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25 Best Shrek Cake Ideas

25 Best Shrek Cake Ideas

Are you a fan of the loveable green ogre and his enchanting universe? Shrek has captured the hearts of millions globally, making it a perfect theme for celebrations.

Whether you’re planning a birthday party or a movie night, a Shrek-themed cake can be the centerpiece that brings the magic of Far Far Away right to your home.

Below we have chosen the best Shrek cake ideas, offering you a variety of creative designs and themes.

From a classic Shrek face cake to a delightful swamp-themed confection, these ideas are sure to add that extra layer of fun to your event.

1. Green Shrek Ears Cake

Probably the most iconic elements of the Shrek iconography are the ogre’s green color and his antenna-style ears. This cake uses both of these as the basis for its design.

The cake is finished off with a Gingerbread man character figure on the side and some delicate flower and leaf decorations.

2. Shrek Green Cake

Source: @thefondcake

The most Shrek thing about Shrek is the green color of the ogres. This cake is decorated in bright ogre green to glorious effect.

The top layer is decorated with Shrek’s antennae ears, while the bottom layer shows Shrek bathing in his favorite nud pool. Little mushrooms all over make a nice finishing touch.

3. 3D Shrek Cake

This baker has brought Shrek’s head to life in glorious 3D detail. The cake shaping and painted icing look incredibly realistic.

The cake is spattered with chocolate icing, representing Shrek’s love for mud baths. Guests will be fighting over who gets the ears once they are done taking photos.

4. Chocolate and Shrek Ears Cake

Sometimes themed cakes become more about the characters and less about the delicious flavor of the cake. But not this example, which has mud chocolate icing on top and swirling chocolate icing on the sides.

Two green Shrek ears stick out the top of the cake to reiterate the Shrek theme, and nice little mushroom decorations complete the design.

5. Layered Shrek Topper Cake

This double-layered cake has a bottom layer decorated in Shrek green and a top layer designed to look like tree bark in chocolate.

An edible Shrek figure sits on top of the cake on liquidy chocolate icing that looks like a mud pool. Edible stones and mushrooms are dotted around, so everyone gets a sweet treat.

6. Shrek and Fiona Topper Cake

Shrek and Fiona belong together, so they also belong together on a cake. This is a double-layered cake in Shrek green. It is decorated on the side with the door to Shrek’s hovel, with festive flowers and the name of the birthday boy.

Edible Shrek and Princess Fiona figures sit on top of the cake, and edible Donkey and Puss in Boots figures are at either side of the door on the bottom layer.

7. Castle Shrek Cake

At the beginning of the first Shrek film, Shrek and Donkey save Fiona from a caste prison. This cake celebrates that moment. While the bottom layer of the cake is Shrek green, the top two layers are iced to look like castle walls.

Edible Shrek and Donkey figures sit at the bottom of the cake, while an edible Princess Fiona in ogre form leans out the window. The dragon Elizabeth also hangs down the side of the cake. The baker has also added a few paper characters to round out the cast.

8. Castle and Characters Shrek Cake

One of the great things about Shrek is the detailed thought given to all the characters that inhabit Far Far Away. This cake celebrates those characters, placing them around a layered cake iced to look like teh castle of Far Far Away.

This baker has used plastic toys to add the characters to their cake, but you could make a few of their favorites as edibles.

9. Ogre Mud Bath Shrek Cake

One of the most iconic themes from the Shrek movies is when the ogre decides to take a mud bath. It also makes a great cake theme since it works so well with chocolate icing.

This baker has made a tree stump shell that looks like it is filled with muddy chocolate. An edible Shrek figure is taking a bath on top. This baker has placed some whiskey around the cake for the birthday boy, but you could change this decoration.

10. Layered Ogre Mud Bath Cake

Shrek taking a mud bath is a common theme in Shrek cakes since it lends itself to delicious chocolate icing. This one marks the scene with two layers, with chocolate tree bark holding chocolatey mud.

Shrek floats face down in the mud on top of the cake. The sides of the cake are decorated with various mushroom details.

11. Kit-Kat Chocolate Mud Bathe Cake

This two-layered cake starts with a layer in Shrek green, decorated with edible trees. A yummy Donkey figure sits at the side of this layer.

