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LEGO Indiana Jones 2023 Sets Speculation: Rumors and Predictions (January 2023)

LEGO Indiana Jones 2023 Sets Speculation: Rumors and Predictions (January 2023)

With the first Indiana Jones film in 14 years soon to be hitting the big screen, LEGO has planned some amazing sets to coincide with the release of Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny on June 30th.

LEGO fans speculate that LEGO will celebrate the release in their way by releasing a brand new wave of LEGO Indiana Jones sets!

There are rumors that LEGO will release eight new sets. At least, according to the popular German LEGO news site, Promobricks.

We have detailed everything there is to know about these eight sets below. But keep in mind that these reports are only rumors… so far. 

Considering that the 5th Indiana Jones movie will be released in summer 2023, LEGO will probably include new sets in their summer wave of releases. 

In recent years, LEGO has waited to announce its summer releases until April/May of the same year. It could be a while until the rumored sets have confirmation from LEGO. 

LEGO 77013 Escape From The Lost Tomb 

Aside from the new LEGO sets rumored to be based on the new Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny film, there are reports that LEGO will also release new sets based on the previous four films. 

One of these sets could be LEGO Indiana Jones 77013 Escape From The Lost Tomb. 

This new set is thought to be a reinvention of the 2008 LEGO Indiana Jones 7621 Indiana Jones and the Lost Tomb. 

LEGO Indiana Jones 7621 Indiana Jones and the Lost Tomb 2008
7621 Indiana Jones and the Lost Tomb 2008

The 2008 Lost Tomb set featured 3 Minifigures. Indiana Jones himself, Marion Ravenwood, and a skeleton. It comprised 277 pieces and stood 5.5 inches (14 cm) tall with a retail price of $19.99. 

Comparatively, the 2023 reiteration of the same scene is rumored to be 600 pieces and to include 4 Minifigures. 

The new version will feature two different rooms. Firstly there is the main one, containing the Arc of the Covenant (the titular ‘Lost Arc’), as well as having large arches that will be colored golden.

The walls will also contain plenty of hieroglyphics that will surely contain a few Easter eggs for eagle-eyed fans. These hieroglyphics will be stickers that you have to apply yourself.

Many people are not fans of stickers in LEGO sets, with most preferring actual printed pieces, but it’s still a nice addition.

There are also two large cat statues in the middle of the two sections, with one of them hiding a secret passageway.

Coming onto the Minifigures, Indiana Jones and Marion Ravenwood will reappear (as they are the film’s main characters). Marion will have a torn dress printed onto her torso and leg pieces, adding a little extra detail.

The skeleton is believed to be replaced with a mummy Minifigure. This would make more sense, given the context of the set. The mummy will be more of a brown color, giving it a much dirtier and more aged look.

Sallah will also appear as a Minifigure in a LEGO set for the first time. He’s a great character, so seeing his LEGO debut will surely be a treat for fans.

LEGO Indiana Jones Sallah
LEGO Indiana Jones Sallah

So far, Sallah has only been featured in the Indiana Jones LEGO video games.

Specifically, LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures and LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues.

Due to the new set having a more significant piece count, fans can assume that the 2023 set will be more expensive, too. 

The estimated retail price of a 600-piece LEGO set is $39.99. 

For this extra price, fans should expect a lot more detail in the build itself. For example, textured brick walls rather than plain paneling. 

LEGO 77014 The Temple Of Doom 

Like set 77013, the new 77014 The Temple Of Doom set is rumored to be another reinvention of a previous LEGO set.

Specifically the 2009 LEGO Indiana Jones 7199 The Temple of Doom. 

LEGO Indiana Jones 7199 The Temple of Doom 2009
7199 The Temple of Doom 2009

The new 2023 set is thought to have 801 pieces, a significant increase from the 652-piece 2009 set.

There presumably will also be a price increase from the original set.

However, at roughly $79.99 retail, fans should view the new Temple Of Doom set as an upgrade to the 2009 set. In both quality and detail. 

While the train track pieces are thought to return with a similar layout within the set itself, there will be plenty of new playable features and details.

In the middle of the new and updated set we will find a statue of a six-armed goddess with a hatch for making sacrifices. The hole will be surrounded by tracks, on which two 2×4 wagons will be able to easily and smoothly run.

As for Minifigures, set 77014 will include 6 Minifigures. 

In the 2009 Temple Of Doom LEGO set, 6 Minifigures were included, with 5 being unique to the set. 

The old Minifigures included Indiana Jones, Short Round, Willie Scott, Mola Ram, a Thugee guard, and the Maharajah. 

The new version will once again contain Indiana Jones, Willie Scot, Short Round, Mola Ram, Thugee cultist and Maharaja. Hopefully, they have been updated and differentiated from the originals.

