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Marvel MBTI Character Types: Myer-Briggs Type Indicator

Marvel MBTI Character Types: Myer-Briggs Type Indicator

While we all know that everyone is different and unique, we also know the value of identifying common personality traits as a way of understanding people.

The Myer-Briggs Personality Type Indicators (called MBTI) is a great way to do that by helping us understand a few key attributes of a person’s personality.

As well as helping us understand the people in our lives, the framework of 16 archetypal personalities is also useful for helping us understand our favorite characters.

What makes them tick? What motivates them? What are they likely to do in different situations? (essential for fanfiction!).

Tony Stark is an ENTP who always needs to be challenging others and pushing the envelope. Spider-man is an ENFP, who believes in enjoying life but whose instincts drive him to do good. The Scarlet Witch is an INFP who is able to see possibilities that others can’t imagine.

Read on for a closer look at the MBTI types of your favorite Marvel characters and why we think each one represents this archetype.

Marvel MTBI Personality Type Chart

Ant-Man (Scott Lang)ESFJ
Black Panther (T’Challa)INTJ
Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff)ISTP
Captain America (Steve Rogers)ISFJ
Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers)ISFP
Charles XavierENFJ
Hulk (Bruce Banner)INTP
Iron Man (Tony Stark)ENTP
Peggy CarterENTJ
Scarlet Witch (Wanda)INFP
Spiderman (Peter Parker)ENFP
Star Lord (Peter Quill)ESFP

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Ant-Man (Scott Lang) – ESFJ (Everyone’s Trusted Friend)

Ant Man Steve Lang Marvel MBTI

Scott Lang, despite his chequered past, is a caregiver who finds fulfillment in helping others. When he did break the law, it was usually for altruistic reasons. This is a classic trait of an ESFJ personality, as is optimism that things will generally work out.

He comes across as everyone’s best friend because he is so easy-going and is good at making other people laugh.

But he does also like to be valued. When that doesn’t happen, he can go over the top trying to make himself useful, turning him into a bit of a martyr.

Lt. James Rhodes, Tony Stark’s long-time friend who becomes War Machine, is also an ESFJ who is preoccupied with being of use. He always puts his needs second, but no one realizes it since he always does it with a good sense of humor.

Black Panther (T’Challa) – INTJ (Everything has Room for Improvement)

Black Panther T'Chala MBTI Marvel

T’Challa as the head of the Wakanda nation was powerful and decisive in his decision making. He seems to keep a cool and calm head in most situations and can make seemingly ruthless decisions, just like many other INTJ personalities.

People with this personality often have a bigger goal or vision that they are working towards and won’t be distracted from it.

For the Black Panther, this is revenge for the death of his father and the prosperity of the Wakandan nation. He is a good conceptual planner and can keep his head around all the moving pieces.

Doctor Strange, the ex-surgeon Stephen Strange, is also an INTJ who is often logical and unemotional and can hold vast and complex ideas and plans in his head. Like many with this personality, his relentless pursuit of goals can leave him a little insensitive.

Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff) – ISTP (Ready to Try Anything Once)

Black Widow Natasha Ramanoff Marvel MBTI

While the Black Widow from The Avengers can seem ruthless to outsiders, Natasha Romanov is clearly guided by a strong central belief system, like all ISTPs.

She blows up an office with her former Widow taskmaster Dreykov and his younger daughter inside for the greater good, to save all the Widows.

But she shows a typical ISTP lack of attention to detail in that she did not go back to check on the other girls. Nevertheless, she tends to carry the weight of the world on her shoulders.

She thrives as an Avenger because she is result-oriented and likes to solve problems. Natasha tends to play her cards close to the chest and keep her feelings to herself, but those who know her well know that they run deep. She can be a little pessimistic as she has been hit hard by life’s blows.

Valkyrie from Thor displays a similar personality, blaming herself for the defeat of her Valkyrie band at the hands of Hel in Thor: Ragnarok. She puts on a tough exterior to control the deep flowing emotions within her.

Captain America (Steve Rogers) – ISFJ (A High Sense of Duty)

Captain America Steve Rogers Marvel MBTI

Captain America is defined by his strong moral compass and his preoccupation with protecting others, which is the definition of an ISFJ personality.

This was a part of him long before he got his superpowers, with the scrawny Steve Rogers jumping on what he thought was a live grenade to protect other army recruits.

People with this personality tend to observe rather than always jump in with their opinion. But when it comes to action, they will do what they think is right regardless of what others have to say.

They are also good at inspiring others and making them believe that they are capable. Steve does this with his team in WWII, and again with the Avengers.

Phil Coulson of S.H.I.E.L.D. displays the same ISFJ personality and is willing to make great personal sacrifices to help the people around him.

