeat Code.

And given how powerful Code is now that his limiters have been lifted, the fight can’t be covered in one or two chapters.

5 Speculations Regarding the Boruto Time Skip

Fans assume there will undoubtedly be significant plot changes in the time skip.

Here is a list of popular theories regarding the time skip.

1. Naruto Potentially Dies

Does Naruto Die in Boruto

In the first episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generation, Kawaki declared during his fight with Boruto, saying, “He will send him (Boruto) where he sent the Seventh Hokage (Naruto).”

This statement made fans speculate that Naruto is either dead or trapped in another dimension.

Naruto has received a huge nerf already; it’s only logical if he dies so Boruto can truly shine as the main protagonist.

2. Sasuke Potentially Dies

Does Sasuke Die in Boruto

In the same prologue, we see Boruto wearing sasuke’s cape and using his sword, which leads fans to speculate that Sasuke is also dead or imprisoned with Naruto in another dimension.

3. Sarada Activates Mangekyo Sharingan

Sarada has received very little screen time in recent manga chapters; therefore, her significant power-ups may occur off-screen.

Fans speculate she activates her Mangekyo Sharingan following Sasuke’s death.

4. Shikamaru Potentially Dies

At the end of Boruto chapter 70, Code told Shikamaru that he would put him on his retribution list simply because of security smart tactics against him.

In the event of a fight, unlimited Code would undoubtedly thrash smart Shikamaru.

5. Kashin Koji Trains Boruto

Sasuke has been Boruto’s excellent sensei and assisted him on his path to becoming a great shinobi from the start of the series.

But would it still be the case now that Kashin Koji is in the picture?

Kashin Koji is Jiraiya’s clone created by Amado to stop Jigen. While he isn’t exactly human, he is considered Jiraiya’s reincarnation.

It runs through his veins to defend Konoha, his loved ones, and most importantly, utilize his shinobi life to change the world, as Jiraiya once did.

This suggests that Kashin Koji will play a significant role in the plot’s progression.

This makes fans hypothesize that he will eventually return to Konoha, given his strong connection to the village, meet Naruto, and perhaps train Boruto.

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