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Attack on Titans: All Titans, Ranked

Attack on Titans: All Titans, Ranked

Attack on Titan is one of the most well-received anime series of all time, popular for its behemoths, man-eating humanoid monsters called Titans.

Each of these Titans comes in various shapes and sizes, each of which possesses certain abilities that make it unique.

Below, we’ve ranked these Titans from weakest to strongest.

11. Pure Titans (Muku no Kyojin)

Pure Titans (Muku no Kyojin)

The Pure Titans are the most common and weakest in the series. These Titans are transformed humans known as Subjects of Ymir and have existed for nearly 2,000 years. Subjects of Ymir transform into Titans after being injected with Titan spinal fluid, which causes a near-instantaneous mutation.

Upon transforming, Their bodies morph into gigantic caricatures of their former selves, with exaggerated facial characteristics and disproportionate physiques. They do, however, bear a striking resemblance to their original human bodies.

These titans lose all sense of humanity and intelligence upon transforming and are only interested in finding humans to devour for as long as there is sunshine. However, this isn’t because they need to eat humans to survive; it’s just the curse that comes with the transformation. Many of them did not taste human flesh for nearly a century, and it did not affect their activity or death.

The pure Titans range in height from 2 to 15 meters and have regenerating powers (like every other Titan). Slashing the nape of their neck is the only method to kill them (which is the same for almost every Titan).

10. Abnormal Titans (Kiko-shu no Kyojin)

Abnormal Titans (Kiko-shu no Kyojin)

Abnormal Titans have comparable features to Pure Titans, with a few exceptions, such as their unpredictable hunting habit. While Pure Titans will go after any close human, Abnormals will occasionally neglect specific humans, frequently favoring larger groupings.

The Abnormal Titans are well-known for their unusual movements. While some of these Titans are fast, others can jump enormous distances. Although some of these Titans appear weaker than pure Titans, their unusual behavior makes them more difficult to deal with.

Some Abnormals can sustain some of their former intelligence in fewer cases, allowing them to form thoughts and even communicate with humans.

9. Cart Titan (Shariki no Kyojin)

Cart Titan (Shariki no Kyojin)

The Cart Titan is only useful for utility and hauling stuff. It has no attack or defense powers, no claws, and no hardening abilities. However, it can pose a serious threat when mounted with weapons.

Following the Jaw Titan, this Titan is considered the second quickest of the Nine Titans, with an endurance rating that outperforms the others, allowing it to participate in long missions without recuperation. This Titan is confined to a supporting duty because of its inability to battle independently.

8. Jaw Titan (Agito no Kyojin)

Jaw Titan (Agito no Kyojin)

The Jaw Titan is popular for its immense crushing power in its jaws and claws, powerful enough to pierce through any Titan hardening.

Also regarded as the fastest of all Titans, the Jaw Titan excels in areas with trees and buildings due to its small size, swift mobility and agility. Its small size also puts it at a disadvantage as it needs ideal conditions (being around trees and buildings) to be met in order to win.

The Jaw and the Cart Titan worked together side by side in battles. While the Jaw Titan provides assault, the cart Titan gives support in the form of firearms.

7. Colossal Titan (Cho Ogata Kyojin)

Colossal Titan (Cho Ogata Kyojin)

You might be wondering why the almighty giant colossal is ranked low, but hear us out.

Being the largest of all Titans, with a transformation capable of destroying a sizable village on its own, the Colossal Titan should be at the top of this list. It is, however, extremely slow and useless in physical combat.

This Titan generates steam that repels items while burning opponents to a crisp. However, the more steam it generates, the weaker it becomes. There you have it!

Fun fact: The colossal Titan was the first Titan to be introduced in the series.

6. Female Titan (Megata no Kyojin)

Female Titan (Megata no Kyojin)

The Female Titan’s physique retains its female traits while being a male host. Hence the name Female Titan.

The Female Titan is an all-round Titan known for its stamina and agility. She is extremely effective in close combat and can use her hardening ability to defend herself and make her fists strike harder.

Like the Founder and Beast Titans, the Female Titan can also call upon Pure Titans with her roar. However, she’s unable to control them, as they’ll try to eat her. However, the Pure Titans can create just enough chaos to give the Female Titan the upper hand in a pinch.

