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30 Best Frozen Themed Cake Ideas

30 Best Frozen Themed Cake Ideas

“Let it go, let it go…” there was a time when this was the song on the lips of every child.

Frozen became a phenomenon when Disney released the icy story about sisters Elsa and Anna in 2014, and its popularity has only increased since the release of Frozen 2 in 2019.

There are many little girls, young boys, and grown adults who would love a cake featuring their favorite characters from the movie, including the snowman Olaf, and icicles make an excellent decoration theme.

Looking for inspiration for a Frozen (or Frozen 2) themed cake? Below you will find 30 fantastic examples from bakers around the world to motivate you!

1. Elsa and Olaf Classic Frozen Cake

Elsa is the most popular character from Frozen with her ability to control the world of ice and snow.

She created the snowman Olaf as a companion, and he became one of the most beloved characters in the franchise.

This is a classic Frozen cake featuring an edible Elsa and Olaf on top of an Ice Queen castle cake frosted in pale icing with just a little bit of pink for a girl that loves the color.

The snowflake decorations are a delicate touch.

2. Elsa and Olaf in Blue Cake

This cake features the popular characters Elsa and her snowman Olaf as an edible pair, and Elsa uses her distinctive blue dress, now famous from the movie and kids’ costume parties.

The cake itself is a snowy white with delicate snowflake decorations, and pointy edible snow-covered trees finish off the design.

3. Ice Queen Crown Cake

Elsa is also known as the Ice Queen, and this cake is themed around her frosty crown, which decorates the top of the cake in blue icing.

While Elsa is a paper decoration, the folds of her skirt are made in dramatic and delicious blue icing. An edible Olaf sits at her feet.

4. Anna’s Castle Cake

Many choose Anna as their favorite princess, and she lends herself to a more brightly colored cake with warmer themes.

This cake features the castle of Arendelle with turret decorations.

An edible Anna sits on top of the cake, which is decorated with flowers, marking the coming of Spring after the sisters reunite.

5. Anna Frozen 2 Cake

Source: @kuyaboet

This cake references Anna as she appears in Frozen 2, entering the Enchanted Forest to break a 34-year curse.

An edible Anna with a green dress and crown sits on top of the cake, which is decorated with the trees and leaves that exist within the fog of the forest.

6. Anna and Olaf Cake

While Elsa may have created Olaf, he and Anna become close friends and embark on many adventures together.

This cake pairs edible Ann and Olaf figures on a cake decorated with the trees and leaves of the Enchanted Forest.

The way the leaves flow down the side of the cake makes it look sophisticated and professional.

7. Olaf Layered Cake

Source: @mozardh

Olaf is one of the most popular characters to emerge from the Frozen franchise, and his snowman look lends itself to layered cakes.

This cake replicates the body of the snowman in various layers. It is made distinctive by having Olaf lift his head, as he does in the films, creating a floating space in the design.

8. Sisters United Frozen Cake

The storyline of the original Frozen film is all about the sisters Elsa and Anna finding one another a reconciling after the events that drove an icy wedge between them.

This cake recognizes their union by placing edible Elsa and Anna figures on top of the cake back to back on Elsa’s ice throne in a pose of friendship.

The cake’s icing looks like the layers of a dress with delicate silver decorations. Of course, Olaf makes an appearance.

9. Towering Snow Castle Cake

If you enjoy making layered cakes, then Elsa’s towering ice castle is an excellent source of inspiration.

Dripping snow and snowflakes give lots of space for creativity.

This cake features edibles of all the original film’s most important characters, including Elsa, Anna, Olaf, the reindeer Sven, Christoff, and Hans.

10. Elsa, Anna, and Olaf Topped Cake

Source: @moreecakeco

Any Frozen fan would be happy to receive a cake with these Elsa, Anna, and Olaf edible toppers.

The cake is also decorated with Snowgies, little snowmen that Elsa accidentally creates when she sneezes.

The cake itself is in Frozen blue and decorated with swirls of snowflakes. The edible trees at the side of the cake are nice finishing touches.

11. Cute Figures Frozen Cake

This cake stands out because of the large cute heads of the edible Elsa and Anna figures. There is also an edible Olaf and Bruni (the blue salamander from Frozen 2) on the side of the cake.

The mixed blue and purple icing on this cake are very artistic, and the macaroon decorations look scrumptious.

12. Dramatic Layered Frozen Cake

Layered cakes are always fun, especially if you can do a layer that defies gravity and looks impossible like this cake does.

The lower layer features Anna from Frozen 2 using the theme of the Enchanted Forest.

The next layer features the reindeer Sven and a small Olaf. Since this layer is smaller than the next, it creates a floating effect.

The next layer features the trees and fog of the Enchanted Forest with Bruni and the top layer Elsa and her icy castle.

13. Flowing Frozen Character Cake

This layered cake captures the Frozen theme with blue-white icing that looks a bit like it is melting. There are lots of sugar crystal snowflakes and snow-covered trees.

