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25 Best Venom Cake Ideas for Birthdays and Events

25 Best Venom Cake Ideas for Birthdays and Events

Venom has become almost as popular as Spiderman! The symbiote merged with Spiderman and absorbed his powers before moving and making other matches.

Those who like the darker side of the Marvel universe will be overjoyed to receive a Venom-themed cake.

Get some inspiration from the 25 fantastic Venom cake designs below.

1. Simple Venom Tongue Cake

The most distinctive things about Venom are his slick black outfit, razor-sharp teeth, and lizard tongue.

This cake combines these elements on a simple round design that uses flat icing with a big protruding and sugary tongue!

2. Simple Iced Venom Cake

This simple cake uses royal icing to create a distinctive Venom design with black icing and grey details.

An extra long and thick tongue lies on top of the cake and invites eaters to lick their lips.

3. Venom Side Icing Cake

This simple white cake has a Venom character iced on the side in gooey black icing.

A 3D hand emerges from the side of the cake. It makes it look like he is crawling out, like something from a nightmare.

4. Venom Mask Cake

This cake recreates Venom’s masked head in 3D with realistic razor teeth and protruding tongue.

When done right, the 3D cake and the void of the mouth will impress guests before they tuck in.

5. Flat Venom Mask Cake

This cake is made into a face shape, ready to be iced in Venom-style icing, which is all black with white and red details.

The curly tongue emerging from the mouth and the razor-sharp teeth invoke the character, which looks out from large, white-masked eyes.

6. Venom Bust Cake

This cake is a work of art that recreates Venom’s head, attached to a simple cake by the character’s signature tentacles.

The open mouth and the protruding tongue look kind of impossible and will leave guests talking about this cake for years to come.

7. Venom Action Figure Topping

This simple black cake is decorated on the side with the Venom mask of big white eyes, an open mouth, sharp teeth, and a long tongue.

On top is an edible Venom action figure. He gives a thumbs up to the birthday boy or girl.

8. Layered Venom Cake

This double-layered cake is dressed in black icing with delicate icing tentacles over the cake.

The bottom layer is decorated with the Spiderman symbol, while the top layer is decorated with the classic Venom mask and protruding tongue.

9. Mini Venom Cake

Source: @hasti_cake

You don’t have to make a huge layered cake to give someone a Venom-themed surprise.

This combines a small red cake and places a realistic-looking edible Venom figure on top as a nice surprise. He sticks his tongue out in birthday festivities.

10. Venom Cupcake

Source: @melinkamx

Want to make a small surprise for someone special in your life? Make them a delicious cupcake with some very special icing.

This cupcake is decorated with a baby Venom who is enjoying a cupcake himself, licking his lips in delight.

11. Layered Venom Cake

The two layers of this Venom cake let you explore a few different themes related to the character.

The top layer is decorated in red and black webs, invoking both Spiderman and Carnage, one of Venom’s symbiote offspring.

The lower layer is decorated in Venom black, and a Venom face is sat on the side with his tongue sticking out.

12. Emerging Venom Cake

An edible Venom figure pops out of the top of this two-layered cake like a jack in the box.

The bottom layer is decorated in a half-Venom half-Spiderman theme, while the top layer uses black Venom icing and features the special number for the birthday boy or girl.

13. Venom Tentacles Cake

Source: @bonbakery

A realistic Venom-shaped 3D cake head sits on top of a standard cake.

It is not just the detail of the head that looks great; it is also the tentacle-style icing that connects the two halves of this themed masterpiece.

14. Skull-Style Venom Cake

Source: @leemz55

This cake explored the dark side of the Venom world by creating a unique Venom skull face.

The red icing invokes both Spiderman and blood, and a Venom tongue sticks out of a mouth with razor-sharp teeth dripping in sugary blood icing.

15. Spiderman and Venom Layered Cake

Spiderman and Venom go hand in hand, and they also look great on a cake together. This layered cake looks like it has Spiderman icing covered by thick black tentacle Venom icing.

Black chocolate pieces explode from the top of the cake around a half-Spiderman half-Venom mask.

16. Spiderman and Venom Cake

Source: @slodkarkurka

This cake places a half-Spiderman and half-Venom mask on the side of the cake, with the red of Spiderman contrasting with Venom’s black.

The cake itself is black with tentacle icing decorations, and a classic Venom tongue curls out of Venom’s mouth.

17. Spiderman and Venom Flat Cake

This flat, face-shaped cake is divided and decorated to show half of Spiderman’s mask and half of Venom’s.

It looks special thanks to the detail of Venom’s razor teeth and lizard-like tongue.

18. Spiderman and Venom Bust Cake

This layered cake is topped with an incredible-looking 3D head that will leave guests wondering how you did it.

The cake is divided in two, half decorated for Venom and half decorated for Spiderman. Guests can choose which side they are on.

19. Kids Spiderman and Venom Cake

This Spiderman and Venom cake is made just for kids with its cute but edible bobblehead-style figures on top.

The cake itself is also iced in fun blue and red, with cartoon-style icing making webs, stars, and spiders!

20. Venom Tearaway Cake

When Spiderman freed himself of Venom’s influence, he had to tear Venom away from himself. This cake captures that moment.

You can see a Spiderman cake underneath with a Venom layer peeling off as Spiderman finds liberty and Venom moves on to find a new host.

21. Venom and Carnage Layered Cake

This cake brings together two of the most popular symbiotes, Venom and Carnage, each with its own layer.

The baker has iced their faces onto the side of the cake, and Venom’s tongue curls around the side.

22. Melting Venom and Carnage Cake

Source: @natasciacake

Venom and the other symbiotes often look like they are melting around their hosts, and this cake invokes that theme.

The cake is divided between Venom and Carnage, but rather than a clean division, they melt into one another and into the cake.

23. Venom Lego Cake

This cake celebrates with the LEGO version of your favorite characters. The cake is shaped to look like a classic Lego head.

The cake is divided in two, and half is decorated to look like Venom, and the other half is like Carnage, each with a distinctive LEGO design.

24. Carnage Figure Cake

Source: @ta.yaki

Carnage might be more powerful than Venom and certainly more popular with some fans.

This simple Venom-red cake is decorated with a detailed Carnage figure ready to fly into a fight. The name of the birthday girl is framed by Carnage’s teeth!

25. Venom Superheroes Cake

Is Venom only one of their favorite superheroes? Why not make a complete superhero cake?

This one features a lower cake divided into quadrants and decorated with symbols from your favorite characters. The top layer is divided between Spiderman and Venom.