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50 Best Marvel Tattoos That Are Worthy of Any Superhero

50 Best Marvel Tattoos That Are Worthy of Any Superhero

Whether you grew up with the comic books or the movies have become an important part of your life over the last 15 years, Marvel and its memorable characters are very important to many of us.

We identify with the characters, themes, and personal challenges that are explored on a grand scale in the Marvel universe. Consequently, Marvel has also become a popular tattoo theme.

Whatever your reason for wanting to permanently immortalize something from Marvel as a piece of living art, you will want to find the perfect design to etch into your skin!

Check out our list of 50 of the best and most impressive Marvel tattoos below for some artistic inspiration!

1. Captain America Throwing Shield

Captain America is one of the most popular characters from the Marvel universe. This transformation from a little guy with a big heart who just wants to do the right thing to a superhero is truly inspiring.

He is the shield that protects the little guy, and his shield is his most iconic weapon. This arm tattoo shows comic book Captain America throwing his shield as he charges into battle.

2. Older Captain America

His long life means that Captain America has seen the world change over the years. But while technology and fashions change, humanity doesn’t. He’s had many friends and lost many friends.

This arm tattoo shows a slightly older Captain America from the comic books with a serious look as he is called on to fight yet again. His fight will never end, no matter how much he loses along the way.

3. Captain America Profile

This arm tattoo shows Captain America from the cinematic universe in profile, mentally preparing himself for his next battle. It is a moody black-and-white image.

Captain America represents a hero who is always guided by his moral compass, even when it is difficult. He keeps his ego in check as he never forgets where he came from.

4. Worthy Captain America

Source: @alexbartist

Captain America showed himself worthy before he got his superpowers when he threw himself on what he thought was a live grenade during military training to try and save the people around him.

His character was confirmed as worthy in Avengers: Age of Ultron when he was able to pick up Thor’s Hammer to fight Ultron. Here he appears with his shield in one hand and Thor’s hammer in the other.

5. Captain America the Thunderer

All the Avengers tried to lift Thor’s hammer, which Odin enchanted so that it could only be wielded by the worthy. But it was only Captain America who managed to lift it. He later used the weapon in the battle against Ultron.

A true hero in both body and spirit, this moody arm tattoo shows Captain America in profile with Thor’s hammer in hand. Lightning sizzles from the hammer. Imagine if he spent a bit more time bonding with Mjolnir!

6. Captain America and Iron Man

Captain America and Iron Man are two of the most popular Avengers, and the banter and conflict between them is the principal dynamic in the group. Both want to do the right thing but have different ideas of what that is.

This leg tattoo shows detailed portraits of both Cap and Iron Man in black and white. They are painted into a coherent image with the universe, the Avengers symbol, and the Marvel logo.

7. Color Iron Man Tattoo

This colorful Iron Man tattoo on the arm looks like something directly out of the comic books. His red and gold super suit makes for a striking image.

We love Iron Man because he made himself a superhero with brains and determination. Tony Stark helps us believe that we are all capable of being something more.

8. Iron Man Portrait

This colorful tattoo shows the head of the Iron Man helmet in profile in a cool graffiti style.

The helmet manages to convey a stoic look, which has more meaning now that we know the sacrifices Tony Stark was willing to make to finally defeat Thanos.

9. Stark Industries

Source: @nalsuntattoo

At the center of the Avengers is Stark Industries, which equips the team with its cool kit and finances the operation.

This arm tattoo shows Tony Stark as Iron Man, leaping into action with the Stark Industries logo above his head. Two of his closest allies, Captain America and Black Widow, look out from the background.

10. Tony Stark

Source: @tomas_wt

Tony Stark is Iron Man. He used his intellect and personal fortune to transform himself into a superhero and voluntarily embraced the weight of protecting the world.

This colorful arm tattoo celebrates the many aspects of the character. Tony Stark is at the bottom of the arm, rising up to Iron Man in action, and then the Iron Man helmet.

