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Where to Get Building Materials in Skyrim

Where to Get Building Materials in Skyrim

In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, the Hearthfire DLC allows players to purchase land and design, build and maintain a homestead, also including the option to adopt children.

To obtain building materials in Skyrim, you can either purchase from general goods vendors and blacksmiths, or find these resources while exploring or looting containers. Locks, Hinges, Iron Fittings, and Locks are craftable when the player has Iron and Corundum Ingots in their inventory.

How to Build a House in Skyrim

There are three plots of land available in Skyrim, which you can unlock by obtaining a title deed from the hold’s Jarl or steward. Each plot will cost 5,000 gold, and all houses will feature a unique exterior option.

The purchase option can be unlocked after finishing certain quests in the area. 

HomeLocationRequired TasksPurchaseSpecial Exterior Option
Lakeview ManorFalkreath HoldComplete the “Kill the Bandit Leader” bounty questTalk to Nenya or TeklaApiary
Heljarchen HallThe PaleComplete “Kill the Giant” and “Waking Nightmare” questsTalk to Jarlk Skald the Elder or Brina MerilisGrain Mill
Windstad ManorHjaalmarchComplete the “Laid to Rest” questTalk to Sorli the Builder or AslfurFish Hatchery

Once you arrive at the plot of land, there will be a chest, an anvil, a Drafting Table, and a Carpenter’s Workbench. The chest contains 30 Clay, 1 Corundum Ingot, 6 Iron Ingot, and 30 Quarried Stone as initial materials for building.

You can plan the structures by interacting with the Drafting Table and build your home with the Carpenter’s Workbench.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Home in Skyrim?

The total material costs for building the small house and main hall combined are:

  • 72 Sawn Logs
  • 100 Quarried Stone
  • 115 Nails
  • 20 Clay
  • 2 Iron Fittings
  • 2 Lock
  • 4 Hinge

After these two areas are built, the player can choose to include rooms in the north, east, and west wing of their home.

Part 1: Small House

The first structure of your home will be a small house. You will need to build the following sections to complete it:

SectionMaterials Required
House, Foundation10 Quarried Stone
1 Sawn Log
House, Wall Framing10 Nails
6 Sawn Logs
House, Walls4 Clay
8 Nails
2 Sawn Log
House, Floor4 Quarried Stone
House, Roof Framing6 Sawn Log
House, Roof10 Nails
1 Sawn Log
* Requires House, Roof Framing to unlock
House, Door2 Hinge
1 Iron Fitting
1 Lock
2 Nails
1 Sawn Log

Part 2: Main Hall

Once you’ve completed the Small House structure, you can now unlock the main hall. This will turn the original structure into an entry area.

SectionMaterials Required
Main Hall, Door2 Hinge
1 Iron Fitting
1 Lock
2 Nails
1 Sawn Log
Main Hall, Foundation30 Quarried Stone
4 Sawn Log
Main Hall, Floor6 Quarried Stone
Main Hall, Wall Framing20 Nails
16 Sawn Log
Main Hall, First Level Wall4 Sawn Log
8 Clay
16 Nails
* Requires Main Hall, Wall Framing to unlock
Main Hall, Second Floor Supports10 Nails
6 Sawn Log
* Requires Main Hall, Wall Framing to unlock
Main Hall, Second Level Walls8 Clay
12 Nails
4 Sawn Logs
* Requires Main Hall, Second Floor Supports to unlock
Main Hall, Roof Framing10 Sawn Logs
* Requires Main Hall Second Floor Supports to unlock
Main Hall, Roof25 Nails
2 Sawn Log
Cellar50 Quarried Stone
8 Sawn Log

The player can optionally build a cellar with 50 Quarried Stone and 8 Sawn Log once the Main Hall is complete. The cellar is the only structure that the steward won’t furnish.

Skyrim Homestead in Construction

Part 3: Wings

Once you have built the Main Hall, you will also be able to build up to three wings connecting to the main structure. Each wing offers three alternatives, making it a total of nine possible secondary wings to the player’s home.

AreaSingle RoomTowerRoom with Outdoor Area
North WingTrophy RoomAlchemy LaboratoryStorage Room
West WingGreenhouseEnchanter’s TowerBedrooms
East WingKitchenLibraryArmory

The player will require the following materials depending on the type of room they choose to build:

Room TypeSections RequiredTotal Materials Required
Single Room53 Clay
4 Hinges
2 Iron Fittings
2 Locks
20 Nails
14 Quarried Stone
18 Sawn Log
Tower79 Clay
6 Hinges
3 Iron Fittings
3 Locks
34 Nails
16 Quarried Stone
24 Sawn Logs
Room with Outdoor Area53 Clay
6 Hinges
3 Iron Fittings
3 Locks
14 Nails
18 Quarried Stone
14 Sawn Logs

Can I Decorate My House’s Exterior in Skyrim?

Once the player has finished building the Small House structure, the exterior additions will become available. To build these outdoor structures, you need to go outside the property and interact with the Carpenter’s Workbench there.

Each homestead will have an exclusive structure for the exterior.

StructureMaterials Needed
Animal Pen1 Sawn Log
Apiary in Lakeview Manor1 Nail
2 Sawn Log
2 Straw
Armorer Workbench1 Iron Ingot
2 Quarried Stone
1 Sawn Log
Fish Hatchery in Windstad Manor4 Nails
3 Quarried Stone
3 Sawn Log
Garden1 Sawn Log
Grindstone1 Iron Fitting
1 Quarried Stone
1 Sawn Log
Mill in Heljarchen Hall2 Iron Fittings
2 Quarried Stone
2 Sawn Log
Smelter6 Clay
2 Iron Fittings
5 Iron Ingots
4 Quarried Stone
Stable5 Nails
3 Sawn Log

Where Can I Find Building Materials in Skyrim?

