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How to Win Best Grange Display at the Stardew Valley Fair

How to Win Best Grange Display at the Stardew Valley Fair

Come fall, Pelican Town buzzes with a special kind of excitement – the Stardew Valley Fair and its highly-anticipated Grange Display. Whether you’re a seasoned farmer or a budding green thumb, this guide aims to navigate you through the nuances of creating a show-stopping Grange Display that’ll not only earn you those coveted star tokens but also the bragging rights of being Pelican Town’s top farmer.

What is the Grange Display?

Character exploring the stardew valley fair
Exploring the Stardew Valley Fair

The Grange Display is a competition held during the Stardew Valley Fair. This annual festival takes place on the 16th of Fall and rewards farming prowess.

The Grange Display allows residents of Pelican Town to display nine of their best items. The objective? Impress the judge, Mayor Lewis, with a diverse and high-quality range of items from various categories.

Victory in the Grange Display not only lines your pocket with a generous amount of star tokens but also boosts your prestige. It’s your chance to prove your mettle as a top-tier farmer, especially when you’re competing against Pelican Town’s finest, like Pierre, Marnie, and Willy.

The Scoring System

Character at Grange Display Stardew Valley
Different Grange Displays

In Stardew Valley’s Grange Display, participants earn points based on item diversity, quality, and sell price, aiming for a maximum score of 125.

Every player kicks off with a default of 14 points. Think of this as a head start on your journey to the top.

Points for Entering Items

The more items you present, the higher your score. Use the formula 2x-9, where ‘x’ is the count of items you display. Ideally, you want to fill all nine available slots. Don’t leave them vacant; even low-value items or trash can be more beneficial than an empty spot.

Items EnteredPoints Awarded
9 Items Entered+ 9
8 Items Entered+ 7
7 Items Entered+ 5
6 Items Entered+ 3
5 Items Entered+ 1
4 Items Entered– 1
3 Items Entered– 3
2 Items Entered– 5
1 Items Entered– 7
0 Items Entered– 9
Items to Point Correlation

Points for Completing Different Item Categories

For every category you showcase in the display, you gain 5 points. However, you can only earn up to 30 points in total from categories. Representing at least six distinct categories ensures you get the maximum points.

Diversity is key. Stardew Valley recognizes eight primary product categories.


parsnip Stardew Valley

The backbone of any farm, vegetables are a diverse group, ranging from humble parsnips to revered pumpkins. This category rewards diligent farming and the nurturing of high-quality crops.


blackberry Stardew Valley

From juicy melons in the summer to sweet cranberries in the fall, fruits are a staple of any farm. Presenting the best of your orchard can set you apart in this category.


Walleye Stardew Valley

This category is all about showcasing the best catch from Stardew Valley’s diverse waters.


Common_Mushroom Stardew valley
Common Mushroom

This category celebrates the valley’s natural bounty. It includes Flowers and Tree Saps. Whether you’ve picked a dandelion or tapped pine resin, your foraging skills come into play here.

Animal Products

Milk Stardew Valley

This category includes all the goods produced by animals on your farm. From fresh milk to luxurious duck feathers, showcasing the best of what your animals offer can earn you crucial points.

Artisan Goods

Wine Stardew Valley

Craftsmanship is the essence of this category. Whether it’s a jar of rich starfruit jelly or a cask of aged wine, these goods reflect your skill in turning raw materials into valuable products.


Topaz Stardew Valley

Delve deep into the mines of Stardew Valley, and you’ll be rewarded with precious minerals. This category allows you to display gems and resources, be it a dazzling diamond or a chunk of valuable iridium.


Pancakes Stardew valley

A testament to your culinary prowess, this category can feature anything from a basic fried egg to a fish taco. Your kitchen exploits have a stage here.

Points for Quality of the Displayed Item

The combination of an item’s market value and its quality grade defines its point worth. An item’s scoring potential is influenced by its current market rate, adjusted for quality, and the quality level it falls under.

This intricate system allows an item to rack up a whopping 8 points at its pinnacle. To emerge victorious at the Grange Display, diversify your items, focus on their quality, and ensure you tap into as many product categories as possible.

