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20 Best Venom Quotes: The Antihero in Action!

20 Best Venom Quotes: The Antihero in Action!

The problem with heroes is that sometimes they can be a little too good and too moral. Many of us prefer our characters with a darker side and a bit more edge. This is why Venom is such a popular character.

He’s got cool powers and saves the world, but we also appreciate the struggle between the all-too-human Eddie Brock and the instinctively violent symbiote.

Tom Hardy’s portrayal of Venom has created one of the most popular characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the dark and irreverent tone of the movie has given us some of the funniest and most challenging scenes in the franchise.

Below are 20 of the best and most memorable quotes from Venom (2018).

1. “I told you I’m going to do my job.” – Eddie Brock

Early in the film, Brock is sent to do an interview with Carlton Drake. His employers want a puff piece, and his girlfriend, who is involved in a legal case with Drake, wants him to take it easy.

But Brock refuses to commit to these paths, suggesting he strongly believes in the responsibility of reporters to expose corruption and lies.

2. “They try and silence those of us who ask questions. But you know what? In the end, we’re the ones who change the world.” – Carlton Drake

Drake seems idealistic near the beginning of the film and encourages a group of children to ask questions and be curious.

3. “Have a nice life.” – Carlton Drake

Drake is unhappy with Eddie’s line of questioning when he accuses him of conducting dangerous scientific experiments.

Drake ends the interview and utters these words to Eddie in a threatening way, and then goes on to ruin Eddie’s life.

Venom will use these exact same words when he kills Carlton along with the Riot symbiote.

4. “Can you turn your music down, please? Cause I’m having a really hard time.” – Eddie Brock

Initially, when Eddie came into contact with Venom, he did not know what was happening, but he was not feeling good!

The noise being made by his electric guitar-playing neighbor did not help, and he had to confront him. When the neighbor was unreceptive, Venom scared him by showing his true face.

5. “P**sy” – Venom

When Eddie feels like his life is over after his career is destroyed by Carlton Drake, he thinks about throwing himself off a building.

Venom, already with Eddie, suggests that he go ahead. The screen then cuts away to Eddie in the elevator, and Venom lets him know what he thinks of his courage.

6. “You are a loser, Eddie.” – Venom

When Eddie starts to freak out when together with the Venom symbiote they eat someone’s head, Venom reminds Eddie that he is failing in life and he’s a “loser”.

Why continue the relationship with the symbiote? Because he has nothing without him!

7. “This is dead. Dead!” – Eddie Brock

This scene stands out as both Eddie and Venom, crashing Eddie’s ex-girlfriend’s date, try to battle for control and take turns saying things that seem crazy to onlookers.

Venom grabs a steak off the plate of a passing waiter and bites into it and spits it out only to proclaim that the meat is dead! This also reveals that Venom needs a diet of living flesh.

8. “We can do whatever we want.” – Venom

Eddie Brock initially tries to keep the Venom symbiote under control by laying down ground rules based on social norms.

Venom shows Eddie just how little power he has by throwing him up against the wall. He points out that the same rules don’t apply to an extraordinary being like them.

9. “God has abandoned us. He didn’t keep his end of the bargain.” – Carlton Drake

Carlton Drake justifies using a man named Isaac as a lab rat in his symbiote experiments by telling the story of Isaac from the Bible.

While this story momentarily boosted Isaac’s confidence, he was killed by the symbiote almost immediately.

10. “I’m sorry about your friends.” – Eddie Brock

When Carlton Drake realizes that the symbiote Venom is missing, he sends a security team to find it, and they end up encountering Eddie.

Venom quickly takes out the security team, leaving his new host bewildered. In a funny moment, he apologizes to one of the conscious members of the security team about what happened to the rest.

11. “You are welcome.” – Venom

When Venom saved Eddie from drones sent by armed mercenaries, Eddie thanks the symbiote quite politely for the first time.

Venom has an equally polite response. It is an important moment in their relationship, and also very funny.

12. “No! You do not touch him. He is my friend.” – Eddie Brock

Before becoming Venom, Eddie was friends with the security guard Richard at his old work.

He returns to his place of employ, Richard blocks his path and Venom suggests eating him. Eddie puts his foot down in this case.

13. “You cannot just go around eating anybody you want to.” – Eddie Brock

Eddie comes to accept that Venom needs to eat humans, but that doesn’t mean that he should just eat any human.

In this conversation, Eddie convinces Venom that he should choose who they should consider an enemy, and therefore edible.

14. “The power, it’s not completely awful.” – Anne Weying

When Venom and Eddie are split by a hospital MRI machine, the symbiote briefly bonds with Anne Weying.

This helps her to understand what Eddie has been going through and why he has been acting so strangely. She admitted that she understood the allure of the power offered by the symbiote.

15. “Giant leaps will always come at a cost.” – Carlton Drake

Carlton Drake is a scientist responsible for unleashing the symbiotes on earth.

He is aware of the sacrifices being made to further his dreams of helping humanity exploit the cosmos, but he suggests that it will all be worth the cost.

16. “Your world is not so ugly after all. I’m almost sorry to see it end.” – Venom

Initially, Venom doesn’t want to hang around on Earth but he wants to return to his own planet on Carlton Drake’s rocket.

But as he bonds with Eddie and sees the world, he decides he kind of likes it. He also thinks that the Earth is doomed since Riot plans to lead an invasion of symbiotes.

17. “Oh f**k it, let’s go save the planet.” – Eddie Brock

When Eddie asks Venom what their chances against Riot are, Venom confirms they are pretty much zero.

Eddie is reluctant but gives in to the fact that he is now a hero and he must do something. His response is infinitely relatable.

18. “Told you.” – Venom

Eddie Brock thought that he had a pretty good understanding of symbiotes thanks to his time with Venom, but Venom warned him that Riot would be very different.

This proved true when Riot turned his hand into a massive scythe. After Eddie’s surprised and scared response, Venom took the opportunity to say “I told you so”.

19. “We are Venom.” – Venom and Eddie Brock

Most of the film is a struggle for Eddie and Venom to find a balance, which they eventually do.

Eddie starts to realize and appreciate when Venom is hungry, and the two track down a criminal for lunch.

20. “There’s going to be Carnage.” – Cletus Kassidy

In a post-credit scene, Eddie Brock meets the serial killer Cletus Kasady for an interview.

Cletus utters these words to Eddie, referencing the character of the symbiote that he will bond with.