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80+ Best Lord of the Rings Tattoos

80+ Best Lord of the Rings Tattoos

The epic grandeur of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings has not only resonated through the realm of literature and cinema but has also left a profound imprint in the world of body art.

Fans across the globe, eager to carry a piece of Middle-earth with them, have found creative ways to transform iconic symbols, characters, and quotes from this enchanting universe into remarkable tattoos.

Below we showcase the best Lord of the Rings tattoos, each a testament to the timeless allure of Tolkien’s masterpiece.

From intricate Elvish script to the Eye of Sauron, from the majestic Tree of Gondor to the unassuming One Ring, these tattoos encapsulate the saga’s magic and the profound connection fans have with this unparalleled epic.

Best Gandalf Tattoos

Our favorite wizard in Lord of the Rings makes an aesthetic tattoo with his wise gray eyes and famous pipe. Check out these 10 Lord of the Rings tattoos inspired by Gandalf and his various battles with Saruman, Durin’s Bane etc.

Gandalf and Gollum LOTR back tattoo
Done by Jesse Rix in Keene, NH.
Black and grey geometric Gandalf smoking a pipe tattoo
By Izhar Rott Owner of Manifacto Amsterdam Tattoos
Realistic Gandalf and Saruman tattoos on each leg
By Tony Sklepic done in Edmonton, Alberta
Gandalf and Glamdring tattoo design
Realistic Gandalf tattoo
Credit: @crimsonghosttattoo (Instagram)
Gandalf leg tattoo
Credit: Librería Terraferma

Best Sauron Tattoos

Sauron may be the villain of the Lord of the Rings series but he makes a darn good fiery eye tattoo. It also looks great with the Dark Tower (Barad-dûr) surrounding the Eye and textured detail makes it appealing in ink.

Tolkien spent a lot of time creating a number of menacing villains, depicting their atrocious acts surrounded by dark towers and an ominous landscape. And let’s not forget Sauron’s henchmen, the Nazgûl who show up at the most unfortunate of times, but they have a geometric look that goes well with the villain theme.  

Sauron and One Ring to Rule Them all quote tattoo
By Radiant Tattoos
Sauron and 9 Ring Wraiths tattoos
Credit: @tattoosbysabrina (Instagram)
Sauron Eye and Barad-Dûr arm tattoo, Credit: (Instagram)
Badass Sauron arm tattoo on a man
Credit: @mdamoreart
Funny Sauron and The One Ring small tattoo
Sauron arm tattoo
Credit: Drummerdanneh
Credit: Magic Moon
Sauron in his armor, Credit: tattoodo
Detailed Sauron Eye Tattoo, Credit: Killer Ink

Best The One Ring and Lord of the Rings Weapon Tattoos

Tolkien’s popular Middle-Earth legendarium is based on one bad guy and his obsession with the creation of the most powerful Ring in existence. Unfortunately for the ladies, it isn’t a big shiny rock but a simple gold band.

The One Ring and its Elven inscription makes for a simple, but beautiful, design to ink onto your skin. The Elven Inscription translates to: One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them, one ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.

Tolkien clearly had a vast imagination because the blades and weapons he created were unique and each of them had a rich history. They have a distinct appearance which looks pretty cool as a tattoo.

Narsil and white tree of Gondor arm tattoo
Ultimate Lord of the Rings tattoo design on the arm
Credit: @laky_tattoo
Narsil and Fellowship of the Ring tattoo design
Credit: mikeman512 (Reddit)
Narsil and mordor palm tattoo
Palm tattoo art by @lukeaashley
Sting arm tattoo, Credit: @spookystabber (Instagram)
Sting Frodo sword colored and realistic tattoo
Sting blade
Narsil and the One Ring tattoo
Credit: @btriz_tattoo
Sting Frodo sword and flower tattoo
Credit: @blvckwxlf
The One Ring with Sauron’s Eye tattoo, Credit: @charmanda95 (Pinterest)

4. Elves

Lord of the Rings has given us a wealth of favourite characters and many of them are Elves. Legolas, played by Orlando Bloom, is a fan-favorite in the canon as well as the Jackson movies.

Their exceptionally graceful appearance along with the beautiful accessories they don are something that fans love to embed onto their skins. Take a look at these ten tattoos inspired by Tolkien’s Elves and their world.

Galadriel and Lorien broach tattoo
Arwen arm tattoo, Credit: @corentinvsn
Galadriel as Lady of Lothlorien, Credit: Karen Glass Tattoo
Galadriel in Fellowship of the Ring, Credit: Lisa at NieU Studios (Reddit)
Legolas tattoo Credit: NSF
Thranduil, as seen in The Hobbit, Credit: Christine (Pinterest)
Arwen’s Evanstar back tattoo, Credit: Veraluxx (Reddit)
Galadriel arm tattoo, Credit: Helyar Tattoos
Thranduil leg tattoo, Credit: TattoosbyHalo
Elrond in the Lord of the Rings trilogies, Credit: Allthingstattoo
Arwen in The Lord of the Rings trilogies, Credit: World tattoo gallery

Best Hobbits and The Shire Tattoos

Tolkien’s hobbits shaped the fate of Middle-Earth and it’s only natural to have our adorable little friends inked on our bodies, symbolizing strength and loyalty. The home of the Hobbits is also another wondrous place.