Base Sell PriceNormal to Silver Quality Gold to Iridium Quality
0+1 – 2 Points 3 – 5 Points
20+2 – 3 Points 4 – 6 Points
90+3 – 4 Points 5 – 7 Points
200+ 4 – 5 Points 6 – 8 Points
300+ 5 – 6 Points 6 – 8 Points
400+6 Points 6 – 8 Points
Item Quality to Point Correlation

The Rewards

Winning first place at grange display Stardew Valley
Winning Message from Mayor Lewis

After meticulously selecting your items and awaiting Mayor Lewis’s judgment, rewards come in the form of Star Tokens. Here’s how the rewards pan out:

PlacePrizePoints Required
First Place1,000 Star Tokens90 Points
Second Place 500 Star Tokens75 Points
Third Place200 Star Tokens60 Points
Fourth Place50 Star Tokens Under 60 Points
Bonus: Disqualified750 Star Tokens(include Mayor Lewis’ Shorts)
Reward Chart

1. Best Items for the Vegetable Category

Player growing vegetables Stardew Valley
Growing Vegetables

The overall best vegetable for the grange display is the pumpkin. It has a high selling price and at iridium level can gain a maximum of 8 points. Additionally, it’s a fall vegetable which makes it accessible considering the timing of the Grange Display.

New players might prefer the cauliflower. While it gains a maximum of 6 points, Cauliflower seeds are cheaper and accessible from the first day of gameplay.


Pumpkin Stardew Valley
  • Planting Season: Fall
  • Sell Price: 320g (Base Price), 400g (Silver Quality), 480g (Gold Quality), 640g (Iridium Quality)
  • Points: A Gold quality pumpkin can earn you up to 6 points, and an Iridium quality can achieve 8 points.
  • Why It’s a Good Option: Pumpkins have one of the highest sell prices among vegetables. Prioritizing high-quality pumpkins for the Grange Display ensures a good number of points due to both its sell price and quality.

Red Cabbage

Red_Cabbage stardew valley
  • Planting Season: Summer
  • Sell Price: 260g (Base Price), 325g (Silver Quality), 390g (Gold Quality), 520g (Iridium Quality)
  • Points: Gold quality offers 6 points, while Iridium quality yields 8 points.
  • Why It’s a Good Option: Red cabbages are an excellent vegetable choice for the Grange Display due to their high selling point. Aiming for high quality will maximize points earned.


Cauliflower Stardew Valley
  • Planting Season: Spring
  • Sell Price: 175g (Base Price), 218g (Silver Quality), 262g (Gold Quality), 350g (Iridium Quality)
  • Points: Gold quality can fetch 5 points, and Iridium quality reaches 6 points.
  • Why It’s a Good Option: While cauliflowers have a lower sell price than pumpkins or melons, their potential for high-quality growth ensures they remain a valuable option for the Grange Display.

2. Best Items for the Fruit Category

Player harvesting melon Stardew Valley
Player Harvesting Melons

The overall best fruit for the grange display is the Starfruit. Boasting a high selling price, an iridium-quality Starfruit can score a maximum of 8 points. However, because it has one of the highest produce base prices in Stardew Valley, even a normal starfruit will gain you 6 points.

New players might prefer the melon. Though it can score up to 6 points at gold quality and 8 at iridium, its seeds are reasonably priced and available early in the game.


Starfruit Stardew Valley
  • Planting Season: Summer (with seeds purchased from the Desert)
  • Sell Price: 750g (Base Price), 937g (Silver Quality), 1125g (Gold Quality), 1500g (Iridium Quality)
  • Points: Starfruit at any quality level, from silver to iridium, will earn the maximum 8 points due to its high sell price.
  • Why It’s a Good Option: Starfruit’s high base sell price makes it one of the most lucrative fruits to present at the Grange Display. With proper care and fertilization, achieving a high-quality Starfruit is a direct route to getting those coveted 8 points.

Ancient Fruit

Ancient_Fruit stardew valley
  • Planting Season: Spring, Summer, Fall (once planted, it continues producing)
  • Sell Price: 550g (Base Price), 687g (Silver Quality), 825g (Gold Quality), 1100g (Iridium Quality)
  • Points: Like Starfruit, Ancient Fruit also can achieve the maximum 8 points, especially at gold or iridium quality.
  • Why It’s a Good Option: Ancient Fruit offers the advantage of continuous production throughout three seasons once planted. This increases the chances of obtaining high-quality fruits for the Grange Display.


