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10 Strongest Characters in My Hero Academia Ranked

10 Strongest Characters in My Hero Academia Ranked

My Hero Academia features characters with extraordinary superpowers known as Quirks, such as the ability to fly, run faster, create flames, ice, and a range of other fascinating abilities.

While each of these quirks is powerful in its own right, it is ultimately up to the user to maximize the quirks’ capabilities.

Below we’ve ranked the top 10 strongest characters in My Hero Academia.

10. Shoto

Quirk: Half Cold, Half Hot


Shoto’s Quirk is, in our opinion, the most versatile and well-balanced in the entire series. He possesses half cold and half hot.

He can control fire with his right side and ice with the latter. The two quirks are a perfect match, allowing no space for a setback.

However, Shoto has less control over his flame ability due to years of neglect but has been working on mastering it. He has a fair chance to become a fantastic Pro Hero if and when he masters both quirks to their maximum potential.

9. Edgeshot

Quirk: Foldabody


While the anime hasn’t explicitly focused on Edgeshot, the little peeks that fans have gotten throughout the series have established one thing: Edgeshot isn’t someone to be taken lightly.

Edgeshot is ranked fourth in the Pro Hero rankings and also the captain of the Lurkers, a group of Pro Heroes that includes Kamui Woods and Mt. Lady.

His Quirk, Foldabody, is a transformation quirk that allows him to manipulate his body and make his limbs exceedingly thin and long, effectively turning him into a razor-sharp thread that can pierce through anything.

Edgeshot has evidently mastered his Quirk, and he can now morph quicker than the speed of sound thanks to his extensive training. He can morph any part of his body at command, and he frequently flattens it into numerous shapes to pierce his opponent’s inside organs.

8. Best Jeanist

Quirk: Fiber Master

Best Jeanist

Manipulation of almost any thread of clothing may not appear to be a particularly powerful Quirk. Nonetheless, the way Best Jeanist weaves this power earns him the No. 3 slot in the Pro-Hero Rankings.

His Quirk, fiber master, allows him to manipulate fabric strands with his telekinetic abilities. Best Jeanist is particularly proficient in restraining people with his threads.

His hero suit is denim, which provides him with a source of readily controlled fibers to weaponize. He can also control the fibers of clothing worn by allies and opponents.

Best Jeanist is one of the most disciplined and tailored heroes, and the fact that he was able to fight all for one demonstrates how deceptively powerful he is.

7. Dabi

Quirk: Blueflame 


Many people don’t know this, but Dabi is Endeavor’s eldest son, Toya Todoroki, who suffered severe burn burns due to his father’s carelessness and emotional abuse. Despite surviving, he faked his death and became a villain to ruin Endeavor’s hero career.

Dabi is one of the strongest members of the Villain’s League and has massacred over 30+ people, earning him the title of a mass assassin. Dabi’s Quirk allows him to command self-generated blue flames that are far more destructive than regular flames.

His flames can burn practically anything in seconds, even solid materials and living beings. For example, he set nearly the entire forest ablaze by touching a single tree.

Dabi’s flames are terrific! As he quickly overpowered some strong Heroes like Hawks, Best Jeanist, and Shoto. However, it comes with a setback; it starts eating him away after a while, which is why his body is covered in burns, thereby marking a question on the quirks’ durability.

6. Hawks

Quirk: Fierce Wings


The Wing Hero is the youngest hero to make the list of Japan’s best heroes. Hawks is the current no.2 Hero, famous for his signature wings. He isn’t overly powerful, but he is fast, intelligent, flexible, and makes excellent use of quirks, which makes up for his defects.

Hawks is a fantastic hero who always stood up for justice. He even infiltrated the villain leagues to get information, knowing the consequences of getting caught. While being Heroic, he’s also considered the coolest of all heroes.

5. Deku

Quirk: One For All


Now, on to the show’s main character! Deku began with no quirks and has worked his way up to earning one for everyone, which comes with six additional quirks from previous users.

He isn’t precisely where fans expect him to be, but he is making progress. His zeal and persistence help him become a better hero.

We’re looking forward to seeing how powerful he becomes later in the series. Until then, he is still deserving to be on this list.

4. Gigantomachia

Quirk: Seven Different Quirks


Gigantomachia was All for One’s most powerful and devoted follower. He got seven different quirks from All for one, which helped increase his size, speed, stamina, strength, or recuperation capacity.

These abilities empower him to be the terrifyingly destructive force that fans have come to know.

Also, The fact that he fought the combined force of the villains league nonstop for a month, undefeated, shows how solid he is.

3. Endeavour

Quirk: Hellflame


Endeavour has truly earned his place as japans’ number one hero thanks to his dedication, hard work, and persistence. He pursued Allmight all his life, only to be appointed because Allmight was no longer in service, which left him dissatisfied and enraged.