The Hearthfire DLC introduces 10 building materials needed to build the house’s structure and furniture. Some of these resources can be found while exploring or looting containers, while others are available for purchase with general good vendors and blacksmiths.

Iron Ingot*7 Gold
Clay1 Gold
Quarried Stone2 Gold
Glass5 Gold
Goat Horns5 Gold
Sawn Log*10 Gold
Straw1 Gold
Hinge4 Gold
Iron Fittings4 Gold
Lock10 Gold
Nails1 Gold

Sawn Logs

You can go to Half Moon Mill, Solitude Sawmill, or Anga’s Mill to buy sawn logs. These will get delivered to your homestead’s building site, and if the player has several homesteads, the sawn logs are shared and accessible from any of these sites.

You can only purchase sawn logs at a fixed rate of 200 gold per 20 sawn logs. However, once you befriend a mill owner, you can also cut logs in their mill for free.

Quarried Stone

You will find Quarried Stone deposits near all of the plots of land. Each deposit can yield 4,000 units. 


You will find Clay deposits near all of the plots of land. Each deposit can yield 4,000 units.

Iron Ore

You will need Iron Ingots to primarily craft Nails and Iron Fittings. The location with the most amount of iron ore veins is Halted Stream Camp, located northwest of Whiterun, with 16 veins available. You can also find 10 veins if go southeast of Dawnstar to Fort Fellhammer.

Corundum Ore

You will need Corundun Ingots to craft Locks. During and after completing the “Boethiah’s Calling” quest you can find 18 corundum ore veins located in the Knifepoint Ride bandit camp mine if you go northwest of Cracked Tusk Keep.

Inside Blackreach you will also find around 14 veins, some of them labeled as geode veins.

Who Sells Materials in Skyrim?

General goods merchants will sell the necessary materials in the Miscellaneous section of their store. Besides, you can purchase ores and ingots from any blacksmith.

Once you’ve hired a steward, the play can ask them to get sawn logs, stone, and clay delivered to their homestead. However, this option is only available once you’ve built the Small House structure.

How Do I Furnish My Home in Skyrim?

Once the player has completed a room, there will be an interior Workbench inside to interact and build the furniture associated with that room. You will also be able to fully purchase a room’s furniture by talking to the steward and paying a flat fee.

Option 1: Steward

If you don’t want to buy the materials and craft the furniture yourself, you can request your steward to deal with the process by paying a flat fee. However, this option won’t show furnishing instantly and will appear over time with each visit from the player.

The steward won’t furnish the cellar and the player must do it themselves.

Small House1,000 Gold
Main Hall3,500 Gold
Alchemy Laboratory2,500 Gold
Armory2,000 Gold
Bedrooms2,000 Gold
Enchanter’s Towe2,500 Gold
Greenhouse1,500 Gold
Kitchen1,500 Gold
Library1,500 Gold
Storage Room1,000 Gold
Trophy Room1,500 Gold

Option 2: Crafting

The Dragonborn can access the Carpenter’s Workbench available in each section of their homestead to craft the furniture themselves. Furnishing can require specific ingots, ingredients, or miscellaneous items for crafting.

The furniture available for your homestead in Skyrim will depend on the wings you’ve added.

Type of FurnitureVariations available
Display Case and Cupboard
Display Case and Small Wardrobe
End Table
Hanging Rack
Small Wardrobe
Tall Wardrobe
Child’s Bed
Dining Table and Chairs
Display Case
Display Case on Low Table
Double Bed
Large Table with Chest
Low Table
Night Table
Round Table
Round Table and Chairs
Single Bed
Square Table
Square Table and Chairs
Table with Display Cases
Washbasin on Stand
Weapon RacksArmor Mannequin
Armor Mannequin with Cupboard
Weapon Plaque
Weapon Racks
Corner Shelf
Display Case and Shelf
Small Shelf
Tall Bookshelf
Tall Shelf
Tall Shelf with Display Case
Wall Shelves
Large TrophiesTrophy Base
Dragon Skull
Dwarven Sphere
Frost Troll
Frostbite Spider
Sabre Cat
Snow Bear
Small TrophiesTrophy Base
Dwarven Spider
Ice Wolf
Wall DecorationsMounted Bear Head
Mounted Elk Antlers
Mounted Elk Head
Mounted Goat Head
Mounted Horker Head
Mounted Mudcrab
Mounted Sabre Cat Head
Mounted Slaughterfish
Mounted Snowy Sabre Cat Head
Mounted Wolf Head
Wall Sconce(s)
Work StationsAlchemy Lab
Arcane Enchanter
Armorer Workbench
Blacksmith’s Forge
Blacksmith Anvil
Tanning Rack
ShrinesShrine Base
Shrine of Akatosh
Shrine of Arkay
Shrine of Dibella
Shrine of Julianos
Shrine of Kynareth
Shrine of Mara
Shrine of Stendarr
Shrine of Talos
Shrine of Zenithar
MiscellaneousArchery Target
Child’s Practice Dummy
Hanging Rack
Lamp Stand
Mead Barrels
Table with Benches

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