For the top, the baker has made a circle out of Kit-Kats around the cake. The top of the cake is decorated to look like Shrek taking his mud bath.

12. Beware Ogre Cake

This is yet another example of a Shrek taking a mud bath cake, but it has a lot of nice details that make it stand out.

The tree trunk style icing looks incredibly realistic, and the “Beware Ogre” sign is true to the film.

13. Shrek and Donkey Topper Cake

Shrek and Donkey are best friends, so they make the perfect pair of edible cake toppers. The ogre is taking a mud bath while Donket sits by his side.

The cake is decorated in Shrek green, and the baker has made a wood-look plaque to inscribe the name of the birthday boy or girl.

14. Shrek and Friends Cake

This cake is topped by edible figures of Shrek and his friends, specifically Fiona, Donkey, and Gingerbread Man.

The cake is decorated to look like Shrek’s hovel with chocolate wood icing and delicious green details.

15. Split Layer Shrek Cake

This cake looks unbelievable, with an edible Shrek figure separating the two layers of the cake.

The cake elements are decorated in Shrek green with melting chocolate that looks like Shrek’s beloved mud, pouring off the sides.

16. Shrek and Kids Layered Cake

This cake places Shrek with the ogre children he will have with Fiona in the later films. An edible Shrek figure separates two layers of the cake in a way that appears to defy gravity.

Edible baby ogres crawl around the cake, munching on the sweet cake balls that the baker has added for the eaters.

17. Numbered Shrek Cake

Source: @ace.cakes08

Kids love cakes that show their new age on their birthday. You can definitely make a number cake that also hits the Shrek theme.

This number 2 cake is iced in Shrek green and has edible baby ogres placed around it. Details like muddy pits and mushrooms make nice additions, and the ogre antennae finish the design.

18. Baby Ogres Shrek Cake

Are you making a birthday cake for your own baby ogre? This cake is decorated with edible baby ogres representing the children of Shrek and Fiona.

The main cake is made from chocolate, with thick, hard chocolate icing around the outside.

19. Shrek Supporting Characters Cake

Source: @littlemissoc

Is your Shrek fan also a Viking fan? Take advantage of the Viking ship crew in Shrek the Third to make this Viking topper cake.

The lower layers celebrate some of the other favorite characters, including Gingerbread Man and Puss in Boots. The lower layer looks like a brick wall with a detailed icing finish.

20. Lifesize Baby Shrek Cake

Source: @tortasmm19ve

It is hard to tell from this photo, but this is actually a lifesize baby Shrek photo, about the same size as a toddler.

If you can pull this off, everyone will love taking photos iofof your baby alongside this cake!

21. Princess Fiona Cake

Source: @KatiaCabrera

Is the spunky Princess Fiona their favorite character from the Shrek movies? This cake shows part of her head emerging from the top of the cake in vivid green detail.

The cake itself is a simple green cake decorated with a picket fence, representing the life Fiona has always wanted. Her golden crown is the perfect finishing touch.

22. Princess Fiona Topper Cake

Soource: @cakecentral

An edible Princess Fiona explodes out of the top of this chocolate cake. The baker has captured her iconic blue dress and princess crown.

The two layers of the cake are decorated in muddy chocolate with strikingvivid green details, including the magic number for the birthday boy or girl.

23. Donkey Topper Shrek Cake

Source: @kerrygough

Donkey is one of the most popular characters in the Shrek movies, and someone would love to receive a cake with an edible, fast-talking Donkey character on top.

The cake is iced in simple white, with a chocolate spill on top. Donkey sits on top of this so it looks like he is taking one of Shrek’s famous mud baths.

24. Donkey Portrait Shrek Cake

Source: @penguincake

Is their favorite character the fast-talking Donkey voiced by Eddie Murphy? This simple cake is topped with a large and detailed edible Donkey figure.

The painting of the icing is so detailed that it looks like a work of art. Guests might have trouble digging and tearing this Donkey apart, but that’s half the fun!

25. Gingerbread Man Cake

Source: @imgfave

Gingerbread Man is one of the most memorable supporting characters from Shrek, and as a cake man, he makes a great theme for a cake!

It would be easy to make a simple Gingerbread Man cake on a plate, so why not impress your guests by imitating this standing cake?