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How Did Dabi Get His Scars?

How Did Dabi Get His Scars?

Dabi from My Hero Academia is well-known for several traits, the most notable of which are his temper, blue flames, and skin.

His skin is covered in scars, staples, and purple burns.

At first glance, viewers can immediately figure out something happened to him.

While most fans speculate that he sustained the scars from a fire accident, we can’t help but wonder how he really got them.

How Did Dabi Get His Scars?

Dabi got his scars from a childhood freak accident. He went berserk and lost control of his quirk while training, consuming himself in his flames.

He managed to survive this accident after enduring numerous reconstructive surgeries, which left him scarred for the rest of his life.

In actuality, Dabi is Endeavor’s eldest son, Toya.

He inherited his father’s powerful fire quirk and his mother’s resistance to freezing temperature, making his body incompatible with his cremation quirk as he can’t withstand intense heat.

His body slowly burns over time from overusing his flames, causing the scars.

Why Did Dabi Turn into A Villain?

Why Did Dabi Turn into A Villain

Dabi turned into a villain due to his ill childhood upbringing; he was abused and treated harshly by his father, Endeavor.

As a child, Toya was driven into insanity by his father. He was considered a failed project when his body couldn’t handle the fire he produced and was cast aside.

This filled Toya with rage, making him lose control of his quirk, hence why the quirk outburst accident happened.

He was presumed dead from the accident, but he was saved by All for one and revived by Dr. Garaki.

Dr. Garaki used similar procedures to create the Kurogiri Nomu beast to revive Toya from being a burned-up corpse.

He was in a coma for three years and underwent several reconstructive surgeries.

Dr. Garaki never thought Toya would survive the procedures for a long time as he was damaged beyond repair.

However, the same drive that caused Toya to exceed his power limit also caused him to surpass the limit of death.

Toya ultimately got well, faked his death, and became the villainous Dabi.

Dabi only cares about exacting revenge on his father, Endeavor, and doesn’t mind hurting his body or even dying in the process.

“This body that overcame even death was only held together by the flames of vengeance.”

– Kyudai Garaki (Dr. Garaki)

Is Dabi’s Quirk Stronger Than Endeavor’s?

Yes, Dabi’s quirk “Cremation” is hotter and stronger than Endeavor’s “Hell flame.”

Dabi’s quirk allows him to produce incredibly hot blue flames that can heat up to 2,000°C (3,632°F), destroying anything in its path.

Although Endeavor can also generate blue flames, it takes much more effort, whereas Dabi’s flames are constantly blue.

We did claim that Dabi’s quirk is more powerful than Endeavor’s, but can Dabi face Endeavor head-to-head and ultimately win?!

Can Dabi Defeat Endeavor?

Can Dabi Defeat Endeavor

Even though Dabi’s quirk is stronger than Endeavor’s, there are several reasons he cannot defeat him in a standoff.

For one, Dabi’s quirk has a major drawback that makes him unable to withstand the heat of his flames.

This is due to inheriting his mother’s genes which grant resistance to freezing temperatures instead of intense heat.

This causes his skin to burn from overusing his quirk; hence the scars we see all over him today.

Endeavor, on the other hand, is way more flexible with his quirk and can also use it for a long while.

Another reason is that Endeavor has more combat experience and skill set than Dabi could ever hope for.

Endeavor, Japan’s current number one hero, has fought hundreds of villains and emerged victorious.

Even if Dabi’s fire is greater than hellfire, Endeavor’s vast battle experience and skill set will always outwit him.

Regarding physical strength, Dabi doesn’t come close to Endeavor one bit.

Endeavor took on a super Nomu and broke its arm with a single punch – Those muscles he built up aren’t just for show, compared to Dabi’s frail body.

Overall, Dabi might have a more destructive Quirk, but looking at the whole package, Endeavor is the stronger one.

How Does Dabi Die?

Dabi is yet to die so far in the series. However, if he does die, it will most likely be from burns caused by his quirk setback; he can’t withstand the heat of his flames, which causes burns from overusing his quirk.

Plus, Dabi has already made a resolve to ruin his father and doesn’t mind hurting his body or even dying in the process.

Why Does Dabi Have Staples?

Why Does Dabi Have Staples

The staples are a component of the surgical treatments Dr. Garaki established to help patch Dabi’s body back together.

If he had used stitches instead, they would just burn and rip once he used his quirk.

Why Is Dabi’s Fire Blue?

Dabi’s fire is blue due to the extremely high temperature of his fire quirk.

His blue fire can reach temperatures of up to 2,000°C (3,632°F), making it presumably stronger than any other fire quirks in the series.

Although his flame used to be red, it changed to blue after he surpassed his quirk’s limit just before his childhood accident.

How Did Dabi Survive the Accident?

Dabi was saved from the accident by All for one and was treated and revived back to life by Doctor Garaki.

He underwent several surgeries and spent three years in a coma, waking up to scars and grafted skin.