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20 Richest Superheroes and How They Got Their Wealth

20 Richest Superheroes and How They Got Their Wealth

Being a superhero is not a cheap hobby by any stretch of the imagination.

While it’s a very nice thing to do if you have the ability to fly or possess superhuman strength, fighting crime is not a paid full-time position.

Those with strong financial standing are often looked to fund the efforts of bigger organizations like the Justice League or the Avengers, not to mention pay for all that cutting-edge technology.

Successful companies, family fortunes, and an array of moon crystals; there’s any number of things superheroes can draw from to bankroll their planet-saving efforts.

But who’s the richest of the rich? Here is a list of the wealthiest superheroes:

20. Michael Holt (Net Worth: $1 Billion)

One of the most intelligent men in the world, Michael “Mr Terrific” Holt founded his own technology company after the loss of his wife and child.

A renowned polymath with 14 PhDs (and an Olympic gold medal), his genius intellect led to his forming his own company called Cyberwear, later renamed Holt Holdings.

His primary and most popular invention are his T-Spheres. These small, floating orbs can interact with technology and have numerous effects, including hacking, creating holograms, and even as miniature bombs.

After serving in both the Justice Society of America and the Justice League, Holt’s T-Sphere design has been copied by Batman on occasion.

19. Silvija Sablinova (Net Worth: $2 Billion)

Silvija Sablinova

A relatively unknown hero, this international assassin followed in her father’s footsteps.

Sablinova, also known as Silver Sable, was trained by her father who hunted Nazi war criminals post-WW II. After he passed away, she headed up the Wild Pack and started Silver Sable International, an Interpol-type agency and a more privatized version of international police, respectively.

Sable and her “employees” are incredibly good at what they do, so they rake in tonnes of profit. She invests this money back into her company by making the best weapons and tech available to them and keeping her home nation of Symkaria debt free.

18. Professor Charles Xavier (Net Worth: $3+ Billion)

Professor Charles Xavier

Almost single-handedly taking care of all the mutants in the world carries a hefty price tag, so it’s a good thing Professor X has a substantial bank balance.

The son of Dr Brian Xavier, a wealthy nuclear research scientist, Xavier and his mother moved back to his ancestral mansion after his father was killed. After he became wheelchair-bound, he made his home the School for Gifted Youngsters, a sanctuary for young mutants to harness their powers.

Xavier’s estate houses many forms of technology, with his wealth serving as a way to shield the young superheroes of tomorrow from the scrutiny of the human world.

He was also one of the founders of the mutant nation of Krakoa, serving as the Head of State, giving him political influence too.

17. Emma Frost (Net Worth: $3+ Billion)

Emma Frost superhero from the Marvel comics

A powerful mutant that has been on the side of good and evil, Emma Frost has used her wealth to recruit impressionable young mutants and even fund a country.

Frost was born into a powerful family that had amassed mercantile wealth, and was chosen as an heir to her father’s fortune despite being the middle child. She eventually took ownership of Frost International, an electronics and logistics company.

Using the business knowledge that she absorbed with her telepathic powers, she caused the company to thrive economically.

She eventually came to sit on the Quiet Council of Krakoa, a (sentient) country devoted entirely to mutants. Here, she used her powers to further the political and financial standing of the nation.

16. Medusa (Net Worth: $3+ Billion)

Medusa from the Marvel universe

Queen of the Attilan Royal Family after having married Blackagar Boltagon, she doubles as the literal mouthpiece of her powerful husband.

Born to Inhuman parents and exposed to Terrigen Mist as a child, Medusalith Amaquelin (to use her full name) is actually the second cousin of her now husband Black Bolt. She married Boltagon after Attilan was transferred to the Blue Area of the Moon, and what was his also became hers as she became Queen.

After many conflicts with the Genetic Council, Medusa pursues mostly humanitarian work with the Inhumans and focuses her efforts on rebuilding Attilan.

It’s hard to put an exact number on her net worth, but it’s safe to say she probably doesn’t worry about money.

15. Crystal (Net Worth: $4+ Billion)

Crystal superhero movie poster cover

The sister of the previous entry, Crystal has ties to the Inhuman Royal Family thanks to Medusa being wed to Black Bolt.

Something of a fair maiden of the Marvel universe, Crystal has been involved romantically with many superheroes over the years including the rapid Quiksilver and the Human Torch of the Fantastic Four.

Not content with being an inactive member of the Attilan Royal Family, she was appointed ambassador of the Inhumans and sent on diplomatic missions and recovery efforts to various countries.

Again, Crystal’s connections and relations basically grant her virtually untold wealth. Should she require it, her sister and brother-in-law can probably spare her some change.

14. Warren Worthington III (Net Worth: $5+ Billion)

Warren Worthington III superhero

An heir to the Worthington family fortune, Warren Worthington III was a mutant for years before both he and his parents realized his gifts.

Enjoying wealth from a young age, he lived a lavish lifestyle for many years. He would eventually take over the family business of Worthington Industries, a conglomerate that has interests in publications, different forms of aviation technology, and of course, frozen yogurt.

