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50 Best Star Wars Cake Design Ideas for Birthdays and Events

50 Best Star Wars Cake Design Ideas for Birthdays and Events

bStar Wars has been insanely popular ever since the very first film was released by George Lucas in 1977.

Its fandom has only grown with the proliferation of new Star Wars content created by Disney (such as the Mandalorian).

We all know someone who would be over the moon (or a Death Star initially mistaken for a moon) to receive a Star Wars-themed cake.

Need some inspiration and ideas? Below you will find 50 examples of the best Star Wars cakes from bakers around the world.

1. Classic Star Wars Cake

This may represent one of the most classic Star Wars cake styles, with a galaxy-decorated cake at the center of the design. It is topped by an edible Death Star and Darth Vader helmet.

On each side of the cake is an edible face of a favorite character, including Yoda, Chewbacca, and C3PO. The icing Star Wars lettering on the plate makes the perfect finishing touch.

2. Darth Vader Topper Cake

Source: @tartararan

Darth Vader is the villain we love to hate and potentially the most recognizable character from the franchise. His black outfit lends itself to a black-and-white icing theme.

This is a white cake with black Star Wars lettering in icing topped with an edible Darth Vader figure with his signature red lightsaber in hand.

3. Layered Yoda Topper Cake

All Star Wars fans love Yoda, so why not treat them to a cake with an edible Yoda on top?

But you can make little edibles of all their favorite characters. Here we have Chewy, BB8, the Millenium Falcon, and the Death Star.

The cake itself is blue galaxy hiding punctuated with little stars and finished off with the distinctive Star Wars lettering.

4. Grogu Topper Cake

Source: @kootecakes

While Yoda has always been popular, he now has competition from Grogu, an infant from the same species that is powerful with the force and features in the Mandalorian.

This cake uses Grogu peaking out of his carry sack as a topper and a black galaxy icing cake. The green of Grogu’s skin makes a nice decoration accent.

5. Yoda and Death Star Cake

Star Wars is an ongoing battle between the light and the dark sides of the force, and Yoda embodies the light side and the Death Star the dark side.

This cake features both of them on a blue galaxy iced cake with a Death Star edible topper and an edible Yoda figurine standing at the side of the cake with his Jedi cloak and signature walking stick.

6. R2D2 Topper Cake

Source: @saby_cake

While R2D2 doesn’t speak a language that we can understand, he is one of the most communicative and most loved characters in Star Wars.

This cake features an R2D2 edible topper flanked by the lightsabers representing the light and dark sides of the force. It has blue icing with silver stars.

7. Flat R2D2 Cake

If you want a cake that is functionally edible but also has a cool Star Wars theme, try this R2D2 icing cake.

This is a flat cake, but it uses royal icing to coat the cake in the theme of R2D2. His blue and white coloring makes for a great theme.

8. BB8 Droid Cake

The new cycle of Star Wars films also had to feature an adorable droid, specifically BB8, owned by resistance fighter Poe Dameron.

This cake recreates the bot with a round base and a half-sphere top. Royal icing recreates the droid’s distinct patterning.

9. R2D2 and BB8 Cake

Can’t decide on the best droid in the Star Wars universe? This cake features edibles of both on top of a galaxy-iced cake.

The details on the designs of the droids make this work stand out.

10. C3PO Cake

Do you have a friend who is a fan of C3PO or who reminds you of the android? The gold icing needed for this cake means that it is sure to be something special.

You can have lots of fun trying to nail the details to make this C3PO bust look as realistic as possible.

11. Layered Droid Cake

Layered cakes always look over the top in a fun and festive way, and it always looks like you have put in a lot of effort.

This cake dedicates a layer to each of the droids. The bottom is R2D2, the middle is the chest of C3PO, and the top is the head of BB8. The R2D2 colored candles make a nice touch.

12. Yoda and Princess Leia Cake

Source: @frosteddots

Combine favorite characters by placing them separately on the cake in edible figures. This one places feisty Princess Leia on the bottom and sage Yoda on top.

The purple icing still has a galaxy look with the star sparkles, and the use of Yoda’s voice for the birthday message is the perfect final touch.

13. Kylo Ren Character Cake

Kylo Ren is the villain we want to see redeemed, even after he kills his father, Han Solo. Rey could see the good in him, and we trusted her judgment.

This cake uses icing to create a figure of Kylo Ren in his distinctive mask and cape. The flowing cape of the icing and the red of the lightsaber make it distinctive.

14. Chewbacca Cake

The big fur ball that is Chewbacca is a favorite character and also gives a lot of fun options when it comes to cake decorating. This is one of the best we have seen.

The stringed icing makes the character cake look hairy but delicious, and the open mouth makes it look like he is letting out one of his signature sounds.

15. Ewok Cake

The cute and cuddly Ewoks stole the show for many in The Return of the Jedi, and many would love a cuddly Ewok cake.

A furry face stands out from a headpiece made from royal icing resulting in a realistic furry friend almost too good to eat (but only almost).