Still, he took on the post with pride and vowed to go above and beyond to protect the city, surpassing Allmight.

Endeavour possesses Hellflame, a quirk that allows him to manipulate and create massive amounts of fierce fire. He is unquestionably a monster!

We didn’t witness his real power until the Paranormal Liberation War arc, where he fought the upgraded Nomu. We can expect to see more from Endeavour as he battles villains from The Paranormal Liberation Front.

2. All for One

Quirk: All for One

All For One

All For One is the story’s primary antagonist, a millennia-old man who still reigns as one of the world’s most dangerous.

He possesses the ability to steal other people’s quirks and transfer them to himself or others. He is a walking stockpile of stolen quirks.

Although operating in the shadows, he’s a vital member of the League of Villains and the Paranormal Liberation Front. He fought Allmight during the Kamino incident and was defeated, winding himself in Tartarus Prison.

Despite his defeat, he rejoices that Tomura will surpass him. We’d say he’s the strongest character in the series, but his successor, Shigaraki Tomura, has stepped in to take his place.

1. Shigaraki Tomura

Quirk: Decay & All For One

Shigaraki Tomura

Tomura is the League of Villains’ leader and was raised by All For One to kill All Might and ultimately destroy the society he represents.

He soon merged his organization with the Meta Liberation Army to form the Paranormal Liberation Front, eventually becoming its Grand Commander.

During the Paranormal Liberation War arc, We saw Shigaraki go from 0 to 100 due to his training with Gigantomachia, his battle with Re-Destro, and Doctor Garaki’s experiment.

This experiment grants Tomura All for one Quirk with a little upgrade. As it stands now, it’s safe to say Tomura is just as strong as All for one or even stronger!

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Honourable Mentions

5. Bakugo

Quirk: Explosion


Bakugo was supposed to be a feature on the main list, but we couldn’t fit him in as the characters we named are all well-deserving. He is a young, talented but hot-headed character that has the potential to become a terrific pro hero.

Bakugo can create explosives by sweating a nitroglycerin-like substance from his hands. The explosion appears to be a destructive force-based skill because it allows you to create explosions and other effects.

However, he has demonstrated that it can be used to defend, navigate in the air, and create a tremendous explosion when concentrated. He may not have the best attitude in the series, but he does have one of the most interesting quirks.

4. Eraser Head

Quirk: Erasure

Eraser Head

Eraserhead is a Pro Hero and the homeroom teacher of U.A. High School’s Class 1-A. He might appear weak and constantly tired, but he is a terrific pro hero.

Eraserhead isn’t particularly strong, but he compensates for it with his tactics and scarf. He is highly crafty on the battlefield and keeps his opponents on his toes.

Eraserhead possesses the Quirk to cancel out/ eliminate other quirks with his eyes. His Quirk has significant limitations and is best utilized in a one-on-one situation, but it’s still one of the most practical Quirk in the series.

Even without his Quirk, Eraserhead is a formidable opponent, combining his meticulously polished combat skills with his scarf.

3. Lemillion

Quirk: Permeation


Lemillion is a talented, dedicated character who put in the work to develop himself. What makes him unique is that, unlike Bakugo, who can create explosives, or even Midoriya, who has superhuman strength, he just possesses permeation, which allows him to move and slip smoothly through anything.

However, with intensive training, he found a fighting style with his Quirk. He primarily relies on his physical strength and uses his Quirk to support him to move faster.

He demonstrated his strength when he confronted all of the students in Class-A and defeated them without breaking a sweat.

Lemillion further demonstrated his strength during his battle with overhaul until he got hit with the Quirk-Destroying drug, making him lose his Quirk.

This is why we didn’t include him on the main list, as he’s now quirkless and has no possibility of regaining his Quirk.

2. High-End Nomu

Quirk: Various Multiple Quirks

High End Nomu

Nomus are artificial creatures created by Dr Kyudai Garaki, from the bodies of deceased people incorporated with multiple Quirks. The strongest ones have a designated category called High-End Nomus.

High-End Nomus are superior beings and can house up to 6 Quirks. They have outstanding abilities and can easily defeat even top-ranked Pro Heroes.

These Nomus have exceptional reasoning abilities, allowing them to examine and deduce their opponent’s Quirk and vulnerability and then exploit those flaws. They didn’t make the list since they aren’t a single-real individual but created multiples.

1. All Might

Quirk: One for All


The symbol of peace, of course, needs no introduction. His extraordinary accomplishments have made him famous all around the world.

After acquiring the One For All Quirk from Nana Shimura, All Might became the seventh holder. He then transferred the torch to Izuku Midoriya, whom he is training to succeed him.

All Might resigned after defeating All For One with the last embers of One For All, and his period as the world’s greatest hero ended. He didn’t make the main list as he is now out of service.  

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