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32 Best Encanto Cake Ideas for Disney-Themed Birthdays

32 Best Encanto Cake Ideas for Disney-Themed Birthdays

It is hard to believe that Disney only released Encanto in 2021 because it has become so popular so fast!

The animated feature is about a family that is given magical gifts so that they can help their local community.

But incredible gifts can also be burdens. It takes the only member of the Madrigal family without a gift, Mirabel, to keep the family strong.

Kids and adults love the characters and the music, so why not make an Encanto-themed cake for someone special?

You’ll find that the complexity of the Madrigal home lends itself to layered cakes and that Isabela’s power to create flowers invites lots of imaginative flower decorations.

Below you will find 32 stunning ideas for Encanto cakes.

1. Encanto Favorite Characters Cake

This Encanto-themed cake features four of the most beloved characters: big-hearted Mirabel, beautiful flowering Isabela, strong Luisa, and insightful Dolores.

They are placed around a layered cake that reproduces Casa Madrigal, the place they call home and the source of their magic. The building itself is sentient.

2. Mirabel with Isabela and Dolores

An edible fondant Mirabel tops this mini Casa Madrigal cake, the living home that is the source of the family’s magic.

Below, on either side of the door to the house, are more fondant characters.

There is Mirabel’s sister Isabela, the family’s golden child, and her cousin Dolores, who hears everything and knows how to keep a secret.

3. Sweet Girls Madrigal Cake

Source: @ohmycake_as

This gooey sweet cake features the three most popular girls from the Madrigal family.

Mirabel, our protagonist whose gift is initially hidden, and all-hearing Dolores stand at either side of the door to the home.

Isabela, the golden child of the family who can make flowers grow, blossoms on the roof.

4. Casa Madrigal with Flame Cake

The Madrigal family home is a magical place with a mind of its own.

Its power extends out from a candle at the center of the complex, which also features at the center of this cake.

Some of the Madrigals are placed in sweet fondant around the home.

Flowery Isabela is on the bottom layer, and her strong sister Luisa is above her head. Mirabel and the youngest Madrigal Antonio sit on top of the cake.

5. Mirabel and Isabela at Home Cake

Sisters Mirabel and Isabela are probably the most popular characters from Encanto.

They are opposites, with Mirabel the misfit without a gift and Isabela the child who can do no wrong and who the others hope will carry on the family.

But the two love one another deeply and just want to be happy and do what is best for their family, so they belong together.

The bottom layer focuses on Mirabel, who stands at the door to Casa Madrigal, which she saves. Isabela looks out from the top layer from where flowers spring.

6. Isabela and Sisters Encanto Cake

This cake is perfect for the Encanto fan that loves Isabela but also her sisters.

A detailed fondant portrait of Isabela sits on top of the layered cake, which includes features from Casa Madrigal.

Isabela’s sisters Mirabel and Luisa also appear at the bottom of the cake in sweet fondant, on either side of the front door.

Using Isabela is always an opportunity to include lots of flowers in your decoration.

7. Madrigal Cousin Cake

This layered cake reproduces elements of the Madrigal family home in different colored layers.

Some of the most popular characters are also included around the house they call home.

Mirabel sits on top of the cake, holding everything together. Marzipan versions of her sister Isabela and Luisa and her cousin Dolores appear further down the cake.

8. Julietta and Daughters Cake

Julietta is the mother of strong Luisa, beautiful Isabela, and loving Mirabel. She appears on this cake with her three daughters.

The cake itself is a layered cake representing the different levels of the Madrigal home.

The four characters in this example are figurines, but you could make them edible in royal icing.

9. Bruno and Family Cake

For many years the Madrigal family did not talk about Bruno!

But discovering what happened to him and returning him to the family was integral to restoring the Madrigal magic.

The layered cake uses features from the Madrigal family home and is topped by Mirabel and Bruno edible figures.

Edible representations of Luisa, Isabela, and grandmother Alma also appear on the cake.

10. Mirabel Bust Cake

Mirabel is by far the most popular Madrigal. She represents the struggle to fit in and find what is special about you when it may not be obvious.

This stunning bust cake will impress. Working details like the hair and glasses make all the difference at the big reveal.

11. Simple Mirabel Topper Cake

Since the Casa Madrigal has so many layers, it can be tempting to feel like you need to do a multi-layered cake, even for a small party.

But this single layer alludes to the house perfectly with the distinctive door, tiling, and pathway.

An edible Mirabel sits on top of the cake. The birthday girl or boy will love holding on to this until it is eventually time to eat her.

12. Mirabel and Flowers Cake

This single-layered cake still captures some of Casa Madrigal’s magic with the detailed design of the blue door and the blooming flowers made by Isabela.

A Mirabel figurine stands at the door. This is a plastic toy that makes a great gift, but you could make their favorite character in marzipan.

13. Edible Mirabel Cake

Source: @pautartas

The most special thing about this small Encanto cake is the large edible Mirabel that looks much like the character.

The simple round cake is made distinctive with royal icing, which is used to make the door to the Madrigal home, and the flowers which are always in bloom.

14. Mirabel Print Cake

Source: @louhcakes

Even when you love decorating with royal icing, getting characters right can be hard! This cake combines decoration styles to create something special.

The cake itself is decorated to look like the Casa Madrigal with its doorways and flowers, but Mirabel is placed in the doorway as an edible print.

15. Puruple Isabela Cake

Beautiful Isabela is a fan favorite. While she is presented as the favored child, in contrast to Mirabel, she is still down to earth and loving.