He has used his money to sponsor the X-Men in the past, however, his lack of control as his Archangel persona has led to slightly counterproductive results.

The company board once attempted to oust him from his position, but thanks to the help of one savvy lawyer named Matt Murdock, he managed to keep his rightful property.

13. Oliver Queen (Net Worth: $5-10 Billion)

Oliver Queen, green arrow superhero from Marvel comics

A Robin Hood figure in more ways than one, the Emerald Archer has plenty of cash in his deep pockets, but he’s not proud of where it came from.

Yet another heir to a family fortune (there’s definitely a theme here), Oliver Queen has been a sporadic CEO of Queen Industries, a company founded by his father Robert to sell weapons and munitions.

Initially squandering his money and living a playboy lifestyle, Queen realizes the impact his family’s company is having on the world and vows to atone for the wrongs it has caused.

As well as fighting crime as the Green Arrow, Queen battles social and political injustice using his fortune to fuel his efforts.

He’s also an ardent philanthropist, donating money to charities and good causes as much as he can.

12. Ted Kord (Net Worth: $10+ Billion)

Ted Kord Marvel superhero

A great hero that rarely sees the limelight, Ted “Blue Beetle” Kord saved his father’s company from the brink of collapse and turned it into a thriving business.

The second person to take up the Blue Beetle mantle, Kord manned the helm of Kord Omniversal Research and Development Industries, after his father lost interest and passion after the death of Ted’s mother.

Using his sharp mind (which is said to be greater than that of Batman himself), he revived the failing company and began creating new-fangled technologies, some of which he used to fight crime as the second Blue Beetle.

11. Thor Odinson (Net Worth: ?)

Thor, Marvel superhero holding his hammer

If you can’t inherit your parent’s fortune after they pass away, the next best thing to do as a superhero to boost your bank balance is to be affiliated with a royal family in some way. And that’s exactly what Thor does.

As Thor’s homeworld of Asgard doesn’t operate to the conventional idea of money, it’s impossible to put a hard figure on what he’s worth in standard human economic terms.

It’s a pretty safe bet though that he can probably get his hands on anything he wants at any time, being the prince of Asgard and all.

The Norse-inspired land has hordes of treasures that fall under his family’s ownership. After Odin’s fall, Thor officially becomes King of Asgard, granting him true ownership of all his world’s valuables.

10. Danny Rand (Net Worth: $25 Billion)

Danny Rand superhero net worth

Another billionaire’s son, another crimefighter in waiting. Daniel Rand took up the mantle and power of the Iron Fist after defeating the serpent Shou-Lou the Undying.

The son of Wendall Rand, a prolific businessman who started Rand-Meachum Incorporated with his friend Harold Meachum, Danny Rand was brought up in the mythical city of K’un-Lun and trained ferociously to earn the moniker of Iron Fist.

When Meachum passed away, Rand returned to take control of the company with his 50% stake. He renamed the organization to Rand Enterprises after learning Meachum was responsible for his father’s death.

It’s not explicitly said what Rand-Meachum Incorporated/Rand Enterprises does to generate wealth, but it’s been suggested the conglomerate is involved in things like chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

Like Oliver Queen, Danny Rand takes the company in a new direction after becoming CEO, turning it into a non-profit organization.

9. Reed Richards (Net Worth: $30 Billion)

Reed Richards superhero

Being the smartest man in the world has its advantages, one of them being that you know how to become one of the richest men in the world.

Not content with being a master of one of the sciences like most people, Mister Fantastic himself has an encyclopedic knowledge of biology, physics, and chemistry, not to mention electrical and aerospace engineering.

His father, Nathaniel Richards, left Reed $2 billion dollars before mysteriously disappearing, which no doubt helped jump-start some of his experiments.

Even without that large cash injection, Richards’ efforts to build both space and time traveling equipment drew the government’s attention, who were more than happy to bankroll him.

8. Adrian Veidt (Net Worth: $50+ Billion)

Adrian Veidt

Adrian Veidt, more commonly known as the peculiar Ozymandias, is a former crimefighter from the Watchmen series who also acts as a businessman.

The smartest man in the DC Universe, his genius was identified at a very young age. However, he purposefully hid this from his teachers and parents until the latter’s death. At the age of 17, he inherited their fortune and gave every last cent of it away to charity.

His sheer intellect and eidetic memory allowed him to predict the stock market, thus allowing him to make “sure thing” investments to gain near indefinite wealth.

Shortly before vigilantism became outlawed by the Keene Act, Veidt sold himself to the highest bidder for marketing and PR purposes. He did this to fund a fake global catastrophe to unite the human race against one singular threat.

7. Diana Prince (Net Worth: ?)

Diana Prince as Wonder Woman in the Marvel movies

Diana Prince, also known as Wonder Woman, is a woman of many talents.