Melon Stardeew Valley
  • Planting Season: Summer
  • Sell Price: 250g (Base Price), 312g (Silver Quality), 375g (Gold Quality), 500g (Iridium Quality)
  • Points: An Iridium quality melon achieves the maximum 8 points due to its sell price. Gold quality would fetch 6 points.
  • Why It’s a Good Option: Melons are a more accessible option compared to Starfruit and Ancient Fruit, especially for players who might not yet have access to the Desert or the Ancient Seeds. Their high sell price at gold or iridium quality makes them a valuable contribution to the Grange Display.

3. Best Items for the Fish Category

Player fishing Stardew Valley

The overall best fish for the grange display is any Legendary Fish. These rare catches are the crowning jewels for any angler in Stardew Valley. At iridium quality, a Legendary Fish can secure a maximum of 8 points. Given their substantial base selling prices, even a standard-quality Legendary Fish can guarantee 6 points for your display.

New players might opt for the Sturgeon. It can achieve up to 6 points at gold quality and a full 8 points at iridium. The Sturgeon, found in the mountain lake during Summer and Winter, provides an opportunity for those just starting to master fishing. Its relatively frequent appearance in two seasons makes it a more accessible high-point option for newcomers.

Any Legendary Fish

Angler Stardew Valley

Legendary fish include: Angler, Crimsonfish, Glacierfish, Legend and the Mutant Carp.

  • Catching Conditions: These fish are unique, with each having its own specific location and conditions to catch them. They’re typically harder to reel in compared to regular fish.
  • Sell Price: The sell prices for legendary fish are significantly higher than those of standard fish. For instance, the Legend sells for 5,000g at base price, which can go up to 10,000g at iridium quality!
  • Points: Due to their high sell prices, all legendary fish can score a maximum of 8 points at iridium quality. Even at their base rate, can earn 6 points.
  • Why it’s a Good Option: Legendary fish, because of their rarity and high sell prices, can significantly boost your Grange Display score. If you’ve managed to catch any of these during your gameplay, they’re an excellent choice for the fair, guaranteeing top points. However, their difficulty level might not make them the most accessible choice for everyone.

Lava Eel

Lava_Eel Stardew valley
  • Catching Conditions: Found in the lava lake of the Mines on level 100.
  • Sell Price: 700g (Normal), 875g (Silver), 1,050g (Gold), 1,400g (Iridium).
  • Points: Up to 8 points for Iridium quality given its sell price.
  • Why it’s a Good Option: Lava Eels, with their impressive selling price, rank among the top non-legendary fish choices. Navigating the mines to fish for it might be challenging, but it’s certainly rewarding.


Sturgeon from Stardew Valley
  • Catching Conditions: Mountain lake during summer and winter.
  • Sell Price: 200g (Normal), 250g (Silver), 300g (Gold), 400g (Iridium).
  • Points: Up to 8 points for Iridium quality based on its sell price.
  • Why it’s a Good Option: The Sturgeon’s high sell value, especially when at iridium quality, ensures a strong boost in points for the Grange Display. Its availability in both summer and winter provides flexibility in fishing for this valuable catch.

4. Best Items for the Foraging Category

player foraging for truffles Stardew Valley
Foraging for Truffles

The overall best foraged item for the grange display is the truffle. Truffles boast a commendable selling price, and at iridium quality, can yield a maximum of 8 points. Given their significant base sell price, even a standard-quality Truffle can amass 6 points for your display.

New Players might prefer the purple mushroom. These can be found as early as level 81 in the mines and offer a good balance between value and availability. An iridium-quality Purple Mushroom can fetch a decent amount of points, and while it doesn’t rival the Truffle in terms of point potential, it’s significantly easier to obtain.


Truffle Stardew Valley

Finding Conditions: Truffles are found on the farm when a pig sniffs them out on the ground outside. Pigs will not find truffles during Winter or rainy days.

