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Does Gaara Die in Naruto Shippuden?

Does Gaara Die in Naruto Shippuden?

Being the Jinchuriki of Shukaku, the one tail beast, Gaara faced the death penalty when he battled the Akatsuki and eventually had his bijuu extracted. Does this extraction lead to the demise of Gaara?

Gaara died in Naruto Shippuden after his tailed beast, Shukaku, was extracted from his body by the Akatsuki members. However, an elder from the village named Chiyo sacrifices her life to revive him. Gaara dies in episode 17 of Naruto Shippuden, titled “The Death of Gaara.”

Sasori and Deidara (Akatsuki members) attacked the hidden village on a mission to kidnap Gaara. As the village’s Kazekage, Gaara fought the intruders to defend his village, but he couldn’t go all out as he had to look out for his people.

He was eventually defeated and taken to the Akatsuki temporary hideout to extract Shukaku and seal it inside of the Gedo Statue. The extraction process took 3 days and resulted in Gaara dying but he was brought back to life by lady Chiyo.

Why Did Chiyo Revive Gaara?

Chiyo revived Gaara using the One’s Own Life Reincarnation Jutsu to atone for making him a Jinchuriki. When Gaara died, Naruto lashes out and blames her for his death, saying that he would not have died if she had not sealed Shukaku within Gaara. Knowing that he is right, she sacrificed herself to make up for the past.

The One’s Own Life Reincarnation Jutsu is a forbidden Jutsu developed in Sunagakure’s Puppet Brigade. The technique’s initial purpose was to give life to puppets, increasing their efficiency in battle. However, it can also share life force with humans, both the living and the dead.

Using the technique on the living can save and restore the target from fatal damage but will severely drain the user. However, using the technique on the dead will kill the user in exchange for the deceased’s soul. If the user’s chakra is insufficient, a third party can support it, but only the actual user of the Jutsu will die.

Did Gaara get Shukaku Back?

Shukaku's Extraction

Gaara didn’t get Shukaku back. Shukaku was already extracted and sealed inside Gedo Statue, and it’s not possible to return the bijuu even after reviving Gaara.  

Does Gaara Die in the Fourth Great Ninja War?

Gaara Commander in Chief

Gara does not die in the 4th Great Ninja War. He fought against several formidable opponents, including the 4th Kazekage, 2nd Mizukage, 2nd Tsuchikage, and Madara. He did, however, always manage to make it to the end.

The combat with Madara was the most difficult, as Madara defeated all five Kage. Madara doesn’t kill them, but he does put them in a severe condition. Later on, Orochimaru and Karin arrived to heal all of the Kage, allowing them to return to the battlefield.

How Did Gaara Get His Mark?

Gaara's Mark

Some fans speculate that Gaara tattooed the Kanji “ai” on his forehead after realizing nobody loved him and would ever love him. The symbol signifies “love”, as a symbol of a “demon loving only himself.” While some fans believe his mother gave him the mark as a symbol that her love will always protect him.

Did Gaara Become Good?

Gaara became good after Naruto won his heart over and made him realize there’s still a place for Jinchuriki and everything is possible with friends.

Since then, Gaara had thought of Naruto’s words and changed a lot, caring about his friends, protecting those he cared for etc..… And so, he became one of Naruto’s closest friends. Gaara became good in episode 182 of the Naruto: Shippuden anime titled “Gaara’s Bond.”

Is Gaara Alive in Boruto?

Gaara is alive in Boruto. He’s still the Kazekage and has made several appearances in the series.

Gaara is now the foster father of Shinki, a young ninja from Sunagakure. He looks after him like a loving son and has taught him practically all the jutsu he knows. Shinki is likely to easily surpass his father later in the series.

Does Gaara End up With Anyone?

Gaara and Shinki

As far as we know, Gaara is single and has never married in the series. He is, however, a foster father of Shinki, a young ninja from Sunagakure.

Some fans believe Gaara is still struggling to let go of his lonely, unhappy past, which prevents him from genuinely opening his heart to love. As we all know, he’s working on it, but marriage is a big deal.

Does Gaara Die in Boruto?

We’re yet to know if Gaara dies in Boruto. It’s more likely Gaara as a character gets lesser screen time than getting killed. However, we anticipate he will continue to play a part as the Kazekage of Sunagakure in the future plot. Let’s wait and see what Kishimoto has planned for us fans.