But his most memorable character trait is the way he helps other people to believe in themselves. He is often the inspiration behind heroes.

Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) – ISFP (Sees Much but Shares Little)

Captain Marvel Carol Danvers MBTI

Carol Danvers, who goes on to become Captain Marvel is a typical ISFP in that she is both loyal and sensitive.

This can create conflicts for her as she is often pulled between what is expected and what is right, but her strong moral compass pushes her in the right direction and allows her to walk the line.

People with this personality are free spirits and can’t stand when others try to define or limit them. But their battles are often internal as they tend to keep their thoughts and feelings to themselves.

America Chavez, the young Multiverse traveler in Dr Strange, is a similar ISFP personality as she is torn between learning to control her powers, finding her place in the universe, and helping others.

But she has natural instincts that make her a force for good in the universe.

Charles Xavier – ENFJ (The Relationship is Everything)

Charles Xavier X-Men MBTI Marvel

Charles Xavier, Professor X of the X-Men, is a natural leader because he inspires confidence and is good at talking people around to his point of view.

He also has the natural ability to instill confidence in others by highlighting their best qualities in subtle ways. All of this makes him an ENFJ personality.

But people with this personality also tend to carry the weight of the world on their shoulders and take responsibility for things that were not their fault and will be difficult to change.

While they are understanding and forgiving when it comes to others, they can be very hard on themselves when it comes to their perceived failings.

Odin himself may be the only other Marvel character that rivals Professor X in this capacity. It was only his compassion and understanding of others that really brought Thor and Loki together like real brothers.

Gamora – ISTJ (Doing What Should Be Done)

Gamore Guardians of teh Galaxy MBTI Marvel

While Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy spent almost her entire young life with Thanos, she had a plan almost from day one to exact her revenge. This kind of long-term planning and focussed commitment is a classic trait of an ISTJ.

She was highly trained and an expert in her martial arts, which shows the kind of dedicated, methodical, and consistent approach to life that is common to people with this personality.

They never complain, they are much more likely to just put their head down and get things done.

Wong, the Librarian in Dr Strange is also an ISTJ who dedicated himself to studying and then protecting the Library in New York. He was able to make difficult and often unemotional decisions to do what needed to be done.

Groot – INFJ (An Inspiration to Others)

Groot Guardians of the Galaxy MBTI Marvel

Groot of Guardians of the Galaxy is compassionate and understanding towards other people, which is why he is the perfect companion to Rocket, tempering his more volatile personality. It also makes him an excellent example of an INFJ.

He prefers peace and happiness to conflict and disorder, but his easy-going manner means that he can find this in the midst of chaos.

People with this personality are also loyal and giving, and willing to make great sacrifices for the people they love.

We see Groot do exactly this at the end of the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie when he sacrifices himself to create a protective shell for his team.

The Ancient One in Dr Strange is a similar personality in that they are not controlled by the chaos in the world around them and find clarity in peace and tranquillity. This gives the Ancient one great power over others.

Hulk (Bruce Banner) – INTP (A Love of Problem Solving)

Bruce Banner Hulk MBTI Marvel

As a scientist and logical thinker, Bruce Banner likes to think through problems and has the creativity to come up with innovative solutions, making him an INTP.

He loves to solve a puzzle and when seemingly minute details result in revelations. But he can be obsessive and take things to the extreme, hence the creation of the Hulk formula.

The use of an alter-ego is also typical INTP behavior as they tend to be introverted and do not like to let other people in.

But they are energetic and curious and so appreciate a mask that lets them be more open. We see this in the different demeanors of Bruce and the Hulk.

Michelle MJ Jones of the Spiderverse is similar in her intelligence and problem-solving skills.

While she seems quietly confident, this is a carefully constructed façade that she uses to protect herself. It takes a lot to get behind her walls, but Peter manages it.

Iron Man (Tony Stark) – ENTP (Relationships are Just Another Challenge)

Tony Stark Iron Man MBTI Marvel

Tony Stark, who becomes Iron Man, is a quintessential ENTP because he is not afraid to work outside of the box to get things done.

From his perspective, rules are there to be broken and there is no limit to what is possible. He sometimes doesn’t realize when he is taking things too far.

People with this personality like to shock and surprise, and they are always questioning and can never accept anything without challenging it.

They are confident in their own opinions, but they can listen if a good idea is on the table, which is why they make excellent natural leaders if others can put up with their arrogance.

Loki also displays ENTP traits in his ability to see various possibilities and his innate need to challenge authority and the status quo.

He also shares the arrogance of this personality. Only an ENTP could fall in love with another version of themselves.

