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Why Did Frodo Leave Middle Earth? Does Frodo Die?

Why Did Frodo Leave Middle Earth? Does Frodo Die?

The Undying Lands, which are located west of Middle-Earth, are the lands where the Eldar and Ainur live. These are god-like beings who lived as immortals together with the ring-bearers.

Frodo left Middle-Earth for Valinor to recover from his injuries. Frodo experienced lots of emotional and physical trauma during Lord of the Rings, and he could only ever find lasting peace in Valinor.

The stab wound Frodo sustained from the Witch King on Weathertop and from Shelob never fully healed. On the anniversary of each wound, the pain would resurface and leave Frodo in agony.

Moving to Valinor was the only way Frodo could fully heal from these injuries and be at peace. In the blessed realm, his injuries would never bother him again, although the scar remained.

When Did Frodo Leave Middle-Earth?

Frodo left Middle Earth for Valinor on On 29 September 3021 (Third Age). On the journey, Frodo is joined by Bilbo Baggins, Gandalf, Elrond, Galadriel, and some of the great elves in Middle Earth.

In the year 61 of the Fourth Age, Frodo is joined by his best friends and fellow ring-bearer, Samwise Gamgee. At this time, Frodo would have been 113 and his uncle Bilbo would have likely passed away. It is assumed they lived out their remaining days together

Samwise Gamee is allowed passage to Valinor because he was also a ring-bearer. Although Sam only had The One Ring for a short, it left a scar on his spirit. Like Frodo, these spiritual wounds would only heal in Valinor.

Frodo leaving middle earth scene

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Does Frodo Die?

Frodo does not die in the Lord of the Rings books or movies. However, he is psychologically scarred by the experience and is not entirely freed from the hold that the ring had on him.

When Frodo stands over the lava of Mount Doom, he feels overwhelmed by the power of the ring but survives the ordeal. In this part of the story, Gollum appears as Gandalf professed. Gollum wants the ring so much that he bites Frodo’s ring finger.

Gollum ends up holding the ring after he bites Frodo, but his glee is so powerful that he becomes disoriented and falls into the lava. Gollum dies, and with him, the ring is destroyed.

Who Saves Frodo From Death?

Gandalf flew with the eagles to Mount Doom and saved Frodo from certain death. Gandalf also saves Sam in the process and takes them to a safe place on a mountain top.

Gandalf and the eagles saving Frodo and Sam in The Lord of the Rings

Gandalf’s plan to save Frodo started when Aragorn set a plan to bring an army to Mordor and divert Sauron’s attention from possibly spotting Frodo and Sam. However, Gandalf didn’t have all the knowledge about how Frodo was behaving now that he was in Mount Doom.

Because the ring has the most power in Mount Doom, it is possible that Gandalf thought that Frodo may die or succumb to the ring entirely. If Frodo died, then Sauron would finally be in possession of the ring. The world would crumble under the root of evil and Sauron would win.

Therefore, it was a combination of some insight and good luck that Gandalf was able to bring the eagles and get Frodo out of a psychologically tempting situation.

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Does Frodo Become Immortal in the Undying Lands?

Frodo, Sam, and Bilbo travel to the Undying Lands. However, the Undying Lands do not give eternal life. The creatures who live in the Undying Lands can heal and prolong their life somewhat, but they will not become immortal.

It would have been the ring that would have given Frodo immortality. However, because the ring was destroyed, immortality is no longer possible. Thus, no one is actually immortal in the Lord of the Rings.

Frodo Baggins in the Shire

Elves can be killed in battle as well. This is proven in the death of Isildur, who was an elf. However, elves live much longer than the other species in Tolkien’s world.

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What Did Frodo Do Before He Left Middle-Earth?

Frodo had quite a boring life before he left Middle Earth. He was a member of the Shire and part of the aristocracy or upper class. Frodo is Bilbo’s heir, which means he had a lot of money to spend doing whatever he liked.

Frodo’s parents were killed in a boat accident. After their deaths, Bilbo took him under his wing and helped him to grow up. His grandfather was one of the biggest landowners in the Shire. Frodo likely spent his time in scholarly work.

Frodo may have owned and rented properties in the Shire, as well as handled the land and the crops that grew on it.

Frodo was also very interested in scholarly work, as was his uncle Bilbo Baggins. He loved to translate Elvish texts and travel around the Shire.

When he found out about the ring, Frodo has a lot of conflict within himself about what to do with it. Eventually, and especially after talking to Gandalf, Frodo decides to embark on the quest.