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What Happened to Kakashi’s Parents?

What Happened to Kakashi’s Parents?

Kakashi Hatake is a supporting character from the popular series Naruto. He is a talented Shinobi possessing a massive skill set, capable of annihilating a huge army.

The admirable Copy Ninja is popular around the world due to his chill personality, but there is little to no information about Kakashi’s past.

As the series has finally ended, fans have started to wonder more about Kakashi’s past. At first, people were curious about his face, as the Copy Ninja always keeps a mask on. However, after his face reveal fans shifted to Kakashi’s childhood, wondering about his family, specifically his parents.

If you’re wondering about his parents as well, then you’ve come to the right place as this article will answer all of your questions.

So, keep on reading and share your thoughts in the comment section down below!

Who was Kakashi’s Mom?

In the anime series Naruto and Naruto Shippudden, Kakashi’s mother didn’t appear even once throughout the show. In the manga as well, Kakashi’s mother doesn’t appear in any panel. Fans got crumbs of her existence when Kakashi partially dies and meets his father in the realm between Life and Death.

Furthermore, Masashi Kishimoto, the author of the Manga series Naruto and Naruto Shippuden also didn’t share any information about her. Currently, fans are unaware of her age and even her name. There is also nothing revealed about her death and the cause of her death in the anime.

What Happened to Kakashi’s Mom?

Kakashi’s mother most likely died when he was really young. In Episode #159, labeled “Pain vs. Kakashi” of the series Naruto Shippuden, Kakashi reunites with his father and fans get the confirmation of his mother’s death as well.

In the episode, before leaving, Kakashi’s father says “Thank you Kakashi. I can finally meet your mother”, indicating that she died long ago. Although the exact time of death and the reason behind her death has not been revealed, fans have shared some good theories.

1. Kakashi’s Mom Died during the 2nd Shinobi war

Second Shinobi war

Another popular theory shared by Fans is that she most likely died during the 2nd Great Shinobi war. Since nothing has been revealed about Kakashi’s mother, it is safe to assume that she might’ve been an average Shinobi.

What’s more, a huge amount of people were killed during the war, and fans believe that she must’ve been one of them.

2. Kakashi’s Mom Died from Childbirth

A popular fan theory is that Kakashi’s mother died while in Labor. Death from Labor is actually quite common and would be the most probable case here as well.

Kakashi suffered from major trauma due to his father’s death, but he didn’t have any trauma linked to his mother. This means that Kakashi did not develop a bond strong enough to be as traumatized by his mother’s death as he was by his father’s. Therefore, she must’ve died while he was really young, most probably while giving birth to Kakashi.

3. Kakashi’s Mom Died due to a chronic illness

Death from a chronic illness also seems like a possible reason in the case of Kakashi’s mother. Kakashi is one of the main supporting characters, and if something notable were to happen to his mother, the anime would’ve discussed it. Therefore, she could have been suffering from a natural disease that ended her life.

Who was Kakashi’s Dad?

Kakashi with Sakumo Hatake

Unlike Kakashi’s mother, we have information related to his father. Kakashi’s father’s name was Sakumo Hatake, also popularly known as the “White Fang of Leaf”. Sakumo was an exceptional Jonin-level Shinobi of the Leaf Village.

Sakumo was an inspiring shinobi who valued his teammates’ life over everything else and even abandoned a mission to save them.

Kakashi’s father was one of a kind, possessing amazing abilities as a shinobi while also being a very loving and caring father. Despite all his achievements, Sakumo Hatake never let fame get to his head and was always very humble.

Sakumo’s character and skill set are what made Kakashi idolize him from an early age.

What Happened to Kakashi’s Dad?

sakumo hatake death

Sakumo Hatake committed suicide due to depression and being dishonored by the Village he held so dearly. Kakashi’s father was an honorable man, extremely loyal and caring towards his family and friends.

One day on a mission, he had the choice to either sacrifice his teammates to complete the mission, or save them and abandon the mission.

Being the caring man he is, Sakumo chose to protect and save his teammates, but most people didn’t take it so well. Upon returning to the Leaf Village, Kakashi’s Dad is shamed for his decision, and everyone started to look down on him. Sakumo fell into a depressed state and ended up committing suicide.

Sakumo’s death badly scarred Kakashi, to the point that he lived his entire life adhering strictly to the ninja code. However, after reuniting with his father in episode #159, Kakashi realizes that his father never did anything wrong.

Sakumo felt relieved knowing that Kakashi had forgiven him and moved on to the afterlife to meet his wife and Kakashi’s mother.

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