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20 Strongest Boruto Characters Ranked

20 Strongest Boruto Characters Ranked

So far, a lot has happened in the Boruto series, such as introducing new, powerful characters, nerfing established ones, and notable deaths.

This has significantly altered the power scaling in the Shinobi world.

Here is a list of the top 20 strongest Boruto characters after Ishiki’s death.

20. Sarada Is the Future of The Uchiha Clan

Uchiha Sarada

Sarada is a talented kunoichi who inherited both Sakura’s sharp intellect and strength and Sasuke’s remarkable talent, making her stronger than an average genin.

She wishes to become the next Hokage and has demonstrated great promise in that endeavor.

She has awakened her Sharingan, is capable of using the Chidori, and great fireball technique, amongst other techniques.

Fans speculate that she will someday awaken the eternal mangekyo sharingan and inherit the strength of a hundred seal.

Overall, Sarada has shown great potential to grow into a powerful character in the series and perhaps even succeed the Hokage.

19. Shinki Might Just Be Stronger Than Gaara


The pride and ace of Sunagakure, Shinki, was raised and trained by the Kazekage, Gaara.

Shinki uses a similar kekkei genkai technique Garra uses in manipulating sand, but with iron sand.

His iron sand is in some way superior to Gaara’s regular sand due to its characteristics and intensity.  

In addition to using the Kekkei Genkai, Shinki is also a skilled puppeteer who can control skeleton-like puppets by using his sand rather than chakra threads.

Shinki has undoubtedly shown great potential to surpass Gaara and become the next Kazekage.

18. Boruto Might Just Surpass Naruto At A Young Age

Uzumaki Boruto

The series’ lead character and Naruto’s son, Boruto, has been dramatically enhanced with godlike abilities like Jougan and Karma, making him the strongest genin in the series.

Even before these powerups, he has achieved a lot of incredible feats at a young age, surpassing Sasuke and Naruto (at that age).

As the main protagonist and son of Naruto, Boruto has the unlimited potential to grow into one of the strongest figures in the series.

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17. Mitski Is Orochimaru’s Ultimate Masterpiece


Mitsuki is the birth of Orochimaru’s years of research. He is the son of Orochimaru, created as a synthetic human to be perfect.

Mitsuki is an exceptionally talented shinobi for his age. He is considered the strongest genin and even stronger than an average chunin or jounin.

He is a master of kenjutsu, taijutsu, and sage mode. Additionally, he possesses tremendous chakra levels and regenerative abilities.

He shares various traits with Orochimaru, his father, such as his eeriness, strength, and snake-related jutsu.

Mitsuki’s abilities are thought to be at least jounin level, if not higher, given that he could stand his ground with Shino, an experienced jounin, in a face-off.

16. Kawaki Will Eventually Become a Villain in The Future


Introduced as “The vessel” in the series, Kawaki is a shinobi who Jigen fostered to serve as Isshiki Otsutsuki’s future vessel/ host.

He possesses the karma, which gives him access to Isshiki’s dojutsu and various other abilities, like Daikokuten and Disruption cubes.

After being transported to Konoha, Kawaki was adopted by Naruto Uzumaki and developed a brotherly bond with Boruto Uzumaki – Which suggests that he is on the good side.

The prologue, however, implies otherwise.

The prologue revealed Kawaki as the culprit behind Konoha’s destruction and Naruto’s death or imprisonment – implying that he will later emerge as a villain in the story.

Kawaki is one of the mysterious characters that hasn’t been fully explored in the series.

Even while little is known about the full scope of his skills, he already has the makings of a strong character.

15. Konahamaru Is the Strongest Jounin Of His Era  

Sarutobi Konohamaru

Konohamaru is the pride of the Sarutobi clan and has consistently shown himself to be one of the greatest since he was a little child.

He considers Naruto an idol and pledges to surpass him one day by becoming the Hokage.

Konohamaru eventually developed into a fine shinobi with proficiency in some of Naruto’s jutsu, like the rasengan, shadow clone, the frog summoning jutsu, and a fighting style that is similar to his.

