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How to Draw Naruto Sage Mode Easy Step-by-Step Tutorial

How to Draw Naruto Sage Mode Easy Step-by-Step Tutorial

Naruto Uzumaki has always surprised fans with his wide skillset and unique abilities every now and then. The young Shinobi wasn’t always strong and had to work hard to reach where he is now. The very first time Naruto showcased his true strength was in Sage Mode against Pain.

After Jiraya’s death, Naruto started his training for Sage Mode in Episode #154, titled “Decryption”. He continued his training in Mount Myoboku with the elder toad, Fukusaku. Naruto finally mastered the mode and made his first appearance with it in Episode #162, titled “Pain to the World”.

Sage Mode allows Naruto to absorb chakra from his surroundings, specifically nature. The mode greatly boosts all of his attributes and heightens his reflexes as well.

Naruto, with his newfound powers, successfully protected Konoha and took revenge for Jiraya’s death as well. Fighting against Six Paths of Pain and actually defeating him was no small feat for Naruto. It was easily one of his biggest achievements at that time.

Therefore, to celebrate such an impressive victory, we’ve shared an easy, step-by-step guide for drawing Naruto in Sage Mode. Out of all of Naruto’s impressive modes, drawing Sage Mode is the easiest and the quickest depending on your skill level.

How to Draw Naruto Sage Mode Step 6
How to Draw Naruto Sage Mode in Color Step 10

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