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Dragon Ball Z Characters: Heights, Ages and Birthday Analysis

Dragon Ball Z Characters: Heights, Ages and Birthday Analysis

Dragon Ball Z is full of unique, diverse characters, featuring a range of species both from Earth and intergalactic planets.

Many of these characters have had their ages, heights, and birthdays confirmed at some point in the Dragon Ball franchise. But for those characters who do not have such information confirmed, Dragon Ball fans have used context clues to figure out the most likely answers. 

A few time-altering events occur within Dragon Ball Z. Several characters die in the series but are revived. Once they have been revived, their bodies typically appear a year or so older, but they have not aged. 

Some characters train in a Hyperbolic Time Chamber during the Cell Games Saga or are forced into the chamber. This ages their body by a year or two. However, the time has not moved as fast outside of the chamber, so the characters have not aged as much. 

Finally, there is the 10 year time skip at the end of the series which acts as the epilogue.

The whole series takes place over 20 years, with some sagas lasting longer than others. So while characters may appear the same age for longer in the show, most do age at some point before the show’s end. 

Goku is the main protagonist of Dragon Ball Z, starting the series at 24 years old and 5’8.9″ (175 cm).

He both dies a few times and takes part in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. This means that in the Dragon Ball Z epilogue, Goku is 44 years old with the body of a 37 year old.

Gohan is a child at 4 years old when Dragon Ball Z begins, so is only 3’3.9″ (115 cm). But by the end of the show, he is 24 years old (with his body catching up to his real age at various points in the show) and is 5’9.3″ (176 cm). 

Goku’s youngest son Goten is born within the Dragon Ball Z series. Goten becomes a properly established character in the series at 7 years old and 4’0.4″ (123 cm). This makes him 17 years old in the Dragon Ball Z epilogue and roughly 5’7.7″ (172 cm). 

Dragon Ball Z is the 1989 sequel to the original Dragon Ball anime. It takes place 5 or so years after the end of Dragon Ball, when the series’ main character Goku is now a husband and a father. 

The series comes with a whole new variety of enemies, adventures and challenges. But with newfound responsibilities, Goku and his now-adult friends have to find the balance between saving the world and their families. 

Dragon Ball Z Characters Heights, Ages, and Birthday Chart

Listed below are the heights in feet and cm, ages, and birthdays of the Dragon Ball Z main characters at the start of their debut in the show.

You can find the up-to-date ages and heights of any characters that change throughout the show in the text below this table.

Goku5’8.9″ (175 cm)24April 18th
Gohan3’3.9″ (115 cm)4May 18th
Goten4’0.4″ (123 cm)7N/a1
Chi-Chi5’4.2″ (163 cm)23November 5th
Bulma Briefs5’5″ (165 cm)27August 18th
Vegeta5’4.6″ (164 cm)29N/a1
Trunks Brief4’2.8″ (129 cm)8November 21st
Piccolo7’5″ (226 cm)8May 9th
Krillin5’0.2″ (153 cm)25October 29th 
Yamcha6″ (183 cm)28March 20th
Tien Shinhan6’6.1″ (187 cm)28N/a1
Chiaotzu4’6.3″ (138 cm)23N/a1
Yajirobe5’5″ (165 cm)26N/a1
Master Roshi5’5″ (165 cm)331March 20th 
Oolong3’11.6″ (121 cm)21September 23rd
Puar2″ (61 cm)21September 2nd
Turtle2’8.7″ (83 cm)988N/a1
Mr. Satan6’2″ (188 cm)31January 31st
Videl5’1.8″ (157 cm)10March 14th
Android 185’6.5″ (169 cm)20N/a1
Android 17 5’6.9″ (170 cm)20N/a1
Dende4″ (122 cm)5N/a1
Kid Buu4’10.7″ (149 cm)770+May 8th

N/a1 – No official confirmation

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Goku – April 18th


Twitter fans of Dragon Ball Z have agreed that Son Goku’s birthday is April 18th, but there has been no official confirmation. Goku is 24 years old at the start of Dragon Ball Z. Goku remains 5’8.9″ (175 cm) in the Dragon Ball Z series and anime.

As he dies (then is revived) and trains in a time-warping facility for a few years, Goku is 34 years old near the end of Dragon Ball Z. But because of the time distortion, he has the body of a 27 year old. Then, in the epilogue, he is 44 years old with a 37 year old body. 