Sell Price: 625g (Normal), 781g (Silver), 937g (Gold), 1,250g (Iridium).

Points: Up to 8 points for Iridium quality given its sell price.

Why it’s a Good Option: Although it’s categorized as a forageable item in the fair, truffles have the highest base price among forageables. An Iridium quality truffle can fetch the maximum points.

Rainbow Shell

Rainbow_Shell Stardew Valley

Finding Conditions: Rainbow Shells appear on the beach during the Summer. They are relatively rare compared to other forageable items found on the beach.

Sell Price: 300g (Normal), 375g (Silver), 450g (Gold), 600g (Iridium).

Points: Up to 8 points for Iridium quality given its sell price.

Why it’s a Good Option: The Rainbow Shell stands out with its vibrant colors and is one of the most valuable forageable items from the beach. Securing an Iridium quality Rainbow Shell for the Grange Display can be a great way to maximize points from the foraging category, especially if a player has one left over from summer.

Purple Mushroom

Purple_Mushroom Stardew Valley

Finding Conditions: The Purple Mushroom can be found in the Mines between levels 81-119 or from tilling in the Mines. It can also appear in the Secret Woods during the Fall or at the player’s farm cave should they opt for the mushroom option.

Sell Price: 250g (Normal), 312g (Silver), 375g (Gold), 500g (Iridium).

Points: Up to 8 points for Iridium quality given its sell price.

Why it’s a Good Option: Being among the higher-selling forage items, the Purple Mushroom is valuable, especially at Iridium quality. While it’s somewhat rarer than other forageables, it can offer high points for the Grange Display.

5. Best Items for the Animal Product Category

Player with milk animal product stardew valley
Collecting a Large Milk

The overall best Animal Product for the grange display is the Rabbit’s Foot. This unique item not only earns eight points, but also serves various functions within the game, from gifting to crafting.

New players might prefer the large milk. An iridium quality milk can still get 8 points and a player doesn’t need an upgraded barn to house cows. This makes milk a dependable choice for the Grange Display.

Rabbit’s Foot

Rabbit's_Foot Stardew Valley
  • Conditions to Obtain: Keep a rabbit in a deluxe barn. There’s a daily chance it will produce a Rabbit’s Foot, especially when the rabbit is happier.
  • Sell Price: 565g (Normal), 706g (Silver), 847g (Gold), 1,130g (Iridium).
  • Points: Up to 8 points for Iridium quality due to its sell price.
  • Why it’s a Good Option: The Rabbit’s Foot is not only one of the highest-selling animal products, but it also has certain versatility in the game as both a loved gift and a unique crafting ingredient.

Duck’s Feather

Duck_Feather Stardew Valley
  • Conditions to Obtain: Keep ducks in a deluxe coop. They occasionally produce Duck Feathers, with frequency increasing as the duck becomes happier.
  • Sell Price: 375g (Normal), 468g (Silver), 562g (Gold), 750g (Iridium).
  • Points: Can score up to 8 points at Iridium quality.
  • Why it’s a Good Option: While not as lucrative as the Rabbit’s Foot, the Duck Feather still holds a high sell value, which makes it a valuable contender for the Grange Display.

Large Milk

Large_Milk Stardew Valley
  • Conditions to Obtain: Milk a cow that lives in a Big Barn or better. A happier cow is more likely to produce Large Milk.
  • Sell Price: 190g (Normal), 237g (Silver), 285g (Gold), 380g (Iridium).
  • Points: Can attain up to 6 points at Gold quality and 8 at Iridium.
  • Why it’s a Good Option: Cows are among the first animals new players can raise, making Large Milk a more accessible high-point option. Plus, with regular care, cows can consistently produce this item, ensuring a steady flow of valuable products for the Grange Display and other purposes.

6. Best Items for the Artisan Goods Category

Player collecting artisan wine stardew valley
Collecting Wine from Kegs

The overall best Artisan Good for the grange display is Starfruit Wine. It stands as the ultimate artisan product for the Grange Display. When transformed into wine, its exceptional selling price ensures top points, especially if showcased in iridium quality.

New players might prefer Cheese. Easily crafted from cow’s milk, which is among the initial resources players have access to, cheese provides a straightforward and consistent boost to any Grange Display score.