11. Moody Iron Man Tattoo

Source: @luigimansi_

This arm tattoo creates a cool contrast with a black and white background for a colorful Iron Man image. The background includes the Avengers symbol and Thor summoning lightning with his hammer.

Fan favorite Iron Man is at the front of the action, blasting into action with the glove of his super suit. The artist has made it look like the hand is lit up.

12. Angry Hulk

Many of us can identify with the Hulk. We all have dangerous personality traits inside of us that we struggle to control, but which can also be a source of strength.

This artist has perfectly captured the Hulk, portrayed by Mark Ruffalo in this black-and-white arm portrait. The details of the muscles are particularly striking.

13. Hulk and Captain America

Source: @azumi_ink

The Hulk and Captain America can seem like opposites within the Avengers team. The Hulk is all strength and emotions, while Captain America is compassionate and thoughtful.

This calf tattoo unites the two, with a detailed Hulk portrait at the top and Captain America charging into battle with his shield at the bottom.

14. Emerging Hulk Tattoo

The Hulk is a different character that emerges from Bruce Banner when he is unable to control his emotional state.

This calf tattoo shows the Hulk emerging from the skin, representing the Hulk that we all have inside of us.

15. Thor God of Thunder

Thor is one of the characters that go through the most significant transformations in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He starts as a self-entitled princeling and evolves into someone who has lost everything but is still willing to fight for what is right.

This arm tattoo shows Thor near the end of his evolution, where he is wielding Stormbreaker against Thanos rather than Mjolnir. The tattoo shines with lightning and power.

16. Spiderman Portrait

Source: @diego_joey

Spiderman is one of the most beloved Marvel characters as he tries to balance being a superhero with standard teenage drama. Plus, we all love his witty banter.

This arm tattoo shows Spiderman from the comic books in striking red, exploding out of the arm as he swings into action.

17. Swinging Spiderman

Who doesn’t love watching Spiderman swing between New York buildings with his web? We all wanted to be Spiderman when we were young.

This cool red and black Spiderman tattoo shows the webbed Avenger in action as he easily glides through the air.

18. Realistic Spiderman Tattoo

The more realistic your tattoo, the more it draws attention. This Spiderman tattoo looks almost like a photo, and the web seems to shine on the skin.

This is Spiderman from the Cinematic universe using the suit given to him by Tony Stark. We’ll never forget when Tony told him: “if you are nothing without the suit, then you shouldn’t have it.”

19. Doctor Strange and the Avengers

Is Doctor Strange your favorite Avenger? This cool leg tattoo focuses on Doctor Strange, his hands acting to gain access to the power of the Time Stone.

This creates a broken glass motif showing possible futures. Visible around Doctor Strange and in the glass is the other Avengers.

20. Doctor Strange and the Time Stone

This incredible colorful tattoo features Doctor Strange in action as he accesses the power of the Time Stone.

The tattoo incorporates a lot of ancient symbology and a colorful splash to represent the magic wielded by the Avenger.

21. Captain America Shield

This Captain America tattoo is perfectly minimalist. It shows Captain America’s shield with splashes of color.

This is the symbol that represents Cap, and it is as unbreakable as his moral code and his heart.

22. Thor’s Hammer

If you love Thor but want a more minimalist tattoo, there is no better way to represent him than with his hammer.

It represents his power, and also the character’s evolution as it is when he is separated from his hammer that he must learn to rely on himself.

23. Loki’s Helmet

Are you a fan of the Asgardian trickster with a hidden heart? His horned helmet is one of the most iconic elements of the character.

This minimalist tattoo recreates the helmet and is embellished with a splash of green, Loki’s signature character.

24. Scarlet Witch

Created from the Mind Stone, the Scarlet Witch, Wanda Maximoff, is one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel universe. We still have not explored the limits of her powers.

