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Disney Characters that Start with I

Disney Characters that Start with I

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The Disney universe is full of characters both beloved and feared. How well do you know them?

Can you name some of the popular Disney characters starting with I?

Disney characters that start with I include Queen Iduna, Imelda Rivera, and Isabela Madrigal. There is also the clumsy Ichabod Crane, elf Ian Lightfoot, and the villainous macaw Iago.

Read on for a complete list of Disney characters beginning with I.


Iago (Aladdin)

Iago is the macaw servant of Jafar known for his loudmouth and sarcastic nature.

Like his master, he craves power and riches.

It is Iago that suggests that Jafar marry Jasmine, and who eventually manages to steal the magic lamp from Aladdin.

Ian Lightfoot (Onward)

Ian is a young elf who lacks confidence, he believes this is because he lost his father when he was very young.

Though his outgoing brother Barley does his best to fill the gap.

The two brothers decide to go on an adventure to find a Phoenix Gem.

This gives Ian the opportunity to appreciate the people he does have in his life.

Ichabod (Ichabod and Mr. Toad)

Ichabod is a schoolteacher who arrives to work in the village of Sleepy Hollow.

There he meets and falls for Katarina Van Tassel.

His love rival Brom Bones tells him the story of the Headless Horseman, leading Ichabod to have an encounter with the character.

Iduna (Frozen)

Iduna is the mother of Elsa and Anna with King Agnarr of Arendelle.

She is originally from the Northuldra tribe of the Enchanted Forest.

She cared greatly about both of her daughters and often plays peacekeeper.

Imelda Rivera (Coco)

Imelda is the matriarch of the Rivera family, now in the Land of the Dead.

When she was alive, she banned her family from making music following the disappearance of her musician son Hector while his daughter Coco was still young.

Mr. Incredible (The Incredibles)

Bob Par Incrdedibles Disney

Me Incredible is the superhero alter-ego of Bob Parr.

He used to be one of the most respected superheroes in the biz until too much collateral damage led to the banning of superheroes.

But superheroing is what Mr Incredible is all about.

He secretly moonlights as a superhero despite the ban.

Isabela (Encanto)

Isabela is the oldest child of Augustin and Julieta and is considered the perfect child.

Her magical ability is to conjure flowers and plants.

She unintentionally makes life difficult for her misfit younger sister Mirabel, who can’t help but feel like she is constantly compared to Isabela.

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Izzy Hawthorne (Lightyear)

Izzy is the granddaughter of Buzz Lightyear’s old friend Alisha Hawthorne.

He meets the young woman 84 years in the future.

She has always idolized Buzz, so meeting the man in the flesh changes her life and helps her to become a hero.