5. Beast Titan (Kemono no Kyojin)

Beast Titan (Kemono no Kyojin)

The Beast Titan is a somewhat special Titan that alters its skills based on its inheritors. For this discussion, we’ll look at Zeke’s ape-like Titan.

While most Titans retain a generally human appearance, the Beast Titan exhibits animal-like features that vary drastically depending on its holder: Zeke Yeager’s Beast Titan resembled an ape, while Tom Ksaver’s resembled a bighorn sheep. Other than these two Titans, there were birds, elk, crocodiles, snakes, and wolves.

Throwing is one of the Beast Titan’s most lethal abilities. The Beast can crush and fling stones with remarkable precision, rapidly decimating opponent forces. Zeke’s intelligence and royal lineage also help him maximize the Beast’s potential, giving him the ability to transform eldians into Pure Titans.

The Beast Titan excels at long-range battles and directing other forces. On the few occasions it has been compelled to fight one-on-one, it has demonstrated no specific physical strengths other than some basic hardening abilities.

4. War Hammer Titan (Sentsui no Kyojin)

War Hammer Titan (Sentsui no Kyojin)

The War Hammer Titan has been in the hands of the Tybur family for years, with no one knowing who of the family members possessed its abilities.

The War Hammer Titan possesses the ability to create and manipulate any structure with hardened Titan flesh. These structures can be weaponized, forming spikes large enough to impale and lift a Titan, a signature hammer and a crossbow.

The War Hammer Titan, unlike every other Titan, can detach its control center from its nape. In such instances, the Titan’s body will be attached to its human operator through a lengthy flesh cord, while the human body will be encased in hardened crystal and connected to the same cable. Putting the body in a state of maximum defense (but can be pierced by the Jaw Titan’s claw/Jaw).

3. Armored Titan (Yoroi no Kyojin)

Armored Titan (Yoroi no Kyojin)

Sometimes, a good defence can make for a great attack. Every Titan is extremely difficult to defeat, but the Armored Titan is much more difficult due to its defensive capabilities.

The Armored Titan is a fully-plated titan with heavily reinforced armored skin and is muscularly well-built. Although the armor will protect him from considerable damage, it isn’t invincible.

While this Titan appears to be a full-fledged powerhouse, his armor has a minor drawback as it reduces its speed. This Titan’s hardened skin comes in handy during the battle since each punch does an incredible amount of damage, making it the most durable of all Titans.

2. Attack Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin)

Attack Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin)

Now, onto the Titan of the main protagonist, or should we say antagonist. Despite the fact that it lacks any confirmed special battle abilities, the Attack Titan is nonetheless the strongest in combat, displaying exceptional strength and agility.

Eren’s zeal and dedication are arguably what make the Attack Titan so unstoppable. Whatever opponent it confronts, the Attack Titan demonstrates incredible strength, allowing it to win most battles.

The Attack Titan is capable of seeing the memories of its past and future holders. Later in the series, he could harden part of his body after ingesting Rod Reiss’ vial of ‘Armor’ fluid.

Fun fact: The Attack Titan shares the same Japanese name as the show, Shingeki no Kyojin.

1. Founding Titan (Shiso no Kyojin)

Founding Titan (Shiso no Kyojin)

The strongest Titan in the Attack on Titan series is the Founding Titan. It is the first and leader of all Titans, according to history.

The Founding Titan is the one that connects all the subjects of Ymir. Its abilities include Titan creation, Titan control, Memory manipulation, Anatomical manipulation, and Telepathic communication. In order to use these powers, the wielder has to be of royal blood.

The Fritz family has had the Founding Titan for generations, which they use to wipe citizens’ memories and make them believe they are the sole survivors of humanity in a world overrun by Titans.

Over time, Grisha Jeager, Eren’s father, slaughtered the entire Fritz family and inherited the founding powers, which he later passed down to Eren.

The Founding Titan’s greatest abilities are Activating the Rumbling and Summoning Past Titan Shifters. Activating the Rumbling unhardened the walls, unleashed the Wall Titans, and sent them on a march across the globe, annihilating all life.

The Rumbling would never happen without the Founding Titan, but its true strength lies in its ability to protect itself. It accomplishes this by summoning dozens of former incarnations of the Nine Titans, each of whom possesses the powers of the Titan they represent.

In conclusion

Each of the aforementioned Titans is outstanding in its own right, but we’ve ranked them in order of importance. What are your opinions? Kindly let us know what you think in the comments area!!

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