She loves with all her heart, which means that she also mourns with all her heart. Watching her deal with her sacrifice in Wanda Vision has been compelling. This tattoo shows Wanda at her most powerful.

25. Wanda and Vision

The relationship between Wanda Maximoff and Vision was a bit of a surprise when it emerged, but then became one of the most important romantic connections in the Marvel Universe.

The spin-off TV show Wanda Vision has made these two of the most popular characters, and this hear tattoo is the perfect tribute to the characters and pure love.

26. Black Panther

Source: @ikostattoo

Wakanda Forever! Black Panther is a hero to many. He represents black power and has given many young people a superhero they can identify with.

This tattoo shows Black Panther in his vibranium suit, ready to pounce into battle. The black and shining blue make a great contrast against the skin.

27. Deadpool Portrait

Source: @ikostattoo

Deadpool is the ultimate antihero. He is out for revenge and does the right thing when it suits him. He doesn’t conform to anyone else’s idea of a hero.

This tattoo captures the irreverent nature of the character as he confirms “I’m good” after being shot in the head. Nothing stops Deadpool!

28. Sarcastic Deadpool

One of the most important elements of the Deadpool character is his sarcasm.

In this dark tattoo, Deadpool strikes a classic pose as his hands jump to his face in mock surprise.

29. Deadpool and Groot

Source: @dave.baloun

This playful tattoo brings together characters from different parts of the Marvel universe: Deadpool and Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy.

Deadpool holds baby Groot in his hand and holds a gun to his head. It is not hard to imagine the antihero doing this, but we think Groot has some tricks up his sleeve.

30. Worthy

Thor’s Hammer became a way of representing someone with a worthy heart, and when Captain America was able to swing it, we all cheered.

This Tattoo celebrates that theme with the hammer and Cap’s shield. But we also see the jet made by Tony Stark, and the plant that grows up and combines the elements reminds us of Groot.

31. Stormbreaker

When Thor lost his hammer, he knew he would need a weapon to face Thanos. He got the axe Stormbreaker.

This tattoo represents the weapon with classic Nordic symbols, including half the Norse Compass symbol. The small text references Odin’s enchantment of Mjolnir that it only submits to one who is worthy.

32. King Thanos

Source: @soya_tattoos

This colorful tattoo reimagines Thanos as a mafia-style king with smoke escaping from his mouth and the Infinity Stones on his fingers in big rings.

While Thanos is certainly the villain of the piece, it is hard to deny his determination. This is why the character is so menacing; he thinks he is right.

33. Comic Thanos

Source: @daneinks

Thanos is one of the best villains in the Marvel universe. He is powerful, and he thinks that he is right and justified in his actions.

This tattoo recreates Thanos from the comic books. He has the complete Infinity Gauntlet and is closing his hand, ready to force his will onto the universe.

34. Thanos and Thor

Source: @artfaktorsms

While Thor regretted killing Thanos on Titan, it was one of the most iconic moments in the film. It represented a loss of hope but also the start of a new journey.

This tattoo shows a menacing Thanos looking out in anger. Below him, Thor calls upon his power, preparing to face his greatest enemy.

35. Rocket Raccoon

Rocket Raccoon is the classic underdog who should never have made it in life but refused to give up. Despite the world rarely doing anything for him, he has a big heart.

This tattoo shows Ricjet Raccoon wielding one of his favorite big guns, probably ready to defend someone he cares about.

36. Groot


We are left to guess much about Groot since we cannot understand his language. Everything he says sounds like “I am Groot.” We cried when he sacrificed himself and laughed throughout his rebirth and growth.

This detailed black-and-white tattoo shows a growing Groot looking out with his kind heart.

37. Mantis

Source: @adrienn.kern

Mantis is an underutilized character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and is explored in much more depth in the comics. She is an empath and a master fighter.

This arm tattoo looks moody in black and green. Mantis looks out like she is ready to touch someone and read their emotions.