Even though Goku was immature and naive at the start of the Dragon Ball, by Dragon Ball Z, he is a loving father and husband. He has worked hard to become a good role model for his family. He is willing to sacrifice himself to keep them safe. 

Goku always tries to see the good in people, and it takes a lot for Goku to think that someone is a genuinely bad person. However, there are those who he is willing to defeat to defend the Earth.

It is revealed to Goku early in Dragon Ball Z that he was sent as a tool by The Saiyans to prepare the Earth for their own use. But Goku no longer thinks as The Saiyans do. As Earth’s greatest warrior, Goku does everything he can to protect his home.

Gohan – May 18th


Gohan is only 4 years old when he debuts in Dragon Ball Z, so he is very short at roughly 3’3.9″ (115 cm). Gohan grows to be slightly taller than his father Goku at 5’9.3″ (176 cm). He finishes the series at the same age as Goku when Dragon Ball Z started: 24 years old. 

Because Gohan is only a small child when Dragon Ball Z begins, he develops a lot as a character.

Compared to Goku when he was a child, Gohan is a lot more withdrawn at the beginning of the series, preferring his own space over making friends. His intelligence fuels Gohan in his teen and adult life. 

Gohan much prefers his studies over fighting, but he is not one to shy away from his natural superpowers as a half-Saiyan. However, unlike Goku, Gohan is not a big fan of the fame of being a great warrior. So, he uses a persona (Great Saiyaman) to keep his identity a secret. 



The only official confirmation fans have of Goten’s birthday is that he was born in Age 767, 6 years after the start of Dragon Ball Z. This makes Goten 7 years old in the Majin Buu Saga and roughly 4’0.4″ (123 cm). By the end of Dragon Ball Z, Goten is 5’7.7″ (172 cm) and is 17 years old.

Of Goku’s two sons, Goten takes after his father the most. He is just as loving and protective as his father, but because of his best friend’s (Trunk) influence, Goten has a fun and cheeky side. This remains true for the whole of Dragon Ball Z. 

On the other hand, with his mother’s (Chi-Chi) influence, Goten is more level-headed than his father was as a child. He looks up to Gohan and is willing to argue against his best friend to defend Gohan. This admiration is not just for his older brother’s powers but also for his dedication and smarts. 

Chi-Chi – November 5th 


As Chi-Chi is already an adult at roughly 23 years old at the beginning of Dragon Ball Z (depending on what month the series begins), she is fully grown at 5’4.2″ (163 cm). This makes her shorter than both of her sons by the end of Dragon Ball Z. Before the series’ epilogue, Chi-Chi is approximately 33 years old and 43 by the end of the show. 

Chi-Chi was shy and very kind in the previous Dragon Ball series, much like her future husband, Goku. But as a parent and wife, Chi-Chi is no longer the scared, innocent little girl. 

Perhaps it is her own strict childhood that makes Chi-Chi an overbearing mother, but there is pure intention in how she runs her family.

Chi-chi puts pressure on both Gohan and Goten to do well with their studies, disagreeing with Goku’s eagerness to let them fight. But once Goku dies and (then comes back to life), Chi-Chi lessens her intense parenting style.

Chi-chi is no weaker in a fight just because she is now a mother – if anything, that has given her more reason to be stronger.

In Dragon Ball Z, Chi-Chi is one of the top strongest female warriors in the world, despite being relatively short and powerless compared to other warriors. 

Bulma Briefs – August 18th

Bulma Briefs

Bulma Briefs is 27 years old at the start of Dragon Ball Z and remains 5’5″ (165 cm). This makes her 3 years older than Goku. Before the epilogue, Bulma is 37 years old and 47 after. 

Since they have been friends for so long, Bulma has had a big part to play in the kind of person that Goku grew up to be. She loves Goku and his family and is just as protective of Gohan and Goten as she is of her own children in Dragon Ball Z. 

Bulma may be better with technology than physical fighting, but her anger is enough to power her through a fight. She has quite the reputation for her hot-headedness which becomes even more prominent when she has her own children to protect. 


Vegeta Dragon Ball Z

Vegeta (aka Prince Vegeta) is a few years older than his wife Bulma at the beginning of Dragon Ball Z at 29 years old. However, because he is a full Saiyan, he ages slower.

