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Does Choji Die in Naruto? Choji’s Biggest Battles in Naruto

Does Choji Die in Naruto? Choji’s Biggest Battles in Naruto

In the heart-pounding world of Masashi Kishimoto’s “Naruto,” where intense battles and emotional turmoil often lead to character deaths, the fate of each character holds significant intrigue for fans.

One character who has sparked such curiosity is Choji Akimichi, known for his unwavering loyalty and formidable strength.

This article will answer the frequently asked question: Does Choji die in Naruto?

Join us as we delve into the narrative of this beloved character, exploring his journey, the battles he fights, and ultimately, his fate within the thrilling universe of “Naruto.”

Does Choji Die in Naruto?

Choji does not die in Naruto. Despite having a few near-death encounters throughout the series, he is still alive and well today. He’s appeared in the spinoff series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, happily married with a daughter (ChoCho). However, he doesn’t get enough screen time, and we don’t get to see him in action.

Choji Near Death Encounters

Call it fate or bad luck, but Choji has had more near-death experiences than his peers.

1. Choji vs Jirobo

Choji vs Jirobo

This was one of the best fights in the Sasuke Recovery Mission arc, where Konoha genins battled The Sound Four (chunin rank foes with cursed seals enhancement). This event was covered in episode 113 of Naruto titled “Full Throttle Power! Chōji, Ablaze!”

Choji was matched with Jirobo and fought him valiantly. It was a challenging battle for Choji, which led him to use Akimichi’s secret coloured pills.

These pills force the body’s fat reserves into chakra, giving a huge power boost with each pill. The pills, however, have a major drawback. Each pill poisons the body, and the third pill converts all fat reserves, leaving the user severely malnourished.

Choji used all three pills to defeat Jirobo, but he was left in a severe situation, leading to death. We all feared he would die, but the Fifth Hokage (Tsunade) was able to counteract the poison and save him.

2. Team 10 and Kakashi vs. Hidan and Kakuzu

Choji vs Kakuzu

The three-man Team 10 set off on a mission to avenge Asuma Sarutobi, with Kakashi as their interim captain. Even after devising a solid plan, the shinobi of the leaf found the battle difficult.

Choji was also a crucial player in this battle, as he was furious that his sensei had been murdered and vowed to take revenge. He was eventually captured by Kakuzi’s extensible arm and nearly choked to death until Shikamaru came to the rescue.

Thanks to Shikamaru’s tactics and Naruto’s intervention, they could eventually beat Kakuzu and Hidan. This battle was covered in episodes 83 through 88 of Naruto Shippuden.  

3. Pain Invasion

Choji running from Pain

During the pain invasion, Choji had a near-death experience with the Asura path, where he almost took a missile to the back. However, Kakashi saved him at the cost of his life. This event was covered in episode 159 of Naruto Shippuden titled “Pain vs Kakashi.”

Kakashi protected Choji from Pain so that he could deliver crucial information to Tsunade (The Hokage). Although Kakashi (together with Choji and Choza) could not defeat the Deva Path, they extracted valuable information from him.

Since Kakashi could not move, Choji was the only one who could send the information to Tsunade. However, the Asura Path fired his final missile at Choji, hoping that the information would not be delivered.

Kakashi was well aware that using his last amount of chakra on Kamui to stop the missile would almost certainly result in his death. Still, he did so nonetheless since he needed that information delivered to Tsunade at all costs. Kakashi was successful, but only at the expense of his own life.

The Good news is that Choji delivered the message to Tsunade, and Kakashi was later revived back to life by Pain’s heavenly life technique.

4. Choji vs Reincarnated Jirobo

Choji vs Reincarnated Jirobo

Choji faced Jirobo once more in the Fourth Shinobi World War. Jirobo, along with the other members of the sound four, was reincarnated by Kabuto, granting them the power of the undead.

This event was covered in episodes 303 through 305 of Naruto Shippuden.

Choji didn’t use the coloured pills this time around since he’s now stronger than he previously was. Even with his newly obtained powers, Choji can’t vanquish Jirobo due to the Edo Tensei’s (Reincarnation Jutsu) undead ability. Choji was rescued by Naruto and the sensory team at HQ, who teleported him and his team away from the sound four.

Does Choji Kill Jirobo?

Yes, Choji killed Jirobo. He was initially overwhelmed by Jirobo due to the force of the cursed marks. Choji then improvised, using the Akimichi clan’s secret Three Colored Pills to boost his strength and eventually overpowered Jirobo. The pills left Choji in a severe condition, close to death, but the 5th Hokage, Tsunade, saved him.

Jirobo's Death

Is Choji Alive in Boruto?

Yes, Choji is alive and well in Boruto. He’s appeared in the spinoff series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, now with a beard, happily married with a daughter (ChoCho), who plays a major role in Boruto.

He’s currently the Head of the Akimichi Clan; however, he doesn’t get enough screen time, and we don’t get to see him in action.

Does Choji Die in Boruto?

We’re yet to know if Choji dies in Boruto. However, it’s more likely Choji as a character gets abandoned instead of getting killed, as evidenced by his current lack of screen time in the series. Plus, since Boruto is a story about the next generation, it’s only logical if the majority of the old characters are abandoned or killed.

Who Did Choji Marry?

Choji married Karui, a kunoichi from Hidden Cloud. Karui is a beautiful, strong kunoichi who didn’t get enough screen time. She was first introduced in the Pain’s Assault arc and gained more screen time in the Five Kage Summit arc, where she tries to find out who kidnapped her master, Killer Bee—now emigrated to Konoha, happily married with a daughter (ChoCho).

Her relationship was never addressed in the series, leaving fans in the dark.

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