Starfruit Wine

Wine Stardew Valley
  • Processing: Place Starfruit in a Keg.
  • Sell Price: 2,250g (Normal), 2,812g (Silver), 3,375g (Gold), 4,500g (Iridium).
  • Points: Iridium-quality Starfruit Wine can net you the maximum of 8 points due to its high selling price.
  • Why it’s a Top Choice: As one of the most valuable items in Stardew Valley, Starfruit Wine not only offers great profits but also secures top points in the Grange Display.

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Truffle Oil

Truffle_Oil Stardew Valley
  • Processing: Place a Truffle in an Oil Maker.
  • Sell Price: 1,065g.
  • Points: The high base price ensures a good score, with potential for 8 points at iridium quality.
  • Why it’s a Great Option: Truffles are obtained from pigs, making Truffle Oil a high-value product without relying on crop seasons.

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Cheese Stardew Valley
  • Processing: Place Milk in a Cheese Press.
  • Sell Price: 230g (Regular Cheese), 300g (Gold Quality), 460g (Iridium Quality).
  • Points: Cheese, especially of higher quality, can secure a good number of points, making it a worthy contender.
  • Why it’s a Great Option: Cows are among the first animals available to new players, making Cheese a feasible and lucrative choice early in the game.

7. Best Items for the Minerals Category

Player finding diamonds in the mines stardew valley
Finding a Diamond in the Mines

The overall best mineral for the Grange Display is the Diamond. This sparkling gemstone represents the pinnacle of mining success in Stardew Valley. Given its hefty base selling price, a Diamond guarantees 6 points for your display, solidifying its status as the top mineral option.

New players might gravitate towards the Ruby. This radiant red gem can ensure up to 4 points. Located in the Mines, especially from level 80 onwards, the Ruby offers budding miners a chance to showcase a valuable find. Its consistent presence deep within the mines positions it as a more accessible high-point option for newcomers.


Diamond Stardew Valley
  • Source: Found in the Mines starting at level 50 and more frequently at deeper levels. They are also discovered in Omni Geodes.
  • Sell Price: 750g.
  • Points: A Diamond will fetch 6 points given its base price.
  • Why it’s a Good Option: Diamonds are the most valuable regular mineral, offering significant point potential for the Grange Display.


Emerald Stardew Valley
  • Source: Primarily found in the Mines, especially between levels 80 to 120.
  • Sell Price: 250g.
  • Points: An Emerald will secure 4 points.
  • Why it’s a Good Option: While not as valuable as Diamonds, Emeralds still provide a respectable point count for the fair.


Ruby Stardew Valley
  • Source: Found in the Mines starting at level 80 and more frequently in deeper levels. They can also be discovered in Omni Geodes.
  • Sell Price: 250g.
  • Points: A Ruby will earn 4 points, similar to Emeralds.
  • Why it’s a Good Option: Rubies, like Emeralds, are valuable and can be found at similar levels in the Mines. They provide another solid choice for those venturing into the Mines’ deeper levels without reaching the very bottom.

8. Best Items for the Cooking Category

Player with pink cake Stardew Valley
Pink Cake

The overall best dish for the Grange Display is the Fish Taco. With its 500g price tag, it’s set to clinch a maximum of 6 points, making it the pièce de résistance of culinary choices for the fair.

New players might prefer the Red Plate. It’s Made simply from Red Cabbage and Radish, it holds a respectable value of 400g, which can earn 6 points. This dish offers a blend of accessibility and good value, ensuring it’s a popular and consistent choice for the Grange Display.

Fish Taco

Fish_Taco Stardew Valley
  • Recipe: Tuna (1), Tortilla (1), Red Cabbage (1), and Mayonnaise (1).
  • Sell Price: 500g.
  • Points: Tied with the Pink Cake in value, it can also earn a maximum of 6 points.
  • Why it’s a Good Option: The Fish Taco, with its vibrant ingredients, is not only a treat for the eyes but also a high-value dish for the Grange Display.