16. Jabba the Hut Cake

Jabba the Hut’s flying desert court makes a memorable setting for the opening of The Return of the Jedi. There are few things more decadent than Jabba!

This cake places an edible Jabba on top of a classic black Star Wars cake. We’d have liked to see the writing done in icing, but you can one-up this baker!

17. Baby Yoda Cake

Source: @andredulces

One of the many cool things about the Mandalorian is being able to learn more about Yoda’s species and meet others from it, especially the very young.

This cake is iced in Yoda green and features edible figurines of several baby Yodas, each doing something different.

18. Yoda Character Cake

This cake barely looks real and is a work of art that might be a shame to eat, except it means that the baker will have to make another amazing surprise.

Working the icing like paint lets you create a detailed character that all the guests will remember long after it has been devoured.

19. Darth Vader Bust Cake

Imagine dimming the lights and bringing out this Darth Vader bust cake with a red glow thanks to a few strategically placed candles.

This baker has used shiny black icing to make a very realistic Darth Bader bust cake. Something like this deserves a big reveal!

20. Darth Vader Helmet Cake

Impress eaters by recreating Darth Vader’s helmet in cake form. It is less time-consuming than it may appear since the helmet takes up so much space.

This one is coupled with a little edible Death Star. Which will you eat first?!

21. Mandalorian Character Cake

Thanks to his TV show on Disney Plus, the Mandalorian is emerging as one of the most popular characters in the Star Wars universe and providing lots of cake ideas.

This is a simple blue galaxy cake with a Mandalorian figure made in royal icing on top. The gold Star Wars writing on the side of the cake for the birthday boy or girl is a nice touch.

22. Layered Star Wars Cake

Do you like to do everything to the extreme? Well, try and match this baker with their incredible six-layered cake.

Starting at the bottom, we have Chewbacca, followed by a stormtrooper, Yoda, Darth Vader, Bobafet, and the Death Star at the very top.

The cake is also peppered with details. R2D2 sits at the bottom, the Millenium Falcon circles Yoda’s neck, and other characters stand on the various levels,

23. Darth Vader Layered Cake

This layered cake is dedicated to Darth Vader, and his torso looks like it is emerging from the lower layers of the cake.

The lower layers are decorated with black icing and star decorations, as well as the Star Wars lettering and the name of the birthday boy or girl.

24. Kylo Ren Layered Cake

A very detailed recreation of Kylo Ren’s helmet makes the top layer of this triple-layered Star Wars cake.

The bottom two layers are iced in black and dusted with stars. Kylo Ren’s lightsaber sits at the front and sets a black and red color scheme for the cake.

25. Black Theme Layered Star Wars Cake

This layered Star Wars cake uses a black theme to create something moody, with almost all the layers in black, with the exception of a nice galaxy iced section.

Your characters from the Dark Side are spotted around the cake in edible form, including Darth Vader and Kylo Ren. The Death Star is added as a topper.

26. Black Darth Vader Cake

Source: @beussuti

This black cake is dedicated to all things Vader. It uses black icing with accents of white to make it look like a galaxy, and an image of the villain is pinned to the side of the cake.

A silver edile Death Star sits on top, and an imperial ship sits as the base of the cake as a nice finishing touch.

27. Princess Leia Cake

Source: @gifavarati

Feisty Princess Leia remains a favorite character with both fans of the classic and new episodes of Star Wars.

It’s easy to make a Leia cake thanks to her distinctive features, especially her classic two-bun hairstyle.

28. Rey Star Wars Cake

We were pleased that Disney decided to put a female character at the center of their Star Wars reboot, making a character that girls and boys could respect and admire.

This is a simple frosted galaxy cake with an edible Rey topper in her distinctive wrap outfit that she wears throughout the films.

29. Boba Fett Cake

When bounty hunter Boba Fett showed up, fans immediately became fascinated by the character and started wondering about his back story and what else he gets up to in the universe.

Little did we know that he was a special clone.

This cake recreates Boba Fett’s signature mask down to the battle scars.

30. Stromtrooper Cake

Stormtroopers have always been a popular Star Wars motif, and even more so since we got to see behind the mask with Finn.

This cake is decorated to recreate a stormtrooper mask in blocky Lego style.

31. Scout Trooper Cake

The servants of the Empire have various uniforms. When they head to the Ewok planet, some of them wear Scout Trooper uniforms as they fly through the forests on their hoverbikes.

This cake is a bit different from your standard Star Wars cake in that it recreates the Scout Trooper helmet in 3D. It sits on top of a layer inspired by Darth Vader’s outfit.

32. Mandalorian Helmet Cake

The Mandalorian is probably the most popular show on Disney Plus, so many people would be happy to receive a themed cake.

This one recreates the Mandalorian mask with dramatic silver icing in 3D.

33. Mandalorian Topper Mask

Make this cake for a Mandalorian fan by putting an edible Mandalorian helmet topper on your cake with cool silver icing.

