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List of Encanto Songs in Order: Length, Timestamp, Video & Analysis

List of Encanto Songs in Order: Length, Timestamp, Video & Analysis

Encanto songs like We Don’t Talk About Bruno and The Family Madrigal captivated millions of people with their catchy tunes and meaningful lyrics.

Therefore, Disney’s Encanto is popularly known for its phenomenal storytelling, stunning animation, and spectacular soundtrack.

A movie soundtrack is one of the determining factors of its success.

Encanto made sure to seal its victory with many unforgettable hits. The soundtrack has been No. 1 on Billboard’s album chart for several weeks.

Encanto Songs in Order

Each song from the soundtrack added emotional value to Encanto’s story.

Now, it is time to dive deep into every single one.

1. The Family Madrigal

Length: 04m 17s

Scene: Introducing the Madrigal family.

Timestamp: 04m 48s

The first Encanto song is The Family Madrigal which was inspired by the song Belle in the Disney movie, Beauty and the Beast.

Both songs establish the main characters of the movie as well as its supporting characters and environment.

Mirabel talking to the village kids

Kids from the village ask Mirabel about the family’s magical gifts.

Mirabel introduces her family with pride, showing off each beautiful and unique gift. 

You can hear the amazing voices of Stephanie Beatriz, Olga Merediz & rest of the cast members.

2. Colombia, Mi Encanto

Length: 01m 42s

Scene: Preparation for Antonio’s door ceremony

Time Stamp: 15m 01s

The song Colombia, Mi Encanto was first heard during Antonio’s door ceremony, where members of the village gather to witness Antonio’s gift.

It was later heard during the end credits. 

Antonios door ceremony

The song is a tribute to Colombian culture. Musical composer Lin-Manuel Miranda went to Colombia to immerse himself in the culture as he wrote the song. 

The soothing voice of Carlos Vives is heard throughout the song. 

3. Waiting on a Miracle

Length: 02m 50s

Scene: Family picture after Antonio’s door ceremony.

Time Stamp: 22m 29s

The next Encanto song is Waiting on a Miracle, a heartfelt song about Mirabel’s struggle with not having a magical gift.

In the event that the Madrigal family is celebrating Antonio’s gift, Mirabel fades into the crowd.

When she didn’t receive her gift, Mirabel felt inadequate compared to her family.

She struggles with pretending to be okay with living on the sidelines and waiting for her miracle.

Stephanie Beatriz did a phenomenal job conveying Mirabel’s feelings through the song.

4. Surface Pressure

Length: 03m 31s

Scene: Luisa struggles with her gift.

Time Stamp: 34m 18s

Surface Pressure deals with the struggle of not being able to be vulnerable because of the people looking up to you.

Luisa opens up to Mirabel about being the strongest in the family and not being able to crack even a little.

Moreover, Luisa’s overwhelming dilemma of possibly losing her strength is connected with her perception of her identity.

Jessica Darrow wowed audiences with her power and range. This is another single amongst other Encanto songs.

5. We Don’t Talk About Bruno

Length: 03m 41s

Scene: Mirabel talks with her Aunt Pepa about her Uncle Bruno.

Time Stamp: 46m 10s

The sensational We Don’t Talk About Bruno is a musical masterpiece from composition to performance.

The song blew up on social media, especially on TikTok. 

Mirabel’s curiosity about her Uncle Bruno fueled her desire to uncover the mysterious happenings around the Casita and the Miracle.

She then goes to her Aunt Pepa, who avoided talking about her brother Bruno. But with Mirabel’s persistence and her Uncle Felix chipping in, Bruno’s story was unraveled.

Members of the village also chip in about their unfortunate experience with Bruno.

Mirabel then has mixed feelings about trying to unravel the story of her Uncle Bruno.

This Encanto song features the voices of Adassa, Stephanie Beatriz, Mauro Castillo, Rhenzy Feliz, Carolina Gaitán, Diane Guerrero & rest of the cast of Encanto.

6. What Else Can I Do?

Length: 03m 05s

Scene: Mirabel talks with Isabela inside her room.

Time Stamp: 01h 08m 47s

Mirabel and her sister Isabela have a rocky relationship. Obviously, Isabela’s picture-perfect self and Mirabel’s quirky personality do not mix well.

Once Mirabel sets out to do her part to save the Miracle, she gets into a bickering match with Isabela. 

What Else Can I Do? comes into the scene as Isabela’s frustration bursts, and she points out how hard she strives to be perfect and please Abuela.

She voices her dissatisfaction, and suddenly, a cactus pops out. Isabela’s fascination with her new creation pushes the limits of the floras she can create.

So, she and Mirabel explore her newfound gift as she basks in its extraordinary forms.

The only one out of all Encanto songs with a duet by Stephanie Beatriz & Diane Guerrero.

7. Dos Oruguitas

Length: 05m 08s

Scene: Abuela’s Flashback

Time Stamp: 01h 18m 24s

The soulful Encanto song Dos Oruguitas is played during Mirabel and Abuela’s heart-to-heart conversation.

This scene was during the family’s search for Mirabel, after the destruction of their Casa Madrigal and the Miracle candle.

Abuela narrates her love story with Pedro/Abuelo. The loss of Abuelo caused grief and pain to Abuela. As a result, the Miracle came into existence.

Upon finishing her story, Mirabel understood Abuela’s sentiments. Their beautiful moment of reconciliation allowed Abuela to realize her mistakes towards her family.

Mirabel’s understanding of Abuela’s struggle came with her support to rebuild their home as well as their family.

Sebastián Yatra’s voice echoes through the hearts of its audience as he sings this song during the flashback and the end credits.

8. All of You

Length: 04m 32s

Scene: The Madrigal’s rebuild Casa Madrigal

Time Stamp: 01h 24m 59s

The last of all Encanto songs, All of You, ties the family together as they help each in reconstructing Casa Madrigal.

Members of the village also come and show their support in restoring the house.

As the tunes play by, we see the resolution, like Abuela apologizing for her actions, welcoming Bruno back to the family, and Mirabel helping Luisa push a boulder.

In the song, you can hear the lovely voices of Adassa, Stephanie Beatriz, John Leguizamo, Merediz, Maluma & the cast of Encanto.

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The Beauty of Encanto Songs

Encanto is a musical fantasy that explores the magical world of the Madrigals and their Miracle gifts.

Therefore, as the story progresses, the audience explores the beauty and struggles of a tight-knit family.

Many scenes in the film have a corresponding song that accurately describes its emotional value.

Musical composer Lin Manuel-Miranda fully immersed himself in the Colombian culture by taking a two-week trip to Colombia. He got to know the culture and study its music first-hand.

For this reason, Lin Manuel-Miranda created an extraordinary set of songs with the help of singers like Carlos Vives, and Joe Arroyo, among others.

Encanto is among the Disney films that appeal to the audience through musical storytelling.

Disney has perfected a mixture of storytelling and musical prowess to create a classic film.