Konohamaru is the sensei of team 7, which consists of Boruto, Mitsuki, and Sarada, and is regarded as the strongest jounin of his time.

14. Sakura Has Far Surpassed the Fifth Hokage


Sakura is thought to be Konoha’s strongest kunoichi, easily outclassing Tsunade.

However, given the debate surrounding her being trash, most fans might find it difficult to swallow.

Sakura is a character that should not be underestimated, given her combination of raw strength, battle experience, medical ninjutsu, and byakugo.

Her role in the 4th Great Ninja War, particularly the fight with Kaguya, demonstrates a lot of her strength.

She is regarded as the strongest kunoichi in Konoha despite not having displayed her strength in the Boruto series.

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13. Shikamaru Is the Brains Behind Konoha

Shikamaru Nara

The shinobi of the Nara clan is famous for their ability to manipulate shadows and high level of intelligence.

Shikamaru is a genius with an IQ of over 200. He has only gotten smarter with time and is now the hokage’s advisor.

His advice and tactics have significantly transformed Konoha into the great village we know today.

While he hasn’t engaged in combat for some time, he can still stand his ground even against powerful foes.

12. Rock Lee Has Far Surpassed Konoha’s Blue Beast

Rock Lee

Rock Lee was famous as the kid that lacked the talent to use Ninjutsu, but this changed when he met Might Guy and devoted his learning just taijutsu.

With Guy’s guidance, Lee gradually develops into a powerful and renowned shinobi who can unlock the Inner gates.

The inner gates are a taijutsu technique that releases limiters inside the body to access incredible power.

There are eight gates in total, seven of which are approved techniques, and the eighth is a forbidden technique.

Although Might Guy can open all eight gates, he is inactive due to a leg injury he received while using the eight gates technique against Madara.

In contrast, Lee has mastered using the Eight Inner Gates and accomplished other incredible feats, surpassing his sensei.

11. Kakashi Seems to Be Enjoying His Retirement

Hatake Kakashi

Hatake Kakashi is one of the best-written characters in Naruto, popularly known as “The Copy Ninja” due to his Sharingan.

However, that reputation gradually faded, as he lost the sharingan during the fourth great ninja war.

Despite being severely nerfed, he is still capable of several remarkable feats.

For one, he still has access to the 1000+ jutsu he copied with his sharingan and was Hokage for a time before stepping down.

We haven’t seen much of him in the Boruto series as he has been enjoying his retirement.

10. Kashin Kojin is Jiraiya 2.0

Kashin Koji and Jiraiya

Kashin Kojin is a member of the Kara Inner circle. He’s Jiraiya’s clone created by Amado to stop Jigen.

In addition to having an uncanny likeness to the sannin, Kashin Koji can use Jiraiya’s techniques, including Sage Mode, Toad Summons, and Rasengan.

Kojin has demonstrated that he is more powerful than Jiraiya due to his scientific ninja technology enhancements and his ability to use space-time ninjutsu and sage mode in its perfect form.

While he isn’t exactly human, he is considered Jiraiya’s reincarnation.

It runs through his veins to defend Konoha, his loved ones, and most importantly, utilize his shinobi life to change the world, as Jiraiya once did.

9. Delta Isn’t Dead But Deactivated


Delta is easily one of the strongest members of Kara, able to push Naruto to use his six-path sage mode. 

Ultimately, Naruto defeated Delta and crushed her body. However, Amado revived her by creating a new body.

Later, when his plan began to materialize, he deactivated her.

However, Delta is still alive, and so is her threat to Konoha, as Amado can easily reactivate her whenever.

8. Killer Bee Is the Last Jinchuriki in Existence

Killer Bee

After the events of Naruto losing Kurama to the baryon mode, Killer Bee is now the last jinchuriki alive.

However, he nearly lost his tailed beast to Momoshiki before outwitting them and escaping.

Killer bee and Gyuki (The eight-tailed beast) are famous for sharing a deep connection even before Naruto became cool with Kurama.

Together, they have accomplished a great deal and are now more powerful than ever.