Much like Thor, it’s impossible to directly quote how “rich” Wonder Woman is in tangible terms. Paradise Island doesn’t trade with other countries or really engage with money in a traditional way.

But again, like the Asgardian God of Thunder, you’d be foolish to assume Diana of Themyscira was short of any wealth.

While various comic book arcs have depicted her at both ends of the economic spectrum, being a member of her homeworld’s Royal Family and an ambassador surely leaves her in good economic stead.

6. Bruce Wayne (Net Worth: $75+ Billion)

Bruce Wayne, the real name of Batman

One of the most well-known superheroes in the world, Batman has a ridiculous amount of wealth at his disposal.

Like many other characters on this list, Bruce inherited his vast family fortune after his parents were killed. The Wayne Family fortune dates back to the 17th Century, starting as a Merchant House. It eventually grew under Alan Wayne who started Wayne Shipping and Wayne Chemical in the 19th Century.

CEO of Wayne Enterprises, Bruce’s company does a multitude of things as well as being the parent company/owner of many smaller ones. Wayne Enterprises is involved in everything from green energy to researching military weaponry.

Bruce also uses the Wayne Foundation as a charity to give back to the citizens of Gotham who truly need it.

5. Teth-Adam (Net Worth: $90+ Billion)

Teth-Adam, superhero who eventually becomes known as Black Adam

Probably the entry to earn the title of “antihero” most on this list, this Egyptian God has near limitless power and almost as much money.

Dating back to the ancient Egyptian times of pharaohs like Ramses II, Prince Teth-Adam was bestowed with the powers of multiple Gods, allowing him to protect his people for many years.

Being over 3,000 years old and the son of one of Egypt’s most notable rulers puts Adam in one of the most illustrious positions of wealth. His material wealth is extremely vast, and he owns a small country. However, his wealth isn’t as tangible as that of someone like Bruce Wayne or Oliver Queen.

4. Tony Stark (Net Worth: $100+ Billion)

Tony Stark, Marvel character who becomes known as Iron Man

Marvel’s answer to Bruce Wayne (but with a slightly different personality), Stark became a superhero out of necessity rather than a burning desire to rid the world of evil.

Anthony “Tony” Stark inherited the fortune his adoptive father Howard Stark built with Stark Industries, a weapons and now technology manufacturer. After his father and mother were killed, Tony became CEO of Stark Industries and used his genius to advance the company.

After building his first Iron Man suit and Arc Reactor, Tony used his wealth to fund the Avengers, their headquarters in Manhatten around the world as well as the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier.

In later years, Stark founded Stark Enterprises and Stark Solutions, a technology company in Silicon Valley and a consulting firm, respectively.

3. Blackagar Boltagon (Net Worth: $200+ Billion)

Blackagar Boltagon superhero with one finger up to his mouth doing the 'shhhh' sign

A key and powerful member of the Inhumans, Black Bolt has relations that are also extremely well off.

A character with deep and complex origins, Boltagon has always been feared and respected because of his immense power. As an adult, he became leader of the Inhumans and ruler of Attilan, AKA the Kingdom of the Gods.

The Royal Family Black Bolt belongs to owns many properties in various countries, on several islands, and a little thing called the Moon.

They also have a vast supply of Terrigen Crystals, a power mineral created in special conditions on the Moon. They fetch a high price due to their ability to produce Terrigen Mist, a strange vapor that grants unknown powers.

A combination of all the Royal Family’s assets, properties, and the Crystals, plus Boltagon’s family ties, make him a very powerful and wealthy hero.

2. Prince T’Challa (Net Worth: $250+ Billion)

Marvel superhero Prince T’Challa sitting on his throne in Wakanda

Turns out, being in the royal family of the most technologically advanced nation on Earth comes with some financial perks.

The first biological son of T’Chaka, King of Wakanda, T’Challa quickly adapted to the royal duties expected of a prince.

Being a land abundant in Vibranium, one of the rarest and most precious metals on the planet (roughly $10,000 per gram), Wakanda is an extremely valuable asset. Not to mention companies/countries that want to trade with the kingdom. All that wealth is then transient to the person that rules the land, that being T’Challa.

T’Challa uses the country’s wealth to fund the technology and defenses of Wakanda, recognizing their importance in fighting global threats.

1. Arthur Curry (Net Worth: $100+ Trillion)

Arthur Curry, also known as Aquaman superhero

Traditionally not someone you’d associate with having a lot of conventional wealth, Aquaman’s royal status means he has immense fortune at his fingertips.

The son of the human Tom Curry and then Atlantean Queen Atlanna, Arthur Curry was born with a claim to the throne of Atlantis. While there’s some contention with his brother Orm, Arthur is seen as the acting ruler of the underwater kingdom.

Being that this makes him King of the Oceans, it means Curry owns roughly 70% of the Earth’s surface, including everything in it.

That means minerals, natural resources, sunken treasure, you name it. If it’s wet, it belongs to Aquaman.

While that doesn’t mean he has extravagant materialistic wealth like Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark, his net worth is astronomical.