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Encanto Songs in Order, Including Length, Timestamp, Video & Analysis

Encanto Songs in Order, Including Length, Timestamp, Video & Analysis

Immerse yourself in the rhythm and melody of Disney’s Encanto as we explore the sequenced list of songs that color the vibrant tale of the Madrigal family.

This magical journey unfolds one song at a time, each tune setting the pace and tone for the enchanting story that has captured hearts worldwide.

In this comprehensive guide, we reveal the progression of the Encanto songs, highlighting their role in weaving this intricate musical tapestry.

So whether you’re a fan eager to recall the memorable scenes, or you’re keen on understanding the musical narrative, buckle up for a melodious trip back to the world of Encanto.

Encanto Songs in Order

1. The Family Madrigal

Length: 04m 17s
Scene:Introducing the Madrigal family
Timestamp:04m 48s

The Family Madrigal is the opening number in Disney’s Encanto, and it serves as a lively introduction to the magical Madrigal family. Performed with infectious enthusiasm, this song highlights each family member’s unique magical gift and their roles in the enchanted community.

The tune is imbued with a distinctive Latin rhythm and is packed with lyrical storytelling that sets the stage for the film’s narrative. With its upbeat tempo, playful lyrics, and colourful imagery, The Family Madrigal is not just a song; it’s a delightful musical invitation into the vibrant world of Encanto.

Through this song, we are introduced to the Madrigal family’s dynamics, their individual quirks, and the magic that is a daily part of their lives.

2. Colombia, Mi Encanto

Length: 1m 42s
Scene:Preparation for Antonio’s door ceremony
Timestamp:15m 01s

Colombia, Mi Encanto is a song that celebrates the beauty, culture, and spirit of Colombia – the setting of Encanto. This number is a heartfelt tribute to the nation’s rich heritage and the joyous life its people lead.

With its rhythm embodying traditional Colombian music, this song transports the audience to the country’s lush landscapes and vibrant culture, further grounding the narrative in its enchanting locale.

3. Waiting on a Miracle

Length: 2m 50s
Scene:Family picture after Antonio’s door ceremony.
Timestamp:22m 29s

Waiting on a Miracle is a poignant song centered around Mirabel, the only member of the Madrigal family who has not been granted a magical gift.

With its touching lyrics and haunting melody, the song eloquently conveys Mirabel’s sense of longing, isolation, and hope. It offers a deeper understanding of Mirabel’s character, highlighting her strength and tenacity, as she dreams of a miracle that will make her feel more connected to her extraordinary family.

4. Surface Pressure

Length: 3m 31s
Scene:Luisa struggles with her gift
Timestamp:34m 18s

Surface Pressure is a song of raw vulnerability masked by a façade of strength, sung by Luisa Madrigal. With the weight of her family’s expectations on her mighty shoulders, this song delves into her inner conflicts and pressures.

Balancing its powerful beats with introspective lyrics, Surface Pressure is a relatable piece that shines a light on Luisa’s internal struggle and the toll it takes on her.

5. We Don’t Talk About Bruno

Length: 3m 41s
Scene:Mirabel talks with her Aunt Pepa about her Uncle Bruno
Timestamp:46m 10s

We Don’t Talk About Bruno is a dynamic ensemble piece that underscores the complex family dynamics within the Madrigal clan.

Through this rhythmically engaging song, the family unravels their fears and misgivings about the elusive Bruno, whose prophecies have cast a long shadow over their lives.

The song’s dramatic storytelling and catchy chorus make it an unforgettable number in the film’s soundtrack.

6. What Else Can I Do?

Length: 3m 05s
Scene:Mirabel talks with Isabela inside her room.
Timestamp:1h 8m 47s

In What Else Can I Do? Mirabel and her elder sister, Isabela, break free from the limitations that their family’s expectations have imposed on them. This vibrant duet encapsulates the sisters’ shared desire for freedom, embracing their true selves over the prescribed roles they’ve been playing.

The song serves as a turning point in the narrative, depicting their journey towards self-discovery and empowerment.

7. Dos Oruguitas

Length: 5m 08s
Scene:Abuela’s Flashback
Timestamp:1h 18m 24s

Dos Oruguitas is a deeply emotional song that unravels the poignant backstory of Abuela Alma. Through this tender ballad, Alma recounts her love story, the loss she experienced, and the miraculous origins of the magical candle that granted the Madrigal family their gifts.

The song’s profound narrative and heart-rending melody provide crucial insight into the family’s past, making it a pivotal moment in the story.

8. All of You

Length: 4m 32s
Scene:The Madrigal’s rebuild Casa Madrigal
Timestamp:1h 24m 59s

Closing the film on a high note, All of You is a joyous anthem that celebrates the unique qualities and inherent worth of each member of the Madrigal family. The song’s uplifting melody and inspiring lyrics reinforce the film’s central theme: the magic within us stems not from extraordinary abilities but from our individuality and shared experiences.

By focusing on the family’s journey of acceptance and unity, All of You provides a heartening conclusion to the musical journey that Encanto takes us on.

The Beauty of Encanto Songs

Encanto is a musical fantasy that explores the magical world of the Madrigals and their Miracle gifts. Therefore, as the story progresses, the audience explores the beauty and struggles of a tight-knit family.

Many scenes in the film have a corresponding song that accurately describes its emotional value. Musical composer Lin Manuel-Miranda fully immersed himself in the Colombian culture by taking a two-week trip to Colombia. He got to know the culture and study its music first-hand.

For this reason, Lin Manuel-Miranda created an extraordinary set of songs with the help of singers like Carlos Vives, and Joe Arroyo, among others.

Encanto is among the Disney films that appeal to the audience through musical storytelling. Disney has perfected a mixture of storytelling and musical prowess to create a classic film.