38. Yondu

Source: @doku_tattoo

Yondu is a space pirate with hidden depths in Guardians of the Galaxy. Plus he has a cool glowing mohawk and can control arrows with his mind.

Yondu’s blue skin and red mohawk made a great contrast for a colorful and rare Marvel tattoo.

39. Ultron

Before there was Thanos, there was Ultron. Humanity made Ultron and failed to live up to his expectations, so he decided to destroy them. He was obsessed with self-improvement.

Ultron’s vibranium body with shining power sources makes a dynamic tattoo ideal for the perfectionist and self-improver.

40. Venom

Venom is a symbiote that bonds with Eddie Brock to make a kind of schizophrenic superhero. We can all identify with the struggle between power and sanity.

Venom manifests as a black, globulous being. It makes a perfect black-and-white tattoo, the tongue licking across the arm muscle.

41. Venom Comic

Source: @kengreentats

This tattoo recreates Venom from the comic books in oily black with green touches looking like a reflective light.

This is a great tattoo if you feel like you are accompanied by your internal demon that is itching to break through your skin.

42. Nick Fury

Nick Fury can sometimes feel like the manager, administrator, or even the HR officer for the Avengers team. But he does it with style and flair. No one questions him, despite not having superpowers.

A moody black-and-white Fury looks out from his tattoo, complete with signature eye patch.

43. Moon Knight

Source: @ikostattoo

Marc Spector is brought back to life by Khonsu in exchange for acting as an avatar for the ancient Egyptian power seeking vengeance. What would you do for eternal life?

This colorful tattoo recreates Moon Knight from the comics, wrapped in the signature mummy wrap of the character.

44. Wolverine

Source: @barber_dts

Wolverine is the most popular of Marvel’s X-Men. He has the power to heal, is long-lived, and adamantium skeleton and claws. He is a hero that doesn’t need to be holier than thou!

Wolverine’s yellow and blue costume makes for a dynamic tattoo. His claws look like they are cutting through the skin.

45. Magneto and the X-Men

Magneto is the kind of villain that you can empathize with. He was persecuted for being a Jew as a child, and now that he has power, he won’t let his fellow mutants be persecuted. But where does one draw the moral line?

This X-Men tattoo focuses on Magneto in red and black. Cyclops sits below, and Wolverine’s head emerges from the top.

46. Apocalypse

Apocalypse is the first-ever mutant. He ends up sleeping for thousands of years, only to wake up in a world where humans lead, and mutants are persecuted. He is determined to change that world.

The character’s striking physique makes for an excellent tattoo, and he stares out with his frowning mouth and powerful eyes.

47. Red Avengers

This tattoo assembles the Avengers in a striking red theme. Iron make sits at the bottom near the ankle in his red and gold suit. Above him, Ant-Man stares out from his super suit with red eyes.

Above him, Rocket Raccoon aims his gun, and on top of him, Doctor Strangle looks out with the lapel of his red cape visible. Laser-like red lights zigzag through the characters.

48. Avengers Symbols

All the symbols of the most popular Avengers are brought together in this striking and colorful tattoo.

Captain America’s shield sits in the background, with Thor’s hammer underneath. Iron Man’s helmet looks out, the Hulk’s hand reaches up, and a spider representing Black Widow crawls over the top. Even Hawkeye’s how and arrow make an appearance.

49. Infinity Gauntlet

Source: @inkside.boon

This tattoo represents the Infinity Gauntlet with all its stones. But the image is composed of black tiles that represent the different Avengers.

There is Captain America’s shield, Iron Man’s heart, Black Panther’s helmet, Groot’s face, Hulk’s fist, Thor’s hammer, and much more unique detail.

50. Avengers Symbol

This tattoo is simple but colorful. The Avengers symbol sits at the center in hard black. The Infinity stones are placed around the tattoo, offering bursts of color.

The stones represent the important elements of the universe: Mind, Space, Reality, Power, Time, and Soul.