Indiana Jones will have an unbuttoned shirt printed onto his torso piece, making him unique to the set.

LEGO 77012 Fighter Plane Chase 

The smallest set rumored to be included with the new 2023 LEGO Indiana Jones sets is the LEGO 77012 Fighter Plane Chase. 

Despite only including 387 pieces, the new Fighter Plane Chase set is thought to be retailing at roughly $34.99. 

This is still cheaper than the 2009 LEGO Indiana Jones 7198 Fighter Plane Attack.

The 2009 set was retailed at $49.99 and was slightly smaller than its 2023 counterpart at 384 pieces. 

LEGO Indiana Jones 7198 Fighter Plane Attack 2009
7198 Fighter Plane Attack 2009

Notice the difference in the set’s names – the subtle change of ‘Attack’ to ‘Chase’. 

As minimal as the word change may seem, it has led LEGO fans to think that the 2023 set will focus on a different scene from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. 

Instead of depicting the plane-on-plane chase scene, it will be a chase involving a car and a plane. 

If this is the case, the LEGO 77012 Fighter Plane Chase set will swap out the two detailed planes from the 2009 set for a plane and a car. 

This may not be a bad thing. 

For one, it will make the set more dynamic and exciting. Better yet, there are a lot of details that could be included in a car build that a plane may lack. 

The Minifigure count for the 2023 set is rumored to remain the same as the 2009 set at 3 Minifigures: Indiana Jones, Henry Jones sr., and a pilot. 

The updated 2023 version will include Indiana with an unbuttoned jacket and tie a new hat shape, and an interesting head print, Henry Jones Senior, and a sand green fighter pilot with a classic pilot hat.

In addition to a simple plane in sand green, covered with stickers and a printed fairing, we will get a Citroen model, Speed Champions style jeep, complete with a chest on the back.

Overall, it seems to be a simple remake of the original, but it’s still a welcome set depicting a classic and much-loved scene!

LEGO 77015 Escape from the Temple

The above three sets are the only sets out of the eight rumored that have so much information at this point.

Still, there is some information on LEGO fan sites about the remaining five sets. 

Another new set, LEGO Indiana Jones 77015, is rumored to retail at $149.99. 

This is a big price leap from the sets above. But the set will likely have the piece count and quality to match the larger price tag. This really is THE BIG ONE!

The closest set that matches this price from previous LEGO Indiana Jones releases is the 2009 LEGO Indiana Jones 7199 The Temple of Doom set.

Though this set is already rumored to be getting an upgrade (the LEGO 77014 The Temple Of Doom). 

Some fans speculate that the new LEGO Indiana Jones 77015 set will be a new Indiana Jones and the Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull set.

Despite the 4th Indiana Jones film not being as popular as its predecessors, LEGO still released eight Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull-inspired sets. These were released between May 2008 and June 2009. 

The biggest and most expensive of the eight sets was the 2008 LEGO 7627 Temple Of The Crystal Skull. It had 929 pieces, 10 Minifigures and was retailed at $79.99. 

LEGO Indiana Jones 7627 Temple Of The Crystal Skull 2008
7627 Temple Of The Crystal Skull 2008

It would make sense for one of the most popular sets of the Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull range to be upgraded like the sets detailed above. 

Still, as we know the 77015 set will be the Escape from the Temple set, let’s look at a few of the additions.

Firstly we know there will be 4 Minifigures: Indiana Jones, Dr. René Émile Bellog with a revolver, a native with a print on the loincloth, legs and a necklace, and finally Satipo with a print shirt and an interesting head.

The diorama will consist of 3 parts: the entrance, the passage over the abyss, and the vault.

In the treasury, you will find a pedestal with a skull, and behind it, a huge brick build skull.

The walls are brown and covered with weeds, while the whole thing is covered with a dome, at the top of which a light brick is mounted, illuminating a crystal skull.

Above the passage, there is a ball made of technic bricks, and the whole tunnel is built in gray. This sounds like quite an exciting and unusual feature!

The entrance to the cave is built with bricks in a brick color with a bit of sand and a skeleton lying at the entrance.

This will certainly be a set that fans will need to have in their collection, as there seem to be plenty of dynamic play features to keep things interesting!

LEGO Indiana Jones 77016, 77017, 77018 and 77019 

As for the other four rumored sets, even less is known about them than set 77015. 

The most obvious answer is that they are based on Indiana Jones 5. 

Fans doubt they will get any information about LEGO Indiana Jones sets 77016 – 77019 until at least closer to the time when Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny is released. 

Still, these rumors have breathed a new life into a LEGO theme that, while not forgotten, was thought long dead. For now, that is enough to get fans excited.

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