He appears 25 years old and is 5’4.6″ (164 cm). Vegeta is 42 years old by the end of Dragon Ball Z but has the body of a 44 year old as several time-altering events allowed his body to catch up with his actual age. 

Despite Vegeta being initially disgusted by anyone not of Saiya origin (and people in general), he is fiercely protective of his non-Saiyan wife and his half-Saiyan children.

His love for Bulma means that Vegeta is happy to live on Earth in peace – something that was a foreign concept to him before Dragon Ball Z. 

A few times in Dragon Ball Z, fans are meant to question whether Vegeta has become evil again, such as when he becomes a Majin. But the experience makes Vegeta even more compassionate, making him reconsider killing his enemies regardless of their transgressions. 

Trunks Brief – November 21st 

Trunks Brief

Trunks Brief is only thought to be a year or so older than Goten, so he is 8 years old after Dragon Ball Z’s Androids Saga. At this time, Trunks is taller than Goten at 4’2.8″ (129 cm). When the series ends, Trunks is shorter than Goten by a few centimeters (5’6.9″ (170 cm)) but is an adult at 18 years old.

Trunks is just as naughty as Goten but tends to be more selfish. This is because Trunks is the eldest child of Vegeta and Bulma, being spoiled by his parents for a large part of his childhood until his younger sister is born. 

Trunks greatly admires his father as he doesn’t know about his villainous past. As he ages, Trunks starts to feel the same way his father used to – that Saiyans are superior warriors. However, he is not as violent or forceful about this thought as his father once was. 

Piccolo – May 9th


Piccolo is one of the tallest characters in Dragon Ball Z, standing at exactly 7’5″ (226 cm). However, Piccolo is only 8 years old at the start of the series, making him 4 years older than Gohan.

He is 28 years old by the time the series ends, but because he partook in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber training, he has the body of a 27 year old. 

Piccolo is so young at the start of Dragon Ball Z because he is the reincarnation of King Piccolo, who was once Goku’s biggest enemy. Piccolo in Dragon Ball Z is a very different character. He is less villainous and is not determined to conquer the world. 

While still stubborn and angry, this new Piccolo is not as destructive. So much so that Goku trusts him to train Gohan.

During his training, Gohan makes time to talk to Piccolo, and they develop a close, protective bond. This changes Piccolo for the better by his own admittance. 

Krillin – October 29th 


Krillin may look odd with his bald head and simple, baby-like facial features, but he is older than Goku at the start of Dragon Ball Z at 25 years old.

Still, his short 5’0.2″ (153 cm) height does not help him look any older. By the end of the series, Krillin is 45 years old. 

Do not mistake Krillin’s short height for weakness; he is one of Earth’s greatest fighters in Dragon Ball Z and can hold his own in a battle against others taller than him.

Despite being such a great fighter, Krillin is shown towards the end of Dragon Ball Z settling down and essentially retiring from his fighting career. 

Yamcha – March 20th 


Like Krillin, Yamcha is already one of the older fighters by the start of Dragon Ball Z at 28 years old, making him 48 years old during the epilogue of the series. He is also one of the taller characters in the show at 6″ (183 cm) but is not up to the same fighting level as the characters above. 

Yamcha is a naturally good martial artist and is ranked as one of the best, strongest humans on Earth.

However, there are plenty of times in Dragon Ball Z when Yamcha is either cast aside or defeated by stronger enemies. This severely affects his passion and courage to fight. 

Towards the end of Dragon Ball Z, Yamcha is still a kind warrior (even if he is resentful of Vegeta for marrying Bulma when they once dated). But after one defeat too many, Yamcha takes a long-needed break from fighting. 

Tien Shinhan

Tien Shinhan

Tien Shinhan is amongst the tallest Dragon Ball Z characters at 6’6.1″ (187 cm), partly due to being a descendant of the Triclops (an alien species).

Tien is the same age as Yamcha, making him 28 years old at the start of Dragon Ball Z. However, he dies and is revived before the series ends, making him 48 years old with a 47 year old body in the epilogue. 

Goku has had many enemies throughout the Dragon Ball series, and Tien was originally one of them. However, in Dragon Ball Z, Tien and Goku are more competitive friends than enemies. 

Tien may never be as strong as Goku despite his height advantage and several years of training ahead of Goku, but he dedicates much of his life to beating Goku and becoming a better fighter.