7. Gaara Is Easily the Second Strongest Kage After Naruto


Gaara has always been one of the strongest characters in Naruto, and little has changed about this in Boruto.

Despite not having Shukaku (one-tailed beasts) anymore, he is unquestionably the strongest Kage after Naruto.

While there is a huge difference between him and Naruto, it is safe to say that he is superior to all other Kages – He is a strong Kage, a great leader, and a wonderful father.

6. Orochimaru Is A Walking Encyclopedia of Jutsu


Orochimaru is a legendary character in the ninja world and the strongest of the sanins.

His main objective throughout the series is to master every jutsu and unravel the world’s mysteries, at whatever cost, which has led him to commit all manner of horrific acts.

Orochimaru is now a neutral character on a path to redemption in Boruto; he is less violent and no longer performs his insane unethical experiments.

Although now housed in a teenager’s body, Orochimaru is still regarded as one of the series’ strongest characters, with access to an almost infinite number of jutsu.

He doesn’t get enough screen time in Boruto, but it’s always bliss when he does.

Fans believe Orochimaru still has more to offer and will ultimately make a significant contribution to the plot of Boruto.

5. Sasuke Doesn’t Need the Rinnengan To Be God Tier 

Sasuke Uchiha

Ever since the events of the fourth ninja war, Sasuke has been on a journey to atone for his sins.

He now works as the shadow Kage, protecting the village from outside threats and investigating the infamous Otsutsuki clan.

Sasuke is still very powerful even after losing the Rinnegan.

True, he won’t be able to use any path-based techniques or space-time Ninjutsu, but that doesn’t change the fact that he still has his eternal mangekyou sharingan, and amaterasu, to mention a few.

Even with one hand, one eye, and no Rinnengan, Sasuke is still hailed a God Tier character.

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4. Naruto Is Still Considered God Tier, Even After Losing Kurama

Uzumaki Naruto

Naruto received a huge nerf when he lost his nine-tail, Kurama, in his fight against Isshiki Otsutsuki.

This has made some fans think he is now weak and irrelevant, which is far from the truth.

Despite losing Kurama, Naruto still has access to many additional power sources.

Like the chakra for other tailed beasts, the six paths chakra, and the sage mode.

With his battle experience, chakra reserve, speed, durability, and strong will, Naruto is still a god-tier character and wouldn’t go down without a fight.

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3. Deamon’s Reflective Ability Is the Real Deal


Eida’s younger brother, Deamon, was similarly created and modified by Amado to defeat Jigen.

Isshiki gave Boro the order to annihilate him and his sister after realizing they are among the cyborgs who can defeat him.

However, Boro secretly hid them away due to the effect of Eida’s powers.

Daemon possesses the ability to instantly reflect an opponent’s attack based on their intent. However, he needs to hold someone’s hands for this to happen.

Although the extent of his might is unknown, Amado stated that he is far stronger than Jigen and Code with the limiters.  

2. Eida Is Practically Invincible Against Humans


Amado created Eida to defeat Jigen, which is why he modified her heavily with abilities far exceeding that of Jigen.

She possesses the Senrigan, a dojutsu that gives her the ability to perceive everything that has ever occurred in the world, even events that took place in other dimensions, until the moment she was born.

In addition to the Senrigan, Eida can “capture the minds and hearts” of anybody she interacts with (except for blood relations and Otsutsuki), making them fall utterly in love with her and invariably follow her instructions.

With these two abilities combined, even Naruto and Sasuke don’t stand a chance against her.

1. Code Is the Strongest Kara Member, And Character in The Story


The strongest character in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is Code. He is the current leader of Kara after the death of Isshiki.

Code, like Kawaki, was a survivor of Jigen and Amado’s experiment, which birthed the white karma seal – A power greater than even Jigen’s.

The white karma seal is so powerful that Amado had to install limiters in his body to keep his power in check.

However, now that Isshiki is gone and Code is free of his limiters, he is regarded as the series’ strongest character.

Fans patiently anticipate seeing Code demonstrate his power without limiters against Naruto.

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