Peggy Carter – ENTJ (Good Relationships Require Leadership)

Peggy Carter MBTI Marvel

Peggy Carter is not the kind of person to leave anything to chance. She knows that if you want to make things happen, you need to take charge and push things in that direction, just like other ENTJ.

Once she has made a decision she sticks to it, and she holds others to the same standards. This is why she can seem strict in her dealings with other people.

But the way she communicates means that people tend to agree with her, as she is understated, practical, and undramatic. That can be very hard to argue with.

Nick Fury is also an ENTJ who is always pulling strings to ensure that things turn out the way that he wants.

He is open and caring, but things need to be on his terms and he prefers when others play by his rules.

Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff) – INFP (Performing Noble Service to Aid Society)

Scarlet WItch Wanda Maximoff MBTI Marvel

Wanda Maximoff’s powers, which earned her the name the Scarlet Witch, allow her to see a world of greater possibilities than many others, which is why she is a perfect example of an INFP.

This may also explain why she was able to see Vision as more than he was and fall in love with him.

People with this personality are very compassionate and accept people as they are, and they don’t tend to worry about what other people think of them.

They are in pursuit of their own happiness, just like Wanda in WandaVision.

But an INFP would never put their own needs above the greater good, which was why Wanda was able to sacrifice Vision to try and save the world.

Mantis is also an INFP who has a different vision of the world and appreciates the amazing uniqueness of each person.

She is compassionate and empathetic, but this does not make her weak. It makes her strong as she can carry the emotions of others.

Sif – ESTJ (Life’s Natural Administrator)

Lady Sif MBTI Marvel

Sif, the strong commander from Asgard, is very sure of herself and enjoys calling the shots, just like all ESTJ personalities.

She believes in the core values of Asgardian life and holds onto those traditions dearly. It is often this that motivates her to act.

She is a very proud person and takes herself seriously. Sif has a constant need to prove herself to the people around her.

She has a deep sense of honor, which is why she is willing to work to save Jane despite her jealousy due to her own feelings for Thor.

Ronan the Accuser is also an ESTJ who is proud and sure of himself and his ideas. He is tied to the traditions of the Kree and this is what motivates and drives him.

He enjoys power and is motivated by a cause, which is what drives him to align with Thanos.

Spider-Man (Peter Parker) – ENFP (You Can Never be Too Close)

Peter Parker Spiderman MBTI Marvel

Peter Parker, also known as Spider-Man, is a classic ENFP displaying a genuine vigor and enjoyment in life and a deep love for others.

The world doesn’t often get people like Peter down since they tend to be able to see the best and the lighter side of things.

People with this personality are always authentic in their dealings with others. While this means that they are not always the most popular, the friendships that they do have are highly genuine.

They tend to do the right thing without even thinking about it since it is just instinctual for them.

Deadpool is also an ENFP personality who has a fun and light-hearted approach to life. But despite his personal struggles, doing the right thing is easy for him, since it is his natural instinct, no matter how much he fights it.

Star Lord (Peter Quill) – ESFP (Love is Making the Most of Each Moment)

Star Lord Peter Quill MBTI Marvel

Star Lord loves the spotlight, which is why he is so disappointed when people don’t know who he is, and this is a common characteristic of ESFP personalities.

They are the jokers of the personality spectrum and believe in having fun and having a laugh at every opportunity. Life is meant to be enjoyed.

But people with this personality are very intelligent and adaptable and tend to learn through doing, which is why they always fall on their feet.

They are also highly creative and can come up with solutions to problems that would never occur to anyone else, just like Peter Quill. He has a big heart and is just searching for people to love.

Yelena Belova, another former widow and childhood “sister” of Natasha, is also an ESFP.

She loves to joke, and it is rare to hear a serious word come out of her mouth. But she is intelligent, adaptable, and has an enormous capacity to love.

Thor – ESTP (Making the Most of the Moment)

Thor Marvel Movies MBTI

Thor is naturally confident and gregarious, and while he embraces the fame that comes with being the God of Thunder, he does not want to be defined by it.

This is typical of an ESTP, as is a tendency to be impulsive and act without thinking. Energetic problem-solvers, ESTPs often fail to consider the consequences of their actions.

People with this personality are adaptable and strong-willed, as we see in Thor as he moves from God to fallen to space cowboy. He always lands on his feet and embraces the adventure that lies ahead.

Yondu Udont, the blue rogue commander from Guardians of the Galaxy is also an ESTP personality.

His confidence makes him a natural leader, but he leads with more gusto than serious planning. Nevertheless, his adaptable nature means that he always seems to come out ahead.

The Verdict

What do you think of our assessments of the Marvel characters? Did we get their MBTI personalities right?

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