Edible representations of the main characters sit around the cake with Esla on top, Olaf at her feet, and Anna and Christoff side by side as they embark on their adventure.

14. Towering Castle Frozen Cake

This Frozen layered cake is all about the architectural detail of the ice castle.

The lower layer is dripping with stalactites, the middle layer shows the frozen stairs, and the top layer the ice fortifications.

This cake uses paper figures to include some of the characters, but if you want to go all out, you could replace them with edibles!

15. Edible Castle Cake

This cake replicates Elsa’s castle in an entirely edible design with towering turrets and edible blue roof tiles. The details look delicious!

Edible Ann and Elsa stand at either side of the door, and Olaf celebrates on top of the cake.

16. Minimalist Frozen Cake

Creating a striking Frozen-themed cake doesn’t always mean going all out with the characters.

You can create something delicious and memorable just by relying on the snow and ice theme.

This cake uses the blue and purple color scheme from the film and decorates the cake with delicate edible snowflakes.

17. Frozen 2 Layered Cake

This layered cake focuses specifically on the themes of Frozen 2 and features the most popular characters at different levels.

The bottom layer shows the Enchanted Forest. On one side are Christoff and Sven; on the other are Yelena and Runeard.

On the next layer, we see Anna and Olaf in an ice environment. Elsa tops the cake with her horse, the Nott.

This cake uses toys as decorations, which make a great gift, but you could also create edibles from marzipan.

18. Frozen Trolls Cake


This cake features Elsa and Anna and also pays tribute to the Trolls that play an essential role in the film.

They warn Elsa about her powers, care for the young Christoff, and help Anna on her quest.

The top of the cake is decorated with the stone pillars of the trolls, and a small edible troll appears at the base of the cake on some edible leaves. Olaf is on the other side.

19. Frozen Staircase Layered Cake

The icy stairs connecting the two layers make this cake stand out. It is details like this that take the cake from good to great!

Elsa tops the cake, and Anna prepares to climb the stairs. Edible Olaf and Sven figures are used to add character to the bottom of the cake.

20. Olaf Topper Cake

Fans of Frozen’s Olaf the snowman will love this Olaf topper cake.

The cake uses Frozen blue icing with white icing dripping around the top like snow. The sides and top are decorated with blue swirling flowers and white snowflakes.

21. Olas Summer Cake

Olaf loves the beach and the summer, even though enjoying the sun will cause him to melt! Do you know a Frozen fan who also loves the summer?

This cake recreates Olaf’s summer dream with an edible Olaf on top of an uniced cake representing the sand and sitting on a sugary layer of blue representing the sea.

22. Olaf and Sven Cake

Source: @gamzekilav

Olaf and Sven are some of the most popular characters in the Frozen franchise, especially among young male fans. They feature on this cake.

A blue and white cake decorated with sugary snow and ice is topped with edible Olaf and Sven characters.

An image of Elsa and Anna appears on the front of the cake to complete the Frozen theme.

23. Baby Sven and Olaf Cake

Making a cake for a baby Frozen fan, why not feature a cute baby Sven edible on top like on this cake? It also features a headless Olaf and some baby Snowgies.

The cake is frosted in classic white icing with delicate white snowflake decorations.

24. Snow Globe Frozen Cake


This is a very dramatic layered Frozen cake, made more so by the snowglobe topper with Olaf figure inside.

The icing is painted on like a work of art with spring flowers and winter ice and snow. Edible Elsa and Anna figures are the finishing touches.

25. Esla Doll Cake

Doll cakes feel a bit like a throwback to the 1980s, but in the best possible way.

Partner an Elsa doll with an elaborate blue skirt to match her outfit in the movies, and you will have a thrilled birthday girl on your hands.

26. Anna Doll Cake

This Anna doll cake looks so real it would almost be a shame to eat her, almost. The royal icing skirt hides a yummy treat.

It is the detail of the skirt, bodice, and cape, all of which are edible, which make this cake unforgettable.

27. Sister Doll Cake

Elsa and Anna represent different sides of the same coin in Frozen, so why not make them different sides of the same cake!

These are two doll cakes with flat backs, so they can stand back to back. The icing folds of their skirts make the cake look professional.

28. Olaf Eating Cake

In the Frozen Fever short, we catch Olaf eating what appears to be a blue birthday cake.

This cake marks that scene with a replica of the cake on top of another blue cake.

The edible Olaf figure has cake around his mouth, showing that he has been munching on the sweet treat before the start of the party.

29. Artistic Snow Cake

Source: @cakexcite

This cake doesn’t need any figures to communicate a stunning Frozen theme. The delicate white, blue and purple color scheme and the frosted Frozen trees say it all.

The two features that stand out most are the white layer peeling away at the base of the cake and the snow globe on top.

30. Frozen Waterfall Cake

Source: @cakexcite

The central piece of this layered Frozen cake is the sugary frosted waterfall that appears to flow down the side, with an image of Elsa buried deep in the cake.

The detail of the hand-painted icing makes this a work of art, as do the snowy frosting additions.