Pink Cake

Pink cake stardew valley
  • Recipe: Melon (1), Wheat Flour (1), Sugar (1), and Egg (1).
  • Sell Price: 480g.
  • Points: Given its impressive price, it can secure a maximum of 6 points.
  • Why it’s a Good Option: The Pink Cake, being one of the highest-priced dishes, is an elite choice for the Grange Display in the cooking category. Its delightful appearance and value make it an attractive addition.

Red Plate

Red_Plate Stardew Valley
  • Recipe: Red Cabbage (1) and Radish (1).
  • Sell Price: 400g.
  • Points: This dish can earn up to 6 points.
  • Why it’s a Good Option: The Red Plate, while not the most expensive dish, is relatively simpler to make and still brings a good amount of value to the Grange Display. Its vibrant hue and the fact that it can be made with just two ingredients make it an accessible and attractive choice for players.

A Winning Combo for the Last Minute Participant

Last minute grange display Stardew Valley
Last Minute Combo

Just found out about the Grange Display, and don’t have weeks to grow different crops? We have you sorted. Below are products that you can gather in just a day.

All fish and foraged items below are available during Fall, and the artisan goods only take a few hours to make compared to wine which takes days. We’ve assumed iridium quality for the fish and foraged items as this is more easily attainable. To guarantee iridium foraged items, choose the botanist profession. To guarantee iridium quality fish, get a perfect score at the mini-game by not letting the fish out of your bar.

  1. Catfish: Found fishing in the river during rain in Fall. Iridium quality yields 8 points.
  2. Diamond: From the mines or a crystalarium, it’s worth 6 points.
  3. Lava Eel: Caught in the lava lake of the mines. Iridium quality can get 8 points.
  4. Walleye: Caught in various water bodies when it’s raining. Iridium quality fetches 8 points.
  5. Cheese: Produced from cow’s milk using a cheese press. Gold quality yields 6 points.
  6. Mayo: Made using an egg in the mayonnaise machine. Gold quality gets 6 points.
  7. Large Milk: From cows, of course. At Iridium quality, it gives 8 points.
  8. Purple Mushroom: Iridium quality with the Botanist Profession ensures 8 points.
  9. Chanterelle Mushroom: Iridium quality with the Botanist Profession gets 8 points.

Points Breakdown:

Items’ Total: 66 points. Participation: 14 points. 9 Items Entered: 9 points. Fulfilled Categories (Foraging, Fish, Minerals, Animal Products, Artisan Goods): 25 points.

Grand Total: 114.

Tips to Choose the Combos that Works for You

Character confused at the grange display stardew valley
Deciding What to Put in the Grange Display

While the above lists are the best choices, in reality, many players may not have the resources to display the best item from every category. At the end of the day, there are many different winning combos and it all comes down to one’s playing style.

Make Tactical Choices

Given that you only need to represent six out of eight categories, decide which categories you can potentially skip. If you have multiple iridium-quality items from a single category, it might be worth using two slots for that category, especially if another category would have had a lower-quality item.

Additionally, minerals and dishes don’t vary in quality and can only reach a maximum of 6 points. Therefore, some players choose to forgo these categories when they have fruits, vegetables and fish that are iridium level.

Analyze the Competition

By understanding what Pierre, Marnie, and Willy typically showcase, you can strategically focus on your best items. For example, to outdo Pierre’s diversified high-quality crops, you might want to showcase more iridium-quality items, whether they’re from farming, fishing, or animal products.

Know your Strengths

If your passion lies in tending to crops, let your display burst with vibrant, high-quality fruits and vegetables. For those who’ve braved the depths of the mines, precious minerals might be your star items. Fishing aficionados could flaunt their best catches, while animal lovers might lean on luxurious products from their barn and coop.

The key is to understand where your strengths lie and curate a collection that proudly represents your time and effort in the valley. After all, a personalized display tailored to your experiences often resonates more than a generic high-point setup.

Beginners Should Focus on Farming and Fishing

For beginners in Stardew Valley, focusing on farming and fishing can be a wise strategy for the Grange Display. The early stages of the game don’t readily provide access to high-quality animal products or artisan goods, as they require investment in resources and time.

By dedicating efforts to cultivating quality crops and reeling in valuable fish, newcomers can maximize their potential points. This dual focus not only capitalizes on the more immediate returns these areas offer but also lays a foundation for diversified success in future years.

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