He is a loyal and strong warrior, dying a hero in Dragon Ball Z and nearly sacrificing himself again several times after his revival. 



Chiaotzu is 23 years old at the start of Dragon Ball Z but has one of the more unique character designs of the series with pale white skin and simplistic facial features.

His short 4’6.3″ (138 cm) height makes it hard to distinguish his exact age from looks alone. Chiaotzu dies and is revived in Dragon Ball Z, so he completes the series at 43 years old with a 42 year old body, despite looking no different than at the start of the series. 

As he is Tien’s closest competition, Chiaotzu tends to dedicate a lot of his life to training, too. But testament to his young appearance, Chiaotzu is a lot more childish and immature than his friend.

This is reflected in his taunts and his stubbornness to do things his own way when he feels he is in the right, even when Tien begs him to do otherwise. 



He may not be the tallest character at 5’5″ (165 cm), but because Yajirobe is far chubbier than many of the human characters, he seems much bigger than he is.

Yajirobe is 26 years old at the start of the series, making him 46 during the show’s epilogue. 

A lot of Yajirobe’s personality is influenced by his weight. For example, he tends to be less sociable than most other characters his age, preferring to eat alone in peace than having to make conversation.

Though he will protect his allies, swooping in to help Goku when he is at his weakest (even if others still consider him a coward). 

Master Roshi – March 20th 

Master Roshi

Master Roshi is, as his name would suggest, a martial arts master and is already 331 years old when Dragon Ball Z begins.

Unlike a typical old man, Master Roshi does not have a hunch but is smaller than average at 5’5″ (165 cm). As he gets locked in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Master Roshi is 351 in Dragon Ball Z’s epilogue but has a 350 year old body. 

Though he may not be as present in Dragon Ball Z as he is in other Dragon Ball series, Master Roshi is still a very memorable character. From his cheeky, ‘cool’ personality to his loud shirts, Master Roshi is just as comical as knowledgeable. 

Master Roshi is the teacher responsible for training a variety of Dragon Ball Z’s main characters, including Goku, who he adopted as a baby. He is a light-hearted father and grandfather but can offer wisdom when needed. 

Oolong – September 23rd 


Oolong is a pig, so while he has the traits of a human as an anthropomorphic shapeshifter, is he only 3’11.6″ (121 cm).

In human years, Oolong is 21 years old when Dragon Ball Z begins and is 41 years old when it ends. However, he has not physically changed. 

Similar to how Chiaotzu is Tien’s companion, Oolong is most often seen in Dragon Ball Z alongside Master Roshi. The two are very similar, with Oolong encouraging Master Roshi’s perverted humor and vice versa.

However, Oolong is not as strong nor as brave as Master Roshi. Oolong is surprisingly proud of his cowardness, even when it means being beaten in very public places by Bulma (which is a running gag through the Dragon Ball series). 

Puar – September 2nd 


Puar is a shapeshifter, so his height is subject to change. However, fans estimate Puar’s natural height is 2″ (61 cm). This makes him the shortest character in Dragon Ball Z, even though he is already 21 years old at the start of the series and 41 when it ends. 

The main trait that defines Puar as a character is his unwavering loyalty to his lifelong friend Yamcha.

Puar also acts as Yamcha’s personal mascot, pushing him to do well and bragging about Yamcha’s achievements to other fighters as he genuinely wants his best friend to do well. 

Though Puar does not show this loyalty and blind devotion to anyone else, he is a generally nice guy. His shapeshifting abilities often come in handy, and Puar is willing to help people out where he can (so long as Yamcha agrees, too). 



Turtle is a turtle, so he mostly crawls around on his stomach. When he does so, he is about half the size of Master Roshi, making Turtle roughly 2’8.7″ (83 cm).

Because Turtle is a real turtle, he has a significantly longer lifespan than even the immortal Master Roshi. He is 988 years old at the beginning of Dragon Ball Z and 1018 years old when the series ends. 

Alongside Oolong, Turtle is Master Roshi’s closest companion. But unlike Oolong, Turtle’s authoritative and serious personality balances out Master Roshi’s light-heartedness rather than encourages it.

Turtle is the perfect person to have around when Master Roshi is being too blase about a serious situation as he can help to get the old man back on track. 