The bottom layer of the cake is decorated in galaxy black with special Mandalorian-Star Wars lettering.

34. Mandalorian Kids Cake

The Star Wars universe offers a lot of dark themes which make for great adult cakes, but sometimes you want something a bit more fun, like this Mandalorian cake.

The cake is made to resemble a Mandalorian helmet, and a little edible Grogu sits on the top with a birthday candle in hand, ready to celebrate.

35. Mandalorian Layered Cake

A layered cake is great when you have a lot of guests to feed and also gives you lots of space to decorate with different themes.

This Mandalorian-themed cake uses the Mandalorian helmet on the bottom layer, topped with a classic Star Wars galaxy layer. An edible Grogu finishes it off on top.

36. Mandalorian Characters Cake

Source: @artendulza

Invite all their favorite Mandalorian characters to the party with this cool cake. The bottom layer represents the main character’s outfit in nice detail.

Edible characters are placed around the cake, including the Mandalorian, Grogu, Kuiil, and IG-11.

37. Mandalorian and Grogu Cake

The strong relationship between the Mandalorian and Grogu is one of the most important elements of the TV program that speaks to fans. Bring them together in cake form.

The cake is a simple round cake with black galaxy-style icing thanks to some white accents. An edible Mandalorian holding young Grogu makes an edible topper.

38. Frozen Han Solo Cake

Source: @cakejoss

Han Solo is one of the most important characters in Star Wars, and perhaps his most iconic moment is when he is frozen in carbonite and has a special exchange with Leia.

This cake celebrates that moment, showing the carbonite slab that holds Han’s body, plus a special message.

39. Millenium Falcon Cake

Who didn’t dream of exploring the galaxy on the Millenium Falcon, one of the fastest ships in the galaxy and equipped with plenty of hideouts for smuggling?

This cake recreates the falcon in edible form as a special birthday treat. The star decorations on the plate make it look like it is flying through space.

40. Chocolate Millenium Falcon Cake

Source: @amy_3.11

Sometimes decorated cakes look too good to eat, but you want your cake to look incredibly tasty too.

This cake walks the line by faithfully recreating the Millenium Falcon, but in chocolatey goodness that is guaranteed to make the mouth water.

41. Death Star Cake

Source: @merikvin_

The Death Star is a huge character in all the films. It is a destroyer of worlds and strikes terror in the hearts of those who see it. But it always seems to have a ridiculous weak spot.

Defeat the Death Star by devouring it by making this cake. This is a half-sphere cake, but you could go 3D and make the full sphere.

42. Death Star Topper Cake

A spherical cake is a great way to deliver a Death Star cake by recreating the weapon on top of a black galaxy cake.

Stop the Death Star as it flies through the atmosphere by taking it apart one bite at a time!

43. Mini Layered Cake

Source: @crumbakes

Do you like the idea of a layered cake, but you don’t have that many mouths to feed? Do it on a small scale like this one.

The bottom layer featured a stormtrooper’s iced helmet, while the top layer represents the head of the droid BB8.

44. AT-AT Cake

Source: @3Cdelights

The scenes on the ice plant at the start of The Empire Strikes Back are incredibly memorable, especially the walking AT-AT that the fighters must bring down.

You’ll impress guests with this standing AT-AT cake that looks incredibly realistic. They will marvel at how you get it to stand on its legs.

45. Lego Darth Vader Cake

This cake delivers Star Wars in Lego style. The number and name are delivered in Lego brick icing to drive the point home.

The cake is the mask of a Lego stormtrooper, and an edible Lego-style Darth Vader sits on the top.

46. Mini Dark Side Cake

Are you a fan of all things Dark Side? Bring them together in this small but thematically packed sweet.

The main cake recreates a stormtrooper helmet with royal icing. An edible Death Star sits on top alongside a toy Darth Vader, though you could do an edible instead.

47. Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader Cake

The various meetings between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader are some of the most important scenes in the original Star Wars movies.

This cake focuses on the two with edible Luke and Vader toppers. The cake has two layers, a lower stormtrooper layer and a smaller galaxy layer with black icing and Star Wars wording.

48. Galaxy Icing Cake

This cake effortlessly brings Star Wars style with black and stars galaxy icing and edible stars flying out into the party.

This maker decided to use prints to include characters on the cake, but you could also place edibles if you were inclined to make them.

49. Star Wars Wedding Cake

Source: @mugglestyle

This is a classic wedding cake in white and gold, but manages to deliver a Star Wars theme with lots of small decorations, including the Millenium Falcon, Darth Vader, Death Star, and more.

This cake also includes Harry Potter elements for this couple, but you can mix and match or go all-out Star Wars.

50. Baby Jedi Cake

Do you know someone who will be welcoming a baby Jedi soon? This is the perfect baby shower cake.

It uses galaxy icing on each level to take you to a galaxy far away, and is topped with a baby sleeping in Jedi robes with a lightsaber waiting for them as they grow.