She also has to deal with expectations that she will marry and give birth to the next generation of Madrigals.

This cake features Isabela in her signature purple color on a two-layered cake featuring the Madrigal home. An edible Isabela in a purple dress sits on top of the cake.

16. Simple Isabela Cake

Even if you are only preparing for a small party and don’t need a multi-layered cake, you can make a cool Encanto dessert for your guests.

This single layer still invokes Casa Madrigal with its distinctive doors and roof tiles.

Fan favorite Isabela tops the case in marzipan, and there are flower decorations to match her magical gift.

17. Dripping Flowers Isabela Cake

Flowers seem to burst from Isabela’s hands, so it only makes sense that an Isabella cake should drip in flower decorations.

This is a two-layered cake that is designed to look like the Madrigal home.

An edible Isabela sits on top of the cake, and various flower decorations pour down the side as a yummy treat for eaters.

18. Simple Luisa Cake

Luisa is the oldest of her generation in the Madrigal family. She is incredibly strong physically and is expected to be strong mentally for her family as well.

She has an immense amount of responsibility on her shoulders that many older children will identify with.

This simple cake is a single layer decorated to look like the Madrigal home. An edible Luisa stands at the side, showing off her impressive physique.

19. Dolores Cake

Source: @pautartas

Dolores has been blessed with incredible hearing, which means she often hears secrets, even when she doesn’t want to.

She is the only one who knows what happened to Bruno.

This is a small round cake made to look like the Madrigal home with a door decoration.

An edible Dolores stands at the side, which will make a Dolores fan very happy (as happy as Dolores when she realized she could be with the man of her dreams).

20. Antonio and Friends Cake

Source: @amarahscakes

Antonio is the youngest Madrigal, and we see him receive his gift in the film, the ability to talk to animals. This gives the young boy a swath of new friends.

He appears with some of his best animal friends on top of this cool cake. The cake is decorated with the iconic Madrigal door and flowers.

21. Antonio and his Animals Cake

When Antonio receives the gift of being able to talk to animals, he makes some animal friends, especially the jaguar Parce and the toucan Pico.

This cake constructs its layers based on these animal friends and tops it with an edible Antonio with Pico on his arm.

22. Bruno Madrigal Cake

Bruno Madrigal receives the unenviable gift of being able to see the future.

This makes him gloomy, and he prefers to spend his time with rats as their futures are simple.

This causes him to become an outcast until he is found and returned to the family by Mirabel.

This cake is dedicated to Bruno and the home he makes for himself in the walls of Casa Madrigal. A marzipan Bruno is joined on the cake by his rat friends. Tasty treats…

23. Camilo Cake

Camilo Madrigal can shapeshift, which gives him ample opportunity for mischief, such as when he becomes his sister Dolores to get seconds!

He is one of the most funloving and joyful characters.

This is a simple cake that uses icing to recreate the key elements of the Madrigal home.

An edible print places Camilo in the doorway, and a printed image of the full Madrigal home rises from the top of the cake.

24. Mirabel Doll Cake

Who doesn’t remember these doll cakes from their childhood? A doll is made into a cake by giving them a cake skirt iced in their colors.

This cake is so simple but looks so good, with a Mirabel doll inside a cake that represents her iconic blue skirt.

25. Isabela Doll Cake

Source: @beautybake5

Thanks to her floral theme, you can have a lot of fun with an Isabela doll cake.

This cake uses an Isabela doll with her distinctive purple skirt decorated in the flowers that are her gift to bloom.

26. Dramatic Isabela Doll Cake

This is a dramatic Isabela doll cake that uses piped icing to create her purple skirt in a way that makes it look like it is made from flowers.

It sits on top of a standard cake, giving it height and grandeur, and ensuring that there is enough to go around.

27. Flat Isabela Cake

While towering 3D cakes are fun, a flat cake like this one can look amazing when executed well.

Isabela is made in thick icing and smiles out at the birthday girl or boy. Varied flower decorations recall Isabela’s power and add more fun to the cake.

28. Flowery Isabela Cake

If what someone loves about Isabela is her ability to create flowers, then indulge in this theme when decorating your cake using a variety of different flower decoration styles.

This simple round cake is decorated with the Madrigal home door to reinforce the theme. A printed Isabela leaps out of the cake with her flowers.

29. Casa Madrigal Cake

Source: @bakeposh

Casa Madrigal has a mind of its own and is the source of the family’s magic.

It is one of the most important characters in the movie! Plus, its multi-layered and growing design lends itself to layered cakes.

This cake focuses on delivering a fairly faithful and detailed reimaging of the home.

You can see the details of the bricks and the roof tiles, which are covered in Isabela’s flowers.

30. Simple Madrigal House Cake

This cake delivers a simplified version of the Madrigal home that looks good and is good enough to eat.

Rather the trying for a faithful reproduction, this cake highlights some of the most important elements and makes them larger than life.

31. Flower Casa Madrigal Cake

Encanto is great for combining two fun cake design elements; layered architecture and lots of flowers.

This cake skips the sugary flowers in favor of real bloom.

This is probably for someone who loves the real thing. But do your flower decorations the way you prefer!

32. Magical Candle Cake

SOurce: @jou.king

It is the wedding candle of Alma and Pedro Madrigal that becomes the source of the family’s power. Later generations visit the candle to receive their gift.

This cake recreates that candle and the altar that it sits on within the Madrigal family home. It is perfect for making a birthday wish.

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