Mr. Satan – January 31st

Mr. Satan

Mr Satan (aka Hercule Satan, aka Mark) has the build and body of a champion warrior at 6’2″ (188 cm). He is not introduced to Dragon Ball Z until the Cell Games Saga, when he is 31 years old. This makes Mr Satan 45 years old when Dragon Ball Z ends. 

As the World Martial Arts reigning champion, Mr Satan is a well-known warrior who has been bathed in riches and fortune ever since his title win. He is mostly brawn and little brain, getting easily distracted by beautiful women and money. 

However, Mr Satan worked hard for his fair win as champion to help provide for his family.

The money and fame may have swayed him but when Mr Satan recognizes that his title and fame has put a strain on his relationship with his daughter Videl, Mr Satan’s true (much nicer and honorable) personality begins to show. 

Videl – March 14th 


Videl is introduced to Dragon Ball Z at the same time as her father (Mr Satan), during the Cell Games Saga. She is 10 years old, making her 25 when the series ends. Videl is noticeably tall for a 10 year old in the Dragon Ball Z series at 5’1.8″ (157 cm). 

Due to her father’s fame growing up, Videl is not a fan of the spotlight. She is very independent and able to hold her own in a verbal and physical fight, fueled by her stubbornness and hot-headedness. 

Videl’s personality is very different from Gohan’s, but his genuine kindness slowly makes Videl fall in love with him.

Throughout Dragon Ball Z, Videl remains independent and volatile, but she does begin to calm down as she and Gohan’s relationship develops. 

Android 18

Android 18

Android 18 (originally named Lazuli) is the shortest of the androids featured in Dragon Ball Z at 5’6.5″ (169 cm).

When she debuts in the series during the Androids Saga, 18 is roughly 20 years old but has been an android for 3 years. When the series ends, she is thought to be 34 years old in human years but has been an android for 17 years. 

When Android 18 began her life as an android, she did not stray too far from Dr Gero’s plan to destroy Goku.

The older twin of Android 17, 18 acts as the authoritative figure of the pair and is an intimidating enemy. But 18 soon develops a deep hatred for Dr Gero for turning her into an android against her will. 

This hatred, and 18’s natural curiosity, makes 18 unafraid to break Dr Gero’s rules. Such as when she awakens Android 16.

When 18 finally strays from Dr Gero’s path, she develops deeper, loving connections with many of the Z Fighters. Though she still keeps her commanding authority most of the time. 

Android 17 

Android 17

Though he is Android 18’s slightly younger twin, Android 17 (originally called Lapis) is taller than 18 at 5’6.9″ (170 cm).

Android 17 was turned into an android at the same time as 18, making him 20ish years old when he first debuts in Dragon Ball Z but a 3 year old android. 

Like his older sister, Android 17 initially sticks with Dr Gero’s plan to destroy Goku but deeply detests that he was turned into an android against his will.

Arguably even more so than his sister because 17 loves nature and no longer sees himself as a natural being. This internal struggle makes Android 17 leave his sister after they deviate from Dr Goku’s intentions, wanting to live his life in peace. 



Dende does not appear in Dragon Ball Z until the Namek Saga, when he is only 5 years old. Upon his debut, Dende is roughly 4″ (122 cm) but changes height a few times throughout the series. During Dragon Ball Z’s epilogue, Dende is 5’3.8″ (162 cm) and 24 years old. 

Like many Namekian characters in Dragon Ball Z, Dende is kind and gentle but shier than his peers.

Above all else, Dende has an intelligence way beyond his years, which is why he is chosen to be the Guardian of Earth at such a young age. During his training to fill this position, Dende gains more confidence, opening up to Gohan and Krillin. 

Kid Buu – May 8th 

Kid Buu

Majin Buu changed into various forms, from Huge Buu to Innocent Buu. However, Buu’s purest form is Kid Buu, who is roughly 770 + years old in Dragon Ball Z and is thought to be 4’10.7″ (149 cm). 

Just because Kid Buu is one of the shortest of Buu’s forms does not mean that he is harmless. In Dragon Ball Z, Kid Buu is the evilest form of Buu, going as far as to destroy his own body for the chance to destroy the Earth. 

Just like a child, Kid Buu is prone to throwing tantrums and having uncontrollable, unpredictable anger. This makes him the most dangerous of the Buu forms and the perfect antagonist for the final Dragon Ball Z saga.