The Shire is immensely beautiful with lush greenery, flowers and round homes hidden in the landscapes. One of our favorites is the simple yet beautiful neo-traditional hobbit hole foot tattoo. A true hobbit foot, minus the hair.

neo-traditional hobbit hole foot tattoo
By Heath Clifford at Fat Ink Tattoo.
Bright and flowery hobbit hole leg tattoo
By Jess White in Sacramento, CA
Smeagol arm tattoo
Bag End Shire and Gandalf tattoo
Credit: @veggiesaurus
Cartoon and anime style Frodo tattoo
Credit: @stefansalamone
Colored Bag End tattoo
Credit: @micaink_

Best Gimli and Aragorn Tattoos

Jackson’s Hobbit and Lord of the Rings trilogies gave us much to love among the races of dwarves and men. The Fellowship of the Rings has a spectacular shadowy outline that looks even better as a tattoo.

The Kings of Men also have a smoldering look that looks powerful and symbolizes bravery in the face of the enemy. Fans love to have Aragorn’s face or Gimli’s bearded ensemble on their arms or legs to show their love for Lord of the Rings characters.

Brilliant and detailed Aragorn arm tattoo
Gimli leg tattoo
By Ben Kaye at Ship Shape Tattoo in New Zealand
Aragorn arm tattoo, Credit: @cookietattoo (Facebook)
Aragorn leg tattoo, Credit: Allthingstattoo
Gimli leg tattoo, Credit: PumpkinBlood

Best Middle Earth Maps and Lord of the Rings Monsters Tattoos

What high-fantasy world is complete without a detailed map? Tolkien truly gave us a gem in the map of Middle-Earth.

With the vast expanses of The Shire and Rohan, the hidden cities of the Elves and the mysterious Misty Mountains of the Dwarves, Tolkien’s map is a fantastic idea for a tattoo.

Map of the Lonely Mountain in Erebor Credit
Nazgûl and Wring Wraith tattoo
The Nazgûl on their Fell beast, Credit: @diihfavaretto (Instagram)
Big Middle Earth map tattoo on a man's chest and stomach
Credit: @mala_potega (Instagram)
Detailed Balrog and flames full arm tattoo for men
Flaming Balrog By Eddiestattoos Cookstown
Incredible Lord of the Rings full chest tattoo
Mordor tattoo
Simple Lonely Mountain tattoo design
Smaug and the Lonely Mountain, Source
Argonath detailed leg tattoos
Credit: u/Matm82
Witch King and sword tattoo
Credit: @tiger_ramos
Fellowship of the Ring tattoo
Fellowship of the Ring landscape arm tattoo, Credit: Fin2266

Best Lord of the Rings Minimalist Tattoos

While colored artistic designs may depict the passion one has for Lord of the Rings, smaller and less dense designs can also exhibit similar connection. Tolkien’s high-fantasy world has given us objects with intricate designs which look aesthetically appealing as tattoos.

Even the Elvish inscriptions look beautiful, not to mention the outline of the illustrious Fellowship of The Ring. Let’s admire these 10 tattoos before we run to our favourite tattoo artists and give them a design to ink onto our skins.

Doors of Durin and Narsil tattoo
Narsil with the Gates of Moria
Arwen Even Star simple back tattoo for women
Evanstar Tattoo Credit: Veraluxx (Reddit)
Tree of Gondor symbolism tattoo, Credit: Tranis Tribe
The Lord of the Rings quote tattoo
Credit: Ken Todd
Gates of Moria arm tattoo, Credit: tmctattoo (Instagram)
LOTR back tattoo
Credit: (Instagram)
Vial of Galadriel tattoo on a woman's upper arm
Credit: @mokapresley
Mines of Moria gate tattoo
Gates of Moria, Credit: @finelinetattooshop
Gandalf symbolism tattoo
Gandalf symbols Credit:
The Two Trees of Valinor back tattoo, Credit: w0nderwagon (Instagram)

J.R.R. Tolkien Tattoo

We felt that a special mention for the man behind it all, J.R.R. Tolkien deserves to be on this page and many of us would love to ink his profile to represent our never-ending love for his lore.

Hats off to J.R.R. Tolkien, this tattoo is one of a kind, complete with the Tengwar inscription that says:
One Ring to Rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.

Realistic colored tattoo of JRR Tolkien